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NEWPORT. Aqents-Ressrs Greenland and Co., Newsagents LABOUR DISPUTE.-As the dispute in the building trades at Newport was not settled at the conference called by the mayor, the Master Builders' Associa- tion has decided to import free labour. COAL TRADE.—The quantity of coal exported from Newport for the week ending June 24th, is as follows :-Foreign, 70,385 tons; coastwise, 14,048 tons. FOUND HANGING.—A man named Daniel Jones, aged 49, a huckster, lodging at the East Usk-road, Newport, was found hanging at the rear of the house on Monday. Deceased had been unwell for some time, and had become depressed. FIRE AT CRINDAU BOTTLE WORKS.—On Monday evening an accident occurred at the Glass and Bottle Works, Crindau. One of the tankj con- taining about 140 tons of molten glass, sprang a leak, and the metal flowed into the archway underneath the boiler. The Fire Brigade arrived under the command of Captain Lyue, and some sand was put over the glass. It is estimated that the damage done amouuted to between X600 and L700. The premises were insured for ordinary work purposes. MILITARY INSPECTION.—The 4th Mountain Battery R.A. (" Screw Guns" of Kipling's "Barrack Room Ballads"), stationed at Newport Barracks, was inspected on Tuesday at thebarracks, by Colonel N. L. Walford, R.A., commanding the Royal Artillery of the Western District. The battery, under the command of Major H. C. C. D. Sinapsou, went through various manoeuvres. The annual inspection by Sir F. W. E. Forestier- Walker, K.C.B., C.M.G., will take place on July 7th, and on July 20th the battery will proceed to Okehampton for gun practice. A DANGEROUS SPOT.-Oti Friday evening in last week, Mr. G. F. Sharrem, builder, Godfrey-road, was driving in a pony and trap in Commercial- street, and when near St. Paul's Church the pony stepped on the tramway. The animal fell, and Mr. Sharrem and another man were thrown out of the trap, the former receiving a bad cut over the right eye. One of ttie shafts of the trap was broken. P.C. Porter tcok Mr. Sharrem to the Infirmary where the injury received attention, after which he proceeded home. The stones on the tramway in this place seem to be very slippery and several accidents occurred within a week. I CHAMBER OF COMMERCE MEETING. This Chamber met on Wednesday afternoon. Present -Air. T. Parry (chairman), Messrs. A.. P. Filleul, W. E. Heard, A. Henshaw, W. Jones, VV. S. Jones, L. B. Moore, R. T. James, W. Naish, J. Twomey, C. Cullum, Benson Harris, W. Latch, H. G. Pillinger, F. J. Heybyrne, T. Pulliu, J.' ft. Winn, Captain Parfitt, with the secretary (Mr. S. D. Williams), and the assistant-secrstanr (Mr A. S. Williams). A letter was received from Sir George Eliot Bart., stating that be was pleased with the report, and desiring that his name be added to the list of subsciibers.-The Chairman remarked that it was gratifying to know the continuity of the family was still preserved in connection with the Chamber. Mr. B. Harris moved that the Chamber approves of the general principle of Lord Russell's Pre- vention of Corruption Bill, and respectfully asks the borough and county Members to give it their sup- port in Parliament.—Mr. Stanley Jones seconded, and the proposition was unanimously carried. The Secretary (Mr. S. D. Williams) read several letters which went to approve of the proposed monthly journal as the official organ of the Chamber. The President remarked that the success of the annual report prompted the movement for having a monthly report. The Chamber would not incur any financial obligation but need only give it moral support. He proposed a resolution approving of having such a report. Mr. Heard protested against the idea of having the report issued as emanating from Newport-on- Usk. The good old name of Newport (Mon.), and if they wished, South Wales added, would meet all requirements. The Secretary stated that there was a strong idea in favour of a distinctive name for Newport. There were nine Newports in the United Kingdom. lVir. Winn agreed with Mr. Heard. Prominent people in the iron and coal trades knew Newport (Mon.) and no other name. They might add South Wales if they wished. On the motion of Mr. Heard, seconded by Mr. Winn, it was decided that the report should be issued as emanating from Newport (Mon.), South Wales. The following were appointed delegates to repre- sent the Newport Chamber at the autumnal meeting of the Associated Chambers, to be held at Belfast in September:-The President, ex-president, High Sheriff, Messrs. R. T. Martin, W. E. Heard, F. J. Heybryne and F. P. Robjent, with the secretary. Alderman Grove had intimated his intention of presenting to the Chamber a valuable set of books and documents upon railway rates. In recognition, the Chamber had sent a framed address, thanking bim for the offer.-Alderman Grove warmly acknowledged the compliment. ♦ —




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