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"To be, or not to be, that…


"To be, or not to be, that is the Question!" PROGRESSION OR RETROGRESSION ? This question, without a doubt, is one of vital im- portance to the inhabitants of Usk, as it gives them the opportunity of maintaining, or even im- proving, the status of the town, or, on the other hand, allowing it to lapse into the insignificance of an ordinary country village. It takes but the most ordinary foresight to perceive that if a cattle market be not pro- vided the result will be disastrous to the trade of the town, for it is a well-known axiom that wherever business men gather together money must circulate. Do not let us, as a town, for the sake of about X3,000, which could undoubtedly be borrowed for a period of twenty or thirty years at a low percentage, be WIPED OFF THE MAP of Monmouthshire ? There is no policy in such action, and it is not credible that when the scheme is laid before a public meeting of owners and ratepayers in the near future they will reject it. There is also another phase of the question. It is obvious to the most casual observer that to pen stock on the public footway is INJURIOUS TO HEALTH, being insanitary to a marked degree, and also very obnoxious. Other towns, which in point of size may be classed with Usk, have not scrupled to provide themselves with a civilized arrangement for the accom- modation of stock, and why should we for the sake of a small burden elect to lie dor- mant rather than advance ? On the prin- ciple that CLEANLINESS IS NEXT TO GODLINESS it is surprising that the old style market should have been tolerated so long as it has. At the Urban District Council meeting on Thursday evening, the question was dis- cussed in camera, and it will be seen by our repott, which appears in another column of the present issue, that a requisition for a public meeting has been drawn up by the Clerk and awaits signatures of twenty owners or ratepayers at that officer's house. The wording of the resolution to be sub- mitted at the public meeting, as embodied in the requisition, is as follows:— That this meeting of owners and ratepayers of Usk having had submitted to it estimates of the cost of construction of a cattle market for cattle, sheep, pigs and horses, hereby consents in manner required by Sec. 166 of the Public Health Act, 1875, to the Urban District Council of Usk providing a market-place and con- structing a market-house and other con- veniences for the purpose of holding markets, taking stallages, rents and tolls in respect of the use by any person of such market, and doing all or any of the other works or things set out in the sec- tion above referred to."

The Tniiisvaal Difficulty-I

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