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PONTYPOOL. PETTY SESSIONS, SATURDAY. Before E. J. PHILLIPS, Esq. (chairman), A. A; WILLIAMS, Esq., W. L. PRATT, Esq Colone* HAIR, E. FOWLER, E-iq., W. PEGLER, Esq., and W. H. HASKINS, Esq. i DRUNK.—William Smith was charged with being drunk at Abersychan, on June 6th.— Defendant pleaded guilty.-P.C. Jenkins proved the charge, and stated that the defendant was very abusive.—Fined 7a. 6d. LEAVING A HORSE AND CART ON THE HIGHWAY. —Philip Williams was charged with leaving a horse and cart on the highway at Abersychan, on 10th June.-P.C. Prosser proved the case, and defendant was fined 5s. FURIOUS BICYCLE RIDING. —Thomas Thayer was charged with riding a bicycle furiously at Llan- hilleth, on 10th June.—Defendant pleaded guilty.P.C. Nurden gave the facts, and defendant was fined 10s, No BATHING COSTUME.—Isaac Williams was charged with bathing in the Canal without proper dress covering, at Pontnewydd, on 11th June.— Defendant pleaded guilty -P.C. Brown gave the facts, and defendant was fined 5s. No LIGHT,—John Hancock was charged with driving a horse and cart without a light at Hafodyrynys. on 6th Jutie.-P.C. Barter gave the facts, and defendant was fined 5s. CHIMNBY ON FIRB.-David Pritchard was charged with allowing his chimney to be on fire, at Llanhilleth.—His wife appeared for him.-P.O. Nurden gave the facts, and defendant was fined 2s. 6d. USING THREATS.—Elizabeth Jobbins was charged with using threats towards Emma Rapley, at Pontypool, on 13th June.—Mr. L. E. Webb, solicitor, Pontypool, appeared for the pro- secution. -00mplainant said she had been threatened several times, and was in consequence afraid of defendant. She was bound over in the sum of jE2 to keep the peace for three months, and pay costs, 8s. 6d. WITHDRAWN.—The case of Albert Gough, charged with assaulting Agnes Gough, at Pontnewydd, on 6th June, on the application of Agnes Gough, was withdrawn. I WORKING HORSES IN AN UNFIT STATE. William Rogers was charged with working a horse while in an unfit state, at Abersychan, on 6th June.—Acting-Sergeant Groves proved the case, and stated that he found the defendant working the horse in a brake at Abersychan, and over the right shoulder there was a wound about the size of a shilling which appeared to be an old wound, and there was a raw wound about two inches wide across the breast, which was rubbed by the collar.—Fined 10u. George Tomlin, haulier, was charged with working a horse in an unfit state at Greenland Colliery, Abersychan, on 9th June, and Jeremiah Edmunds, overman, Greenland Colliery, was charged with cruelty by causing the same horse to be worked at the same time and place.—Acting- Sergeant Groves proved the charges, and stated that he asked Tomlin why he worked the horse in that condition. He replied "I know she is not fit to work. I have told Jeremiah so this last seven or eight mornings." When the police officer asked Jeremiah why he caused the horse to be worked, he replied I know it is bad, but we were obliged to work it because we had not got another to work in its place."—Fined 15s. each. QUARTER SESSIONS CASE. Joseph Lewis, on bail, was charged with inflicting grievous bodily harm on George Cox, at Abersychan, on 22nd May.—Mr. T. G. Powell, solicitor, Brynmawr, defended.—Prisoner pleaded not guilty. George Cox, aged 9, son of John Cox, collier, Abersychan, stated that he was sitting on a small stool in the empty house next door to his father's, and his mother and sister were cleaning and papering. Joseph Lewis and another man entered the house, the other man took the stool from under him. Joseph Lewis had a broom in his hand and he struck his mother ic the face with it, and then Lewis said to him I will kill you, you little and he (Lewis) then struck him on the head with the broom. He fell down and did not remember anything more. Harriet Cox, wife of John Cox, was the next witness. She stated that on 22nd May last, between one and two p.m., she went out to go to the bakehouse, and she saw Joseph Lewis and her son Charles scuffling near her door. She ordered Lewis away, and when she came back she found Lewis had a boy named Clark on the ground. She pulled him off the boy, and she then went into the empty house which she and her daughter were cleaning. Joseph Lewis followed her with a broom in his hand, and also a man named Hughes. Her little boy was sitting on a stool near the fireplace, j and Hughes pulled the stool from under him. She tried to take the stool off Hughes, and Lewis struck her on the forehead with the broom and stunned her. When she recovered she found her boy on the floor with his head injured. She sent for a doctor and the police. Ellen Maud Cox, bister of the boy, stated that she was assisting her mother to clean the empty house next door to their own house on the 22nd May last. The prisoner came in there with a broom in his hand and struck her mother in the I forehead. He afterwards struck her little brother on the head with the broom and knocked him down. George Lewis, labourer, of Canteen Steps, Abersychan, stated that he was on the Manor-road, j where the Coxes lived, on 22ud May last, between ¡ one and two p.m. He heard a lot of screaming g from the back, and saw Joseph Lewis and another man come around the corner from Cox's house. Joseph Lewis had a broom in his hand and he held it up to him (George Lewis) and said "Come here and I'll square you." He afterwards threw down the broom and went away with the other man towards Garndiffaith. Alfred Cox, son of John Cox, and brother of the injured boy, stated that between one and two o'clock on 22nd May last, he heard a row iu the empty house and went to see what was up. When he was near the door, Joseph Lewis came out of the house with a broom in his hand and held it up to George Lewis, and said, Come here and I'll square you." Mrs. Cox then came out and said to Lewis "You have killed my boy." J. Lewis and the other man then went off towards Garndiffaith laughing. Acting-Sergeant Groves stated that at 7 p.m., on 22nd May last, he apprehended Joseph Lewis, in High-street, Garndiffaith. He charged him with inflicting grievous bodily harm on George Cox, a boy aged 9, that day, by striking him on the head with a broom in the empty house on Manor-road, Abersychau. In reply to the charge, Lewis said Yes, I was in the row and they knocked me down. When I got up and took the broom I squared all that came before me." He took Lewis to Abersychau, where he repeated the statement to P.O. Jones, and he was locked up. P.C. Jones stated that from information received, be went to the house of John Cox, and then went in search of prisoner but failed to find him. Later in th9 day he was brought to the Abersychan Police Station by Acting-Sergeant Groves. The broom produced was handed to him at Cox's house. Dr. J. W. Mulligan stated that he was called to the injured boy on 22nd May, and arrived there about two p.m. He found the bqy with a large bruise on the forehead, and on the back of the head the skull was fractured about as large as a five-shilling piece, and depressed upon the brain. It was a serious injury and might have proved fatal. It appeared to him that the blow on the back of the head had knocked the boy down and by falling caused the bruise on the forehead. The injury could have been inflicted by the broom produced if it was swung with great force. Prisoner was committed for trial at the Quarter Sessions, and admitted to bail.

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