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The Slough Disaster Verdict.


The Slough Disaster Verdict. The inquest on the victims of the Slouch railway accident was resumed at Slough on Wedneadav. The engine-driver of the express [Woodman] was able to be examined, though he wjis evidently still ill. He said that down to Langley the signals were all right. He was still running when his fireman shouted Whoa." That was just after the Slough distant signal. He did not notice that signal, nor the home signal. The driver and fireman at once did all they could to stop the train, but not in time to prevent the collision.—In reply to the coroner, Woodman said he was quite at a loss to explain why he did not see the signals. He had no intoxicant to drink and felt wide awake, and, so far as he was aware, was in good health.—After the coroner summed up, the jury returned a verdict that the victims were killed by the collision, which was caused by the driver of the express disregarding the signals. The jury were of the opinion that Wood- man was suffering from temporary mental aber- ration.