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CAERLEON. SPECIAL PETTY SESSIONS, THURSDAY. I Before MESSRS. F. J. MITCHELL (chairman), D. W. I JENKINS, and H. ADDAMS- WILLIAMS. THEFT AND ASSAuLT-James Shea and Major Tripp, labourers, who are well-known to the police, were charged with stealing a truss of hay from a field, the property of Mr. John Edgar Baker, of Glenpas, Caerleon, on Monday evening. Major Tripp was further charged with assaulting P.S. Lewis, the officer in charge of Caerleon Police Sta- tion, in the execution of his duty. Frederick Duffield, 16, in the employ of Mr. J. Baker, gave evidence of the theft, and P.S. Lewis stated that at 9.30 on Monday evening, from information received, he went in search of the prisoners, whom he found having a disputation near the Oddfellows' Inn, Mill Street, Caerleon. He told Shea he wanted him to come to the police station, and caught hold of him by the hand. He denied stealing the hay, saying Me and the Major have only been trying our strength with the hay." The witness pointed to the hay seeds, with which his back was covered. He told Shea that they were going to make a job of it, and he would be locked up." Shea came quietly to the station. He then returned to Mill Street, and found Major Tripp twenty or thirty yards lower than the place where he had arrested the other prisoner. He told Major he was going to take him into custody. He said You're not going to take me to the police station." Witness replied I am." Tripp then caught hold of witness by the coat collar, and got one hand down to his shirt round his neck, striking him with his left hand, and he said "If you don't let go, I shall make you. I will put something into you," They struggled for some time, Tripp striking witness several times on the breast. He felt in his pocket, as if he was feeling for something. Witness then put him on his back, and kneit on him until he got assistance from a passer-by. Tripp, who struggled for a time, said the officer should not take him. Upon search- ing him he found the large knife (produced) open in the hip pocket. The prisoners were charged with theft, but each pleaded not guilty. The charge of assault upon the police-sergeant was then gone into, the evidence being identical.-P.S. Lewis added that prisoner was a violent man, and had previously assaulted the police. In September, 1897, he was sentenced to four months upon that charge. For the felony, each man was sentenced to two months' hard labour, and for the assault Tripp was sentenced to a further term of a month.




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