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URBAN DISTRICT COUNCIL MEETING. The usual monthly meeting of the above Council was held at the Town Hall, Pontypool, on Wednesday afternoon. Br. Essex presiding. There were also present:—Messrs L. E. Webb, T. Williams, W. H. Hughes, W. H. Pitten, D. Reirl, E. B. Ford, j. Mopelsy, F. Probyn, J. Walker, H. H. Haden (clerk), J. Powell (surveyor and inspector), and E. Jones (collector). MINUTES. I The minutes of the last meeting having been sead and confirmed, the general business of the Oouncil was proceeded with. FINANCE COMMITTEE. I The Clerk read the report of the above Committee, which stated that the balance in hand last meeting amounted to £ 162 15s. 5d. received since—county authority, £ 80 2s. lid. rate and tolls, X423 15s. 10d.total, £ 508 18s. 9d.; bills that day, 1917 th. 3d. leaving balances on loan account, 17;0 lIs. 7d.; general account, X443 8s. 4d.—total, £ 1,213 19s. lid. Attention was also drawn to the fact that e distress warrants levied at the last meeting in several cases for the non-payment of the October rate bad not yet been enforced. The report was adopted by the Council, and the Collector instructed to proceed with the above- mentioned rate cases. MARKET COMMITTEE. The report of this Committee having been read, considerable discussion ensued. Mr. Hughes objecte I to the fact that stall- holders in the market held the erroneous idea that they were entitled to transfer their stalls to others without the intervention of the Council. It was the Council's business tilt grant tenancy, and stall- holders should be notified to that effect. The Chairman said the matter had been gone into and investigated. Mr. Hughes, referring to the report, said there was a man introduced by the out-going tenant. He did not know what bargain had been made between them When the out-going tenant wanted to give up his stall he should have given notice to the Council. The Market's Committee report, after some further discussion, was ultimately adopted. SANITARY COMMITTBB. i This report was also read, and the various items contained therein discussed. It was stated that several persons had not carried out the orders of the Surveyor, and that the Committee recommended that final notices he served on such persons, after which, if they did not carry out the orders, the Surveyor would do it for them, charging the costs to the defaulters. Mr. Moseley (sitting), asked if the Councillors implicated had carried out their orders ? Mr. Pitten suggested that the last-named councillor should get., on his feet when addressing the meeting. Thij report was then adopted. CATTLB MARKET WORKS COMMITTEE. I This report, which was read by the Clerk, stated that the Committee recommended that the present framing and corrogated sheets be removed, and that 10ft. sheets, with proper framing be substituted. The smaller sheets are to be used elsewhere. The Chairman said he might say that the market was practically finished, as there only remained a few little things to be done. Mr. Hughes asked if he was right in considering the construction of urinals, etc., extra. A reply was given ia the affirmative, and it was stated that the extra works would be placed on the east side of the bank, so as to have plenty of W Considerable discussion was indulged in, on the necessity of pulling down the 6ft., and erecting a -10ft. fence, and several members tried to elicit from whom the contractor took his orders, but were not successful. Mr. Hughes proposed that steps be at once taken to formulate bye-laws and scale of charges for the use of the market. He did not think the charge should be loft to the discretion of the Collector, for whenever he made a bargain some one found fault wilh it, and perhaps he was the principal offender. If there was a scale of charges it would be much more satisfactory. This proposition was considered to be a good one, and ultimately carried. I THE TIP. A letter was read from Mr. Paton, stating the terms on which he would let the ash tip. It was estimated that from X130 to X150 would have to be spent to lay the ground out, etc., as suggested in the letter, whilst the lease only ran for 10 years. Mr. Hughes thought that if Mr. Paton was approached, he would let the ground for J68 a year, for the place was only a bog, and would not bring in a single solitary sovereign a year, were it not for the fact that the Council required it. They, in time, would make it good land. It was ultimately resolved that the matter be referred to a committee of three, consisting of the Chairman, Vice-Chairman, and Mr. Ford, to investigate the matter, and report to the Council at the next meeting. SURVEYOR'S RBFORT. The above report stated that among other things a new water cart and horse brush were required, and that the sewer had been opened at several places. Mr. Pitten protested that the cart and brush were absolutely necessary, and also stated that thev were allowed for in the estimates. The Chairman stated there was very little money in hand, and he was afraid some of the things in the estimate would have to wait. Several other items of the report having been discussed, the Surveyor's report was adopted, on the proposition of the Chairman. MEDICAL OFFICER'S REPORT. I Dr. Mason, medical officer, reported as follows During the month of May there were 6 deaths and 19 births, the death-rate being 11'4, and the birth-rate 36-1 per 1,000 per annum respectively. There was one death from membranous croup, the remainder were from general diseases. There was one uncertified death. Since my last monthly report six notifications of infectious disease have been received, viz., diphtheria, 4; membranous croup, 1 and typhoid fever, I. Two of the diphtheretic cases occurred in the same house, one proving fatal. I am inclined to consider the drainage at fault, but have not been able to verify my suspicions at present, as the house is not accessible yet. In one case in George-street the w.c. accommodation in the house was found to be anything but sanitary, and in the fourth case some doubt exists as to the origin of the attack. In each and every case investigations have been made and precautions taken to prevent the disease spreading. With respect to the case of typhoid, fever, a considerable amount of sanitary defects existed in and about the house, which have been taken in hand vigorously and remedied. In such intensely hot weather as has prevailed during the month, most weak points in sanitation will become manifest. The amount of general sickness existing in the district during the past six weeks has been above the average for the time of the year. The variable atmospheric conditions has had a deal to do with it, and it behoves all housekeepers to take a special interest "in domestic sanitations; and to see that all drains are regularly flushed, and to report any defect to the Inspector of Nuisances. The Chairman said it was absolutely necessary that every w.c. should be properly flushed, and water should be laid on in every case without exceptions. The report was adopted. SCAVENGING. The question of scavenging was then brought up, and it was asserted that the refuse was not taken up in some parts of the town for days. The Surveyor reported that this was not lately. He was aware that such was the case at one time, but he considered there had been an improvement of late. CONGRATULATION. The Chairman said it gave him much pleasure to see Mr. Walker take his seat as a councillor that day, and offered him his congratulation. Mr. Hughes also stated that the councillors were very glad to see Mr. Walker again he was sure he would be a great acquisition in evaiy way.



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