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PONTYPOOL. I PETTY SESSIONS, SATURDAY. I Before A. A. WILLIAMS, Esq. (chairman), W. L. PRATT, Esq., Colonel HAIR, E. FOWLER, Esq., and W. PEGLBR, Esq. DRUNK.-J ohn Walters, labourer, Griffithstown, was charged with being drank on licenced premises, the Hanbury Hotel, Griffithstown, on the 19th inst, He pleaded guilty, and was fined 5s. RIOTOUS CONDUCT.—Henry Hobby and James Cross, were charged with riotous behaviour on the Tranch, on the 13th iiist.-P.C. Wilson proved the case, and defendants were fined 7s. 6d. each. George Maxwell and John Edmunds, were charged with riotous behaviour, at Crumlin, on the 17th inst.-P.C. Howell proved the charge and defendants were fined 7s. 6d. each. William Newman was charged with riotous behaviour at Sebastopol, on the 18th inst.-P.C. Hatherall proved the case, and defendant was fined 7s. 6d. BAD LANGUAGE.—Maria Jones was charged with using profane aud obscene language in George- street, Pontypool, on the 15th inst.-P.C. Evans proved the case, and defendant was fined 7s. 6d. INDECENT CONDUCT.-Philip Manley, Cwm- ynyscoy, was charged with defiling a wall in Market-street, Pontypool, on the 18th inst.-P.C. Wilson proved the case and defendant was fined 5s. CRUELTY TO A HoRsia.-Thomag Rosser, haulier, Llanhilleth, was charged with cruelty to a horse by working it while in an unfit state, on the 12th inst*, and William Andrews, the owner of the horse was charged with cruelty by causing the horse to be worked at the same time and place.— Mr. Webb, solicitor, Pontypool, defended.-P,C. Nurden and P.C. Blunt proved the charges, and stated that the horse was working in a cart hauling stones, it had a large wound under the britchiuo, Rosser was fined 10s., and Andrews 20s. ° GAMING WITH CAltDS. -Frederick Williams, James Davies and John Atkins, were charged with gaming with cards in a public place in Pontypool, on Sunday, the 18th inst.-P.C. Hourigan proved the charge, and defendants were fined 5s. each. STONE THROWING.—Thomas James Seath, Rowland Watkins, and William Watkins, collier boys, Llanhilleth, were charged with throwing stones on the highway at Jjianantetn t,o the danger of passengers on the 16th inst.—P.C. Blunt stated that between five and six a.m. he saw the three defendants on a bank above the highway throwing stones at men going to work.—Supt. James stated that there had been great complaint about this kind of thing at Llanhilleth.—The Chairman cautioned the defendants and fined them 5d. each. No LIGHTS.—Evan Lewis, farmer, Blackwood, was charged with driving a horse and trap without lights on the 18th inst., at Hafodyrynys.—P.C. Barter stated that he found the defendant driving without lights at 10.30 p.,n.-Defetidant was fined 59. STRAYING Pras.-Edwin Brown was charged u 7 with allowing three pigs to stray on the higwajT at Hafodyrynys, on the 10th just.-Defendant was fined as. No DOG LICENCE.—Mary Edgar, Goytre, was charged with keeping a dog without a licence on the 19th inst.—Defendant was fined .5. CRUELTY TO A MULE.—Josiah Smith, gipsy, was charged with cruelty to a mule by working it in an unfit state, on the 19th inst.-P.O. Evans stated that he found the defendant working a mule in a cart near Wain-y-clare, there were sores on the back under the saddle, and the animal was in a low condition.—Defendant was fined 5s. STEALING CLOVER.—Enoch Brinkworth, besom maker, Llanvihangel Pontymoile, was charged with stealing a quantity of clover from the field of .James Williams, Ty Coch Farm, Glascoed, on the 18th inst., value 4a,—Mr, Webb, solicitor, Pontypool, defended.—Mr. Williams stated that he had a field of clover cut on the side of the highway leading from New Inn to Glascoed. He put it up in cocks on Saturday evening the 17th inst., and left the field about 9 p m., and on going to the field on Sunday morning about 10 o'clock, he found that three of the cocks had been taken away. From near the gate on the road-side he traced the clover through the gate and along the road for some distance, and he afterwards gave information to the police. The clover produced in Court was similar to the clover he lost. —P.S. Bladon stated that from information he received, he went with P.C. Evans to the clover field of Mr. Williams, on Sunday afternoon last, he traced the clover from the field to Brinkworth's house, and there was no trace of any after passiDg the house. He saw the defendant and told him be wantpd to see hM horse's feed, he went to the stable and in the tack he found the small quantity of clover (produced). He asked defendant where he got it from and he replied that a man from Wfntwood had given it to him in Newport yesterday. He then asked defendant if he had any more, and he replied no as that was all he had. The Sergeant then looked into another building and found the large quantity of clover (produced). He asked the defendant how he accounted for it. and he replied that it had been given to him but declined to say by whom. The Sergeant then told him that he should take possession of the clover and defendant would be charged with stealing it from the field of Mr. Williams, Ty Coch Farm.-P.C. Evans corroborated the evidence of the Sergeant.— Mr. Webb, for the defence, called the defendant as a witness, who stated that he purchased the clover on Saturday evening from a man who had it in a waggon going along the Chepstow-road in Newport for 6d. He did not know who the man was but he saw Wentwood on the waggon.—Mrs. Brinkworth, defendant's mother, also stated that she was with her son when he bought the clover. —Mrs. Bevan, defendant's sister, and Mr. Mason, defendant's brother-in-law, also gave evidence that the clover was brought home from Newport.— The magistrates retired, and on their return the Chairman stated that they had decided to dismiss the case. PATERNITY CASE.—Thomas Deakin admitted being the father of the child of Mary E. Tovey, and he was ordered to pay 2s. 6d. a week and costs. DRUNK AND DISORDERLY. Thomas Watkins, collier, Garndiffaith, was charged with being drunk and disorderly on the 17th iiist.-P.C. Jones, proved the case, and defendant was fined 7s. 6d. William Matthews, charged with being drunk on the highway at Abersychan, was fined 5s, James Harris collier, Pontnewynydd, charged with being drunk and disorderly on 20th inst., did not appear and a warrant was issued. Walter Jones, collier, Abersychan, in custody, was charged with being drunk and disorderly on the 23rd inst., at Abersycban.-P.C. Powell proved the case, and stated that defendant was drunk and behaved in a very disorderly manner, and with the assistance of P.C. Prosser he had to lock him up.-Defendant was fined 7s. 6d.

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