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-Mr. Chamberlain on the Transvaal,






I USK CONSERVATIVE CLUB. The Annual General Meeting of the above Club was held in the Club-room, on Tuesday evening. There were present :-Mr. J. Maitland Watkins (chairman), Messrs. E. Waddington, R. A. Rogers, S. Smith, E. Waters, C. Voyce, T.* Jones, J. Haggett, G. Mundy, and Fenton Harris, (Hon. Sec.) Mr. Longstaff, Newport, Conservative Agent for the Boroughs, was also present. Mr. J. H. Clark, who was voted to the chair, said the first business of the meeting was to elect a chairman for the ensuing year. Mr. J. Maitland Watkins was unanimously re- elected to the position, and in returning thanks said the duties during the past year had not been onerous. That was the first meeting over which he had had the pleasure of presiding, but he hoped they would be more busy in the ensuing year. Mr. Haggett and Mr. Voyce were elected as vice-chairmen. Mr. Voyce, replying said he should do what he could when anything came to be done. The Committee were re-elected en bloc with the exceptions of Mr. J. H. Salter (who has left the town) and Mr. Davies, whose places were filled by Mr. Day and Mr. Smith. A discussion on the papers supplied by the Club then took place, but it was ultimately decided to adjourn it to a special meeting to be held on Tuesday evening. Mr. Longstaff announced that Dr. Rutherfoord Harris had suggested that a joint public meeting be held at Usk in the Autumn, of the Monmouth Boroughs, and South Monmouthshire Associations, and addressed by Col. the Hon. F. C. Morgan, M.P., and himself. He (Mr. Longstaff) had called upon Mr. Stedman (Agent for South Monmouth) and asked him to be present that evening, and he said that if he could he would come. He had. however, sent him a letter in which he regretted his inability to attend, but said, with regard to the proposition, that he had no doubt that his Association would be willing to join in something of the kind. Of course, the matter would have to stand until Dr. Rutherfoord Harris was settled at Llangibby. The idea was considered a good one by all present. The Chairman said it would be a very good thing to have such a meeting and they must ask Mr. Longstaff and Dr. Harris, Col. Morgan and Mr. Stedman to settle the date etc., between themselves. About the beginning of October would be the best time for such a meeting to be held in Usk. Mr. Waddington asked about the registration, and Mr. Longstaff replied that it would be seen to from head quarters The accounts were also called for by Mr. Waddington, but it was decided to present them at the meeting to be held on Tuesday evening. The proceedings then terminated. USK NATIONAL SCHOOLS. I The report of the above school, is now to hand, from which is culled BO-yg' SCE[OOL. Mr. Chambers has had but in- experienced assistants during the past year but the condition of the school may be described as fairly satisfactory under the circumstances. More attention is required to paragraph 5 (g) of the Instruction to Inspectors. Some new maps are much needed." GIRLS' SCHOOL.—"The School is nicely conducted, and good general progress is being made. Better apparatus is wanted for teaching geography, by means of object lessons. The Managers should ea- deavour either to build a class-room, or divide the schoolroom by means of a suitable glazed partition. INFANTS' SCHOOL. The work of the School is steadily improving, and it appears probable that when Miss Thompson has been in charge for a com- plete year. it may deserve the highest variable grant. Proper lavatory accommodation should be provided, and also a museum cupboard." The Grant per head in the Boys' School, and in the Girls' School, is the highest possible-20. 6d. per head. The Drawing Grant for Boys, is Is. 9d. per head, 3d. more than last year. The Infant Grant is the highest except the Variable Grant, 15s. per head. Total, including Grant for P.Ts., JE254 08. 3d.

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