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The Slough Disaster Verdict.


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Markets. NEWPORT, CATTLE, Wednesday.—Short supply, but trade was brisk all round. Quotations -Best beef, 6fd. to 7d. seconds, 6d. to 61d.; best wether mutton, Sid. ewes, 7Jd. to 8d.; lamb, e 2 1 Sid.; veal, 7d. to Sd. porker pigs, 10s. 3d. to 10s. 6d. per score. NEWPORT, OORN, Wednesday.—Fair trade. Wheat 2d per bushel dearer on the week. Maize 3d. to 6d. advance. Oats firmer. Beans and barley unchanged. Mill offals slightly dearer. Flour 25s. per pack for fines. NEWPORT, CHEESE, Wedne,-day.-Good supply and all lots sold. Caerphillys 40s. to 48s fancr dairies, 49s to 6I«.t single Gloucester, 40s'to42s. doubles, 528 to 54s. and truckles 54s. to 58s. per cwt.