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The Tniiisvaal Difficulty-I

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I URBAN DISTRICT COUNCIL. The usual monthly meeting of the above Council was held at the Town Hall, on Thursday evening, under the presidency of Mr. H. A. Addis. There were also presentMessrs. S. A. Hiley, R. Morgan, G. Mundy, F. G. Harris, F. Jennings, C. Voyce, A. F. Lucas (clerk), and T. Rees, junr. (surveyor, etc.) STREET COMMITTEE. The Clerk read the report of the above Com- mittee, which was adopted, no discussion ensuing. -0 THE RATE SEALED. The Chairman proposed that the rate of Is. 7d. in the Z be made out by the Clerk, sealed, and made payable on the 27th iast. SURVEYOR'S REPORT. This report stated that the shuting of the premises occupied by Mrs. Stockham, Bridge- street, which had been reported as a nuisance to passengers had been attended to also the closets on the premises owned by Mr. Thomas George, Twyn-square, and Four Ash-street, had been put in order. He had also noticed that Mr. Jenkins, Pontsandpit, was about to re-place the gate in the driving way to the river that was removed a short time ago. In company with the Medical Officer, the Surveyor stated that he visited the Castle Farm premises upon a complaint from the tenant, that the water supply there was unfit for domestic use, and during the dry season failed altogether. Upon inspection they found the facts, as reported, to be true. It was also stated that Mr. R. A. Rogers had neglected to remove the obstruction near his house, although he had been asked to do so on more than one occasion. It was decided to issue a summons against Mr. Rogers unless he removed the obstruction within a week. FINANCE COMMITTEE The above Committee recommended the pay- ment of the following accounts, and cheques were signed accordingly :—James Symonds, zCl 5s. Urs. E, K. Jones, 8s. 7d.; Shaw and Sons, 8s.; J. A. Williams, 16s. 6d; W. P. Powell and Co., Y,3 Is. Surveyor, Yll 68. 8d. The Clerk reported that since the last meeting the Treasurer had received from various sources a sum of JE99 4s. NOTICE OF MOTION. The Chairman gave notice that at the next meeting, he should move the re-appotntment of Medical Officer on the same terms as hitherto. RENEWAL OF LICENCES. W. Bunning and Co., and T. Prober t, were granted petroleum licences. TO BB CONSIDERED. Communications were read from the Urban District Council Association and West Ham Council, and it was decided that they should be dealt with at the next meeting of the Council. THE CATTLE MARKET QUESTION. < In accordance with instructions received, the Clerk submitted a draft of a requisition for coii, veiling a meeting of ratepayers and own