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PHEPAID ADVERTISEMENTS. WORDS. 'OMCK T"?'? SIX ONCK TIM ES. TtMKS. 20 WordR 20 Words | 0 6 0 9 1 0 30 Words '-1- 30 Worùs .1 0 9 1 0 16 ?0 Words .? 101625 60 Wordo ..j 1 5 2 6 3 9  ———— 1-1- 60 Words 1 6 1:3 0 4 6 iJ ersoual. SMOKE Archer's "Golden Returns." Sweetest To1:nco manufactured. 910 WOLLDay- kind pers¡;¡:Ç-l;Úícar Weekly premium paid.-Apply Baby, Echo" Office, Newport. 45ge iHatrimmual. IF YOU ARE MARRIED, or contemplates taking this important step, we can send you valuable information wh i<:h you ought to know Send your ad- Jress, and we will send catalogue and pamphlet free. —Address H. G. Kerr, West-hill, Wandsworth, London. 610 JifaMral. RING your uncomfortably fitted Belts. Trusses, to Jt £ Mr and Mrs Allen Pearee, "Makers (late of Lon- don).—Private Rooms, 13. The Parade, Cardiff. 867 FEMALE Corrective Mixture a sure remedy after all otners have failed.—Pearson & Co., Chemists, O. Caroline-street. Cardiff. 802 MEDICAL.—Outdoor Apprentice wanted by Duck 1?_ I and Son, St. John's-square, Cardiff. 661 NASTY Eruptions, Intolerable Itchings. Blood and Skin DLases.-Ah seekmg immediate relief should apply at once, Pearson and Co.. Chemists, 10, Caroline-street. Cardiff. 80& OE bu.catÍoual. CANTO SHORTHAND SCHOOL.—Bookkeeping, Handwriting. Typewriting. Arithmetic, Grammar, Welsh; Instructions every "Evening Certificated Teachers.—Principal. Woodend House, Neville-street, Canton, Cardiff. 556 DANCING, ifcc.—Mr F G. Roberts' classes are carried on as usual at the Crush Room. Park Hall. —Private lessons, Mozart. House, Roath, Cardiff. 592 '9j? DUCATI()NAL?AcadentY (Sargent's), estabhshed JQi 1875 recognised first-class for tuition in book- keeping, shorthand, type-writing, handwriting.—12, Fitzalan-pl?ce, Card:ft. Recommended everywhere. 571 BEost anfc JFamttr. FOUND, Black and Tan Bitch owner can have Jt' same by paying expenses. If not claimed within three days. will be sold.—Apply Caretaker, Wood- street Chapel, Cardiff. 959e FOUND, a Gig (boat)?Unless?laTmetTwithin three J' days will be sold.—Apply 17, Bond-street, New- port, MOI1 FOUND, a white Bull-terrier two black spots on JT nose; brown leather collar with brass studs; swner can have same on paying expenses.-Apply 118, 3evern-road. Canton. 828 Ij^OUND, a Black Retriever Bitch unless claimed Jf within three dav.?. will be sold.—Apply Cardiff Billposting Works, Haye. 826 LOST, a Bunch of Keys.—Finder will be rewarded JLj ou taking them to No. 12, Bridge-st.. Cardiff. 930 LOST, from Trealaw Saw Mills, Brown Scotch Collie ?_J Dog, named Turk. Finder rewarded. Anyone detaining him will be prosecuted.. 921 LOST, at the Docks. tb«Register of the Sarah Jane, T OST. at the Docks. thttRegister of the Sarah Jane. Morel Bros, and Co. will be rewar d ed. 775 LOST, White Mare, H hands, tail cut square.— JLj Finder will please return same to William Osborne, Cwmclidach, Rhondda Valley 665 Dotrasiit trhatttz. A GOOD General Servant wanted, able to wash.— j?L Apply 57, Richmond-wad, Cardiff. 711 A GENERAL Servant, about 18.—Apply, after 4 A GENERAL Servant, about 18.—Apply.after4 A RESPECTABLE girl wanted as General Servant. _c\_ —Apply 3, Plasturton Gardnes, Cathedral-road ardiff. 578 ? LEVER COOK can add to their list of dishes the preparation of choice dainties for the dinner ?nd supper table by consulting the pi?ge. of a little hook, entitled "Pastry and Sweets," given to all cooks sending their addresses to Alfred Bird and Sons, Birmingham. Every lady and housekeeper in the land should have Pastry and Sweets" handy for reference. There is nothing to pay, and the book"will be sent by return of post. free. to any address. 147 COOKS, Housemaids, Nurses, General Kitchen. maids, wantd immediately for private honses and hotels.—Apply Miss Moron's Registry, 101, Frederick-street, Cardiff. 565 GIRL wanted.—Apply at 12, Cyril-crescent, Roath, Cardiff. ENERAL Servant wanted immediately able to do plain cookin; good character indispensable.- Apply Pembroke House,Conway-rd, Canton.C,ndiff. 858 ENERAL Servant wanted, able to wash and iron early riser.—Misses Parsons, 85. Newport-road, CardiK. 579 f EXPECTABLE Boy, aged 16, seeks situation in Store or Warehouse, or look after horse.—B., 44, Wyndham-crescent, Canton, Cardiff. 692 WANTED, Young Giri aa General Servant from country preferred good references.-Apply after Two, at 8, Fitxatan-place. CardiH'. 3S& WANTED, a strong active Girl as General ace tv about 20. A good home. —Apply Mrs Adams, 25, Wood-street Penarth. 941 WANTED clean, willing Girl about 14 to nurse ?V baby and assist in housew?rk.-Apply, with character. 179, Cow.bmlge.road, CardiS. 928 WANTED, a Young Girl to train as General Ser- TV vant.-Apply "Miss Payne, Plas-Hen, Cow- bridge. 975 OUNG Girfwanted a;; a GeneIServant,.ae 16 to JL 18 vears.—Apply, in the evening, 173, Richmond- road. Carditt. 906  WANTED, a, respectable Girl, age 15 or 16, for TV housework a country gifl preferred.-80, Holmesdale-street, Lower Grane. 908 WANTED, a Young Girl, to assist mornings. No. VV children. (School girl not objected to.)-Steward, Dart Villa. 54, Plantagenet-stree. 900 WANTED, respectable Girl, about 15, to assist in' W Housework must be fond of children.—Apply 51, Richards-terrace, Roath, Cardiff. 903 W- ANTED, good General Servant, about 18f; W country preferred one child.-Apply Mrs Carpenter, 32, Castle-road, Roath, Cardiff. 929 WANTED, experienced General Rerv:mt; must be good, plain cook small family nurse kept.— Mrs Rob.?ent, Usk Villa, Chepstow-road, Newport. 466e WANTED, respectable middle-aged Woman as Housekeeper to working man. Please state wages.—J Taplin, 15. Wel1inton-st., Rhymney. 880 WANTED, by 1st of November, a rescta: V v Gir) as General Servant must he of good character, early riser, and clean; foml of children English.—18, Llanbleddian-gardens, Cathays, Car- diff. 938 WANTED, a respectable Girl as General Servant V V for small family country preferred. —Apply 2. Hannah-street, Porth, near Pontypridd. 936 Ti\NTE'I)'t'o-Se'!1t.-ApPiYilr8 Prothcroe. Bridgend Inn. Tonypandy_honda Valley 879 W" ANTED, good General Servant, fond of children, Vt with six months' good reference.—Evans, 1, Albert-road, Penarth. 875 WANTED, Girl (about 17) as General; one from' VT country preferred; good character.—24, Wells- street, Canton, Cardiff. > 845 WANTED, good General Servant. — Apply 36, ?V Ryder-street. Canton. Cardiff. 869 WANTED, respectable Girl, as General Servant, W about 16 to 18.—Apply 11, Hamilton-street, Cardiff. 893 ANTED, at-once, an sxperienced Cook, age about 30; good reference indispensable.— Apply Mrs Lee. 4. Marine-parade, Penarth. 862 \,?ANTED. voungGirr7or?)ousework must be IV clean and'respectable.-Apply after seven, even- Ing, 19. The Parade, Cardiff. _?—? 1108 WANTED, a clean, willing Girl, abont 14, to Nurse ?1 Baby, and assist in bouse work sleep out.— Apply, aHe," 4 p.m.. 25, WoodviDf-road. Cardi9. 76? ANTED, ate, stronRGirl. 14 to 16, to assist in housework.—Mrs Richards, 25, Despenser- street, Riverside, Cardiff. WANTED, a respectable girlas General Servant. t —Apply 112, Misldn-street, Cathays, Cardiff. 3a) WANTED, a good GenoraT ?prvant: another kept 7V comfortable home.—Apply Mrs Tregaskis, 41, Westbourne-road. Penarth. 827  WANTED, at once, good strong Girl, as General 7? from the country preferred.—Apply 37, Plan- t.agenet-street, Riverside, Cardiff. '?ntT'ANTCD immediateIy? oodGeneral Senant W good home for respectable girl.—18, Oakneld- str?et. Cardiff n¡ WANTED, clean, honest Girl, M ward maid good TV scrubber wages £ 10.—Apply, with references, to Matron. Infirmary, Carmarthen. 746 WANTED at om-e, good General Servant, cook, VV wash, and iron; £ 20.—Apply 5, Upper George- stveet, Cathays. Cardiff. 762 ",XT ANTED, General Servant for the country.— TT Apply 29, Brid::t:.trt. 453c WANTED at once, experienced General Servant; W able to do pJain cooking: not over 20.—Apply Mrs Wernet, Commercial-street, Newport. 446e WANTED, a Young Girl, to take charge of infant VT during daytime.—Apply any morning at 12, Northcote-street. Roath, Cardiff. 699 WANTED a General Servant, one who can wash.- TV Apply 16, Adeline-street, Alexandra Dcek-road. Kewport. 461e WANTED, General Servant, about 18.—Apply VT Mrs Martin. Norton House, Llanthewy-road, Newport. 450e "T ANTED, Girl, aged about ?5 (from country pre- V ferred), to assist in Housework reference re- quired.—21, Rawden-place, Canton, Cardiff. 621 WANTED, a good General Ser??tit. —Apply 25, TV Charles-street, Ca1ff' 734 'XYTlm clean, respectable Girl about 16:?ood W home none but the above need apply.—Moi 6hort, Caerphuly-road, Llajdshen. 656 WANTED, a General Servant.—Apply Sirs V T Phillips, Mayngoch House, Blaina. 725 WANTED at once, ? good General Servánt.- vV ?pptyMr?n.?UL'?n.?6. Now Dock-street, Newport. 438e \VÁ.tii:<:rti. 16.—Apply 69, Lbmd?C.roAd. C?rdin'. 681 WANTED immediately, goad Generals ages, 15, 3O.-CaJ! or write (stamp. Iply) to the Select ?gistr;. 19 King's-road. Canton, Cardiff 593 WANTED, a middle-aged person as Working Housekeeper.-Apply Arthur Miles, Draper, Cardiff. 967 WANTED, a good General Servant end of October.  —Apply Mrs Stowe, 17, Chve-place, Penarth. 643 ANTED, several experienced Genera! Servants Tv Newport and neighbourhood. — Apply Miss Jones, Registry Office, 16, Caerau-road, Newport, Mon. 426c ANTED in small family, an experienced General Servant, able to cook and bake well; house- maid and nurse kept.—Mrs Powell, Maesydderwen, Hirwain. 649 '?tTANTEb, good General Servant for family of Tv two must be able to wash and do plain cook- ing—Mrs Charles Lewis, 9, York-place, Newport. 423e W~ A XTED7Tk>?i oral Se7vai) t by the 24th October W must be able to wash and iron.—Apply to Post- oil1æ, Hopkiustown. 587 WANTED at once, an exper?nced General Ser- vant. "ood reference" indispensable.—Apply personal! v, Miss J eakins, Cross Inn, High-street, Pontypridd. 431e ANTED! trustworthy, handy Young Gist— W Apply 75, Conway-road, Canton, Cardiff. 556 ]{T'-ANT},)-, for London, in smal! family, good plain W Cook no washing everything found.-Apply 23, St. Andrew's-crescent, Cardie 532 WANTED at once, good General Servant, age tV from 18 to 20.—Apply 52, Gordon-road, Roath, Cardiff. 535 ítuatians Vacant. APPRENTICE wanted to Confectionery Business in all Branches; small premium tenn three vcars.— Apply, Mr Wheeler, 22, Plasaey-street, Penarth. 876 -'¡-PPREX-1'ÏCE wanted to the tailoring one able to ?-? work Singer's machine preferred.—For full i!icu1ørs al:ailo:c!:o" Oífice, Merthyr. 890 BOY WANTED in a Pawnshop he must be able to JtJt read and write.—App!y to H. Levene, 229, Cow- bridge-road, Canton. 933 BOOT TRADE.—Wanted steady Man, well up to .J Bench and Finish.—Apply at once W. Smith, Boot Repairer, Metal-street, Cardiff. 939 BRICKLAYERS wanted ;good wages to good men.— Jt'? Waterworks at Treherbert. 783 AVIES7^ EMPLOYMENT AGENCY.—Wanted! D Page-boys (3), head boots (charge fees), under- boots, waiter, marker, barmaids, waitresses, chamber- maids, cook, generals.—45, Charles-street, Cardiff. 973 KITCHEN PORTER.—Wanted a sharp young Man as Kitchen PortBl'Apply Great WestemCoffee Tavern, Cardiff. 835 T? AILWAYWAGONBmlders. Bepajrers, -u!d _A? Lifters are respectfully requested to keep away from Cardiff and Swansea. Dispute pending. 892 SHARP Boy wanted.—R. W. Duck <fc Son, St. Johns-square, Cardiff. 962 SHOEMAKERS.—Wanted 3 rounds for new work )k7 and l'epair also stitched stand for bespoke.— Apply Jones, 84, High-street, Swansea. 7258—449e STRONG Lad wanted, to look after horse and make himself generally useful must be strictly honest. —Apply 23, Mill-street, Pontypridd. 838 n-,AILOll.L"IG.-Good business man wanted one JL used to soliciting orders must have knowledge of di. strict. Age, references, and salary required to No. 3219, Locke's Advertising Offices, Newport, Mon. 831 TO OUTFITTERS' ASSISTANTS.—Pushing Man wacted to Manage Hosiery ranch Shop.—Fanner and Co., Castle-road, Cardiff. 954 Ti^O BUTCHERS.—Wanted immed!ate)v. ?oodshop? JL man, as second, and to make himself generally useful. Also wanted, a good Beef and Mutton Slaugh- terman. None but good men need apply. State refer- ences and wages required to E. J. Poole, 285, Bute- street, Cardiff. 704 'T ANTED,at once, 8 good Navvies and Working ? Ganger for pulling down old buildings good wages and p- y weekly.—Apply Contractor, South Pit, Plymouth Works, Merthyr. 972 WANTED, Moulder used to general ork;"one W but good steady men need appiy.—Dean Forest Engineering Company, Coleford, Glos. 925 WANTED, a Youth as Junior Assistant, a.lso I l' Youth, Improver to the Drapery.-Apply to Mr W. S. Bass, Brecon. 926 WANTED, good l??bout14years old. to deliver 7 T Newspapers, and make himself generally useful —Apply Post-office, Barry. 574 ,t;"r:£"TED, Experienced Shirtmaker, to make for Business House.-Apply, stating prices for various kinds, to E4 F. Blackmore, Barry. 9,57 WANTED, a I"mar Y outh to assist in store wages 108 per week.—Apply pcr"onally, 143, Cowbridge- road, Canton, Cardiff. 810 WANTED, strong, active Man as Porter; wage", W Bl weeMy.—App?- by letter (C.), Costar?3? Hopewell-street. Gloucester. 744 ,'i'"t\.Nl'ED two Cowmen, must be good milkers.— ? V Apply W. Graves, 17, Upper Alma-street, New- port. 460e WANTED, a Baker at once 'nU up in smalls and V V Bread.—Apply WiHiams, Bakery, Maesteg.456e ljTA'i'EDG)O(lWhee);¡ghSmith.-APp]y ? V to J. Gover, Wharton-street, CardUi. 844 'XTANTID, steady Lathrender.—Apply to Ford and t V Pickford, Timber Merchants, Bolt-street, New- port. 615 W- -Á-N'J:ED-;tne f-m:-N-e;i;redegar, 'CardiS, gd steady, reliable Quarrymen and Stone-Wallers. Apply b1 letter, wage required, &c., W. Box, Post- ?ffice, BelIaggio, East Grinstead. 620 WANTED, Good Na.vvies and Labourers at the New Fortification Works, Anglo, near Pem- broke.—Apply to the Foreman on the Works. 7178-417 J WEEKLY and upwards may be realised by c?/? either sex, without hindrance to present occu- pation.-For samples, &c., enclose addressed envelope. —Evans, Watts & Co. (P 133), Merchants, Birmingham? 463 Situations Mtantetr. A RESPECTABLE Widow wants charge of offices to clean, tfce. best references given.—T. B., 937, Echo Office, Cardiff. 987 -YOUNGÚirlsecl;:S it Situation as Housemaid, A age 18.—Address 121, Carlisle-street, Sonth Splot- lands, 5ar_ rI'ü PAINTERS —Advertiser, Graincr and Decorator ? from Tyneside. seeks situation in good shop in Cardiff.—Apply Box 953, Echo Office, Cardiff. 953 (J~MASTER TAILõRs an <1 Otiiers.—A Cutter of S_ ability is open to cut and make up at reasonable terms fit and style guaranteed.—Apply 965, "Echo" Office, Cardiff. 965 T-Ó-I;U¡ldëï's.-Experiëllcd Joiner wishes re-engagc- nient as foreman good references.—Apply Z. 0., Barry Journal, Cadoxton, near Cardiff. 433e WANTED, by respectable young woman, situation V t out of Cardiff, in Bcot?hop.—Apply by letter, stating salary, P 564cho ofHce. Cardtff. 5M "VTOUNG LADY requires engagcment as Barmaid JL or Mother's Help. Willing to lie generally usejnl. —Select Registry, 19, King's-road, Canton. 832 (Sprits, iitanagcrs, &x. A RCHITECTS and Others. Rapid Shorthand Writer open for Evening Engagement.— Apply Shortype, Daily News Office, Cardiff. JUNIOR Clerk wanted good writer.—Apply, with references, Lipton's, St Mary-street, Cardiff. 807 P. UP-II, Required in consulting Engineer's, Shiprs and .8 Engine Architects', Surveyor's office, Cardiff premium; moderate salary.—Address M. I. N. A., Eho Office, Cardif?. 600 1¡)¡t ANT}<:D11aJ.'p, intelligent Boy for engineer office, age about 15 smaU wage to start.—Apply, in own handwriting, S., 927, Echo Office, Cardiff.927 6\gtttctt5, mralrdlcr5 &r. AGENTS wantd (whole or spare time) for the _.CjL Sale of best quality India Rubber Stamps liberal terms samples free. Walter Hall, 84, Fleet- si reet, tondon. 878 A GENTS Wanted whole or spare time com- mission and bonus.—Ireton and Co., 92, Grace- church-street, London. 830 A GOOD AGENT wanted. Salary and commission to a persevering and energetic man. No goods to sell, and no risk or outlay.—Apply, by Jetter (95 G.), 3, Brushfield-street, Bishopsgate-street, Without, London, E.C. 11038—3019—872 INSURANCE AGENTS wanted for Newport and JL surrounding districts salary and commission. Interest in books.—Apply i S. Davics, superintendcmt, London, Edinburgh, and Glasgow Assurance Company, b, Fairoak-terrace, Maindee, Newport. 465e KENDAL AND DENT'S Celebrated Gold Medal Watches Agents wanted in every town and village throughout Wales to form Watch and Jewellery Clubs for this well-known and old-established firm • Patentces of the new appointment. Reminder for catalogue and particulars to Mr A. tT M. Hoblyn, superintendent of agents for Wales, 105, ;IV ncapside, London, E.C. 6964-329 PEARL LiFE?SSURA?I?Cont'ctorsand ë7- I iL vasscrs required to good business men liberal terms and certain success.—Apply Air Bowyer, King- street, Brynma.vr. 607 WATCH CLUBS.—Agents wanted for Fattorini and Sons Bradford established 1831; makers to the Prllc of ales anti the Shah; 4 goldVaedals; 6 months trial with every watch.— Address Mr Pacey, Agency Superintendent for United Kingdom, 27, Went- gate, Bradford. 791 Canvassers and Purchasing Agents for the Centennial Copy Books; copies without press, brush, moistened pad, or water; terms on application, with references, to Sinton, Griffithstown, Mo". 467e ""T ANTED, a ^ouP^e °f good Canvassers and Collector permanent situation.—Apply Singer manufacturing Company, 68, High-street, Newport. 637 1ED, by a Gentleman, an Agency to repre- T t sent a South Wales house in London has been connected with the principal railways during the last 15 years, and more especially with the iron, coal, and tin-plate trades of South Wales.—Apply to Alpha, Heme-hm. London, S.E. 7109—387e fobjiitp, Apartments, &r. APARTMENTS. superior Dining and large Double-bedded Room for one or two Gentle- men new University terms moderate. — True, Echo Office, Cardiff.- 570" APARTMENTS, suit business Girls, with mother and daughter use of piano.—Apply 60, Glebe- street, Penarth. 815 A PARTMENTS or Respectable Lodgiags for two or three young men.—Apply 8, Brook-street, &Ca2n- ton, CardiS. COMFORTABLE Lodgings for one or two steacly men, wvtb elderly couple, at 5, Wells-street, Can- ton, Cardiff. 611 COMFORTABLE Lodgings for One or Two ntle- ?/ men n& chudren terms moderate.—Apply 18, South Church-street, Docks, Cardiff. 732 COMFORTABLE Board and Lodgings for One or Two Gentlemen terms, 10s a. week.—Mrs Owen, 4. Wharton-street, Cardiff. 795 LODGINGS or Board and Lodgings, or one' ot two JLJ Bedrooms :md HitUnc-room closo to* tram.—57, 811 MANSEL HOUSE, Neville-street,Riverside, Cardiff. 1: Furnished Fron Sitting-room and Bedroom to Let; bath-room terms moderate. 558 ROATH.—Furnished Apartments, comfortable and quiet; terms, 7s per week, to gentleman dining out.—A?P.. Echo Office, Cardiff. 963 ROOM to Let, first tlOctre-¿¡-town, 4s per week.—Apply Dutton, 40, Gordon-road, Cardiff.798 =¡',j oü:rs to Let (Unfurnished), 10 minutes' walk from J? docks qu'et family no children.—No. 8, Sea View, Ferry-road, Cardiff. 553 SMALL Sitting and Bedroom to Let, in good locality, )k. 9 Kear Taff Station inclusive terms. 7s 6d weekly. -Address W. 710, Echo Office, Cardiff. 710 SITTING-ROOM and Bedroom w Let; suit two k? gentlemen or young married couple.—44, George- street, Cathays, Cardiff. 774 TO LET, Two Unfurnished Rooms to respectable j)L young couple.—No. 6, Eldon-road, Riverside, Car- diff. 894 rr OLEi\Í<'u¡led or Unfurnished, largo Front JL Room pleasant locality near town. Also good W orkshop, with back entrance; let together or separate. —Address Canton, Echo Oftice, Cardiff. 833 TO Let, comfortable Lodgings to two respectable JL young men, or Furnished Apartments.—Apply 25, He-stri versde, Canton, Cardiff. 843 mo LET, comfortable Lodgings for two respectable JL working men, near Alexandra Dock.—Apply Lodgings, Eg cho" Office, Newport, Mon. 425e UNFURNISHED Apartments to Let, fron?or ?ack %_J sitting-room, with one or two bedrooms.—29, Alexandra-road, Canton, Cardiff. 767 VTNFURNISHEDAPAJ?.TMENTS?to"Let,?th ?J comfortable family of four.-88, Upner Alma- street, Newport. 434e VERY Comfortable Furnished Apartments suit two mends hot and cold bath terms moderate. —57, Tudor-road, Canton, Cardiff. 834 WANTED, respectable Lodgings, by young man, V in Riverside district; single bedroom.—Apply Crescent, Echo" Office, Cardiff. 868 WANTED at once, by respectable married couple, t ? two unfurnished rooms at Docks.—Apply stating rent, &c., Lux. "Echo" Office, Cardiff. 915 WANTED, Unfornislied Apartments, by Elderly V V Couple. Stacey-road, Richards-terrace, or near. —M. J., 10, Richards-terrace, Cardiff. 868  RCTHIX GARDENS, Cardiff.—Apartments, JL?) comfortably furnished, near town stations, trams, for gentleman dining out; baths; moderate tenus; no children. 957 r;; PITMAN-STREET, piasturton gardens.—Coin ? fnrta hly-fnrnished Sitting-room and Bedroom hot and cold bath no children no other lodgers. 769 Haus £ s, Sa %tt TO LET, with early possession, No. 2, Palmyra- JL place hot and cold water, bath, &c.— Apply Townsend, Ironmonger, Newport, Mon. 4270 mo LET, 57, Helen-street six rooms 5s 6d per X week.—Apply next door, No. 59. 931 '"re. ° LET, good Five-stalled Stable and Yard or JL would suit Cowkeeper.—Apply Long, Builder, Claude-road, Roath, Cardiff. 51 g TO LET, a House in Mountjoy-street rent, 9s per J!. week and water-rate.-Ápply 51, Capel-street Newport. 458e A p* MORTIMER-ROAD, Canton; stone cottage, i containing five rooms most respectable posi- tion rent 5s for good tenant.—Apply on premises. 865 OU5£S &.c. Han&tr. C--OX\'ÈiENTIÏe wanted in respectable part of ?/ Canton; rent about 9s weekly.—Apply Convenient, Echo" Office, Cardiff.  891 'XT:A'iED, House, with four bedrooms, front and V back parlour, and kitchen good locality near trams Canton.—Address A., 935, Echo Office, Cardiff. 935 WANTED to purchase, a six-roomed House near yy Mackintosh Institute: state price.—R.W., Echo Office, Cardiff. 765 WANTED a six-roomed House; stable and yard T t attached neighbourhoodof Riverside.—P. 597, Echo Office, Cardiff. 597 Jfnt alc-1Mnlt5£5 ICaittr, &x. FOUR Small Villas fo' Sale in me nroy-street; sound mvestment wIll pay good percentage.— Apply Moms, 49, Mackintosh-place, Cardiff. 872 P' RIXCE'S CHAMBERS, No. 4, Working-street S Cardiff, containing first-class shop, with large celhr, two fire-proof, rooms and well-arranged offices. —Apply Mr Lewis, 3, Charles-street, Cardiff. 371e Œa Business flmms £ s,# &r. CLll lON-.STRJiET,—To Let, a House and  Shop, ?? 114, Clifton-street, suitable for any business.— Apply 67. Splott-lad, Roath, Cardiff. 932 SHOP TO LET, best part of Bute-street, suitable for But^streat, Cardiff. 552 L. j$uMtc itjousis. NOTE Address established 1845 :-John Downing,  Publicans' Valuer, Auctioneer, 1, Nelson- Htreet, Bristol. Post free, Largest Published List Genuine Hotels, Spirit Vaults, Country Inns, Beer- houses, Brewenes, Distilleries, Coffee Taverns, Tem- perance Hotels, Grocery, Drapery, Baking, Dairv, tobacconists Booksellers businesses every descrip- tobacconists, £ 80,000 cash advanced consultations h 682 DATII.-£180 only, elegantly-fitted superior Spirit aults, near Midland Station rent, B50 excel- lent bar and out-door trade large profits suit ladies. —Dawning, agent. 032 BRISIOL.—Genuine Out-door Beer and Grocery, with Baker's Oven rent easily sublet only off- license in populous parish last tenant 15 years.— Downing. 632 i;>O- to B4&—Choice of several excellent Beer ami c'?/?\F Spirit Houses low rents good livings for steady people.—Downing, Nelson-street. Bristol. "682 B-c A1ÏI:=icledrlinir¡g:nl-träd;£35 weekhr; JO profits about 40 per cent rent B55 18 years' leasebest central position; everything £700.- I Dowi)mg,?ris{o)._ ° 632 !R??'??'? ?hfectiouen'r ?' Last ?'ear'?hop -JvJ* ??e ?1,400, besides S2.988 outdoors. Incoming E170, mcluding horse, carts, &c.—Downing, Auctioneer, Bristol' 689 ?€????? BRISTOL.—NoMe"Comer'Spirit 'Vaults. ,:¿;¡ () Centre greatest manufacturing district. I'acm fonr immense thoroughfares Rent ?50. For- tm¡e in proper hands. Downing, Bristol. 682 "SPILLAGE Single-Licensed Inn'neat?BristoL?' ThrM ? acres market-garden. Incoming £ 120.— Fully  House near Bridgwater. 17 agres. Incoming ?? ?wmng. '_l"lson-,reet, Bnstol. 682 ^JJ-T' Bper 'a.nd"Grocery  Business, ;Q Clifton delightfully situated doing genuine trade rare opportunity —Gage, Nicholas- street, BrIstol. Registers gratis. 901 IMPOSING CorneF smrtt?vaults, centre <[* "t a |i Clt; elegantly fitted; absolutely free takings nearly £206 monthly.—Gage as above. Regis- ters gratis. 901 £'.1'- ;-0 -IIEIEFOR])SHÜt:=-CJ.pital pirit aults absolutely free furnished rent, S55 satisfactory reasons for disposal —Gage, Nicholas- street, Bristol. Registers gratis. 901 i.l- 0-0- —BATH. — Handsomely?itted Spirit ?.'?.C)'?<' ??"ts; immense locality for trade; splendid inventory tied beer only —Gage, Nicholas- street, Bristol. RegIsters gratIs. 901 i;]-O-O:: CASH.—Bristol.—Old established Fully ct?Jt \?? Licensed House; great manufacturing district; trade, S50 monthly.—Gage, Nicholas-street, Bristol. Registers gratis. 901 Æ=;-1-¡j-5 —CAPITAL near sta- c<H <) O o ?°"' P?"K B40 monthly for beers, stabling, &c. bargain.—Gage, Nicholas-street, Bristol. Registers mlis. 901 EST OF ENGLAND ANDSOUTH WALES Vt PUBLIC-HOUSE AGENCY have for disposal Compact Beerhouse incoming £ 40.—Address 83, Old Market-street, Bristol. 901 T?UBLiC?HOUSE?ENCY?OldEstaMis?? JL house paying ?20 monthlv immense bargain.— 83, Old Market-street, Bristol. 100 others every price. 901 flHE-puELiC:-H()USI AG ENCY. -Somersetsfiire: A -£95 only capital Roadside Inn absolutely f'ee stabling rare opportunitY,-83, Old Market- street, Bristol.  901 'l1lÏE'PIJBI.IC-HOUSE AGENC\BriMol (two JL miles cut).—Pretty Roadside Inn, tied for beers splendid trade.-83, Old Market-street, Brist?__ 901 JEusiral. AMERICAN ORGAN, good as new. List price £ 15 15s. What offersAlso Ammoni&phonc. Baritone songs.-139, George-street., Cathays, Cardiff. A FIRST-CLASS TRIO (Pianist, Violinist, and UfUk. Celloist) for evening dancing p* arties.—E. Banes and 80ns, Adam-street, Cardiff. 506 BALLS, Banquets, &c.—Johnson and Roberts' celebrated Band.—Address Mr F. G. Roberts, 23, E_e-terrace, Roath, Cardiff. 899 BALLS, BANQUETS, &c.—Banas's "Clarence" ? String Band, patronised to play before H.R.H. Prince Albert Victor.—Adam-street, CardiS. 507 lO'ITAGE Piano for Sale, in walnut case, nearly ? new price B20 cash.—71, Craddock-street, Can- ton, Cardin. 772 COPYRIGHT.—Music Made Easy; marvellous '< L easy, practical method to play the pianoforte, harmonium, Is.—Rev William Hughes, Ogmore Vale, Bridgend. & a 673 Dancing. —Two young Gentlemen wish to have r" T private lessons; terms moderate.—Apply H910, Kcho Office, Cardiff. 910 S ?????D?CeIe?ra.te(rpianos. awarded  Silver ??. Medal Edinburgh Exhibition, 25 to 50 guine< o!e agent, Moyns,2f,Il-er, Cowbridge-rd., Cardiff. HARLAND PIANOFORTE.-Upright IrOD Grand, ?_ t -? 0C^ action 50 guineas 33s monthly seven' guarantee.—Moyns, Music Seller, Cowbridge- ro:d, Cardiff. 502 HARLAND PIANOFORTE, iron frame, check L,, action, magnificent tone 40 guineas 23s monthly seven years' guarantee.—Moyns, Cardiff. 602 HARLAND PIANOFORTE, iron frame, fulTcom- pass, grand tone, black and gold case 35 guineas 20s monthly guaranteed.-Moyns, Cow- bridge-road, Cardiff. 602 JG. GARRETT', Practical Tuner, Renovator of Pianos, Pipe and Reed Organs. Satisfactoin guaranteed.-40, Marion-street. Cardiff. 603 MISS WILLIE gives Lessons on the Pianoforte and in Spanish Language terms moderate inquiries invited.—Address Hope Cottage, Caerleon- road, N 4ilwport. 755 '??ANO. — good second-hand Cottar ?-  ve^ ?P' ?'' a cha.nty.-Letters.W.. Echo Office, Cardiff. ?gg P»LANO.—Most elegact ?' great bargain 16 guineas.-33. Q¡¿¡tJe Arcade, Cardiff. 685 PIANÓ= Elegalît-\i¡;;fghtÓ1iiJi.d,-tron-tmme. 'check action cost 45 guineas ? 19 guiaow.-53, c-astle Arcade, Cardiff, PIANO, Iron Frame, ovver strung all tt latest improvements cost 60 guineas, cash 22 lineas. 33, Castle-Arcade, Cardiff. 685 pIANO, sweet tone (cottage) good maker ^6 10s. —33, Castle Arcade, Cardiff. 635 PIANO (Walnut Cottage); 7 octaves checlctioif; ? sweet tone 9 gumeas.-33, Castle ?cade, Cardiff. 5 T?CHINN gives lessons on the English Conilla I R. also open for engagements.—Address 15, North Luton-place, Cardiff. ? 817 EVEN^STRIN G ED Baiijo, nickel lioc and brackets, walnut and ebony handle, fretted27s 6d. Also very fine instrument, inlaid pearl position ivory pegs, &c., 50s bar;ains.-Philpotts, 9, Higfetreet, Cardiff. 760 'l'lADLE Piano! by Broadwood price, 20svorth I- more for side-table Singer Sewmg Mache (in perfect order), with stand and cover, 30s, cost ;8 8s another, 16s.-Edes Old Curiosity Shop, Newpcfc. 462e T- O BANDMASTERS, &C.—For Sale, cheapT B,I,SS jL Drum and a Side Drum, both by best lakei-s, equal to new.—Apply D. Rowland Gay, Llawrtyd Wells, South Wales. 787 5S. COURSE of Ten Lessons (Piano or African Organ), by experienced Master, at pupil resi- dences if required.—Music, Echo" office, Cardi. 823 JC CtUINEAS.—Organ-Harmonium full coipass O knee swell good tone good discount fo cash, or 7s 6d monthly.—Moyns, Music Seller, Cowridge- road, Cardiff. 99 %H\yths, &t. BA-RGAIN.-I,lodel C Premier, hollow ria, balls all over, lamps, &c. scarcely soiled cas, £ 13. —S. Row, 1, Neville-street, Riverside, Cardiff. 871 (CUSHIONS and Pneumatics fot winter ridiif. See* j our stock before purchasing. Great reaction. Safetys from E5. Repairs, plating, painting, orage, hiring.—Morris Bros., Cycle Works, Pontypridd 580 FOR SALE, Rear Driving Safety strong rHster .L 1 balls; both wheels new this year Vrgain, £ 5 5s. Apply" Safety," "Echo" Office, lerthyr T,, dtil. 889 ON SALE. 52in. Bicycle; Rudge balls thro^iiout; bent handle bars parts plated.-Aply 103, Arran-street, Roath, Cardiff. 839 EFEREE Sa,fetv Racor equal new cos £21-' balls everywhere; bargain, immediat pur- chaser.—Ou view, Parry and Williams, Westgatistreet, Cardiff. 728 I (^,rv-INCH Bicvcle, good condition, hOnestl: worth <r? B2, for "22s 6d—22, Augusta-street, Roath, Cardiff. 757 'YjarZr.5, íiTt fa!k, Ol,RrfÍaftZ. A'.P.GAINS.-Useful Light Cart Horse, 15 ands _t) also strong Horse Pony suit undejrounrl work S9 each.—93, Clifton-street, Roath. 706 (CHESTNUT PONY, four years old Brovi Har ness and Gig to match.—Apply 1, Cyni-tascent* Roa b, Cardiff. 824 -1'\ORsÃL1,-ca;n-andaBlack Cob, fMut 14 Fbands, seven years warranted good waters to ride or drive also a fast Pony Three flat Can! and a nearly new Dog Trap, suit 12 to 14 hands, with upeyior set of Brass-mounted Harness.—Harries, Bridge- street,, Cardiff. 87 FOR SALE, dark bay Mare, 14 hands suit trades- JT man. Price £ 13.—Apply 21, Topaz-streef Roath, Cardiff. 266 F-'1 illt SA:U. a light Hearse, in excellent CQditïon; FsLiitable for one or a pair.—Latty, Autioneer, Horse Repository, Cardiff. 582 FOR SALE, grand Airedale Dog; good pard ?o FpersoTi and property terror to tramp; prize l'Evans. Wheelwright, Caerphilly. 066 FOR Sale, Tradesman's Cart, nearly new: no rea- sonable offer refused. -Apply MriVhite,l, Caro- line-street, Cardiff. 907 GOOD Hacks or Hunters for Hire at Smart' Livery GStables, Plymouth-street, Cardiff. 958 HUNTER wanted, to carry l!ght weight mst be a jnL good fencer.—Full particulars and lowet selling prica. Horse, Echo Office, Cardiff. 860 HANDSOME Bay Pony, 3 JLAL good worker, sound, trap and harness, £ 3 trial e, -Dtvies, Newsagent, Caerphilly. 830 HANDSOME cream Cob Mare, 7 years, 14-1bands suit mIlkman, grocer. baker, &c. £11.-0 Wa'' Agent, CaerphiJIy, Ghmorgal1. 6?o PONY Harness for Sale Cheap.-31, Castkstreet, Jr Cardiff. 980 P' IGS'ÛR SALE.—7 Young Pigs, 11 wold in _R good condition. — Apply "Coedygoras Ç.tès, Llaneaame. near C?irdiff. a 755 R ABBITS. Rabbits. Pabbits.-Good priCtllgiveu for Trapped and Snared Rabbits, Gaiie, &c.; labels and hampers supplied on application. -.George T. Stanley, Wholesale Fish Market, Manchester 121 SALE, good Phaetons and Brown Harness, siit pony 13 hands, £9 strong Mountain Pony, in foal, B7 —93, Clifton-street, Roath, Cardiff. 955 SMART Cob, not above 14 hands; must te sound ?5 and quiet in harness.—31, Castlstreet,CaJl"jff- 981 S'10W and Seven Pigs for Sale eight weckaold"; price:ES 10s.—Apply No. 1, Bridge Worte-row, IV hitchurch. 654 SPLENDID Bay Cart Mare, 15 hands, suit 61ïJ cart ?. or haulier, strong and active, S9.—G. Waye, Igent, CaMphilly.Glam '"6o5 SPANIEL Retriever Puppies, two months oil; will )k_) make useful dogs for gun work from each. —G. Lock, Sutton, Surrer: ALE, brown Cob, 14 hands, six years old; war- IO ranted sound, and good worker E12.-App] 2, Orbit-street, Splotlands, Cardiff. 829 TWO Handsome Cobs, bay and grey, 131 hauls, 4 and 5 years old suit lady or gentlemar.-Par. ticulars, Mr John Hatton, Trealaw. 934 TWO nearly new ?hitechapel Traps, smtl?hands, i. Sll and S9: Two New Flat Carts, ? each splendid Waggon, light and strong, £7 nsefi l Pony Trap, E4, Four Sets Second-hand Harness, cheap.— Geo. Waye, Caerphilly, Glam. 667 TO LET on Hire, a Horse and Carnage, ia good i condition suit pleasure riding.-Apply Post- oifice, Hopkinstown. 432e TO LET, on Hire, Horse and I't-,i.l).-Ap,)Iy Brunt, Edward-street, Canton, Cardiff. 70 W ANTED (fvr lit-, keep for a month) stronJCob7 14 hands, for van work. If suitable would pur- chase.—A. E. Thomas, Wholesale Confectioner. 8, Neville-street, Cardiff 598 ■ j f30itltrir, taverns, &r. C^OCK GoMthtche?for Mule breeding ;weU (n seed; '? 16s per dozen, or 9s half-dozen.—John Davies, Cartlett, Haverfordwest. 797 CI ANARIES for Sale cocks, warranted ?o ,Ing, ? 7s 6d each sent on approval.—Peter Jones, 2, Robert-stroet, Ynysybwl. 455e C -1 AN AR Imported, Hartz Mountain 'J Rollers, 7s 6d Gennan Songsters, 6s; Hens, Is 6d Singing Cocks, 5s approval.—Baker, Hair- dresser, Frederick-street, Cardflf. 729 E-Xq!,ISH Cocf?'GoIdnnchPs. 2s 6d each; 1, 1'? Linnets, Is 6d pair Skvlarks. Is 6d Canaries, 3s od??tewart?l, System-street, Roath. CardiK. 577 GEESE.—Live Geese and  all ?nnds'of P<mMryat Glowest prices.—Irish Supniv Co., 19, Bridge-street Cardiff. 641 GREEN PARROT with large cage, 15s; grand V-W song thrush, song warranted, with large wire cage, 10s 6d.— Sullivan, Homfray-street, Cardiff. 606 TO BIRD-CATCHERS.—Any amount of Goldfinches .1 and Skylarks bought best prices given for them. -Address Sulli-tii, 22, Iloinfray-street, Cardiff. 777 Jar 5lalt—^isaliaimms. ,_n, -"n_d_ AURICULAS, Polyanthus, Iceland Poppies, Pyre- thrums, single, Is 3d dozen, worth double; Ivy Geraniums, double, 2s dozen free for Davies, Lugwardine, Hereford. 745 ?LAIBERG Pawnbroker, 2, Bute-terrace, Cardiff. JSL3 Out of pledge, a ificent Diamond Htar: original cost (warranted) i:200 space will not permit of full description selling prjce B150 beautiful dc- of full descril)tioll selling prie?E130 beautiful de- 818 BLAIBERG, Pa?Ttbroker, srBut?terrace?'ard?? _a? 18-ct. Centre Second Keyless Lever; Maker, Brillman, London, a sufficient guarantee of its quality selling price, £17, when new cost 30 guineas see win- dow. 658 DLAIBERG-i>mmbroker :2-:BllÚ:-té-17ace, CardifF? U Forfeited, a magnificent Pearl Brooch, with large diamond in centre, ;C?6 original cost (warranted), ?50. 658 BLAIR ERG, Pa\vn1:;roke¡'2:Buté-teITaée:-C,r(liff.- Ju? Forfeited, Diamond Ilill nicely set, over 2 carat; warranted superior bnlliantj only B25 approval. 658 BLAIBERG, Pawnbroker, Wright's Lever, nearly jjt new only 65s, also a Lever by Burdess, 65s will advance 45s each in pledge. 658 BOILERS, all sizes.—Vertical, Portable, Cornish, J!j) Lancashire, &c. also Vertical Steafti Engines.— The Grantham Crank and Iron Co., Limited. Grant- ham. 198 IIR EWOOD, FIRE WOOD. CHOPPED STICKS, BLOCKS FOR CHOPPING, OAK AND OTHER HARD-WOOD BLOCKS, Obtainable at PONSFORD BROS., CLARENCE WHARF, RIVERSIDE, NEWPORT, MON. 44le FIRST-CLASS Bradbury Boot Machine, on stand (in Fpei-fect order) cash price, £ 2 2s, cost B1515s.— Edes, Old Curiosity Shop, Newport. 463e FOR Sale, good Hand Pump by Winn 4 in. barrel Fand 34 feet 2 in. pipes cost B5 5s verv recently. —Apply T. II- Short, Caerpliilly-road, Llanishen. 657 FOOTBALL.—Large and interesting engraving, [ Football," by Webster framed in solid oak. 10s 6d.—Norotn, Queen-street Post-office, Cardiff. 594 OR SALE, Fireworks Burridge's Celebrated Anglo-French Fireworks Balloons, Masks, Coloured Fire wholesale and retail.—Silver Trout, Bridge-street, Cardiff. 911 GAS ENGINES. — Before purchasing write for prices to T. P. Price, Pill, Newport. 454e ROPE AND TWINE, Good and Cheap, at the _[? Newport Bon Twine Stores, New Dock- street (opposite 'JIM Packet Hotel).—E. Wilcox, Proprietor. 31e STRONG Dining-room Suite ill leather; new our own make only B5 3s, worth double also Draw. ing-room Suite, B5 5s; Mahogany Dining Table, with two extra leaves splendid tone Harmonium, S3 10s. —Edes, Newport. 464e SIX Well-made fire-proof Safes, by Shrimpton and )k? Co., to be cleare( F at once by private treaty.-May be seen at the Glamorgan Horse Repository, Cardiff 583 TO BAKERS AND CONFECTIONERS. j. G. S. TUNKS AND CO. LTD PATENT OVEN BUILDERS, Supply alillkindq of Bakers Requisites 3, MILL-LANE, CARDIFF. 564-5001 GAS ENGINES. The Cycle" is the best, economical, durable; no slide any size.— Particulars on application to G. S. Tunks and Co., Limited, Mill-lane, Cardiff. 176c UNREDEEMED.—Real HayanalToi^arg DeV-Wa, U 33s, 100 Larranaga, 30s La Caroliner, 36s.— Phillies, Pawnbroker and Jeweller, 24, St. Mary-street, 837 JRtsallatwrms fiEattis. CASH (full v&Iue) given for Ladies', Gentlemen's, ?/ and Children's Cast-off Clothing also miscel- laneous articles. All orders punctually attended to on receipt of post-card.—Mrs Carter, 46, Broadway, Boath, Ca,rd?  TB/FRS?IARY MORISCO x?'es the highest, price ivjL for Indies', Gentlemen's, and Children's left-off cloLhing.-13, Broadway, Roath, Cardiff. 703 RS ROBINS, 192, Commercial-road, Newport, the 11 largest Wardrobe Purchaser, in South Wales, gives Full" Value for Cast-off Clothing of every de- scription. Postcards and parcels receive prompt attention. 249 ILK!— i5~gallons wanted daily.—Address letter .1VJl to Milk, Echo Office, Nc?)ort, Mon. 429e ANTED, by a rcêCthle married person a Baby W to narse comfortable home.—Address H.D., 870, "Echo" Office, Cardiff. 870 ??T'ANTEDT Second-hand Wheels, 4 ftT6 in. high, or more.- Apply C. Hurla", 1, Croft, Tenby. 874 WANTED, Portable Forge.—State size and lowest W price to Forge, "Echo"oSice,Cardin'. 800 WANTED, by respectable young Woman, office to clcarn, or any day work cleaning or washin- ,,I. E., 6, Olive-street, Roath, Cardiff 616 WANTED, Washing bv respectable person good ?? dl'yjng ground.—J 904, Echo Office, Car- diff. 90'1 WANTED, a Cheffionere Bedstead, new or second- hand; must be good and cheap.-Address Bed- stead, South Wales Echo," Cardiff. 902 lEisrellatmms. FURNISH on our New Hire System. Houses or Apartments completely furnished on a new sys tern adopted solely by us, whereby all publicity, exposure, and inquiries usually made by other com- panies are dispensed with. We have an immense stock of Household Furniture of cheap and superior quality. All goods sold on the Hire System at ready-money prices. We make no extra, charge for credit, and all goods sent home in a private van free of charge. No stamp or agreement charges made no bill of sale everything private. Arrangemellt.s completed without delay, and, being manufacturers, we guarantee quality, and will undertake to supply furniture, etc., at 10 per cent, less than 1,ny price-list issued by any firm in Cardiff. Eleven showrooms. Call and inspect our im- mense stock, and compare prices before purchasing iiie,n,,e stock, 'vl'e will snpply £ 5 worth for 2s 6d iveeklv £10 worth, 4s weekly £ 15 worth for 5s weekly £ 20 worth, 6s weekly, and so on in proportion. Special terms for 11Tger- quantities. Please note the Address SOUTH AY ALES FURNISHING COMPANY. 31. Castle-st. (next to Angel Hotel), Cardiff. 12783-110S-23 A STROLOGY.—Photograph of future husband or wife. with position, Is 6d one year's events, Is 6d sex birthtime.—Prof. Priestley, Highbridge, Somersetshire. 60S DECKER OVENS.—II. Card, 1, North Marion- street, Newport, continues to Build Decker Ovens, on the most approved principles. Prices and testimonials on application. 847e L-A- ,ZIN -G Li Inen like white china, without polishing irons, guarateed. Simple, original six stamps; Heron-road, Twicken- 778 GLASS SHADES ami Stands, all sizes, for Clocks, ? LAS.S SHADES a:td ?t;in(:<. aU sizes, for Clocks, Taxidermist, 42; Royal Arcade, Cardiff. 144 [-=-1- ARD,\GÜŒJj;;¡;;tu¡: Furniture, Harmoniums, 1-1 Clothing, Electro-Plate, Jewellery, Wakhe", Agents Wanted. Dealer's Book Free.-Henry May, Birmingham. 635 IS YOUlt IVATCII WRONG7 THK 3VESTAND JL CHEAPEST SHOP IN CARDIFF for the repair of watches of every (1esctiptioll, English or Foreign, is 33, Castle Arcade (third shop from Castle-street). Pro- prietor, James Keir, for 10 'cars with Mr Spiridion. Hands, glasses, and keys. 706 TEWELLERY, Watches, Watch Materials, Hard 9 J ware, Toys, Cutlery, Pipes, Musical Instruments Wholesale list post frec.—Wright, St. Lukc's-road, Birmingham. 786 T AUNDRY GLAZING SECRET.—Cuffs, Collars, a ii(i Fronts like white ciiino.; nothing used in the sWl'ch no polishing iron rquired particulars free.- Laundry, 77, Liscard, Birk,-?i. ea?l. 851 SEND your Photograph and 13 stamps, and within kl five days you will receive three beautifully illumi- nated Season Cards, each card containing a Photo of N-ourself original returned uninjured. Johnson, Photographer, Wells. 693 TRADE SECRETS (Unpublished Recipes.)—Pro- JL cess simple (no plant required) sale rapid, profits enormous. Independent living practically assure(1. Over 5,000 unsolicited testimonials. List free.—P. W W. Stanley. 5. Billson-street. Poolar, London. 250 "STrTnOLESALE Box and Packing Case Mamifac- V v turers, Goldsworthy & Son, 17, Phippen-street, Bristol. Orders by post promptly attended to. Prices on appli aition. J. G. was for twelve years manager to the late Mr J. L. Harbour. 699-0- ?on?p. DON'T BE WITHOUT MONEY.—CROWN LOAN B AND DISCOUNT OFFICE.—Cash immediately Lent, from B10 to any amount, at lower interest than charged by others, to inltle or Female Borrowers.— Farmers, Gardners, Carriers, Cowkeepers, Dau-ymen, Tradesmen, Shopkeepers, Clerks; Schoolmasters,Clergy- men, Doctors, and all other Professional Gentlemen, Iiodginghouse-keepers, Private Householders, and others, on their own security (without bondsmen) and Note of hand alone, repayable by very easy instalments to suit in every case borrower's own convenience. All communications, by letter or otherwise, kept in strict confidence. Applicants waited upon at their own homes, by appointment, with the cash required. All information free. Distance no object. No genuine application ever refused. If you cannot borrow money from us you cannot do so elsewhere.—Apply to the Manager, 5, Rotunda Buildings (first floor), St. Mary- street, Cardiff. Close to G.W.R. Station. 436e 9 CAROLINE STREET, CARDIFF. -F,,sttblisbed 40 years. 9, :C5TO ANY AMOUNT ADVANCED, all day of apphing, to all classes, as usual, without bill of sale. All transactions strictly private. Distance 110 object. Town business transacted at a great reduc- tion. Trade bilis discounted.— LOUIS BARNETT, 1279-141 9, Caroline-street, Cardiff. MONEY Lent from S5 to £500 at a few hours J notice to farmers, cowkeepers, householders and others on promissory note rtlone, and on the borrower's own name. Distance no object. No charges of any des- cription arc made unless business is transacted. Any- one requiring a strictly private temporary loan without the usual publicity and loan office routine should apply to Phillip Bassett, 11, Penuel-square. Ponty- pridd. 3780-129 MONEY.—From £ 5 to £ 1,000 immediately ad- vanced in town or country on simple note of hand, without sureties, at moderate interest and easy repayments; no fee. all communications being strictly private.-Apply to Mr J. Ford, 119, St..Jary-street, Cardiff. (Opposite Church-street ) 567 CO M M E RICA L An A- A N C E BAN K, 19, QUAY-STREET, CARDIFF. £3 to £500 can be obtained on the same (lay as applied for by professional gentlemen tradesmen, farmers, cowkeepers, and householders. Applicants may rely on the strictest secrecy being observed. Charges moderate, and no enquiry or other fees charged unless cash advanced. Country applica- tions attended to without delay. Apply personally or by letter to Mr L. JOSEPH, COMMERCIAL ADVANCE BANK, 143-60 19, QUAY-STREET, CARDIFF. S£ t*'O .> AND UPWARDS ADVANCED to HOUSE- HOLDERS, MECHANICS, AND OTHERS, UPON THEIR OWN SECURITY. No preliminary fees repayable to suit borrowers' 1 convenience, bv 'Mr .T. P. THOMPSON, 71, AD-STREET, CARDIFF. Hours, 9 to 8 Wednesdays, 9 to 2. 82 "1\1 0 N E y The DIRCETORS of I. S. F IELDING & ^JO., I^IMITKD T J-. ??1 i' ? i? ADVANCE DAILY £ 3 TO £1,000. METHOD OF BLI 8 1 ?N E,, S FAIR* INTEREST, I EASY REPAYMENTS, ABSOLUTE PRIVACY, NO DELA V, NO SURETIES. Trade Bills Discounted. .o.^ccUoCs and particulars fre-Apply to Secretarv, I 18, CHAJRLES-STREET, CARDIFF. 36 A PRIVATE Gentleman has Money to Lend from B5 to £500, to farmers, market gardeners, householders, and public generally ;n strict con- fidence and without publicity no preliminary fees asked for.—Apply to William Tliornlev, Lundy House, Caerphilly. 629-2354 0 FEES. NO BILLS OF SALE. NO PUBLICITY. MONEY LENT ON NOTE OF HAND ALONE in Sums from £ 20 to £ 3,000.— The National Mercantile Bank, Baldwin-street, Bristol.—The Directors of this old-established, well-known office, having large available funds, offer unusual facilities to all respectable and trustworthy persons who require either temporary or permanent assistance. Cash in amounts from S20 to £ 3,000 is advanced in all parts of the kingdom, without sureties, delay, or publicity, and on the security only of the borrower's written promise to repay. These advances may be repaid by weekly, monthly, or quarterly instalments, extending over a period of time convenient to the borrower or the principal may remain so long as the interest is paid. N o bills of sale taken, and the transactions are not puohshed III any newspaper or gazette.-Apply, stating amount required, to Mr T. C. Mil burn, General Manager. 157 _? FOR ifivate Cash Advances ofBM and upwards to ,'epons)ble householders.-Apply (letter only) to w?°° ?Har? t. 00, Alexandra-road, Cardiff. Cenmre trades bills discounted without delay or en- quiries. SIc nitting warehouse 26, QUEEN-STREET ARCADE, CARDIFF, (Opposite Thompson and -Shackell s.) FOOTBALL JERSEYS, CY CLING SUITS, LADIES GENTLEMEN, and CHILDREN'S HOSIERY of every Ascription knitted to order on the sh >rr.e^r, uojice. 97 EPPS IS. I (BREAKFAST) COOOA. I GRATEFUL AND COMFORTING. MADE SIMPLY WITH BOIIJIKJ WATER OR MILK 321 To the Young Men of England who Suffer from Nervaus Debility. Jut Published, mHE CONFESSIONS & EXPERIENCE of, an INVAMD. de-igned as a warning and a caution to other. supplying at the same time the weans of Self-cure, by one who has cured himself, after undergoing the usual amount of Medical Imposi- tion and Quackery. Single copies may be had (post free) by sending a stamped addressed envelope to thfe author, ARTHUR DIXON, Esq., 972 Hounslow near London. ),.inU;Snttttí£.. THE A T R ROYAL. B —— LESSEE and Manager..Mr EDWARD FLETCHER. Acting Manager Mr JOHN SHERIDAN TO-NIGHT, WEDNESDA Y, OCTOBER 22, Extraordinary and most Expensive Engaelllent. Augusts Van Biene's Burlesque Company)in the Enor- mously Successful Gaiety Burlesque, jpAUST UP TO DATE. CM RAND THEATRE,CARDIFF? X TO NIGHT. WILSON BARRETT'S GREAT PLAY, pROOF. LONDON COMPANY' AND EFFECTS. Populat Prices :—Circle, 2s Stalls, Is 6d Back Circle, Is; Pit, 8d Gallery, 4d. MONDAY NEXT—The Militarv Drama, THE KNAPSACK. The world-famed YOKES will shortly appear. I By Special Desire. THE lIIDGETS RE-ENGAGED FOR k- ONE WEEK LONGER. D'ARC'S GRAND WAXWORKS, ST. MARY- STREET. CARDIFF. Major and Mrs Mite hold Two Receptions Dailv. Professor Birch's MIDGETS (late W- ruiim'.s), 3 to 5, 7 to 10. Madame D'ARC desires to tender her sincere thanks for the patronage she has received in the past, and to remind them this is positively the Last Week of Major, and Mrs Mite's Receptions, flic Lilliputian Wonders. THE EIPIRE. TO-NIGHT. HARRY WATSON AND ALICE 0 RATELLE, Without exception the best American Artiste that have visited this country. A powerful attracton in themselves. VARIETIES BY OTHER. PICKED PERFORMERS. A brilliant and rapid succession of all that is choicest in the variety profession is about to grace the boards of the Empire, and revolutionise "the standard of entertainments in this town. 821 PAHK HALL, CARDIFF. JL THREE NIGHTS ONLY THURSDAY, FRIDAY, AND SATURDAY, Oct, 23, 24, 25. The celebrated BOHEE OPERATIC nNSTREL COMBINATION, Including the famous Royal Bohee Brothers. Entirely new company and programme. Special Day Performance Saturday Next, Oct. 25, at- 3 doors open 2.30. Prices 3s. 2s, Is, and 6d. Doors open 7.30, commence at 8. 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Are unh'ersaljy admitted to be worth a GUINEA a BOX for bilious and nnolls disorders, such as wind and pain in the stomach, sick headache, giddiness, fulness and svelling after meals, dizzincss and drowsiness, cold chills, nushm? of heat, loss of appetite, ?hort!ic" of breath, costivell?, SCUn'Y, and blotches on the skin, disturbed sleep, frightful dreams, and all nervous and trembling sensations, &c. The first dose will give relief in twenty minutes. Every sufferer is earnestly invited to try one box of these Pills, and tiiev wUI be acknowledged to be WORTH A GnNKA A BOX. For females of all ages these Pills are invaluable, as a few doses of them carry off all humours and bring about all that is required. No female should be with. out them. There is no medicine to be found equal to Beecham's Pills for reino,-in any obtni?tion or irregn- larity of the slstem. If taken according to the dic- tions given with each box, they will soon restore females of all ages to sound and robust health. 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TAYLOR, PHOTOGRAPH I.RS TO JHE QCEES, MINIATURE AND FORT A IT PAINTERS STUDIO ROYAL, Du I Li F, T REET, ( CARDIFF, ADV ANCE WITH THE TIMES Having ever been our Wurchword in Photography and Portrait Painting, we stre pleased to aUllounce th weliavenever beíure: solicited th« public patronage with greater cor.liuenc of yiviug s.uisf.iciion. iiverj department fully equi; pe l lot-tne production of High Class Artistic Portr^iEure. i'r iu those t who require but a pleiising Carte de Yisite Portrait, t) tho,e who way require a genuine oil Pointing on Ca dboard. Porcelain, or Canvas, Nve can throw out the hearty welcome-Come and See. Our Finest Artistic Portraits on dark or cream Goldeuge Mounts. CARTES DE Visii K—PeL dozen, 6s; half-dozen, 4s quarter-dozen. 2s 6,1. CABINET"; Per dozen, lijj half-dozen, iCk quarter-uozen, 7s 6,i. ¡ Larger .Sizes to Grand Panel in Ploportion. Paintings at any Price from lólJ. according to sizes, quality, und frames. 12be MUNDAYS "VI It I D I N E" (Registered Trade Mark No. 36391 TIE ( i U R E THE CURE FOR CORNS. FOR ———— CORNS PAINLESS AND HARMLKSs the This infallible remedy introduced Ly C u R I- J- MUNDAV lias obtained a vrorld-wide J ?t reputation. J je e!hC&CY of VIBI- ?O?S Cure?Co? be ???''? by its having J Cured Corns of oyr 00 years standing, \_? T*e which had resisted ail other remedies. | U H E ? succeeds where all PiMters and c I U 1, E It succeed, ? ??.t Caustic have failed 1 ) vr,» IN REMOVING BOTH HARD ,ORN 0 R I-LE.?IOVI'Z\(; BOTH UAtLI) I W THE CURE TESTIMONIALS — FOR -—— tlORNS ILFUACOMiiii. J THE 1 feel 1 owe an aekuowledec^eut te U Y PI' yon fdr upplying me with your wonder- U ful Viridin^. For years I suffered a ? F0R great deal of pain from a very obstinate ??UJrM??S corn.bu?ince applying yeur remedy J THE i? has eitire?y aoiie. I leL one old mar U TT It E ',aTe :1 bottle, and he s iiu if he had 10C HUI:-iEAS he w.uld lVe them to VQU fOl ^ORJNks I therehefheil?d. I Olt.N:s! Pier Hotel A. W. CAMPBBLL. V THE CI U R E KU?DHRH?D. V for. I w&ntyod 10 send me two bottles of c Pl-)Fl Viriiline for a friend of mine. I bay" ?g? h myself and bare found it to he ^he an excd'ent cure for corns I alLY ÄY ? '< U H. E 1 Ua.?e had it OUt to Brazil with me, c t0& ?nc t unu i, to ksep in M?rtn elimates C10R.NS remarkably weli. L?. BUROES& C THE ??' ?snue terr&ce. | U R E CAt'TlOX.-e are sevew im- V FOR itat:ous ,f this preparation, the public ( OHNS requestp-i to ASK FOR TJIE A! C N D A Y'S U It E I "V I It T D I N B ( j for "VIRIDIN E* C^OitNS Ami SKIS THtl MY SIOMATUHE is on the THE end 0: each package. C U l» E By ordering Corn Cure" you BM? < ?? j !tj fH ? jjj receive one of the many so-called ?-? ?? "remedies' which only give relief. ClORNS or some worthless imitation of Virr ? ?e. IN BOTTLES, PRICE Is, BY POST Is 2d. FKiePAREU ONLY BE J. M U N D A Y CHEMIST: 1, HIGH-STREET, CARDIFF. 14000 SOLD By ALL CHEMISTS It A SK FOR gOUTH YyTALEi CELEBRATED J AMS AND IARMALA.Dh SOUTH WALES JAM AND MARMALADS COMPANY (LIMITED), CANI'ON. CAiiDiFF. a ]) AY," rapidly successful in all cases, J* either recent or chronic; an infallible remedy in all discharges- Cures without medicines.—Sold in bottles. 2s bd each, by post 2s 9d, by all rhemists. j/ondon Acents. F. ^ewbery and Sons. i, Kinit F,d ward-street, E.C. far Cardiff, J Muaday, l- 1«