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The Unrest in Europe.


The Unrest in Europe. Whilst attention is diverted to the Transvaal few observers can fail to be struck with the general state of uurestaud discontent in Europe. In almost every country except our own there is there is deep-rooted disaffection with political and social institutions, and in many parts of the Continent this is a serious and standing danger to the cause of law and order. In Spain and Italy we see the people rapidly ripening for revolution under a crushing load of burdens. In Belgium the Socialist movement is seriously menacing the Monarchy, and in Germany and Austria similar forces, if less apparent on the surface, are growing daily among the people. Then of all the Western nations, one would turn with least, confidence to France with regard to the permanence and stability of her system of Government. The Dreyfus affair, with its violent Anti-Semitism, has brought the name of France into contempt in such a sense as is not coaveyed by auy mere figure of speech. It has wrecked the faith of the Army in its leaders, it has ruined the confidence of the people in their rulers, and if this is not actually the case it is SO MUCH THE WORSE FOR FRANCE, because it would show that Frenchmen have abandoned that respect for justice and public character, which alone can give them any claim to the position of one of the leading Powers of the world. Considering the constant changes, and the desp-rate plights into which France is plunged every now and again in order to maintain some system of government, there is no country in which the future can be regarded with less confidence. In Germany there is a conflict between the workers and the Govern- ment over the so-called Labour Protection Bill, which really threatens every striker and agitator with penal servitude. The real author of the measure is the Kaiser, and, though the Germans are wrapped up in their commercial and material prosperity, there is a good deal o discontent with all the things he represents The trouble in Brussels where there has been SERIOUS STREET RIOTING is over the new Electoral Bill. The franchise frequently the cause of strife, and ia Belgium, as in the Traasvaal, it is just now threatening the gravest consequences. In Belgium every citizen has a vote, but in addition one or two supplementary votes are given to the well-to-do people, according to age and position. The preponderance of power is therefore with the educated classes. At the elections last year, 930,000 clerical votes returned 112 Deputies, whereas the remaining 980,000 of the electorate only succeeded iu returning 40 Socialists or Liberals. The votes polled in Brussels were 90,000 Clericals, 00,000 Socialists, and 40,000 Liberals. Yet the eighteen seats of the capital are all held by Clerical Deputies. This disproportion was, to some extent, due to divisions between the more advanced parties- the Socialists helping the Clericals, at the expense of the Liberals, where they could not win themselves. They have now agreed upon a working alliance, and the Clericals, becoming uneasy at their threatened loss of power, HATS BROUGHT IN A BILL which reconstitutes the constituences greatly in their favour. It is this state of things that has led to the cry of Vive la Republique and to violent scenes in the Chamber, and in the streets, and large numbers of the people are heart and soul with the rioters. There have also been un- paralleled scenes of violence in the Italian Chamber over the Law of Public Safety Bill. Italy was on the verge of a revolution last year at the time of the bread riots, at Milan, and other leading cities. The Socialists violently attacked the Bill which forbids combination, public meetings, and seriously restricts the liberty of the people. It was thereupon declared to have the authority of law by the exercise of the Royal Prerogative, and it will be surprising if this does not lead to a grave Constitutional crisis, In Austria this result is only avoided by the shutting up of Parliament and the aged Emperor is probably the only man who can keep the ship of State off the rocks of a racial conflict for supremacy. In Spain the forces of disorder are prover bial, and, in the opinion of many, they have lo ng been gathering for a general eruption in the Peninsula. There is evidence of this in a revival of CA RLIST ACTIVITY, and a renewal of rioting in some of the principal cities. Even in Norway and Sweden where one would look last of all for storm-clouds, there is serious trouble, owing to the dissatisfaction of the Norwegians with the Daal Monar chy. Both countries have been arming, after the fashion of Europe, only in their case the armaments are directed agains t one another. It is not only in one but in many countries that popular discontent is taking the form of resistance to the Government. That, of course, is always the first step in a revolution, of which the warnings can be very clearly seen in many parts of the Continent.

-Proposed Appeal to Earl Cawdor.

Monmouthshire Assizes.


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