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I ABERGA VENNY. I PETTY SESSIONS, WEDNESDAY. Before J. M. JONES, E«q. (in the chair), and E. MARTIN, Esq. [ ILLEGAL FisHiNG. -William Thomas, labourer, Marday, was summoned for fishing for trout without a licetise.-P.C. Powell said that on the 2nd iust., at 3.30 p.m. he was crossing Lower House fields from the Mardy to Llantilio Pertholey Schools, when he saw defendant with a rod and line fishing in the Llantilio brook. Witness asked defendant for his license, and he said he had none, neither had he permission to fish. Witness took four trout from defendant. They belonged to Mr. Day, on whose land he was trespassing.— In reply to the Clerk, defendant said he had intended taking out a license on the previous day, but the shop was closed, and he took one out the same day after he had been stopped by the policeman. He was not charged with trespass.— Supt. Davies said defendant was committed on the 7th December last, for three months' for night poacking, that he did nothing but poaching, in fact he got his living by it, and had done no work of any other kind for years. He was a married man.- In answer to the Bench, defendant said he lived on the Mardy, and last worked at Tredegar. He said he was a labourer.—Supt. Davies said that what he had stated was correct, that defendant had done no work for years. He was the son of a man who, when alive, used to be known as the Mardy Lawyer,—Defendant was fined 20s. or 14 days'.—Supt. Davies objected to time for payment, and defendant was told he must find the money at once. D. AND D. -Richard Dunden was summoned for being drunk and disorderly, :to which he pleaded guilty.-P.C. Wood said that at 8 45 p.m. on the 15th inst,, he saw defendant drunk and disorderly in Tudor-street, and making use of very bad language. Witness handed a paper to the Bench on which was written the language complained of.—Defendant said he never made use of bad language.—Witness said that when he told defendant to go home, he refused to do so, and when witness told him he should report him, defendant said, "Report, I'll give you report. The Magistrates' Clerk (Mr. J. B. Walford) Ah, but he was drunk then.—Witness said the defendant followed him up the street making use of bad language. -Defendant again denied the bad language.-Fined 7a. 6d. DRUNK IN CHARGE OF A HORSE.—James Sayce, farmer, Little Grostnont Wood, was fined 10d., and costs, 14s. in all or 14 days' for being drunk while in charge of a horse, at the Mardy, on Tuesday the 20th.-P.C. Powell, who proved the case, said he took defendant and his horse to the New Inn stable, on the Mardy, to wait for some- body going to Grosmont to take care of him, but he became abusive and violent, and he had to bring him to the station and have him locked up for the night. A BAD START.-Albert Davies, aged 13, was placed in the dock, charged with breaking and entering the house of William Jonathan, and stealing therefrom money to the amount of one shilling, and a child's money box, all the 26th ult.— P.C. Davies, stationed at Llanover, said that on the 16th inst., he arrested the prisoner at his home, Craig Cwm Cottage, Llanover. Prisoner told him he was working for Jonathau, who on the 26th May went to Blaenavon, and locked the house up. Prisoner said he put his hand through a window from which there was a pane of glass missing, turned back the catch, opened the window and got into the house, took the money, but not all that was there. He spent the shilling on rock, a whistle, a bun, and a cigarette.—The father of the boy said he had done his best to persuade him to amend his ways, but it was no use.—Supt. Davies said that on the 22nd February last, the prisoner was charged with stealing two half- soverigns from his mother. On which occasion his father was bound over in S5 to bring him up for judgment when required to do so.—The Magistrates' Clerk, said the Bench bad three courses open to them, to order prisoner a whipping, to make the father pay the forfeited X5, or to send prisoner to a reformatory. After careful deliberation it was decided to send prisoner to a reformatory for three years, and the father was told that if he paid the charges of the reformatory regularly, he would hear no more about the X5. The prisoner was remanded to Usk pending the arrangements for the reformatory. THREATS.—Edward Hooper was charged with using threats towards Daniel Hughes, an insurance agent.—Lavinia Rees, said she was housekeeper to Hughes, and that on Saturday last. and on several other occasions within the past three weeks, defendant had called at the house and expressed his intention of doing for him.—Defendant said he had cause for his conduct, for complainant was carrying on an improper intercourse with his (defendant's) wife, that he saw them together in complainant's house on the night of the 5th inst., and saw Hughes let his (defendant's) wife out of his house by the side door at a quarter-past-one on the morning of the 6th.—Complainant denied the accusation, and said defendant's wife used to make clothes for his wife, who had recently died, and that since her death she had made clothes for his children.—Defendant was told he should have brought proof of his allegations, and not go about making assertions and threatening a man's life. He was bound over in £5 to keep the peace for six months.





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