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I Barnum & Bailey's at Newport.


I Barnum & Bailey's at Newport. 50,000 PEOPLE WITNESS THE STREET PEOCESSION. Barnum and Bailey's "Greatest Show on Earth" duly arrived at Shaftesbury Park, Newport, and caused such a furore as was never witnessed before, even in the memory of the oldest inhabitant. The wonderful combination was evidently on Monday, well appreciated, for as soon as daylight dawned crowds of people were in the street, and thousands more continued to arrive up to nine o'clock, the time fixed for the starting of the procession. Newport was absolutely choke- full of people, the route of the procession, although it was a long one, being absolutely unable to hold all who wanted to see, free of charge, more than very often comprises the whole of the attractions of the usual circus. What the crowds saw must have well whetted their appetites for seeing the show under canvas, for at the time of opening for the afternoon performance just after ten o'clock there was a rush for the open space in front of the main entrance. The weather was splendid, and excursions from all parts deposited multitudes at High-street Station all the morning up to one o'clock. The number of visitors in the town was unprecedented, and the tradesmen who supplied refreshments reaped a- golden harvest. The greatest show on earth was evidently the cause of more money being spent in the town than it took away. Shop windows, watis, and everything which placed observers above the heads of those in the street were let out at prices ranging from 3d. upwards. Walls which were decidedly uncom- fortable had a monetary value for the time being, and trams and vehicles of all kinds filled up the side streets, all crammed with sightseers. The route of the Barnum and Bailey free street parade on Monday was as follows:—Evans-street, Shaftembury- street, Dock-street, Bolt-street, Commercial-street, High-street, Shaftesbury- street, Evans-street, return. The eulogistic notices in the press relative to the show must have prepared everyone for some- thing extraordinary in the circus line. The collection of freaks baffles description, and with the acrobatic displays, splendid horsemanship, and other attractions, nobody who went to the show coulq be disappointed. The arrangements made for the reception of the enormous crowds were splendid. The huge volume of people were managed in a wonderfully clever manner, being kept amused hours before the circus opened, by free performances, and tours around the splendid side show, which had been provided. There were fifteen thousand tickets on sale, and inside the main tent there were as many seats, so that once the pleasure-seeker obtained the paste-board he had the satisfaction of knowing that no matter what the crowd did, a seat was awaiting him. The marvellous celerity and despatch which characterised every operation was a valuable object lesson to anyone. As to the attractions of the show, there is no need to dilate upon them at length. The splendid acrobatic feat known as the Japanese slide for life is worth going miles to see. At the afternoon performance there was not a vacant seat in the circus tent, and the heat was was almost unbearable. In the evening the crush was not quite so bad, plenty of space being obtainable in seats from 2s. upwards. At night the show removed to Gloucester.


I The Gleaner.


I Railway Time Table for July.


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