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CAERLEON. I Agent,—Hits M. A. Evans. Newsagent, Cross-street, I Mr Eatchard, Mill Street. I I URBAN DISTRICT COUNCIL MEETING. The usual monthly meeting of the Urban District Council was held at the Endowed Schools, Caerleon, on Tuesday evening. The chair was taken by the Rev. D. B. Jones, in the absence of the chairman, Mr. T. Parry and there were also present:—Messrs. J. H. Taylor, W. Welsford, W. Williams, T. Jenkins, A. Ll. Edwards, and D. W. Jenkins, together with the Clerk (Mr. T. R. P. Herbert), the Surveyor (Mr. J. Harris), the Medical Officer of Health (Dr. C. W. de Gruchy), and the Collector. The Chairman explained the reason of Mr. T. Parry's absence, he having gone to London on business. CORRESPONDENCE. A letter was read from the Charity Commissioners relating to a proposed sale of lands belonging to Williams' Charity, and asking if the Council had any objection to the proposed sale. A schedule of the lands in question was enclosed. It was stated that certain lands were to be exchanged, and the Council decided that there was no objection to the sale. SURVEYOR'S REPORT. The Surveyor's report stated that the Main Roads Inspection Committee of the County Council visited Caerleon on June 14th, and were met by the Vice-Chairman and himself. The committee consisted of Dr. James, Alderman 7 vrris, Messrs. W. Edwards, C. Tillott, and J. "ionks, with the County Surveyor (Mr. W. Tai^nc ). The committee were shown over the proposed improvements, and half the cost was asked for. The committee were satisfied with the proposed works, and seemed disposed to make the grant referred to. It was reported that to admit of the proper drainage of Mr. Glover's property by connection with the main sewer, it would be necessary to construct a branch under the old Mill Stream, and to do this it would be necessary to serve a notice -011 the stream owner. FINANCE. Accounts which had been before the Finance Committee, and amounted in the aggregate to X82 4s. 9d. were recommended for payment. The principal items were £45 to the Gas Company, £ 21 to the Newport Corporation, and wages £ 4. LIGHTING SYSTEM. The Chairman said he thought it was the time to consider their lighting system, as they would be --in the lighting season by the next meeting. It ] was generally considered that some alterations were necessary, and a report had been presented proposing to extend the time of lighting so as to extend from August 1st to May 31st. The Surveyor thought that the extra cost would be £6 10s. Mr. Taylor thought it was inexpedient to spend any more on lighting, and it would be well to defer the matter till next meeting. The Rev. D. B. Jones expressed his belief in light as being a civilizer. He suggested they should see the Gas Company. Mr. A. LI. Edwards said it would be a pity to go to the Gas Company unless they were pretty well decided on having the alterations made. Mr. Taylor thought it would be best for the Clerk to write to the Gas Company, and have that before them. The sum total of the proposed alterations would be that they would get 52 days more lighting, and light one hour earlier. Mr. Taylor moved that the Clerk write to the Gas Company. Mr. T. Jenkins seconded. Mr. Edwards said that the expense would be an addition of 2 per cent. to the expenses. This was agreed to with one dissentient. The Collector reported that he had paid in 120. The meeting then terminated. +







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