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The Tniiisvaal Difficulty-I

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USK. Agent-Mrs. E. K Jones. Stationer THE BAZAAR.-Brakes will run from the Three Salmon's Hotel to Brynderwen on Thursday next, on the occasion of the bazaar in aid of the Jettws Church Restoration Fund. HONJUR TO WHOM HONOUR IS DUE. -Tlii prize which Harry Gibson received at the recent presentation in connection with the UskTichaical Instruction Class was for 1st in merit in drawing as well as attendance. ANGLING.-The river rose two or thra inches after the thunderstorm on Friday last, anl seemed to have moved a few salmon. We h'lVO heard of the following kills:—Saturday, Col. Rodw, one Monday, Col. Rocke, one General Sii Charles Barnard, K.O.B., one. Tuesday, Mr. P:ide, one, 121bs, CAPITAL AND COUNTIES BANK DIVCDEID.—The Capital and Counties Bank, Ltd., declined their usual dividend of 1G per cent. 12,5,003 "las been, applied to the reduction of premises, Lto,600 is set aside to the officers' superannuation fund, and £ 86,693 is carried forward as against £ 33,716 last year. AN INTERESTING EVBNT.-On Thursday after- noon in last week, in the Government Buildings, Liverpool, at a numerously attended meeting of late colleagues and other friends, including several ladies, Mr. William Merretc, late superintendenb at the Liverpool Stamp Office, was presented witk a solid silver tea and coffee seivice as a mark o: esteem on his retirement from the Inland Revenm Department. Mr. J. Dixon, principal clerk presided, and made the presentation. He said the response to the invitation to subscribe was most cordial, and afforded strong evidence of the esteem ia which Mr. Merrett was held, Several other gentlemen bore testimony to the regard entertained for Mr. Merrett. Mr. Merrett very feelingly returned thanks, and dwelt upon the harmony which had at all times characterised his intercourse alike with his colleagues and with the legal profession, with whom he was brought much in contact. The tea and coffee service is of Queen Anne pattern, treated in the Greek style, and was much admired.—Earlier in the day Mrs. Merrett was made the recipient of a very handsome lamp, by the members of the Liverpool Academy's Ladies' Life Class at the Royal Institution. The lamp, which possesses all the newest improvements, is in the form of a Corinthian Piilar, and bears the inscription Presented to Mrs. Merrett, president of the L.A.L. Life Class, as a token of affection, from the Members, Liverpool, June 29th, 1899 The lamp is accompanied by an album of original paintings by Mrs. Merrett's artist friends.