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PKEPAID ADVERTISEMENTS. WORDS. ONCE I 'C'!lJU:g SI X TUff;:>. TIHRS. 20 Words 0 6?0 9 1 0 -j.. r i. 30 Words | 0 9 | 1 0 1 6 40 Words j 10 1 6 2 3 50 Words .J 1 3 2 6!s 9 -i- 60 Word? 1 6 3 Qi? 6 ^rrscttai. BRING your nncomfortably-fjtted Belts, Trusse-, to Z) Mr and Mrs Allen Pearce, Makers (late of Lon- don).—Private Rooms, 13, The Parade, Cardiff. 472 CCHRISTMAS is coming, if you wish to enjoy it j without headRch¿, take Flesher's Tome Pil1- Sole wholesale (lepôt for South Wales, Flesher and Co., 59, Newport-mall.Cardiff. 857 QIOFT. Springless Trusses, all varieties largest stock out of London. Is your baoy ruptured Have curey Pere and Co., &1. Queen-st, Cardiff. ó35 SMOKE Archer's "Golden Returns," sweetest Tooacco manufactured. 822 WOULD any kind person nli.s e baby boy 5 months TT old. Fine healthy child small premium giv?n. -47, North Goitgh-street, Temperance l'uvni. 731 iKairimatttal. IF YOU ARE MARRIED, or contemplate taking J_ his important step, we can send you valuable information which you ought to know. Send your ad. dress, and we will send catalogue and pamphlet free. —Address H. G. Kerr, West-liill, WalldswoHh, London. 758 $uMra!L FEMALE Corrective Mixture a sure remedy after _))' all others hBve failed.—Pearson & Co., Chemists, 10, Caroline-street, Cardiff. 278 "1\T~ASTY Eruptions, Intolerable Itchings, Blood and 1^1 Skin Diseases from whatever cause arising, —All seeking immediate relief should apply at once, Pearson and Co., Chemists, 10, Caroline-street. Cardiff. Medical advice free. 279 (Btaaitmtai. CANTON SHORTHAND SCHOOL.—Bookkeeping, Handwriting. Typewriting, Arithmetic, Grammar, Welsh: Instructions every Evening Certificated Teachers.—Principal, Woodend House, Neville-street, Canton, Cardiff. jO<HORTHAND.—Pitman's system rapidly taught by -? new method by correspondence.—Write forpar- -culars- to G 650. "DaHy News OtEce. Cardi?. 11051 an Ifamtir. FOUND November 17th. Black Retriever Bitch. Jt' If not claimed within three days will be sold to defray expenses.—Apply 5, Dorset-street, Saltmead, Cardiff. 875 FOUND, November 15th. black Retriever Du» if JD not claimed within three days will be sold.— Apply 19. Gellydawel-terrace, Pontypridd. 694e F' OUND, Brown I.urcher Bitch unless claimed in JT three days will be sold to defray expenses —Apniy Alunro, Thomas-street, Aberfan. M7 Uanustu: ^rfraitis. AN EXPERIENCED NURSE required for two chihlreu ood needle ,owan-Apply 12, Duke- street. Cardiff. 577 CLEVER COOKS can add to their list of dishes the prepartion of choice dainties for the dinneT and supper table by consulting the page' of a little book, entitled "Pastry and Sweets," given to all cooks sending t,heir addresses to Alfred Bird and Sons, Birmingham. Every lady and housekeeper in the land should have" Pastry and Sweets" handy for reference. There is nothin 10 pay, ann the book will be sent by return of post.,ree, to any address. 147 DISENGAGED, Hotel Cook, Under Barmahl,  Housekeepers, Person to look after invalid. Generals wanted, and Eiichenm&id.—Apply 58, Adam- street, Cardiff. 558 DA VIES'S Employment Agency, 45, Charles-street, Cardiff.—Wanted, all classes Male and Female Servants; hotel and private; town and country. 488 FORTY Servants can be suited with situations at once; all classes \an:ell. -Apply Miss Jones, Registry Office. 16, Caerau-road, Newport, Mon. 693a GOOD Plain Cood wanted, age 25 to 30 preferred.— Apply, stating age and wages, with reference, to Oakland, Rumney-hill, Cardiff. 703 GOOD General Servant wanted, with references.— ?jr Apply Olive Branch Inn. Newport. 664e GIRL wanted. —Apply at l2, Cyril-crescent, Roath, Cardiff. GENERAL Servant wa-med immediately must be strong, and :m early riser comfortable home.- Apply 13, Richmond-erescent, Gordon,roaeL 501 GENERAL Servant wanted.—Apply 29, Gordoii- road, Roath, Cardiff. 597 G" ENERAL SE RVANT Wanted must be early ?jr riser, and &b!e to cook. —?rs Robins, 192, Com- mercial-Toad, Newport, Mon. 573 NURSE wanted two children, 4 and 3; speaking Welsh; servant kept.—Apply 9, Sir Edward- terrace, CEre-street, Grange. Cardiff. 743 WANTED, good Gen2ra¡Semmt; no wMhinR.— tV Apply 32, The Parade, CardiR. 702e WANTED, thorough General Servant, at once housemaid kept.-Apply 21k Newport road, Cardiff. 830 WANTED, immediately, 30 generals. Good cooks working housekeepers, housemaids, nurses, parlourmaids, disengaged: enclose stamp.—airs Registry Elm-street, Cardiff. WANTED, clean, active Girl as General Servant must be trustworthy from country preferred. —Apply 54, Stacey-road, Roath, <>,rdiff. 517 WANTED, good General Servant early riser W good character.-44, Gordon-road, Cardiff. 871 WANTED at once. Girl about 17, able to do plain TV cooking: wages 15s month.—Apply 304, Cow- bridge-road, Canton, Cardiff. 805 WANTED, a good Strong Girl.—Apply 9, York- TV place, Barry 835. WANTED at once, a good Clean Girl for general W honsework, about 17.—Apply 113, High-street, Barry. 836 WANTED, a good Nurse, not under 20. accustomed TV to young children.—Apply Mrs Hudson, 182, Commercial-roaa, Newport. 873 '?t.T?ANTED, a Young GirI, about 18, as Nurse, and TV to assist with housework.—Apply in the evening, 72, Commercial-road, Newport. 872 WANTED, a General Servant in a small family.— 22, Ruthin-gardens, Cathays, Cardiff. 841 WANTED, good General Servant one used to coffee tavern preferred.-Apply L. Friend, Victoria. Coffee Tavern, New Dock-st,, Newport. 701e WANTED, a little girl as Nurse.—Apply Red Lion Hotel, Queen-gtrec[, CardiS. 801 WANTED, Girl for a few wek". stron and active, VT for housework.—Apply 25, Wood-street, Car- diS. I300 WANTED General Servant.—Apply 18, Dumfries- irv place, Cardiff. 764 WANTED, a clean, tidy Girl, about 14 or 15, to TV help houework.-Apply 17, Capel-crescent, Newport. 691e WANTED, ? good Genera! Servant who can wash and iron small fam'Iv.—Apply to 225, King's- road, Cardiff. 803 WANTED immediately, a good General Servant, :thle to do. plain cooking.-Apply 3, Partridge- road, Roath, Cardiff. 765 WANTED immediately, Barmaids, Nurses, good T t General*.—Apply, at once, Mrs Hayward's (late Mrs Bidgood's), Select Registry, 27, Churcli-road, Maindee, Newport. 690e WANTED, a good General Servant, about 25, for business house. — Apply personally to IIlrs Williams, Argyle Stores, corner of Aibanyand Castle- roads, Carrdh. 700 WANTED, a General Servant.—Apply Alma Inn, 7. Commercial-road, Mewport. 692c \'X WANTED, a stroB: ?ctive?Ghl, about 15.—Applv9, !_n,,oHl-road We:ot. Canton, Cardiff. 779 WANTm)inr(ii;teG', experienced General Ser? TT vant. Good?m?'. to suitable gIrl; age, 19 to 20.—Apply Mr Da"ie!, grocer, Newport. 654e WANTED, a good General Servant.—Apply Albion TV Hotel, Canton, Cardiff. 784 WANTED, a good Genera! Servant.—Apply Sand- tf ford HouSè. Devon-road, Newport. 681 e ,r=.1'ED:res;et{Lble"drl a!; General Servant.— Mrs Kin;. 9, GIoucMter-pIaca, Caerleon-road, Newport. 682e j 'T ANTED;ooT ;Ù:cmliOirl. age about 16; no W hndrn.AppIY, White Hart Hote!, James- !re'Eockg, Cardiff. "^4 ??rANTEDr?goo? Geneal :3emrnL-Apply. 33, The Walk, Cardiff.  W- ANTED, n experienced Servant one who can T v do plain cooking.—Apply, with good reference", to Mrs W. F. Habberfteld 48. Commercial-road, New- port. 678e WANTED, good General Servant; early rjer, and TT good plin cook, immediately.—Ingledene, CastIe-rMd, Cardiff. 702 WANTED 1',t úîl;:(''erienced-H]; TV Mn?!! family.—45, The Parade, Cardiff. 631 '?UTANTED, experience?General Servant, over 20; ?''o Nur"e, accustomed tc children, December 3rd.—Mrs Newman, Ty-Mdyu, Clvtha PMk, Newport. 668e WANTED at once, Nurse about To musi T? be out before.—Apply Mrs Captain Roberts, ICO, Llandaff-road. Canton, Crrdiff. WANTED immediately, a General Servant no TT washing references required.—Mrs James, 158, Cowbridge-road, 562 ANTED, by 23rd inst., good General servant V Apply Mrs Lewis, 169. >ry-"pou-rtL, Cardiff. 580 ANTET)7Tg irl.T^or"17,asGeneral fond of children good character.—App-iy 4, Clyde- street, Adamsdown, Cardif.. ANTED immediately! experienced Cooks. House Parlour Maids, Nurses, 30 good Generals, i5-30. Stamp reply. -Selct Registry, 19, King's-road, Canton, Cardiff. '?'!t7'ANTED immediately, good General Servant.— VV Apply 11, Mountjoy-place, Newport. 661e ,'r ANTED-ili:gí;G]lf¿;dailYh::e'k-; 7 t' leep out good "haracter.-Apply Mrs Roberts, Idris House, Chepstiw-road, Newport. 662e WAJNTED immediately, a good GenemI Servant.— TV Apply Mrs White, 18? Stuart-street, Docks, Cardiff. 483 W-ANTED as once, respectaMeGirl,(14 or 15) to assist in housework conntry girl prefener1. Gl, llawdon-p'ace. Canton. Cardiff. 551 WANTED, a Girl (age. 15 to 16), country pre- W ferred, for housework.—Apply ltS ltledhurst, 5, Louisa-street, Doçkj, Cardiff. 526 WJ" ANTED, an experienced General Servant able l't to do good plain cooking also a Housemaid.— Apply Mrs Duncan, 42, Park-place. Cardiff. 7604—604 WANTED, a good General Servant she must be ? y over 20, able to cook, and have good refer- ences.—Apply, personally, to Mrs D. Jones, 134. Severn-road, Cardiff. 475 '??T? ANTED, several Plain Cooks, Kitchenmaids, y? GcnGrals, Housemaids, Nurses, for private hcus?s and hotels.—Misa Morgan's Registry, 101, Frederick-street, Cardiff. ,,„„„, 489 ^ttuatiens Uarsttl A GIRL wanted. Apprentice to the Tailoring.—Apply .1:1 Mr Golberg, 111, Eldon-rd., Riverside, Cardiff.705 4 CASH BOY wanted.—Apply D. Jones and Co., Limited, Westminster Stores, Cardiff. 855 OY Wanted, f-ornTsT cT 19, in Pawnbroking Busi- J ness he must be able to read and write.—Apply H. Levene, 229, Cowbridge-road, Canton, Cardiff. 837 OOTJflAKERS.—Wanted at once, Man, close and make strong work, till in time repairing.—G. Bishop, Ilolton-rnad, Barry Dock. 497 BOOT TRADE. — Wanted, first-class B¡ch;¡; _ZJt new and repairs also General Hand. Constant job to steady men.—Cole, Llanclly. 495 n-jÚY"ant.edin an Engineers' Stores, a boy who JL> can write a good hand also a strong Youth as Porter.—Address (stating age and wages reqUlrèd to Engineer, Echo Office, Newport. 68ce 1^UanterlT a good and steady C) Welsh Compositor aisoa Jobbing Hand accus- tomed to Wharfdale machine.—I. Jones, Printer, Tre- herbert. 721 (CARPENTER, wanted, at once.—Apply to Morgan ? Evans. Contraceor, Gilfach Coch, near Bridgend, Giam. 751 ?I?CJULARSAWYER. — Wanted at once. a '? thoroughly Practical Man.—Applicants must state age and experience to C. Jenkins and Son, Saw i\mi?rid?en? ??tn'? ? "'?" "? ?" 7733—648 CLOTHING Trade. —Sharp, ative-yt.h wanted to ?7 assit in the ?hop and make himself generaJlyuse- ful. —Was''nage, 18, High-street, Cardiff. 574 RAPERY. AND dUTFITTlNG.—D. srThoBi?s, 3 ? The Bazaar, Pentre, Rhondda, ba8 a vacancy for an Improver and an Apprentice Welsh. 534 D'- R-ÜRY.-Wante(l,an experienced Young Man of wber habits • good salesman Welsh. State a:e, salary, refctcnces, &c.Ma.nager, Co-operative Stores, Treorky. 43 ? ROCERY?-Wa.nted at once,  JunioF?Assistant. also Apprentice.—Apply J. Evans, Lewistown, Treharris, R.S.O. 512 HAIRDRESSER.—Wanted, a' smart and mt€Uig8Ht -BLJt. Lad to !en,m the trade to live in or out; smaJl premium required.—Jacobins, 53, Tudor-road, River- aide, Cardie 852 HXiItDRESSERS. -ÕÕO(¡- Sïav¿'i-mted;Silttî; ??. days, 5 to 11; wages, 6s.—Patti & Co. CaMwy: Cardiff. 823 HAIRDRESSERS. — A good Hairdresser "and AJ5. Shaver can hear of excelhnt opportunity by &pp)ying to J. Seil:onvilstone Hotel,Pontypridd.817 PORTERS. — Wanted, 2 strong Youths, who t horoughly understand their duties, brass clean- mg, etc*; mut be early Tisers, and have good refer- ences.—Samuel Brothers, Market Buildings, Cardiff. 715 QU^IRRYMEN wanted, at Nine Mile Point, u'ear Newport, Men. 689e Y?ESPECTABLI?Young Girl wantedM a.n apprentice jr? to the knitting madnDe. -Apply Misses JoKkina, Chureh-ro?d. Canton. 735 a HOP Assistants Wanted.—Pork Butcher7 25s Outfitter's Assistant, 25s: experienced; both for Cardiff.—Apply Davies's Emplovment Agency, 45, Charles-street, Cardiff. 887 mo PLASTERERS.—Wanted, a good steady Work- JL nmn, one accustomed to cementing, &c.; state age and wages required.—Address F 892, "Echo" Office, Cardiff. 892 'ij¡TXNTEÏ\obe;tea:dyYo;g-Üän, acquainted 'f f with town, to drive and deliver fumiture.- Furnishing Co., St John's-square, Cardiff. 840 'Ü;liATED :Ei!>e'riend youniiadj=t;rTl)Collist _W Shop.—Apply, 75, Queen-street" CardIff. 834 WANTED, strong Boy to deliver Circulars good walker good character; live in.—Apply Draper, 49d, Rickard-street, Pontypridd. 890 WANTED, Apprentices to the Waiatco?t-makiKg. y'V —Apply 99, Constellation-street, Splotlands, Cardiff. 842 lriiTANi'I<:D-MM to make Kitchen Tables constant ?"? job.—Apply 31, Castle-street, Cardiff. 778 ",XT ANTED-aLad;abõutî5. to drive horse and de- f liver coal with baskets.—8, Ma^hen-street, Grangetown, Cardiff. 786 WANTED, an experienced Hairdresser to take 't charge of branch aloon; a thoroughly pro- ficient man liberally dealt with.—No. 6, Royal Arcade, Cardiff. S-I'l WANTED immediately, smart Lad.—Queen-street If Sale Rooms, Cardiff. 705 WANTED^ a Cowman must be early riser and 't'1' good milker married man. to hve in cottage.- Apply w. Harber, Brook Farm, Fairwater, nr. Cardiff. WANTED, a Boy,. about" 16. to ?ook'afcor?horae V' V and make himaelf generally useful able to ride and drive.—Apply immediately 203, Newport-road, Cardiff. ,)frA;¡-TEDA:tõnc:o-!<tR3dy,-rtable Y ounç¡; T T Man, from 18 to 20, thoroughly understands horaes and can drive.—Ostler, George Hotel, ChepBtow. 710 WANTED, strong Srran<T Boy good cha= i!=-\2>eet. Cardiff. 709 WANTED, 5trong young Man as Haulier for the  Grocery. Must be wiinng.—Apply James .JonM, Grocer, Cross Keys, near Newport. 683e WANTED immediately, a smart youth as Junior t ASSISTANT.—Apply Victoria Tea Co., High- street, Merfhyr. 739 W-N'rEKYOtl11i I-¡liewho wish to be indepen- ? T dent to learn Scientic System of Dressmaking lessons daily.—11, Newport-road. Cardiff. 756 WANTED, thorough good Smith, used to shoeing t and wheelwright's work Ringle; 'to live In.- Address D 638, Daily News Office, Cardiff. 638 WANTED at once, a Frame-makerT Cabinet Tv makers might also apply.—Apply A. and G. Taylor, Photographers, CMdi1'P. 757 ',xt\NTB:ÕgoO¡ïÖ;¡;¡net-fa¡è-Used to repairs state wages and references must be sober and steady.—J. T. Edes, Cabinet Work?. Newport. 635e ,')1" ANTED-MPeckll¡e-Ik'l,d for Bakehouse and I" assist to deliver character required.—C. Strong, 26, Mortimer-road, Canton, Cardiff. 679 "YANTRD immeAiatoly, smart Man as manager for boot shop good stck,keeper and sales- man good references required.— Apply Shibko, Broad- way. Cardiff. 763 WANTED, Young Women and Farm Labourers T T for Free Emigration to Queensland.—Milton Locke, Emigration Offices, Commercial-street, New- port. Stamps for replies. 594 WANTED, good Saleswoman, able to manage branch spop; g-ood salary and commission.- Apply *sx rs Robins, 192, Commercial-road, Newport, Mon. 572 "jf ANTED, axJ)e;:¡enced Picture Frame Maker. V V —Apply H. Cohen, 53, Giebeland-street, Mer- thyr. 588 WANTED, Boy, with good character, to make him- VV self useful and look after pony and trap.— Leach, 25, Wood-street, Cardiff. 799 XTANTÊD, Boy, about 15, to make himself generally useful.—Apply DumfriM Hotel, Docks, Cardiff. 481 £-2-v.-E'ËKLY and upwards may be realised by ??? either sex, wIthout hindering present occupa- tion.-For sam'ile, endmlc addressed envelope.- Evans, Watts & Co. (P 133), Merchants, Birmingham— This is genuine. 464 ^nations tltanM. BUILDERS AND JOINERY WORKS.—situation J[J' Wanted cRljer as Shop Foreman, Working Fore- man, or Staircase Hand.—31, St. Helen's-avenue, Swansea. 586 TO TH ADESTvIEN & OTHERS.-Rente :md debts i coUeotcd, 'books posted, accounts made out, circulars, <?c., addressed terms moderate references gven.—Apply Accountant, Echo Office, Newport. 650e by a middle-aged, respectable Ma.n v T employment as Office-keeper, Messenger, or any place of trust' many years in business good refer- Agmms, f&mbdkxs, &r. AGENTS wanted.—Instantaneous Gilding Powder" ?. Universally useful. Easily applied. Beautiful results. Liberal terms. Sample packet, Is.—Mackay, Holmhead-street, Glasgow. 849' A GENTS Wanted whole or spare time com- .r1. mission twd bonl1s.-Ireton and Co., 92, Grace- hn["ch-street, London. 830 A GOOD AGENT wanted. Salary and commission to a persevering and energtJtic man. No "oods to sell, and no risk or outJay.-Apply, by letter (95 G.), 3. Brmhfield-street, Bishopsgate-street, Without, London, E.G. 14038-3019-872 WANTED, steady Men to start Clubs for Samuel's V V Celebrated Watches; good terms to persever- ing men.—Apply Traveller, Echo Office, Aberdare. WANTED, Yo-;thrladdres;-to solicit 7 orders on steamers for speciality and assist in office; good writer, with experience among shipping.— Apply, stating wages, to R D., "'Echo" Office, Cardiff. 639   PEH CENT. ProQt and no ri?k.—Agents J~8 L1i HJ wanted everywhere • for Sanderson's Lung Linctus, the great remedy for conghs and colds.—Ad- dress Sanderson and Co., Lung Unctll.5 Laboratory, Pre.r.ton, Lancashire. 716 ■ I '1Ir.ab!Jingz ÀpŒtitntni5 «t. .h_- A HOME from Home.—Wanted, a Gentleman to j share Rooms with another hot and cold bath teims strictly moderate t one dining out.—1, Olenroy ntreefc, Roath, Cardiff. 500 A PARTMENTS TOILET.—Two front rooms suit .1.. one or two gentlemen.—Apply, 44, Talbot-street, Cathedral-road, Cardiff. 845 APARTMENTS wanted In Newport by married ?j L gentleman well furnished, pleantIv situated, within ea?y distance of station.—Address Z. Z., "Echo" Office, Newj^ort. 700e A PAR.TMENTS?Un7ur!nshed,"34rLIandag?oa? CardJff; suit quiet, reepectahle people. K 0 children. 763 n. OARD and Lodgings for a respectable young JL!' ma.n must bo abstainer.—9, Brook-street, Canton, Cardiff. 542 OWBRIDG E-ROAD, CAitDIFF!—Half"of_Villa Residence to Jet in above, unfurni.hed, to qniet familv with no children.-Apply X 748, Echo Office, Cardiff. 748 COMFORTABLE Famished Apartments for one?r j two Gentlemen hot and cold bath no children. -9. De Burgh-street, Cardiff: 634 COMFORTABLE Lodgings for one or two Young Men terms moderate.—Apply 6, Crwys place, Cathays, Cardiff. 828 CANTON.—Furnished Apartments quiet and com- fortable very low terms.—Apply 200, Cowbridge- road, Canton, Cardiff. 742 COMFORTABLE Furnished Bedroom for young _J man terms, 33 6d per week board if required no Roath, Cardiff. 869 C-Ol\:FOR'I'A:BLE Apartments or Lodgings suit ?L? gentleman or two friends terms moderate.—29, Lower Cathedral-road, Cardiff. 7St _C. ciMFõR'rABiE'i:dgillg0-m:-ayoan lady; 2s ?6d ?? weeidy.—Apply 24, Adamsdown-square, Cardiff. 753 ??iFORTABLE'APARTMENTS'?o??? (suit (Unepj flut) moderate terms.—41, Westbourne- place (opP1! Sophia Gardens gate), Cardiff. 576 17 URNESITEf> Apartments suitable for one or two JT friends, or Lodgings for respectable single men. -23, Richards-terrace, Roath, Cardiff. 636 OOD Board and Lodgings for Young Lady, 10s ? pleasant part of Riverside. — Anply. B 637, 5o" Office, Cardiff. 637 ??IDDLE-AGED'"?Tra.desman ?abstamer)  wants if homely Lodgings near Post-office, or would share (llls.-T 776, Echo" Office, Cardie. 776 TO^BAI?TUl^ri^ —Suites~of Chambers, well arranged good attendance nd cooking, if required.—Apply Mrs Gay, No. 4. Working- street, Cardie. 37ie rf10 LET, 2 Unfurnished Rooms, with use of kitchen, &c. quiet familv.—42, Rathven-street, Cardiff. 889 rr-õ .eëry comfortabi" Apartments, at"Dart ?_ hIla, 54, Plantagenet-street, Riverside, Cardiff L/J,. tnmi2hed front bed anÜ sitting-room combined small Bed-room board with family if required Ijo children. 740 mo Let, two large Rooms, unfnniished. Two in fa.mily.-13, Moira.street,8plottlands,Cardiff. 525 UNFURNISHED Apartments to Let, to respect- able married couple without children terms 2s 6d per week.—Apply Hennings, "Echo" Office: Newport. 704e UNFURNISHED Apartments to Let Two Rooms, %_J and use of bath terms moderate.—Apply 7 Scephenson-street, Riverside, Cardiff. 552 "VTOITNG Man wants Lodgings or Apartments, JL i\ewport; no children terms must be moderate. —R. T., 1, Echo" Office, Newport.. fax a:lt- gja1t5.e£í lanb, &z. FOR SALE, 153, Cyfarthfa-street, gas fittings, and workshop at back price £155. Also small six- roomed Villas, ",ith gas, Cottrell-road price £ 175 each.—Apply Jonas Phillips, Builder, Roath, Cardiff.427 HOUSE for Sale in Kincraig-street; bath, hot and cold; near Mackintosh Institute; price very moderate.—Apply Eta, Echo" office, Cardiff. 749 'inu5£z, & {f;n ltd.  GOOD seven-roomed House to Let at 55, A Emerald-street., Roath ? with garden at back.— Apply 19, Castle-street, Cardiff. 870 ("iRADDOCK-STREET, Riverside. —To let House j containing Beven room8 and bath-room; seven minutes'walk from St Mary-street; 9s weekly.—Apply 29. Coveny-street, South Splottlands, Cardiff. 741 HOUSE and Shop To Let, Bute Docka? near Pier- I head.—Apply 20, Yla,_£ardiff. 745 EWPORT.—22, Gothic Villas, Herbert-street, to J. be Let.-Apply W. Ray, 13, Alma-street, New- port. 684e TABLE and Coach-house to Let water bid on.—  Apply No. 6, Lotionn-(r,c.II.843 I; T-o-Ij:ff;-w,-Tilnnè'f-trn ;u:.e, Newport immediaM JL possession rent low,—Apply John Young, Auc- tioneer, 7, 'I'redegar, Newport. 674a rJj[ lO LET six-roomed House, with garden, at Malpas. j? —Apply R. Evans, Holly Bush, Malpas, near N eWDort. 6490 fa Wd-Mmimsz fvmtstz, &t. j SHOP to Let, Charles-street (opposite New Theatre), with rooms over.—Apply 151, Commercial-street, Newport. 665e O BE LET or SOLD, new Shop and Bakehouse on JL Clydach Vale-road.—Apply D. Jones, Builder, Clydach Vale, Rhondda. 89 i-r-OL Elt';o-'newly-erectd Shops adjoining Liver-  JSL pool House; immediate possession. — Apply Liverpool House, Commercial-road, Newport. 667e T~ O^ LET,anold-established Cook Shop and Board- E ing-hou&e, 228. Bute-ro&d.—For particulars ply to Edwin Beard, 227, Bute-road, Cardiff. /00  rJsL iO LKT. t'ie G aiidilail, suitable for .arpeners' ? shop.-Apply PicMord ud Co., Limited, New- & mo LET, No. sTDock-street. very well suited for I officeg.-Apply to Pickford and Co., Limited, ewpøIt. e w llzín.e5£í.eS for Disposal BÃiH='D -ining--Rl-;k'- ;lrly4õl;; profits about 40 per cent. best pO:3Jbon In CIty; establihed 40 years moderate rent certain fortune. -Do1'miùg. Bristol. S WEEl>s-ciMfectionery,a.11d Toba-ccomst Businesa k? exceMsnt position pronts about B4 per we;l; incoming S70.—0. 767, "Echo" Office, CMdiS. 767 fpttjfritr Houses. ESTABLISHED 1845.— John Downing, Hotel and Pnblkaml' Valuer, Licensed Auctioneer, Fellow Auctioneers' Institute, 1, Nelson-street, Bristol. Post free, List hundreds genuine Hotels, Spirit Vaults, Beer- houses, Country Inns, Temperance Hotels, Coffee T,lVerns, Breweries, Dil'1tillcncs, Grocery, Drapery, Baking, Greengrocery, Dairy, Tobacconists', Book- sellers" Businesses every description, £10 to £80,000. Loan!! arranged. Consultations free. 593 IT} AYS Brewers B50 Monthly.—Capital Corner Beer- X house near centre Bristol handsome frontages wo busy streets.— Downing, Nelston-street, Bristol.593 FAMILY Wine and Spirit Business.—Leading Mar ?' ket Town Somerset present family seventy years retail vaults, takes £ 30 weekly freehold for "ale.—Downing, Bristol. 593 ??ES-mN?UPER?MAREri?rst- c??sT'M? centre town, near beach palatial modern pre- m 5M, 25 room5, bjJliad saloon, spacious VltuPts; ?1.600 handsomely fuinished.—Dovton?, Auctioneer, BrMol. 593 £;4- 0 ONLY.—Genuine Village Beerhouse, paving S'?'TE?J'' busineM. B25 monthly rent BIS. including cotta^o, workshop, half,acre produCtive garden, &c.- Downing, Bristol. 593 O fa>JfiA -Noble comer Spirit Vaults facing four o???/?7- immense thorcu?hMrRs, surrounded by ?re?t manufactone' wharves, wM'ehotxMs, &c. reat ?50.—Downing, 1, Nelson-treet. BBi9t<}. 593 Jid Q?—Bath.—Superior W!ne'An<f Spirit Vaults o??Lc)\?- and Luncheon Bar,near MKUand Railway station, parks, &c. genuine easily-nianaged trade.- Downing, Licensed Auctioneer, Bn?tol. 593 ? A K —??gantly-atted Beer and ?Vme?VauIta? ??-<). great suburban thoroughfara large cOim te trade; rent £ 30 part sublet.—Downing" 1, Nelon- reet. Bristol. 593 HONDDA VAtJLEY??o? Ijet?mt?eI?? I'?iUv? -L- licensed Hone; lease nearly 40 years. Also Butcher's Shop attached, with slaughter-house, doing a good, respectable trade could be let separate if re- quired.—Apply on the Premises, Sandy Bank Hotel, Ystrgd. ¡¡ "I#> ¡, iftustco!. AMERICAN ORGAN.—To cover advance.—Solid ?? walnut case 13 stops, including grand organ and knee swell four sets of reeds; powerful and grand instrument; quite new; six years' warranty from makers, "Bell and Co. suitable for drawing-room or small church cost 35 guineas; will, take 16 guineas. Will send packad on trial, and pay return carriage, if disapproved. Drawings and particulars forwarded.— Ardwick Discount Office, 159, Stockport-road, Man- chester. 344 4. MERICi\N Organ for sale has twû sets of reed; .L one coupler, knee swell not long new cost 18 guineas will gell for 12 guineas WrInS, caah.-23, Coveny-street, South Splotlands, Cardiff. 557 Co'ITA¿iE -P¡no, good repair, five guineas dining- room suite (leather), three guinea great bar- gains.—Edes, Old Curiosity Shop, Bridge, Newport. 673° CHEAPEST Music in Town or Country Little ) Nell," Song that reached mv heart," Down went McGinty," &c. One Penny Each.— Matthews, 20, Castle-arcade, Cardiff. 617 K^ANCING.—Mr F. G. Roljerts'Quadrille Assembly, JL/ Park-hall, Mondays balftcrm begins Nov. 24th Cinderella Dance Dec. 1st.—Mozart House, Roath, Cardiff. 810 HUNDREDS of Piano Pieces and Songs, Sixpence .!LiL each Shilling Books of Music, vocal or instm- mental, Nmepence each.—Matthews, Castle-arcade, Cardiff. 617 MAINLAND'S Celebraetd Pianos, awarded Silver Medal Edinburgh Exhibition, 25 to 50 guinea. agent, Moyns, Music-seller, Cowbrid2rdif1'. JG. GARRETT, Practical Tuner. Renovator of ? Pianos, Pipe and Reed Organs. Satisfaction 777 J g^JLANO.—Good Cottage Piano (Walnut), full com- pass, will be sold, cheap.—Apply Northumber- land Lodge, Cathedral-road, Cardiff. 838 PIANOFORTE, a bargain (taken for debtTj will be jt. Rold for half its value by a good London maker. —65, Newport-road, Cardiff. 11 556 PIANO—Handsome, burr waiput, iron frame, JI. check action list price, 45 guineas cash, £20: —33, Castle Arcade, Cardiff.i-i 642 PIANO—Elegant, iron frame, overatruKg ralfTha JL latest improvements list pnce, 55 guineas nett cash, 24 guineas.—33, Castle Arcadp, Cardiff. 642 in>IANO.— Handsome Cottage, chock action sweet tone. sound in every respect bargain, 9 guineas —33, Castle Arcade, Cardiff. 642 PIANO.—Elegant Walnut Xfottaga, 7 octaves JL trichord; 13 guineas.—53, Castle Arcade, CardiS' 642 PIANO.—Handsome Walnut Cottage, 7 octaves, iron frame; list price, 35 guinea?'Wet.; cash 16 guineas. -33, Castle Arcade, Cardiff. 642 PIANO.—Elegant Walnut Upright Grand, check iron frame, trichord; great bargain, 13 Cardiff, 642 SMALLWOOD'S Tutor, 2s Fawcett's Harmonium )? Tutor, Is 6d Czeruy's 1(?1 Exercises, 9d. Music bought, aold, or exchanged.—Matthews, Castle-arcade, Cardi:?_ 617 WOLFF'S Celebrated S.-if-histructor for the t ? Violin, 2s post free 2s 3d .published at 5s.— Matthews, 20, Castle Arcade, CArdtS. 617 '??OLFFs? CeIebrated'? Self-Yns? V Pianoforte, 2s post free 2s 3d publisbed at 5s.-Ma,tthew??2? 'CMtI? Arc?, Ca,rdin'. ?  617  ?? K êAsH.-=pia-nofOrlealnutca:0Ullcom- ?Jn) pass, celeste pedal, trichord treble splendid tone genuine bargain guaranteed.—Moyns, Cow- bridge-road, Cardiff. 942 OQA CASH.—Pianoforte, iron frame, full compass, celeste pedal, trichord treble magnihcent tone; genuine bargain.—Moyns, Cowbridge-road, Car- diff. 942 8" GUINEAS cash.—Organ-Harmonium, five stop, thorough repair, flùl compas5.-Moyns, Music Seller, Cow bridge-road, Cardiff. 942 5S. COURSE of Ten Lesapns (Piano or American I' Organ), by experienced Master, at pupils' resj. dences if required.—Music, "Echo" Office, Cardiff. 747 ft-j a—PIANOFORTE, rosewood case, in ood t? J LtF. condition and repair good tone bargain.— Moyns, Music Seller, Cowbridge-road, CardiS. 92 $tarries, fExuvdts, &t. BUCKINGHAM and Adams' No. 11 Diamond Safety usual price 16 guineas reduced, 9 guineas cash.—Parry and Williams, Westgate-street, CardiK. 619 ARGAIN.— Rudge Tricycle for Sale ball bear- B~ ings .f5s'=3.ora-street, Cathays, C.2 CCUSHIONS or Pneumatics fitted to any machme; '0 repairs, plating, enamelling, storage large stock at <rcat reduction Safetys from £ 5. LIsts one lorris Bros., Cycle "orks, Pontypridd. 580e OR BARGAINS in new and second-band Bicycles, JL' Tricycles, and Safeties: also all repairs and pamtine, go to Parry and Williams, Cycle Manufac- turel'8 CardiAffg. ents, Cardiff Cycle Works, Westgate- turers and street, Cardiff .18-  ENUINE Rover Safety ball bearings, excepting pedals • King of the Road lamp, bell splendid condition owner going abroad must sell; 8; bargain.J. S. Evans, NewPlassey-street, Penarth. 701 G- ENUINE Premier Racing Safety geared 64 inch %jr good as new. £10, or sell on easy terms.—.Ton- kins, 12, Cowbridge-road, Cardiff. 750 EAR Driving Saity; ball bearings strong machine suit working man; complete for 0 guineas, cash.—Parry and Williams, Westgate-street, Cardiff. I gors*s, 'j£H.i£ tad1, Carriagts. A GOOD Lamp Oil Turnout, complete, to be sold _i\ cheap.—Apply l,_pearl-streer, Cardiff. 762 B-' A YI lone, about 15 hands, good worker, quiet in JL) harness, fit for coal cart or light hauling.—41, Robert-street, Cathays, CardiS'. 674 "B^TOR SXLE, a nice young Fox Terrier, 8 months old -1 evenly marked, very swift—Apply Wm. Bilton, 180, Cowbridge-road, Cardiff. 868 FOR SALE (cheap), very strong built Bay Gelding, 5 years old, 14.3, quiet and good worker two crank-axle Carts, small cob size, very cheap good Butcher's Cart; 10 sets of Single Harness, one set of pony size; double hogskin saddle, and double-rein bridle two excellent Dogcarts, a tee spring Pony Gig, several pairs of carriage lamps, &c.—Apply 1, Harold- street, Broadway, Cardiff. 567 F' OR SALE, very cheap, strong Cart Horse. Can be Jf seen working daily in trolley, at J. Young's, Crichton-street, Cardiff. 478 I F- OR SALE, a thoroughbred Hunter Horse,16., JD rising 8 also a Pony J3 hands, aged.—Apply 39, Oxford-street, Roath, Cardiff. 795 F. "ÕR SALE, a capital lon<i Coal Cart and Baskets, § together or separate.—Apply 4, Adam-st., Cardiff. 591 FOR SALE, a good, useful black Mare, 15 hands high warranted sound, uiet, and good worker; owner having no further use.—Wilson, 26, Zinc-street, Roath, CardIff. 596 HANSOM Cab for Sale,silver plated throughout and  built of walnut; also Horse and Hamess; first- da. condition.—Aoply AU. Cumming, Lynton Mews, Severn-road, Cardie. 831 PONY, Trap, and Harness for Sale, suitable for JL business or pleasure — Apply E. Bloom. 4, Alexandra-road, Newport, Mon. 670e rjjnHREE-PARTS thorougbrad Black Horse for Sale, JL rising six 16 hands high; good in all harness also Bay Pony, 11 hands, with good action.—39, Oxford- street, Castle-road, Roath. 712 mHE CAR]jI ND S() CTH W.VL ESMANURE A COMPANY (Ltd). Live and Dead Horses, Cattle, &c., purchased and removed at the shortest notice. Address for Cardiff—Gibbs, Whitchurch, Cardiff. Pontypridd District, Gibbs, Treforest Mertnyr District, Gibbs, Merthyr. 479e VAN.—Will be sold cheap a covered van suit V Haulier or Furniture Remover.—Atlas Furnish- ing Company, St. John's-square, Cardiff. S39 WHITECHAPEL TRAP.—Equal to new nicely ? fitted; cushions and lamps complete price £ 12 10s.—Apply Davies, 36, Bute-street, Cardiff. b82 Q PAGET-STREET\GRANGE,CARDrFFr? ?. Chipped Potato Machine American Cooking Range Saddle and Bridle. No reasonable offer refused.—W. s. 780, Echo" Office, Cardiff. 780 (" ?on?r? ???na. ?. f t1 SP:r:E:;¡DID-ï:t-zf\Air;cal1 Grey Parrots, £ 7^- commencing to talk 10s 6d each.—Address, John McCourt?l9, James-strGct, Liverpool.57 ?ULLT'lNCH.ES (COCk) 8lOW Birds, 4s, HoM?la ™ 6d Cock (Mdnnches. in song, 2s 6d Canaries (singing), 38 6d, Boos, Is M.—Sullivan, Homfrav-street, Cardig: 579 'g?LACK Game Fowl, Mont Tessor's champion strain. JL? A few Cockerels ready for dubbing, irom 5s each. Also Pullets.—Ty Isaf, Llandaff. 547 CANARIES, Harts; Mountain Rollers. Fresh arrival weekly. Day and Gaslight Songsters, 7s 6d hens, Is 6d. Also Vorkshire, Norwich, and Cinna- lon. AproTal satisfaction guaranteed. — Baker, Empire Hairdressmg Saloon, 2, Frederick-street, Queen- street, Cardiff. 802 I Tflliw grand Yorkshire Cocks snsj Hens for sale A fit io show and win—G. Woodruff, 100, Carlisle- street, Moors, Cardiff. 7% Foi: Cross-bred Fowls, cheap.—Apply Suifford Vilia, Chepstow road, Newport. 671e FOR SALE, Three Cockerels (pure Minorcas) three JL' hens; a bargain.—Apply 18, Mackintosh-place, Roath. 541 GR AND Rose Cockatoo, with pink breast and hand-  some large Cage, Sl without cage, 12s 6d ;stamp for reply.-Su livan, ?omf ray-street, CardiS. 578 I G'-OOD Pen Indian Game for Sale cock highly com- mended Aberdare now fit for showing. —'Thorne, 34, George-street, Cathays, CardiS. 500 IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT.—Having just A received a large consignment of Hartz Mountain Songsters, we are prepared to offer them (guaranteed) perfect masterpieces of anything we have hitherto had (incessant daylight, twilight, and gaslight Songsters, and arc birds fitted to adorn the wealthiest home to the lowliest working man's cottage and our prices are, having bought low, can sell cheap, viz., 6s 6d each, socurely packed. Carriage paid to any address.—T. Price and Company, Wholesale Bird Dealers, 15. Raglan-street, Newport, Men. 505 t?iNGDOVES, strong, healthy bW;-fÇom outdoor 8  aviary. Warranted pairs, and nesting. 2s 6d Pair-—F- Victory, St. Don3,nt', Neville-st, Cardiff. 601 A A SHOW and Working Homers clearing out no ^S:VF reasonable offer refused 22 winners included.— J. Webb, 5, Bailey-street, Newport, Mon. 675e ,1" 'W lar S^ak—JittsrgliaimraB. ABOUT 4,000 New and Second-hand Bricks Match Boarding Floor ditto recently erected sold cheap.—Wensley, Star Office, Newport. 663e ANY unredeemed pledge for sale this week can be taken to any jeweller in the town, and if not valued at more than advertised prices, money will be returned 564 BLAIBERG, Pawnbroker, 2, Bute-terrace, Cardiff. jj_) Lady's Gold Chain; original cost, £6 (take it to any jeweller); onrpries, 59s. 564 'i LAIBERG, Pawnbroker, 2, Bnte-terrace, Card!& —Gent, s 18ct. Gold Centre Second Lever, crystal ?af.s stout 18ct. cases only B9 7 days' approv!l 564 BLAIBERG, Pawnbroker 2, Bute-terrace, Cardiff.  -Gent's Second-hand 18ct. Albert; £6. 564 t? LAIBERG, Pawnbroker, Bute-terrace.CardiS. B) —22ct. Wedding Ring (warranted quite new), broad ww. Defy competition. 564 BLAIBERG, Pawnbroker, 2, Bute-wrraœ,Cardiff.- B 18ct. Bread Keeper (warranted quite new' ?jdwt?. 19s. Defy competition. 554 Sha-wls?ever  worn 4 yards long. 2 wide, 30s, cost 65s an-  yards Muare, 21s, cost 45s fold slightly soiled. other 2 yards square, Office, Cardiff. 530 — P. S., 530, Echo 530 /"COUNTER CASE, ?at<)?ia?7 Mtr'traytr mirror ? back, 50s bent glass outside Dentist Case, 25s.—D. 644. "Echo" Office, Cardiff. 644 ??ROTsT CARROTS.—Good'Table?arrots r C quantity delivered in ton lots, at 45s per ton. Stevens & Co., 16, Wood-street, Cardiff 527 ??EAF.—Pair of Nicholsou'? Ear Drums, cheap £ 7 which curcd my deafness ancU»ioises in my head.. —X Y Z care of "Daily News," CM-din. 626 FOR SALE, Chan-cutMr, nearly new; cut three  lengths no reasonable offer refused no further use.—Arnold, Wharf-road, Maindee, Newport. 70h F"õRALE, one Bradbury Treadle Sewing Machine, J{' also Treadle Machine by Singer cost B8 each, will sell for 30s each also Hand Sewing Machine, Bradbury, 10s,— Apply No. 10, Mountjoy-street, New- port. 680e TTT^OR SALE, large size mangle, side weights price, 1 'Ms a bargain. — Apply 11, Diamond-street, Roath, Cardiff. 752 II F.(mSALEetlIet;t, Dining-room Suites in ,g the kingdom price, BIS 18s cost 40 guineas not ".oiled.—Edes, Old Curiosity Shop, Newport. 686e jgTVOR SALE, good Milk Ronnd, doing 120gaLlons per B' week plenty of milk owner leaving the neigh- bourhood.— Kear, "Echo" office, Cardiff. 678 t?lOR Sale, cheap, two centre-seconds chronograph F stop watches (one keyless) in heavy silver cases, beat English make, new, splendid timekeepers.— Apply, any evening, 31, Despenser-street, Riverside, Cardin. 675 I' 'F -ÓRSÃLI{bar-čork'dišPëIling-ba:ITeLt;,ps, JT bungs, spiles, publicans' bottles, a quantity of Californian honey.— Anply 20, Constellation-street, Cardiff. 655 I ffff"R E '\Y-OO)-i :I Ii E ,õO CHOPPED STICKS, BLOCKS FOR CHOPPING, OAK AND OTHER HARD-WOOD BLOCKS, Obtainable at PONSFORD BROS., CLARENCE WHARF, RIVERSIDE, NEWPORT, MON. 441e T%/fTONKEY, nice little fellow, with collar and chain ilA quiet with children, and full of tricks price Sl —Su?Iivan. 22, Homfray-street, Cardiff. 744 T?/aTERROR, very large handsome gold frame; cost XTA B12 cash B4; smaller one, black frame, £ 1.—' D. 643, Ech.C,,rdif! 643 r*PERA GLASS, 4s 6d, carriage paid, in white bone ?/ and Mack leather.-PhiIlips, Pawnbroker and A hol1 osa, lc '?*?'' ?L.St. Mary-street, Cardi& 419 PRESSED for Money A bnautifulGoldLever! JiL 18ct case has been valued by a jeweller for B20 when new; will take £ 9.—Apply H 885, Echo Office, Cardiff. 885 S-"i PLENDIDj;.ir of Opera and Fieid?GIassea, new, ? in case cost B5 3s, sell 22s 6d sent on approval, port free, to any address.—Write 0 612 "Sonth Wales Daily News," Cardiff. 612 IIOEl\l1KER'R-Se;itig Mahine:- m ?erfect orde? tk? only 30s, cost 15 guineas; room wanted-—Edes, Old Curiosity Rhop, Bridge, Newport. 673e SAFE for Saie,-24-h-higl itïl one ch drawer, ?? best lever locks, duplicate keys. Price 65s, de- livered.—Lords Safe Works, Wolverhampton 615 UNREDEEMED real Havannah Cigars, Villa de <LJ Villar, La Carolina, Larranaga Muns; 3 for Is as samples.—Phillips, Pawnbroker and Wholesale Jeweller, 24, St. Mary-street, Cardiff. 420 SALE or Hire, Wigs, Costumes. Amateur Theatri- cal Entertainments provided with every requisite for making up.—Silver Trout, Bridge-street, Cardiff.912 mo BAKERS AND CON i-'KClTONKIW. A G. S. TUNKS AND CO., LTD., PATENT OVEN BUILDERS, Supply all kinds of Bakers Requisites. 3, MILL-LANE, CARDIFF. 564-5001 AS ENGINES. The' Cycler^iTll^best! ?AS'?ENGINES. — ?8" Cycle?is the best, Particulars on application to G. S. Tunks and Co., Limited, Mill-lane, Cardiff. i76e T TNREDEEMED heavy double-case 18ct. Gold 'B?rNREDEEMED heavydoaMe;caseISctT'Gold £ .-Phi!lips, Pawnbroker and Wholesale JeweHer' 24, St. Mary-street, CardiS. 421 1-0-0 LARGE new Packing Cases for sale cheap i?UU 2s 6d each 10 for £ .-Heath and Sons, 51, Queen-street, Cardiff. 220 /FEEf telescope Dining Table; solid oak; very q:) massive; 8-feeb mahogany Ditto full trichord Pianoforte check action iron frame; a great bargain 5-feet mahogany cylinder Desk satin walnut Bedroom Suite very massive Drawing-room Suite solid walnut frames, covered in crimson plush bargains.— g-street, Cardl. 549 JRisallatuoitr. Maitis. CASH (full value) given for Ladies', Gentlemen's, %? and Children's Cast-oS Clothing; also miscel- hneolls articles. All orders punctually attended to cn receipt of post-card.—Mrs Carter, 46, Broadway, Roath, Cardiff. 302 MILK.-From 12 to 20 GaUons wanted daily.? JLVjL Adess., "Echo" OfEce, Newport. 67&o -M' RS SHAW gives the highest price for Ladies J?JL s? Gentlemen's and Children's left-off clothes. —36, Glynne-streot, Canton, Cardiff. 703 REQUIRED, Mortgage of £175 on Villa, 61, Upper George-street., let at 9s per week.—Ap" ply W. 599, Daily News" Office, Cardiff. 599 RESPECTABLE Person wishes Care of Child to nurse or adoofc premium comfortable, healthy home,—Mary, Echo Office, Cardiff. 600 ?XT ANTED, by a respecta.bIe CMiple(no children), W care of ofEces or any place of trust: man employed during the day good references —E J. 766, "Echo" Office, Cardiff. 766 WANTED, by respectable perron, baby to adopt yy from birth or otherwise small premium.— Apply by letter, N 826, Echo" Office, Caruiff. 826 WANTED, 30ft of Second-hand Counter and Gas- fittings suit a, grocer.—W., 755, "Echo' Office, CardifL 755 WANTED, by respectable Woman, one or two families' Washing; good references.—Apply K521, Echo Office, Cardiff. 521 "'U ANTED, GlaBed Frames or SMhM tocoveT T?. 'yt ft length by 5 ft. deep; cheap.—Parr, Fancy* Bazaar, Aberaman, Aberdare. 485 jEisrtllaittfltts. ¡ FURNISH on our New Hire System. Houses or J?' Apartments completely furnished on a new sys- tem adopted solely by us, whereby all publicity, exposure, and inquiries usually made by other com- panies are dispensed with. We hare an immense stock of Household Furniture of cheap and superior quality. All goods sold on the Hire System at ready-money prices. We make no extra charge for credit, and all goods sent home in a private van free of charge. No stamp or agreement charges mado no bill of sale everything private. Arrangements completed without, delay, anrl, beÍJlg manufacturers, we guarantee quality, and will undertake to supply furniture. etc., at 10 per cent, less than any price-dst issued by any firm in Cardiff. Eleven showrooms. C:111 and inspect our im- mense stock, and compare prices before purchasing elsewhero. We will supply £0 worth for 2s 6d weekly S10 worth, 4s weekly S15 worth for 5s weekly B20 worth. 6s weekly, and so on in proportion. Special terms for larger quantities. Please note the Address SOUTH WALES FURNISHING COMPANY, 31, Castle-st. (opposite the Castle), Cardiff. 12785-1105-23 A STROLOGY.— Photograph Futu'e, husband or I wife, with position, 2s 2d. One Tear's eTents 2s 2d. Sex, BirthGime,-Prof. Anderson, at Loribond's, Monmouth-street, Bridgwater. 677 A- si&OLOOy,'latrjrui.=-De3cripti'fut; ¡ ?ij? partner, &c., &c. Send birth-time and six stamps. Professor Evan8, 42, TemperIey-road, BaJbam, London. 540 "|3>liASS CHECKS for HoteiR, Clubs, ?erho\lse, JL? &c., from 43 per 100 upward,-R.. Wig]ey, Die Sinker, &c., 11.\ Cleveland-road, Crumpsall, Man- chester. 491 GLASS SHADES aud stands for clocks, statuettes, '-X &c., 3,11 sizes, ehea.p.-G. CordÎ11g, NaturaitJ and Taxidermist, 42, Royal Arcade, Cardiff 334= LAZING Linen like white china, without polishing irons, guaranteed. dmple, ongmal six stamps 1 oOO testimonial*.— Madame, 421, Eerou-road. Twicken ham. 72tt HARDWARE, Bedsteads, Furniture, Harmoniums, S Clothing, Electro-Plate, Jewellery, Watches, Agents Wanted. Dealer's Book Frea— Henry May! Birmingham. 635 -iTYOU "SUFFER FROM COUGHS! COLDS, I Bronchitis, Asthma, Neuralgia, Tic, Toothache, Rheu matism, Gout, Sciatica, &:c., try theinva.lua,ble Mixtures at Messrs WILLIAMSON <fc Co., Chemists, Ac., Haves Bridge, 300, Bute-street, Cardiff. Private caies speclly treated at modarate fees. 437 IS^ YOCfr WAltSf W1?0NG?'?HE' B?ST A?U i. CHEAPEST SHOP IN CARDIFF for the repaii of watches of every description, English or Foreign, is 33, Cattle Arcade (third shop from Castle-street). Pro- prietor, James Keiv, for 10 yoo with Mr Spiridioa,} Hands, glasses, and keys. 737 ?EWELljKRY? W?tcnen. Watch Maíerial (;t ) ?J!' lery, Toys? Muaica! Instruments. Wholesale :?i; 1 Ô:¥1[:,r,:1! ¡ 1L7~ ?TTi?? Machines by the best makers, CMh or ¡ -JH? Easy TeniN.—Henry Thom:M, Sowing Màchine Depot, St John's Church-square, CardiS. 832 1_ -ÃUNDRYGLAZri'-G¡:;Eè'-RET: -cnff-c;f¡; I U and Fronts like white china nothing used in the starch no polishing iron required particulars fre' ]LUnry, Liscara, Birkenhead. 711 Y?OI?E??TrTWf?Er?'o??nd Chea^rr"the Newport Rope and Twin9 Stores, New Dock street (opposite Steam Packet Hotel).-E. Wiicox, I'roprietor. SEKDYllr Photograph and 13 st&mps und in Svo ? days you will receive three beautifully ilIurrnMted Christmaa C&rds, each card containing a Portrait of Yoursuif. Oricnnal returned uninjured. — Johnson, Photographer, Wells. 614 "tXT^HOLESALE Bos and Packing Case Manufac- t T turers, Goldswovthv & Son, 17, Phippen-street, Bristol. Orders by post promptly attended to. Prices on application. J. G. w for twelve years majiager t« the late Mr J. L. Harbour. 6920—321e -#- ..1 '\[ ( ^lotuu. ?Q AND UPWARDS Advanced to all rœponsihl6 ??%) persons on their own security eMy repav- ments.—Ao' piy Manager, 229, Cowbridge-road, Canton, Cardiff. Je ORROWEhS in want of money from a strictly JD private source, free from annoyance, fraudulent fees (extracted under some pretext or other), and the rontine of loan offico agents, A"C., are invited to writs fully as to position, income, Ac., when, if satisfac- tory, the money will be advanced in a few hours.— Apply Charles Clary ton, 21, Goat-sfcreet, Swansea. 7818-697e IMPORTANT to Farmers and others.—Money ad- 'IMPORTANT to Farmers and other-—Mouey ad- 00 £ 1,000 to Farmers, Cowkeepers, Householders (male or female) on note of hand alone, without sureties no bills of sale; low intre1rt; easy payments stri> ctest privaey no law costs; no fees. Beinj engaged fn country business, applicants had better wnw to Howell Gri t.hs, 6, Rope V4 aik-r.xtd, Liannliv. 7316-6S6e 'f?C)N'T?rwrrHOUT?ONJEY?? ?? AND DISCOUNT OFFICE.—Cash immediately Lent, from £ 10 to any amount, at lower interest than charged by others, to Male or Female Borrowers.— Farmers, Gardners, Carriers, Cowkeepers, Dairymen, Tradesman, Shopkeepers, Clerks, Schoolmasetrs,Clergy- men, Doctors, and all other Professional Gentlemen. Lodginghouse-keepers, Private Householders, and others, on their own security (without bo'damea) aM Note of hand alone, repay?Me by very easy ?natHjmey!? to suit in every case borrower's own convenience. All communications, by letter or otherwise, kept in strict confidence. Applicants waited upon at, their own homes, by appointment, with the cosh ,eqUlred..AU information Íree. Distance no object.. :\0 genuine application ever refused. If you cannot borrow money from us you cannot do so elsewhere.—Apply to the Manager, 5, Rotunda Buildings (first noor), St. Mary- street, Cardiff. Close to G. W.R. Station. 436e "M 0 N E y r>r The DIRECTORS of I S ]p,IELI>ING & if'10" JJ IMITKp. T JL. k5. i? ? JU ADVANCE DAILY ?3 ?"m?co. METHOD OF BUSINESS:— I FAIR INTEREST. EASY REPAYMENTS, ABSOLUTE PRTVACY, NO DELAY, NO SURETIES. Trade Bills Discounted. Prospcctuaes and particulars free.—Apply to .1. Secretary, 18, CHARLES-STREET, CARDIFF. 36 l\-I- ONEY Lent from £5 to ?500 at a few hours ?JL notice to fai-meM, cowkeepers, householders and others on promissory noto one, nd on the borrower's own name. Distance no object. No charges of any des- cription are ma-de Ulùe99 Imsines8 is transacted. Any- OTIe requiring a strictly private temporary loan without the usual publicity and loan office routine should apply to Phillip Basseti, 11, Penuel-square, Ponty- pndd. 3700-129 MONEY )iONEY-1=APRIVtT.J.G-ENTrÆMAN I }  is prepared to make advances in sums of £ 10 to i 'L to farmers, contractors, cab proprieMra, trad- j in (in, cow keepe, hop growers, and all classes of.1 j hohseholders genemllY, upon their note of hand alone, No loan oSioo routine. No bilb of sale taken. Repay- ments to suit borrowers' convenience. o publicity. —Apply in confidence (by letter only) to W. H. Tothill, 4. Dep6t-street, Newport, Mon. 611e 'le3 ANDtTPWARDS-ADVA.CEI)-HOiTSE- I ?*) HOLDERS, MECHANICS, AND OTHERS, UPON THEIR OWN L SECURITY. 'ú preliminary feea repayable to suit borrowers' cpnybnieace, by I Mr J. P. THOMPSON, 71, ADAM-STREET, CARDIFF. fl Hours, 9 to 8 Wednesdays, 9 to 2 32 T^TO F;ot;j2'NJRLId 'MONEY I ENT ON NOTE OF HAND ALONE, m Sums from S80 to S3,000.—The National Mercantile Bank, Baldwin-street, Bristol.—The Directors of this old-established, well-known office, hating large available funds, offer unusual facilities H}.all respectable and trustworthy peons who rq\1; eJwer temporary or permanaat assistance. (' amounts from £ 20 to ?3,000 is advanced in all p.t ? Ii' t'-¡dDgdom. without sureties, delay, or publk¡. on the security only of the borrower's written promise to repay. These advances may be repaid by ,ilfeEJk!y, monthly, or quarterty instalments, extending NV'M a period of time convenient to the borrower or •^he .principal may remain so long as the interest is paid. No bills of sale taken, and "the transactions are not published in any newspaper or gazette.—Apply, stating amount required; to Mr T. C. Milburn, General J\I3nHer. 157 0 CAROLINE STREET. CARDIFF.—Established ?. 40Y?ls. £5 TO ANY AMOUNT ADVANCED. on day of applying, to all classes, as usual, without bill of sale. All transactions strictly private. Distance no object. Town business transacted at a great redac- tion. Trade bills discounted.—Appiv LOUIS BARNETT, 9-1! Caroline-street, Cardiff FOR Private Cash Advances of B10 and upwards J B to responsible householders.—Apply (letter only) to William Hart, 36, Alexandra-road, Cardiff. Genuine trades' bills discounted without delay or en- gle A-¡-PRI\ :TE Gelltlcillõ.11 has Money to Lend from £ 5 to £ 500, to farmers, market gardeners, householders, and public generally in strict con- fidence and without publicity no preliminary fees asked for.—Anply to William Thornier, Lundy I House, Caerphilly. 629—2354 ';iÆ' ONJ';Y. -I;roln-'£5 to ?l.OC-3 nnmedin,t?y*'a? XTJL >anced in town or countrv on simple note of hand, without sureties, at moderate interest and easy- repayments no fees, all communications being strictly private.—Apply to Mr J. Ford, 119, St.larv" -street, Cardiff. (Opposite Church-street.) 567 €^OMMERICAL ADVANCE BAN K, J 19, QUAY-STREET, CARDIFF. j S3 to S500 can be obtained on the same day as applied for by professional gentlemen tradesmen, farmers, cowkeepers, and householders. Applicants may rely on the strictest secrecy being observed. Charges moderate, and no enquiry or other fees charged unless cash advanced. Country applica- tions attended to without delay. Apniv personally or i by letter to Mr L. JOSEPH COMMERCIAL ADVANCE'BANK 143-60 19, QUAY-STREET, CARDIFF. :lntnrittn.entS. rp II E A T R E ROY A L TO-NIGHT (WEDNESDAY) NOT IS ENORMOUS SUCCESS AND SEFTCON of AFOUSTE VAX BIENE'S rC<TET LEBRATED BURLESQUE COMPANY IN THE GREAT GAIETY SUCCESS, PUY X> LAS .JL? -E? ANJ the BLASE ROUE. Played over 500 t;n?-< at the Gaiety Theatre. London The Popular Cardiff Favourite. Miss ADA BLANCHE, as RUY BLAS. THEATRE, CARDIFF. TO-NIGHT AND DURING THE WEEK, Important Engagement of MISS CLARA COWPER. MR WILLIAM CALVERT and FULL LONDON COMPANY, In the Great Militarv Drama. LIFE AND gONOU R, MONDAY NEXT.—Wilson Barrett's Great Play THE GOLDEN LADDER. THE EMPIRE. TO NIOHT. MIsa LCCY C L A R K E Fresh from tiic field of her magnificent London successes, whither she returns upon the conclusion of her engagement here. This is an especial Visit which she ha been induced to make (1) by the large salary she will receive for same and (2) for the purpose of giving her Friends a taste of her present quality. MISS KATE LAWRENCE! | The MARVELLOUS FRANCOIS and DAGMA3 I AND OTHER GIFTED ARTISTES Fp to the usl st8.r..d1\.rr1. ai the Empire NO ADVANCE IN THE prices. BUT PRIVATE BOXES AT 10s 6d AND STALL SEATS CAN BE BOOKED IN ADVANCE at ls above the usual charge. Apply at the office in THE EMPIRE between 10 and 2 daily. 736 —wmmmpanaw—— Hal £ B luttiou. COUNTY BOROUGH OF CARDIFF. MR- THOMAS WEBBER has received i instructions to SELL by AUCTION, on. THURSDAY, November 20th, 1890. at "TIle Mart, Bank Building, St. Mary-street, Cardiff, at Seven o'clock in the evening precisely, in the following or such lota as may be a.1-anged the time of Sale, and subpect to such conditions shall be then read, and which may be seen « £ the offices oi the Auctioneer five days preTiou:ùv, 1he Mlowing PROPERTIES? namelv LOT 1.-Two DWELLING-HOUSES, with Shops, 7 and 9, King's-road, ¡,1a¡¡t011. ocupied by Messrs Wade and BarrÜigt<m, èonfeoctioner and butcher, held Oil for 999 yeara srera 20th May, 1887 annual ground rent of £ 8 on mct house. LOT 2.-Four private DWELLING-HOUSES, 31,33, 35 and 37, Con way-road, Canton, held on lease for 99 TOAr? from 1st January, 1886. Annual Ground rent £ 4 8s for each house. LOT 3.— DWELLING-HOUSE, with Shop, Cellar, &C.. 67, Tudor-road, Rircrside heW on lease for 99 yeanJ. from 25th March, 1285; annual ground rent of £5 only occupied bv Mr Gam, Pork Butcher, etc. Lo-f 4.-HitMIIJY RESIDENCE, being Woodend IIO:I/1(¡, Neville-street, held on lea-e for 8à years from 25th March, 1885, at the annual ground rent of JB7 2s M occupied bv Mr Davies. •UOT 5.-Three private DWELLING-HOUSES, 2,4, and 6, Wells-street..Canton, held on lease for 99 years from 25th Ma.rch, 130-2, at the yearly ground rent of R5 each house occupied by Messrs Grady, Gander, and White: suitable for business premises with a slight alteration of the front bay windows c LOT 6.—Private HOUSE, No. 2-1.. Harriet-street, Cathays, occupied by Mi's Thomas held on for the term of 98 year* from 25s h September, 1878; an- nual ground rent of £ 3 4s 6d. LOT 7.—Private DWELLING-HOUSE, No. 30, ]I2.rrit.t-5treet aforesaid he'd on lease for the term of 99 years from 29t;hoptember, 1878, &t the yearly ground rent of £ 3 4 Bd. Lot 8.—DWELLING-HOUSE. No. 80, Constellation- street, now in the occupation of Mr Lansdown, paper hanger, dtc. held on lepue for 8S yean; from 25th March, 1868, at the low annual ground rent of £ 2 10s. LOT 9.—Private DWELLING-HOUSE, No. 9. GLEN- roy-ntrect held on 16aSe for 99 years, from 29th Sep- tember, 1885, at the yearly ground rent of £ 3 6s, now let at an annual rent 14s. LOT 10.—Private DWELLING-HOUSE, No. 10, Glenroy-street held on lease for 99 years from 29th eptemDer. 1885.a,tU? yearly ground rent c.? ?5 65 now let at an annual rent of £ 36. LOT 11.—Private DWELLING-HOUSE. No. 11, Glenroy-street held un lease for 89 years from 29th September, 1885, at the veariy ¡1:round rent of £ 3 e., and now l"t at an annual rent of £ 24 l. Lo-? lZ?-PriTaM DWELLING-HOUSE, No. 103, 1 Cyfarthfa-strcet held on for 99 years from 29th September, 18S5, at the yearly ground rent of S2 16s, i1Il1 now lt at an annual Nnt of £ 16 18s. Lot 13.— Private DW TALLIN G -HOUSE, No. 105, Cyfarthfa-reet held on leftse for 99 years from 29th September, 1885, at the yearly ground rent, of and now let at an annual rent of £16 18s. LoT H.-Pr!mt-e DiVlLLlNG-HOUSE. No. 95, Cy- farthfa-sireet, held on lease for 99 years from 29th Sep- tember, 1885, at thG YI"¥¡Y ground rent of £ 2 l6, and now let at an anmU\! rent of £ 16 18s. LOT IS.—PriTat? DWELLING-HOUSE, No. 97, Cy- farthfa-rtreet, held on lea^e for 99 years from 29th Sep- tember, 1885, at the yearly ground rent cf £ 2 16s, IInd now let at an annual rent of £ 16 18. For further particulaVs nd to view, apply to Mr T- Webber, tho Auctioneer, 2.5, gueentre"tArc«ae, Car- diff or to the undermentioned, viz., As to Lots 1 to S (both inclusive) to Mr H. M. TRENCHARD, Solicitor, Taunton; and as to Lots 9 to Messrs REED & COOK. Solicitors. Bridgwater and Taunton. Dated October 29th, 1390. 7623—514e ST. MARY-STREET SALE ROOM, OPPOSITE PHILHARMONIC, CARDIFF. MR L. FRANK will SELL, without. 1.1. reserTC. a large Bankrupt. Stock of GOLD and ? SILVER? ?ATCHEt-? J ewellery, Clocks, Musical Boxes, Tea and CoB'ee Services, Cutlery, &c. Sale by PUBLIC AUCTION TO-NIGHT, 6.30, and each even- ng llntil further notice. 258 QUEEN-STREET SALE ROOMS, EMPIRE BUILDINGS. CARDIFF. Messrs MOORE & CO. win SELL by fr n AUCTION on Saturday,Monday, and Tbursday, ?N ov. 15, 17, and 20, upwards 400 lots of New and Second han(1 Furniture, removed for convenience of sale. Sale each day at 2 and 7.30. 575 al.c5 hir igniter. IMPORTANT TO SHOPKEEPERS, AND OTHERS. XITELSH WESLEYAN VESTRY, Y V PORTH, RHONDDA VALLEY. In order to Build 8- commodious Chapel on the adjoining piece of ground the Trustees beg to offer the above VESTRY ON SALE to the highest, bidder. At a very small cost it wo«W make one 01 the finest 8hos at Porth. Most conveniently situated on tbe mam road. Tenders to be sent to the Rev Henry Pritchard, Femdale, on or before the 13th of December next. The Trustees do not pledge themselves to accept the highest or any Tender. 698—7806 DANCING SEASON, 1890. ARTHUR & CO. Are now making the NEW ELASTIC DRESS SUITS (LINED WITH SATIN). FROM £3 158 TO ORDER. LATEST LONDON STYLE. PERFECT FIT GUARANTEED. ARTHUR & CO., 19, DUKE-STREET, CARDIFF. 694 THOMPSON'S BURDOCK PILLS. THE GREAT BLOOD PURIFIER.-Plrify the teulesfc blood and relievo 6I'cry disease of ;ltomach, liver, and kidneys. These wonderful Pills cure diseases which could not be reachel bv any other medi- cine. For Rheumatics, Lumbago. Piles, Gravel, Pains in the Back, Scurvy, Bad Legs, Wounds or White Swelling, Scrofula, Cancers, Blotches on the Face and Body, Swelled Feet, &c., Jaundice, Dropsy, and Fevers of al: kinds. In boxes at Is l?d and 2s 9d each.—Sold by all chemise, or from the manufactory, 44, Oxford- street, Swansea. 19 EBusiness Auurtssra. A PLOT TO SAVE MONEY. BE ON THE WATCH AGAINST TRASHY CLOTHING. THERE-IS DANGER. DISEASE, AND SOMETIMES DEATH, IN WEARING POOR CLOTHING IN BAD WEATHER. MASTERS AND C L O T H I K G I H:, stosd the teafc of Public Opinion for many years, and the secret of thoir success is that ♦hey supply GOOD AND SERVICEABLE CLOTHING AT THE VERY LOWEST MARGIN OF PROFIT I  I ASTERS AND 00. I DEFY COMPETITION I LARGEST STOCK. LARGEST ASSORT- i MENT. AND LOWEST PRICE. 590 J- jyjAJEtSH AND COMPY. I FIRST-CLASS t FUNERAL ESTABLISHMENT, I IS THE BEST IN THE TOWN FOR ALL CLASSKS OF FUNERALS. ,80, S1' IVl ARY STREET i QAEDIFF. PRICE LIST ON APPLICATION 0. JOTHAM & SONS' /VERCOATS ? ?? HAVE THE PRIZE. ] OTHAM & SONS' V\ VERCOATS FOR SMARTNESS. I OTHAM if SONS' ViiRGO ATS fI_' W FOR CHEAPNESS. 1 OTHAM & SONS' /VERCOATS ? V FOR DURABHJTY. JOTHAM &&5N^' /^VEECOATS V/ For RRLIABILITY J^OTHAM A SONS^y OVERCOATS V/ FOR RESISTING WEAU. T OTHAM&^SONS' YEROOATS O \J ARE WrLL 0UT. < OTHAM '?k SONS' ?Y\?ERCOATS O \J Rg. WLL TRIMMED. I OTHAM & g^NS7 /VYEHCOaTS \JA'JtE WBLL MADE. JOTHAM ? SON ?'?VEROOATS ? V/ ? !?E GOOD VALUE J"" OTHAM & SONS' OV'fniCÖ4.TS- l \y ARK THE BEST. J ??_ OTHAM <x; SON&??VEHOOATS ? ARE IN 'VERY HAPE >OTHAM & SONS "VKRC0ATS J V/ FOR MEN. j J.'OTHAl\I & SONS' \VERCOATS  FOK YOUfHS. FOH YOUTHS. | OTHAM & SONS'^YERCOATS ? XJ FOR BOYS. nDR PUBLIC OPINION. TOTHAM AND aONS, n 306 26 & 27, ST. MARY-STREET, CARDIFF. | W. EDWARDS & CO., LD., j IRONMONGERS, ^JEW JpREMISES, 153 COMMERCIAL STREET. SPECIAL SHOW OF COAL VASES AT REMARKABLY LOW PRICES. "DAYLIGHT," "DUPLEX," AND OTHER LAMPS. BRASS CURBS, FIRE BRASSES, &c. W. EDWARDS AXD CO., ¡ LIMITED, X5X 0OMMERCIAL gTREET, ?JtLt?JL? ?? t0 JSEWPORT. A WONDERFUL MEDICINE. BEECHAifS PILLS. Are universally admitted to be worth a GUINEA a. p&in in the stomach, sick headache, giddineBs. fulne and sweIli after mealg, dizziness and drowsiness, cold BOX for bilious and nervous disorders, such as wind and chills, flushings of heat, loss af appetit. shortness of breath, costsreneas, urvy, and blotches on the skm, disturbed sleep, trhLtul dreams, and aH nervous and trembling sensations, Ac, Hie firgt de will give relief in twenty minutes. Erery ''uSorer i e?rn?tjy invited to try one box of these PillS; and ther will be acknowledged to be WORTH A GUINEA A BOX. For females of all ages these Pills are invaluable, as a few doses of them carry off all humours and bring all that is required. No femaJe should be with- lout Uiem. There is no medicine to be found &¡u:1 w Beecham's Pills for removing [W)' obstruction or 1ITegu- j larity of the system. If taken according to the diroc- Hons given with each box, they will soon restore females of all act* to sound and robust health. This has been proved by thousands who have tried them, and found the boneflw whie-h are erumred by their use. For a weak stomach, impaired digestion, and all dis- orders of the Liver, they act like MAGIC, and a few doses will be found to work wonder upon the most important organs in the human machine. They !"treDgthl3J the wùe muscular evstem, restore tle long- lot. comp'exion, bring back the ?een edee of appetite, and a.rouM into action, with the ROSEBUD of health, the whole physical energy of the human frame. The; are FACTS testified continually by members of all classes of society, and one of the best guarantees toO the Nerrons and Debilitated i Beecham s Pills hare the largest sale of any patent medicine in the world. Prepared only, and sold Wholesale and Retail, by the Proprietor, THOMAS BEECHAM, St. Helens, Lancashire, in Boxes Is lid and 2s 9d each. Sold by all Druggists and Patent Medicine Dealers everywhere. 62 N.I>.—Full direction" are pLvah with esch box. ) Ff4 DAL rapidly successful in all cases, either recent or ch) f>hic an infrJiÏble remedy in all discharges. Cures without m..dicine,o!tl in bottles, 2s 6<1 each, by post Gs 9d, by all chemists. London Agents, F. Newbery and Sons, 1, King Edward-street, E.C. Agent for Cardiff, J. Mundav" Chemist, I, High-street. 7e Susincss ADErxsats. k PURE CONOKNTRiTED COCOA. To secure this article ask for Fry's Pare Concentrated 44 "THY DO PRUDENT MEN PIN THEIR FAITH TO MASTERS CLOTHING? BECAUSE IT IS RELIABLE ECONOMICAL, AND ELEGANT, And always makes a Man look at fcts B st PUBLIC OPINION Confirms the fact that Masters aad 0,1!8 Clothing is tb. FAVOURITE WEAR TO-DAY FOE V CLASSES. RASTERS 0OMPANT, CARDIFF. SWANSEA. NEWPORT, MERTHYK PONTYPRIDD, HEREFORD, ABERDARE. PONTYPOQL, AND ABERGAVENNY. ige N. BERRY & CO., GENERAL HOUSE FURNISHERS 34, QUEEN-STREET, CARDIFF, Are now snowing a very special and wonder- fully cheap assortment of JAPANESE FOUR-FOLb SCREENS IN THE NEWEST DECORATIONS. FULL SIZE FOUR-FOLD DECORATEJ LINEN SCREEN FROM 16B lid. SUPERIOR QUALITY WITH GOLD BIRI DECORATIONS. 23 6d. ALSO THE MODEL DRAWING-ROOM SUITE, WITH SUPERIOR INLAID FRAMES AND UPHOLSTEREE IN RICH EMBOSSED GENOA VELVET, SEE WINDOWS. 53e jpiA^OS, QRGANS, piANOS JE. ?-? & CHEAPEST HOUSE IN THE TRADE. Pianos from 10s 6cl monthly, Organs from 5s monthly The Public are invited to inspect HEATH & SONS' Stock of PIANOS, ORGANS, &C., As Pounds will be Saved by placing their Orders with them. Every Instrument Guaranteed and Kept in Tune oaf year free oî charge. LARGEST DISCOUNT FOR CASH. HEATH & SONS' PLANOFORTE AND ORGAN MERCHANTS, TFERS, AND REPAIRERS, 51. QüEEN STREET, CARDIFF, > 5E AJNTD 54, TAFF-STREET. PONTYPRIDD. I MUNDAYS I "V 1 H, J DINE" j (Regisiered Trade Ma.rk No..)óSI. THE ———— ( U R E THE CURE FOR CORNS. V FOR ———— (^OKNS PAINLESS AND HARMLESS. I j THE '1H8 i.nfall¡le reld'y introduced by 0'4 TT R ip J. MUNDAV ba& obtained a world-wide ?'? U R E Mpu?ion. T?e e? of Villi. ?C  DIN' may be judged by its burins /^lOi'NJ, S Cured Corn of OTer 50 years sndin. \?/ TEE which had resisted all ?tber remedies. U U g E I' succeeds wher all Plasters ana v Caustic b?Te faIled IN REMOVING BOTH HARD | ^« OR SOFT CORNS ANU WA UTS V THE C1 U R E 7ESTIMONIALS — for COHNS! 1LFKACOMEE. v7 the 1! 1 0lre *n 8ekn.0"'kd<lKZrlt i V ? t' TV you for supplying me with your w onder- iu ?) Viridinc. For ye? I suS?-red & FOR, great deal of pr»in from a fery obsDinate C^ORNS com, bu inct! appiyi,: yeur remedy J THE it has Olln8¡y 2one. I let one <dd tuM () U it, E la fA :t ho:tle, and h sÜå if he had 10C FOR Gvih'EAS he would ^i?e cbem to 'ou fOI ???U.K??S? ) th? ?tcfce ?. A.W.CAM?Mi.L. ,'( ()H.N t;! p;er Hotel A- W. CAMPBELL. ? THE ? ? U R E UNDERLAD. 'J FOR; I want you to send me two bottles of FOR Viridine for a friend of mine. I have jf ??D???i?<O X trie.nt myself ami h?Tp found h to he V' ^HE „ Rn exce?ent cure for corns 1 May s?y jjf ? U it E I have had It onuo BrMi? with me FOR ana tnund i? ?o kee { > in .arm ehm&tes ClOfiNS remarkably well. B. BURSBSS. J the 13 ATenue-terra-e. 4 U R E CAUTION.—As there are several illl V FOR Jtations of this preparation, the public ? ?ORNS are requesMd to ASK FOR TIlE M U N D .A Y' s  \? FOX "VIRIDINE* C^OltNS And skk THAT My S:Gnaturk is on the ) TIm end of each package. CU" tti By ordering Corn Cure" you ma' a ? U t? J? rcceiTe one of the m&ny ao-ctdled l0R remedies which only gi»e reüe'. I lORNS or some worthless imitation of Virv 'L/ dine.' IN BOTTLES. PRICE h, BY rOT Is 2d. pkkpakkd ONLY BY J. M UN]) A Y ^HBKIST, 1, HIGH-STREET, CARDIFF. i OLD BY A?I CHRMI?TS .?S 1*000 SOLD BY ATA CHEMISTS IS J. E. €OMLE? "'& SON ARE THE LARGEST WHOLF..3ÂLE IMPORTERS OF FANCY GOOg, CHINA, VASES, etc., IN SOUTH WALES. WE AR E the Leading House, as recognised by Thors?mds of our Cnstomed, for aJI kinds of Haber- dashery, Stationary. Hardware, China, Glass, etc., etc. Shopkeepers will do well to call and Inspect on* Stock before placing their orders elsewhere. J. E. GOMLEY & SON. WHOLESALE BIRMINGHAM AND LONDON WAREHOUSEMEN, 24, MOIRA-TERRACE, CARDIFF (Close to New Infirmary). ESTABLISHED 10 YEARS. *46