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JPItEPAID ADVERTISEMENTS. WORDS. 0?7 I THREE ?' TIMES. TIMES. 20 Words 0 6/0 9 1 0 50 Words 0 9 10 16 40 Worda 1 0 16 2 3 SO Words 1 3 2 6 3 9 60 Worris 1 6 i 3 0 4 6 IJarinrraijip. WOHKrG Partner wanted, with small capital, for boot trade at Barry Dock paying concern. -Addre"" P.C., Echo Oiffce. Cardiff. 125 ftersonal. M R Md Mrs ALLEN PEARCE (late of London), ?vj) Trusses, Belt, Arms. Le??, Spine and Le? ?npport Makers, 13, The Parade, Cardiff. 798 MRS MARIA is requssted by her husband to at .nce communicate with him or come.-AddreS!! C. C., 4, Hill-terrace, Ystrad, Pontypridd. S'i MOKE Archer's "Golden Returns." Sweetest Kj Tobacco manufactured. 910 i! JKatrimomaL IV YOU ARE MARRIED, or contemplate taking this important step, we can send you valuabl<1 information which you ought to know. Send your address, and we wiU send catalogue and pamphlet tree.—Address H. G. Kerr, West-hill, Wandsworth, ondon. 425 RESPECTABLE Person, with good home, would like to Correspond and receive photo; steady man. 30 to 35.-S, Echo" Office. Cardiff. 408 WOULD -;Ome kiâp;;on Adopt Infant Boy a?e vT 81x months ?—Address F 419, Echo OSce. C?rdiS. 419 JKeDical. ALL Nasty Eruption, every description of Blood yCTL and Skin Disease ?p<edi!y cured by Pearson and "Ompany, 10, Caroline-street, CardiS. Advice free. 328 B-liIN({):ouruncomfortabIV fiÙedBeIts: Trusses. to JD Mr and Mrs Allen Pearce; H ikers (late of Lon- ).-PrI't8.te Rooms. 15. The Parade. Cardiff. 152 FEMALE Corrective Mixture a sure and certain t' remedy—Pearson and Co., Chemists and Den- Msts, 10, Caroline-street. CardiS. 329 ACADEMY (Sar?eant's). Established 1875. Short- ?r? hand, Bookkeening, Handwritinc. Typwritin. Each taught in less than three months. Wondered cess.-12,, Cardiff. 419 CANTON SHORTHAND SCHOOL.—Bookkeeping 'L ? Handwriting, Typewriting. Arithmetic. Grammar, ^slsh Instructions every Evenin: Certificated Teachers.—Principal, Weodead House, Neville-street, ?cten. Cardiff. 631 lost attD Jnnnlr. FOUND, on Tuesday, & BuU Terrier if not claimed jt. in three days win be Mid to defray expenses — ?Op!y26. LiIl'8_t! Roath 118 FOUND, on Tkurœay, & Bull Terrier Bitch if not claimed in three days will be sold to pay expenses; ?pp!y 25Q, Cowhridge ro?d. CMdi?. °'?*? 367 POUND, a Retriever Dog, with chain, lock, and collar. If not claimed in three days will be sold ^? Pay expenses.—10, Hereford-street, Saltmead, Car- '"SAff. 364 T OST, a, Gold Watch and Chain, between Caerphilly aDd Thornhill, on Saturday last..4. suitable teward will be given to tnyone who will return thQ to Mrs Woods, Cefn Carnan, Thornhill, or to police Station. Cardiff. 490 tOST, September 25th, White Bull-terrier Bitch. Finder handsomely rewarded by returning same o No.6, Theobold-Gardens, Cardiff. It detained "ter this notice will be prosecuted. 339 STOLEN from Inland Revenue Office, Cardiff, on Saturday afternoon last, a Safety Bicycle, The otar." by Sharratt and Lisle, Wolverhampton. Liberal rew&rd given for Information to recover.—Address Jj-nise, Inland Revenue, Cardiff, or Police Saperinten- Ilt, Cardiff. 423 51 MALL Black-tan Bitch found. iFnot claimed in c three days will be sold.—Apply 5, Davies-street, Gedpenmaen, Pontypridd. "08 REWARD.—Lost, Saturday lgstTS^PenarthT, St Bernard Dog. named Hector, with silver- J>lated collar marked Reed, HrMcwater. Above reward- ?Bered anyone communicating Police Station, Penarth, *ea?? recovery same. Any person retaining same r this date wHI be prosecuted. 434 REWARD.—Lost, Pocket Book, containing one £ 5 Bank of England note (number known) ober Papers of no value but to owner.—Anyone winu. ng same to Eakdale, Barry Dock, will receive above reward. 327 Bowestic eti.1 ants. ClEVER COOKS can add to their list of dishes '-J the preparation of choice dainties for the dinner supper table by consulting the pages of a little uuok entitled "Pastry and Sweeta," eiven to all *°°k« sending their addresses to Alfre l Bird. and oons, Birmingham. Every lady and housekeeper in the land shottld have "Pastry and Sweets handy for reference. There is nothing to pay. and the book sank by return o^post, free, to any address. 147 DISENGAGEDCooks^ Barmaids, Housekeepers, fteod reliable Servans. Generals wanted at Mrs Henderson, 68, Adam-st,, Cardiff. 92 GOOD. General Servant; must be early riser and, T able to plain cook 'no wallbina; wages £1 per th.-192. Commarcial-road, Newport. 478* ENERAL SERVANT wanted, with a good character.—Apply Cosham Villa, Chepstow-road, gjewpott, Mon. 289e l- ENERAL SERVANT Wanted immediately by widow lady no family good character esen. tlaI-—Apply 48. Cowbridge-read, Cardiff. 298 ?< ENERAL Servant wanted (18), smaM family good X home to active, honest irl: country girl pre. Mrred.—Appiy 9, De!!penser.rdens, Riverside, CM- om. ?5 ("1 ENERAL SERVANT w tated good character y indispensable.—Apply at 1, Plasturton-place, yathedral-roid. Cardiff ■ ADIES wanting Servants, Servants wanting NABlESwaM?nRSeTvants,ServantsWtn'tint; yndham.arcade, CardiS. Good Generals wanwd. 49 'TVT URSE:=Wante.(.- a respectable person as Nurse to young children must be a good needlewoman and not less than 25 years of age.—Apply Mr Duncan, 42. Park-place, Cardiff. 6689—ii22 "fURSE.—Wanted immediately, respectable Nurse Girl, age 16 to 18.—Apply to J. Anthony, Draper, Boath, Cardiff. 294 WANTED immediately, clean General Servant.— T ? Apply 8, The Walk. Cardiff. 155 WANTED at once, General Servant age .V V 12 to 20 family.—Apply 27, Talbot-sfcreet, Cathedral-road, Canton. 496 WANTED, good General Servant able to do plain T cooking and ironing also lad able to milk and Willing make himself generally useful. -Apply, with leferences, Maindy House, Cardiff. 494 TTTANTED, good General Servant about 20 yoars of age.—Apply Leonids. Villa, Cathedral-road, Cardiff, between 10s and 12 a.m. 459 ° WANTED at once, respectable Girl; strong.— TV Apply 27. Glenroy-st/r»et, Roath. Cardiff. 433 \\fANTED immediately, good General Servant, able to do plain cooki»j.—Apply Mrs Gower, ;138, Commercial-road, Newport 477 WANTED, respectable young person to watt on invalid lady and do light homework.—Apply Mrs Spring, Pond Cottage, Magor, Mtn. 461 WANTEb, a good General Servant, and to assist in » the Btisine«s.-Apply Mr* Morgans, 32, Bute- street, C ml iff. 472 '??7'ANTKD. a stMn?, tctive'Giri for general house work good hra.cter required.—Applv Mrs Thom8, 74, Church rttd. Maiedee, Kewporfc. 294 WANTED at once, 30 good General Servants are, W 16 to 25. Cooks, Nurre, Housemaids.—The Select Registry, 109 King'ro*d, Canton, Cardiff. 380 WANTED at once, a good General Ser.vant; mUlt VT be 1I.rly riser.-Apply Tyneside Dtornj Room*, Alexandra. Dock, Newport. 403 WÅNrD, by October 17th, a Rood General Ser- vT vant, n u-t have good references. — ^pp'y Mrs Butchings, 26, Tunnel-terrace, Newport, Mon. 377 WANTED, strong, respectable Girl:-44, Gordon- VT road, Roath. Cardiff. 374 WANTED, agooa General 8ernnt with character. W —Apply (?fter 6 p.m ) Mrs Henry, Bryn GiM, Romilly-road, Canton, Cardiff. 37? WANTED, respectable Girl about 14.—Apply Mrs W GrinlUta, 16, Caroline-street, Ca'jiiff. 37 WAITED, ? ctean? respe"table Girl, 13 to 14 (?to TV sleep hcme)? fond of children.—Apply 45, Craddock-srreet, Riverside, Cardiff. 369 WANTED, a goodGeneral Servant.—Apt?y King's Castle Hotel, f?nton. Car?i-S. 334 WANTED, strong Girl (abouü 10) to assist with housework and children able to wash.—Mrs Bolton, 2. Newport-road. Cardiff. 320 WANTED, healthy coumry General Scrvant (18) V T must be accustomed to children comfort?bte home good references.-19, Romilly-crescent, Cantou, Cardiff. 323 WANTED, strong Girl as General Servant early riser; no washing. — 107, Newport-rood, Cardiff. 297 V^TANTED, an experienced General Servant ae vv 18 to 20.-AWly CtMenoe ViUa, Chepstow-road, Newport. 279e WANTED immedi?teiy. a- General Servant, with good reference four in family n" chiluren— Apply Miss Martin, 9, Albany-road, Cardiff. 291 WANTED—Young Girl tor general housework.— Vv Apply 59. Nen port-road. Cardiff, 150 W ANTEb, General Servant, able to do plain cook- ing nuKC hive good references. Apply (personally) John Dobell and Co.. 9, High-street, New- port, Mon. 272e WANTED, two General Servants, one used to plain cookinc.— Apply, with full particulars, Mrs Lewis, London House, Treharris. 194 ??ANTRb..1 s°°d Uenerù Servant; bone? W with ?ood character.—Mrs Scott, 96, Hichmond- coad, Cardiff. _0- 212 "\JUANTED, Young P«r»on to come daily to si!lt in 1?'ANTED. Younf: Person to conte dai!yto assitt in AdvertiainKOfEces. 3. Commerci?.) strupt, Newport 209 WANTED, a young Girl as General Servant, in a small family one the country preferred. —Apply 13. Miskin-street, Cardiff. 10b WANTED, a clean, respectable girl one from the vv country preferred.—Apply, M once, Fairhav^n YilIa, Wyndham-crascent. Canton, Cardiff. 133 "-TANTED, a respectable young Girl as General Tv Serant, one who ha.s beeu III service before,- Anply Gold Thorn, Chepstow-road, Maindee, Newport. WANTED, a strong active Girl, as General age about 20 a, ood hOIW.-A.pply Mrs Adams, 25, Wood-street, West Cottages, Peututh. 56 WANTED, General Servant and Housemaid, for London private family of four; no children (Yood personal character. Lady can be seen after the 24th instant. mnuing.-18, Cardiff-road, Newport. 253e \TT ANTED, General Servant in a small family TV ?ood w.?es iV en to respectable girl.—Address BronIIwyn, f.IandaS. !? ,V- 'ANTED, two General Servants, with references: W~ wages £ 14.—Apply Ship and Pilot Hotel, Caidiff Dockj. 51_ Cardiff J^ihtniions UTacam. 51 I I A- BOY wantõd-:=Àpply 46, Union-street, Canton, Cardiff. 493 a N EHRAND BOY wanted at once, mut be honest and obliging respectably dressed.— App?y Thomas Broi Tailors, WoodviMe-road, Cardiff: 261 BRICKLAYERS Wanted; good wages to good men. I W Itterworksat Treherbert. ,439 BOOT TRADE.—Wanted, a good General Hand for JD strong and repairs mostly; gaod workshop. 1. R'fees, Commercial-street, Maesteg. 188 y^L<!THING.—Junior AÛstant Wanted; one ac- ?_/ cutomed to shipping trade preferred.—Apply, stating ae, salary, Ltc., to Charles Masters, Leeds, House, Newport. -_u_- 359 DRESS and Mantle Making. -Wanted, First Hand, to manage a workroom.— Apply John Jones, London House, Ynysybwl, Glamorganshire 109 ^~RCiCERY and PRO VISION S.—Assistant and Junior wanted fmmediatelr.-Apply (stating reference, sa1ary. etc.) Arthur Daniel, Troedyrhrw. GOVER & CO., Coachbuilders and Wheelwrights. Guildford-street, Cardiff, has vacancy for strong, respectable lad as Apprentice to Painting. 33f» I  OOD LABOURER Wanted, used to mortar pan T »nd portable en sine.—Apply, with references, to 358, Echo" Office, Carditt. 358 MASONS.—Banker hands Wanted at Dinas Road ?JL Improvements shed provided constant work. -Rees, Merthyr Vale. 168 1\.ASONS.=Good -w-aliëwan-tal;omäl'!oiii' j?Jt labourers wanted at Rudry new cottaes. near Caerphilly.—Apply Foreman on job. 351 MASON.—Wanted,^Working Foreman constant JJrJL wok and good Wf?es to an energetic and ober man on cottage work.-Ree. Merthyr Vale. 406 O UTFITTING,- Wa.nted, Sa.!esmM. ab!e?o' dr;s ?J? window,—Apply CMeibers. Outaiter, B?tna., Mon. 312 REFU!J E Âs.ur;:ncaC6mpÿ Limited.—Wanted j[? a few teady, DMhint: men to canvas and coHect good terms to suitable men.—Apply Superintendent, 27, Custom House-street, Cardiff. 322 STRONG BOY wanted, 15 or 16, to keep in order stores, deliver goods, and make himself generally useful.{— Apply stating age. wages, where last employed, etc., RS, Echo" Office, Newport. 274e SHOEING SMITHS.—Wanted, at once, ood door» man (constant) must be steady. -Apply Pue?ey. Shoeing For?e. Pentonvme. Newport. 271a DRAPERS.—Wanted, an experienced hand: < also a Junior.—Apply to Evan Cule, Treherbert. TO PAINTERS.—Wanted, one or two good brush Jj_ hands, 6d per hour.—Apply Berry Bros., Penrbiw- caiber, near Mountain Ash. fS 10 OUT?tTrERS.—Wanted imm?iateIy.Ypush- J_ ing Young MM.-AppIyj with references, to Solomon, Blaina (or Brynmawr). 312 rilO TAELORESSES.—Experienced Hands wanted. _=-!2, Castle-road, Roath, Cardiff. 2l8 VAT"ANTED, experienced Gtrl for Book?ewing. t y Foldin, &c.—Apply William M. Jones, boob. bin d er, &c., Westminstar Chambers, Wharton-street, Cardiff. 324 ?rT ANTED, & ttron? Boy, used to ?Mv)Bg must ? V know town and suburbs, and produce satisfac- tory refrencl3,9.-Apply The Dock Stores, 22, Dudley. street, Docks, CarditT. 387 WANTED, a Strong. Boy aboutT l'IfereDce T required.—24, WeUs-.treet, Canton, Cardiff. 920 ??'ANTED, & sharp Junior for the O?tatting Busi- ness.—Apply at onoe, W. Phillips, ?1, Llanarth. street, Newport, Mon. 479 WANTED, smart Boy at once good scholar, and vT able to drive well.—Apply Williams, Whsvf- od, Maindee Newport. 2936 "V^ANTKD, intelligent, active Lad good scholar age 15 to 16,-192, Commercinl-road, Newport. 475 WANTED, Two Office Lads.—Apply, between 10 T v and il o'clock, A. H. Davi*, Merchant*' Ex. change, Piei-head, Bute Docks, Cardiff. 427 WANTED, H?uHerf?r these Works.—Charles VV Jordan & Sons, PiI1wenlJy Foundry and Engi- neering Works, Newport, Mon. 288e WANTED, at once, six Plasterers.—Apply 50, High- street. Barry. 130 Y\TANTED, Banker Hands, used to working kerb and channelling also dry mallen and paving setters good men only.—Apply on Works, T5ylor»town Street Improvements. Rhondd". Fach 119 Wt ANTED x Youth, who can make himself useful ¥ in an Outfitting Shop,—Apply 17, Alexandra- oad, Newport. 255o ??TANJ?ED at ,mce, a strong Message Lad must be W an early riser and know the town well.—Apply South Wales Daily News Office, Cardiff. ft? WEEKLY &ndUpw?rd? may be realised by '?? either sex, without hindering occupation.— For sample, &c., enclose a.ddresscd envelope to Ewuis, Watts, and Co. (P 133), Merchants, Birmingham. This is I1:I\nuine. 6^9 J^iiaaftans tKEantgfr. TO HAIRDRESSERS.—V ruth requires Situation at the same: can shne.-Apply F. E, H.. 60, Ordell-street, East Moors, Cardiff. 87 \7yANTBD, by mtddie &ged Man, Situation äS Bar- r" man, or Manager ot Bar or Restaurant good referencetC.-Apply B., "Echo" Office, Newport. 295e WrANTED by a retipect?Me person, situation M Housekeeper to a very respectable, sober work- in tnsn.-A pply. E.. care of Mrs Freunip, 4, Dyvatty- place, Dyvat\y.stJ:eEOt. Swau.ell- 285e WANTED, by respectabls young Person, Situ?tton r Y (Cetee Tavern) not been out before tima ptv in.—Lewi«, J>umlin, Mon. 270e 'TTAN'l'ED,-SituíÚion -bj- young mMr?ha.s?erved f' four years M improver to wheelwrighting.— Apply, by letterP!5ey"I"O.eí: 202 -t)'rAN. TED, by young Man, Situation as Groom or otherwie; well up in horses :od references. Apply H orse," "Echo" office. Newport. 2Ma dlerhs, ^lana^urs, $:£. A RCHITECTS and Others. — Rapid Shortband t\ Writer open for Evening Encasement.—Apply Shortype, Daily New Office, Cardiff. 1 FFICE-BOY wanted.—Anply F. C, Shackel, soli- V/ citor, Church-street Chamber- Cardiff. 440 Agencies, mrnlJdlers. &t. "tGENrs wante?Tfor Tho  most equitable Building .J. Society in England, the only society panting advances in three yesrs.?and eive the largest bonus to members.—T. Swainson, Baldwin-street, Bristol, oil AGENTS wanted; per annum samples post free experience unnecessary.—Pendlobury and Co., 130. Harwich-road, Colchester. 355 GOOD AGENT'wanted. Salary and commission to a. nerseverinj and energetic man. No goods to se'1, and no risk or outlay. Apply, by letter (95 G.), 3, Brushfield-street, Bishopsgate-street Without), London, E.C. 1489 A GENTS Wanted whole or spare time commis. si 1 in and bonus.—Ireton and Co., 92, Gá38e. church-street, London. AGENTS wanted (whole or spare time) for sale of Best Quality Rubber Stamps; liberal term" samples free.—Walter Hall, 84, FJeet-st., London. 151 ROYAL London Friendly Assurance Society— tt Established 1861. Reserve Funds, £ 246,000—want a. smart, respectable, persevering Man of good char- acter as Collector anO Canvanser bool»vacant. —Apply Branch Office. 19, Duke-street, Cardiff-! Z" 'tjrTANTED.? Trav?Iter. to soltctrerdefin?o? W c)Me bepoke tailoring must be fXjKtiencea, energetic, »nd trustworthy salary and cornmNrion enclose referenc. Tailor, Echo" 0?5?. Cardiff. 406 -^H-C^S^lTyou conn-ted with W Watch Club, eênd your address to Mr Thomas P*c«y, 28, We'te?te. radford, York», Md you will hear of something to your advantage. Hoggings, ).pnrtnunts.. A PARTMENTS to Let, Furnished or Unfurtdshpd;, J'TL for a respectable married oouplo alio LodgiHgs for two recpactable men.—Apply 10, Matthews- terrace, Clive-street, Lewer Grangetown, Cardiff. 3B £ ROTHEI:t and Sistn acquire Furnished Sitthng- J|j room and two Bedrooms, in Canton, inn*- diately permanent terms moderate.—6. B. 2Ð9, Echo" Office, Cardiff 259 D OMI!ORTABL furnished Bedroom?or one youn man terms 3s 6d per week board if required j ?lo?hildreu.—S. Breadway. Roath; Cardiff. 503 jjr? OMFO RTA BL E* Lodgings for two respecttb!? ?_/ younc Ladies engaged duriu the day.—Apply 5 King s-road, Canton, Cardiff. ?78 tlOM FOR TABLE Lodgings for Gentlemen hot and ) edd bath terms moderate,—32, Plantagenet- street. Riverside. Cardiff, 260 ( IOWBRIDgL-ROAD. near town.—Furnished Bed- J rooms, with use of Sitting-room, to let; very moderate terms—Adure-s Z Car- diff. 213 (COMFORTABLE Apartments for Gentleman, with j bath an l gas no children.—Apply Park View, 53, Plantagenet street, Cardiff. 382 171RONT Sitting-room, with one or two Bedrooms terms moderate. — 9t Caerau road, port. —————— 292e FURNISHED Apartments suitable fortwo or three 11 gentlemen or Lod?inga for respectable men terms moderate.—23, Richnds-ter..Roath.Carditf. 421 Ij^URNISHED Apartments Wanted (bedroom and parlour) neighbourhood of Newport-road.— Apply F, 458, Echo Offi-e, Cardiff. 458 FURNISHED APARTMENTS.—sitting-room, one or two bedrooms, 8. Nelson-terrace, Cardiff bottom of Chanes-street. Terms moderate no chil- dren. 101 H?E?PECTABLE Person abouFTo?t?ke?r?house woulÜ like to met two ladiM in business toioin |I heL-l 97, "'chc OSce. Cardiff. 497 '110 LE T, comfortable Furnished Apartments suit laflY or gentleman; five minutes' walk from the station,—Apply J., Rose Dale, Caerleon, Newport.23ue ,-[-0 LET, a Sittin and Bedroam smt?Kent!eman'or ? twoineads; terms moderaM.—9, Clyd-street, Adamsdown, Cardiff. 354 rr*0 Let, extremely pleasant homely )ode'ng? for J? RenMem?n dinmg out (must be abstalnm) on moderate terms. -Pittott Cottage, 27, Conway-road, Cardiff.  127 '110 LET;t;'vo Furnished Rooms suit two -vu.ui f gentleman hot and cold b?th. Also two Unfur- nished Rooms.—Apply 27, De Burch-street, Riverside, Cardiff. 435 rpO LET, burnished Sitting-room and Share lied- ]? room, to respectable Young Lady term', moderate. — Apply 60, Uranbrook-T-treet, Cathays, Cardiff. 91 rglO LET, Part of a Shop and two or three Beiirooju-. B (if required), in a good position near dock gate-, fitted with gas and seats suit hairdresser or any other business tnal allowed.—Applv. by letter, Sbop 471, Echo" OfH?.C?rdig. "??' ? ??' ?i"? '1-0 Room? lespecrably-;ft-ûateci-p JL week.—Apply 8, Eyre-street, South bplo nds, | 1 Cardiff. 201 rj^WO Unturmshed Rooms to Let in race 8Uit v.idow or respectable couple no c_hi ildren.—Apply E279, "Echo"Omce.C?rdig ?27? (-J-NFURNISHID APARTMENTS to Lt at 48, ?._ j Richards-terrace, Roath. No children or lodgers. 249 NFURNISHED Apartments to Let, suh quiet? )LJ respectable youn married couple.—23, Plan tn genet-street, Riverside, Cardig. 208 1{T:RY Comfortable Apartments in French family. 11 -12. Richmond-terrace, Park-pl:tc j, Cardiff. 153 "ITliRY Comfortable Apartments for two friends7 nea'T.V.R, and R.R. Stations; very moderate. -FJ84, Echo" Uffice. Cardiff. 18l W ANTD, by two Young Men, dinin ont, V Furnished Apartments, Canton or Riverside preferred.—Pleaae state terms to K. T., 467, "Echo" Office, Cardiff. 467 W ANTE I) Young Man to Board and Lodge. 1?  ? weekly no children also two Unfurnished Rooms.—Dart Villa. Plantagenet-sfcreet, Riverside. 456 WANTED, by elderly lady, two Unfnrnihed i T Rooms with repectable family no children in respectable neighbourhood with good attendance terms moderate.—Apply S.H. 90, Echo Office, Cardiff. 422 WANTED, comfortaMa Lodgings with homely t people, near town hot ?nd cold water baths tate terms.—H. C., Echo OSice, Cardiff. 243 Houses, &c.t$0 'Jrd. BARltY DOCK.—To Let, a new and well-built Dwelling-house, consisting of 10 bedrooms, acting, dining, and bath rooms, lLh scullery, 2 kitchen, and usual ,.ut offices, situate adjoining butcher's sn,p, corner of Richard-street, Holton, Barry Dock immediate possession can be obtained.—Apply to 235, Bute-street, Cardiff. 154 !I-ousï'Ït.nd.Shop'-to-L;-corner of Coomassie JL jL street well situated, near Alexandra Dock "wport:-Apply as above. 2656 rllWO Workmen's (;0,ag"8, in good condition; A Gladstone-crescent, facing LIandaff Fields, 5s 6d per week each.-Evans and Hughes, Auctioneers and Estate Agents, Guildhall Chambers, Cardiff 492 mo LEX, ?T Park -1 reef. —Apply 4, Ruthen?gar? X dens, Cathays, Cardiff. 4?6 fSWO convenient Houses to Let.-Apply E. Fennell, J High-street, Newport. 264e TO LET, 1, Park-street, Newport, from 29th Sep- tember newly papered and painted rent,:£30.- Apply Harse and Son, Coinmercial-st., Newport. 176 r?O LET, 6-room House, ib, HewiU street. Cogan, i_ Penarth rent 53 6d.-Apply 8, Morgan-street, Newtown, Cardiff. 76 lions is, ManteD. BAKERS.—Wanted to Purchase Small Bakery JD Buines8 and Bread RouAd.—Full particulars to S. T., Echo" Office, Cardiff. STABLE wanted, close to Castle-street as possible. —State rent, dec.. Stable, Echo Office, Cardiff. 449 WANTED, in the neighbourhood of Canton or t Y Roath, a House with bath-room and small conservatory,—Apply A, E. M "Echo" Office, Cardiff. T?ANTED. to Rant or Purchase, Farmhouse wiih- out land or residence, with large ?rden. within dMtanee of Cardiff hi?h land sea. view pre- ferred.—Address D., D?iiy News Gaice. Cardiff. ?, 6749-251 r ublír; houses' NOTE ADDRESS.—Established 1846. John Down- ing, Hotel and Publican's Valuer, Fellow Auc- tioneers' Institute, 1, Nelson-street, Bristol. Post free, largest, most reliable list hundreds genuine hotels, spirit vaults, country inns, beerhouses, breweries, dis- tilleries, temperance hotels, coffee taverns, grocery, drapery, baking, dairy, tobacconists. Businesses every to £80,000. Cash advanced. 70 ( "J Q A-—Handsome Corner Beer and Wine Vaults; free lease lust tenant, 15 years; great residential district steady, superior trade.—Down- ing, Auctioneer. Bristol. 70 BATH.—Corner Spirit-house Soirtg 600 barrels beers and ales annually, besides spirits trade net rent, £45 eaby terms to good business man.— Downing. 70 -B-RfSl'OL:-£250,Near-New Theatre magnifi- ■ cencly-titted Spirit Vaults one of the best- placed, handsomess concerns in city. — Downing, Nelson-street, Bristol. 70 pUl- '2-0--capitai.-viliaRe Beerhouse; nine mÜes JL ™ V? from Bristol three acres rich orchard market garden stabling piggeries rent £ 24.— Downing. Bristol, 70  ?ASH £ 30—Near railway station famous old- ( ) etablísbed weU-p?og Beerhouse rent under iidO good opening for industrious people.—Downing, Neison-street, Bristol. 70 'lOO ^established Spirit House c'uI- nsar markets; facing principal shipping eiitrances two tr.ets; rent BM; excellent trade.- Downing, Hotel Valuer, Bristol, 70 Beerhouse, with billiard J1"ense; near Wind-street, Bristol rent B24 tborougnly respectable, well-paying, easily managed affair.—Downing, Auctioneer, Bristol. 70 for Nausea, ICaui). MOUSES for Sale, Tempemncetown paying 10 per ,jLJL cent.; let to respectable tenants.—Address is, H, Cecil-street, Roath, Crrdi?. 185 pRINCE-S-CnAMBER?. N? ? Workiistreet:  ?rdi?. c .ntaunng Srat-claxs \hon, w1h large „n ie"Pro°' rooms and wel, arr?ged oS?. -Apply air LawM, 3, Charles.treet, Cardiff. 242e pmmses. &r;. 4 A aDii Ki' Corner Shop, aho "? lr&e Unfurnished Room above if required ?-? ??' ?" ?nt.-Rex, "Echo" OSce Cardiff sm OFFICES to Let at Mill-lane Chambers very cheap. —Apply Chamber?, "Echo" Office, Cardiff. 318 rl'o c LET Immediate possession, old-established JL -tSak&ry and Greengcooery business.—Apply M. eacham, 1, Cross-street, Caerleon, near Newport. 257a •| (WO large Warehouses to let, back of Bute-road.— A APPly 50, Cowbrid;>e-ro»d, Cardiff. 161 justnesses tor Hisposai, (CARDIFF.—For Sale, Capital Grocery Business, j leading thoroughfare satisfactory reasons; CardiffWy moderate—Apply X 65. "Echo" Office, b: W J:T and Confectionery Business, doing a sure a lIVlIJg trade incoming moderate suitable for OffictcBement PQ^tion-S 556, "Echo" Office, Caraiff.. 356 ii'Ut ratal. BALLS, Banquets, <fcc.—Bane's "Clarence" String • s £ ?claUy engaged to play before H.R.H. "Prince Albert Victor aiso chamber trio for concerts (violin, cello, and piano^— Adam-slreat. Cardiff. 470 COPYRIGHT. Music-M-ade Easy marvellous, easy, practical method to play the pianoforte, harmonium, Is.—Rev WiUiam Hughes, Ogmore Vale, Bridgend. ? B ?? ) —' ?"S'tha.t ?ched my heart," C White Wings," You and I" Waltz, White Lilhes Wltz Viilsge Biack?mith," -Ne?pohtMne Twoptnce eacb pOf!t fr; seven for Is; hundreds of ethers; send for iist.-H. E. Jones, CoMtitutton-hJH, Birmjhftm, 397 HOW TO PUHCIIASE Pianos American Organs, etc., from 1* od per week, with immediate sion, and receive 15 to 22 £ per cent. discount off makers prices. Supersedes harsh hire nystem.—Apply District Agent, Hunslet House, Ca«»d, Newport. 53 JIL GARRET 1, Practical Tuner, Renovator of attd Reed Orgaim. S&vlsfaction uarHiiteed.—40, Mtrxx-etreet. Cardiff. 48 ?AG?I?I?NT''Cpn<ht Iron'CiTk?P?noforte, Makers l!M puoe bo ?umeM ?) euine? cash »ven yeam' guarantee.—Moyns, Cowbridge-road, Cardiff. 596 .t? ISS WILLIE ?VM .L6.MOM on theP!Moforte jiJ \'i t and in Soaniih Latt???e. Terms mod&rate, J¡ Mali jmft.M.-Mdr Hdpe Cottase CMrI?oa. road, Newport. 4?) 1'J^IANO wanted, ?od tone, by good ?aker; must I b» che?p for cMh. Skate lowest pde.; replies, ]?"Beho"Omc? Cardiff. LM TJIANOFOftTE, walnut. c*He,,full'-compass,.tocichord J treble; list pne ? aui»«vi; 16 tnineas-ca*h, or I»^6d Monfhly.—Moyns, Cardiff. b97 <?Ef.ECT DANCm'a C'LA8SHS.-Month!y t.) adults Thursday evenin?? juveniles Saturday ILfrnoons. Pnv?te )essons given. Cert. teacher ptMoforte.—77. Wyndbam-crescent, Canton. C&fdiif 368S WANTED, American Organ, Piano,or Efannoutuna^ 1' second-hand, cheap; state price.—S 321," Echo" Office, Catdiff. 321 Htcgcles, Wtcmtes. &t. A HUMBER Bieycle-Tricycle list price, B21 10s .1. sell for £4.-A. Briffett, 42, Harriet-street, Cogn, Penarth. 424 BARGAIN, 53 inch Bicycle, in good condition, with accessaries 35s grand plated Six-chambsred Kevolver, 12s 6d.—Apply 115, Broadway, Cardiff. 441 BICYCLES.—1890 Model C Premier, 37Jb., hollow JL) finis to both wheels, ball bearings all over, includinc pedals lamp, valise, &c. scarcely soiled cash, £ 14 10s.—Apply S. Row, 1, Neville-street, River side. Cardiff. 271 BICYCLE (safety); hollow tube all over; ball bearings plated parts quite new just cost B14 will take £6 fine opportnnil y for a good machine.— Mewt.i), 91, Camber well-road. London, S. K. 350 l [ bargains! JL) 1ARRY AND WILLIAMS, Cardiff, having failed to dispose "f the whole of their immense stock of Rovers.' Premiers." S-.viir.s," &c., &c., at the Auction Sale, Que^u-screet, Caidiff, on August 20th, now offer the remainder at a further reduction on the reserve prices, for cash only. Sale limited to 14 days. Must bo sold. No reasonable offwr refused. Orher machines taken in part payment.-PARRY AND WILLIAMS, Cycle Works, Westgat" street, Cardiff, 63C8 -27e (USHIONS and Pneumatics for winter riding. See j our stock before purchasing. Great reduction Safetys from £ 5 Repairs, plating, pointing, storage, birintr. Lists one stamp, or with hooks 8d 5t.amps.- Morris Bros., Cycle Workg, PoniypruJd. 581 IjTOR SALE, '?a.sumet Tricycle for £ 6 &s new f last year; bll bearincs exceUent condition; areIy plated.—Jones, Locke's Advertising USScM, Newport. 277 HUMBER Safety Roadster Bicycle, ball bearings t to all parts; complete with lamp and bell, j.0^.—15, Price-street, Newport, Mon. 246s XIAFETX BfCYCLE, Rudge, iggo pattern, weight O ^Slbs splendid machine for the road; ball bear- ilJsall over pedals and head cost will sell far £11 10s cash.—Apply Gus Timothv, Mason's Aims Hotel, Queen-street, Cardiff. 238 Rover Safety (in splendid condition), with all accessories, enamelled and plated list price £21; approval deposit.—J, S. Evans, 15, New PJassey-str^et, Penartb, 488 rsno BUYERS of SAFETIES, BICYCLES and t_ TRICYCLES.—If you want a tirst-class mount at lowest price, call 011 the largest and oldest-estab- lished house in Wales, W. H. DA VIE8 and CO LARGE STOCK. All best makes—Humbert, Rudge's New Rapid- Quadrants, &c. No trash kept, We give the besu c .^h value in the t ade, and as a conse- quence our busines is and has been increasing hy leaps and bounds. We can scarcely obtain some of the best makes fast enough for our constantly-increasing customers. We only ask for a trial. Repairs, plitintr, machines on hire, See., as usual.—W. H. DAVIES and CO., Cardiff. 703 WANTED to Buy No. 1 Rover Safety good ? v condition, with accessory for cash must be cheap.-R. 45, George-street, Cathays, CardiS. 38& Ifrrrses, lEitie OLnrrhtges. BARGAINS.—Horse. Cart, and Harness, suit coal .9? man, B12; also Pony, Cart, and Harness, suit greengrocer.—93, Clifton-street, Roath. 235 ("IOB AND TRAP for Sale, warranted sound suit j baker or greengrocer price B16. -Apply 41, Bute- street, Cardiff. 380 DACHSHUND Puppies, two black, three red good breed e]even weeks old two guineas each.- Rev Austin, 9, Esp¡ø.nade.rad, Scarborough. 81 f ilOif SALE, small pretty Bay Pony, with trap and JP harness quiet to ndo and driYe.-Apply 41, Clifton-street, Cardiff. 204 FOR SALE, useful Bay Cob, 4 years, 14 hands JS' sound good worker price £ 17.—Apply 21, Topaz-street, Roath. Cardiff. 240 FOR Sale, three useful Horse", warranted good jD workers also a circular fronted Brougham and Landau in ood conditi"n.-Apply 89, Severn. road, Canton. Cardiff. 316 IT* ^OR SALE, a useful Chesnut Horse, lo h?nda; jf suit crank axle or troliey; price £ 15.—Apply 21, Jopaz-street, Roath, Cardiff. 2 9 FOR SALE, a good strong Trap, suitable tor plea- j' sure or Business.—Apply 57, Broadway, Roath, Cardiff. 88 4OOD-LOOKING, dependable, jet biack Cob Mare, IjT 6 years 15-1 hands suit c ib, brake, er trade?- man price £2it'-E1S, Newsagent. ?aerphiUy. 438 ?StOOI??Gteengrocer's Wagon, B7; new Flat Cart, CJT B7 "ood Pony Trap, 7; small do., B4 18.- Davies, Hairdresser, CaerphiHy. 437 HORSE for a ?n? coal cart. 16 hands.—20, Haber. 6  6.. ,hon.street,.Cardiff. 404 MANDSOME Laverock Setter Puppies, to come in ?H. for next :wason s hootmg, to be sold cheap grand pedigree.—Richards, Fishergate. Preston. H6 ANTED, a low MUk Cart. J. Lewis, jno? Navigatiou, R.S.O. 457 iIGS.-Pil!for- ale, Berkshire sow and 10 pi?s &. ei?ht weeks old.—Apply Blake, Maindy, near Cardiff. 344 PERAMBULATOR to be sold, cheap; latest design, —Apply 39, VYyndham-crescent, Canton, Car- diff. 98 RIDINU SADDLE, gentleman's or?ia .ry size, with Sth all BttinKS complete never used; a bargain for 388; approved.—Address Will Pool, Bedford. 226 SMART Pony for Sale, or exchange for quick, stro D ? Cob.31.I-'ast1er,- Cardiff. 317 'l'HElVeltY (-the age, fancy Mke, tame and JL amusin in ce for Is pltlr.-Ormond ? l?Cross. street, N ew;rt. -36 ri'?HE'targesrstock?if fancy Rabbits and Conies in I Wales. On view and for sale at Ormond s, Cro.s. street, Newport. 361 r«AHE CARDIFF AND SOUTH YVALES MANURE X COM PANY (Ltd).—Live and Dead Horses.Ca.tle, &c., purchased and removed at the shortest notice. Address for Cardiff. Gibbs, Whitchurch, Cardiff. Pontypridd District, Gibbs, Treforest. Merthyr District, Gibbs. Merthyr. 980 fnO LET on Hire, a Hor"3 and Carriage, in ?ood J condition suits pleasure riding.—Apply Post- Plnce, Hopkinstown. ^&8e WELSH Pony for Sale suit basket carriage or TT children.—White, Bridgwater Arms, Cardiff, 251 WANTED second-hand Spri? Hand-Truck, Vt suitable for Pork Butcher.—Apply Truck, Echo" Office, Cardiff. 329 ANTED,vii]lerVCart7t^car^ about 15 cwt. • Vt in good condition.—Apply Albert Evans, Ash- .eld Cott&e, CrickhoweU, 345 5p0»itrijr 3$tgeans. C^OCK GOLDFINCHES, with case, 2s 6d; Linnets, \? with cage. Is 3d; Larka, with cage, Is 6d; Canaries, &s pair.—Sullivan, 22, Homfray-streec, Cardiff. 62 CANARIES, CANARIES??-PaitTpacked in?c3 ge,, ?? 4s 6d.—G. Hoyd, 54, Commercial-street, Moun- tain Ash 171 ?ANAMMS?—Yorkshire?Crest and Crested Breed 'J grand lot for sale also own icake cages. —R. Gwyther, 33, SaJisbaryrad, Cardig. 100 HOMERS.—J- Carpenter, Newport, through re- j[ JL moval, has 16 Grand Homers for Sale flown Burton, Derby, Chearterfield price tor lot 50s, or 5s to 10s pair.-Apply 2, Duckpool-terrace, Maindee, New, port, 378 PIGEONS—must clear, Ioem wanted homers, 2, 6d E_ to 5s pair tumblers, 2s to 4s pair. Canari- cocks from 58 each hens from 15 6d approval.- Baker, Hairdresser, Z. Frederick-street, Cardiff, 81 li- .;) IN G DOVES, 3 pairs,?9dpMryyoung!iCer? 2s 6d _\J pair adult guine&-p'?s. 29 pair lot, Us 6d.— Victory, St Donat's, Neville-street, Cardiff. 120 '4/ OUNG Cock Goldfinches, splendid plumage,2S6d I each Linnets, Is 6 t pair Cock Skylarks Is 6 i packed.—Stewart, 31, System-st., Roath, Cardiff. 284 P,?PRIZE?acd? Pnze.bMd Show and Working ?\? Homers for Sale, from 33 each.—J. Webb, 5, Bail-y street, Newport, Mon. 291e 100 HOMER PlliEOMS for sale, from Is each. J L vVf 108 dozen; shooting matches supplied any dl::lw,noo.-Ormond, la. Cro..B.¡¡treet, Newport. 360 ■ .i '1^ 'JL *■* 3ft ~#Xi scetiniieciis. BOX MANGLE, recently cost B18, to be sold a bargain.—Queen-otreet Auction Rooms, Cardiff. Z:3 BIAAIBERG, Pawnbrfk?r, 2. Bute-terrace" Cardiff. iL) Splendid heavy feather bed. bolster, and two pillows new linen tick good feathers 3. 216 BLAIBKRG, Paw.nbroker, 2, Bute-terrace. Out JII of pledge, one of Wright's levers for 60s nearly new, and cost B5. 210 BLAIBERG, Pawnbroker, 2, Bute-terrace. Out of pledge, gent's 18ct gold dfrni-hanter grand movement keyless only B12 can be pledged for ,L.fI]oIew well worth £ 20. 21b G VAKROTS. CARROT.S CAHROTS.—Good sound 'J red Carrots delivered to any address in town upon receipt of P.O.O., at 55s per tun, in ton or ton lots.—Stevens and Co., English and Foreign Fruit and Potato Merchants. 16, Wood-streot, Cardiff. 186 jlOHFEITED PLEDGES.—Phillips, Pawnbroker, J' 43, Caroline-street, has the finest Stock of Watches i• d Jewellery in Cardiff. 290 ?DIUR?EITE))PLEDGE.—IScarat Geld EnRl?h ?. Lever, S6 16s good, heavy cases warranted for b years cost at least £ 14.—Phillips, Pawnbroker, 13. Caroline-afreet, Cardta. 290 JL Gold Single Stone Diamond Ring, £317s 6d. This is a bargain.—Phillips, Pawnbroker, 43, Caroline- street, Cardiff 90 Gold V Albert and Gold Locket attached, S2 10s cost S4 10s.—Phillips, Pawnbroker, 43, Caroline-street, Cardiff. 290 :F-OJZFEITED PLEDG.-Gent's Silver GeHeva j[' Watch and Silver Afbert warranted only 17s 6d worth double.—Phillips, Pawnbroker, 43, Caroline-street, Cardiff. 290 IpOKFEITed" PLEDGE. — Lady's 9-caraTGoId -1 Guard very tmatpattern Sl 17a 6d a baMain. —PhiMipz, Pa wnbToker, 43, Caro?e-ttreet, C3rtH.200 FORFEITED PLEDGESK—Handsome GoIdTDi? jr mond Pin, only 19a 6d Silver English Lever, 30". warmntell for three yearsi; Lady's 18-œrat Gold Geneva, 32s W, warranted for three y«M-s 22-carat Gold Wedding Ring, weighs 2ctwt., 13" 6d wlhl Silver Curb Albert, eve 17 link stamped, weighs 14s &d.—Phillips, Pawnbroker, 43, Caroline-*tse«is, CafdiS. 290 CALL at Phillips', and see far yourselves if you cuino* <?*»» send order, acdsama will be sent; if not ap- proved of, money returned. 290 BT^OR SALE, Shrubs (suitable for window, balcony, J .r planting out).—Turner, Qaeen-wbreet Arcnde, rdiff. 485 FOR SALE, cheap, splendid Anvil and Smith's Bellows; also Coal Scales and Aima-steest, Newport. 480 X^OE SALE.—Pair French Burr Stones, Hoop, Hopper, Hurst, Main and Counter Shafts,; ulley/ Bearin., Be1tingl complete.-Address Pulleys, Echo ONce, CardiS. 284e FOR SALE, cheap, handsome Black and Gold _5? Cabinet and large-size B ack Pier Glass.—Apply 12, Cyril-crescent, Roath, Cardiff. "18^ 7*ALLOW DEER H HADS for Sale,This season's, ?' from 15s to 30s each.—J. Cording, Naturalist and Itxidermist, 42, Royai Arcane, Ciff. 245 HANDSOME Tea Urn. best elfctro?ptatedr with lamp, new price 50s, a bargin.-Phillips, Pawnbroker and Jeweller, 24, St. Mary-street, CardiK. 961 MARSH Mari?oid. Anemone Nemerosa. Spirea. .1. Uimiria, small leaved Periwinkle. 200 each, free for 10s.—Charles Frisby, Metheringham, Lincoln. MILK for ale=-Apply Gtynn'Coach.LnUe Mil!?' J?'j Pontypridd. 206 T?j IGHTSMRTS, G?ts. three well made, good 1^|| quality, 7s 6d; two woollen ditto, 7s éd, new approval willingly.—M., 9, Westcroft, Carshalton, Surrey. 43 £ VLD Oak Cabinet, seven feet high, with cupboards, ?? arched recesses, orawers, beau ifuily carved ? B5 photograph approval.—Ivy Øfouse, Shepton Millet, L 77 PRINTING PRESS (1!X8), together with severaj founts of fancy and other type, furniture, &c. -Ad¡lres Prinr. Echo Onice, Cardiff. 274 ALg or Hire, Wigs, Costumes. Amateur Theatri- kj cal Entertainments provided with every requisite formakingup.—Silvtr Trout, Bridge-street, Cardiff. 912 V ENTRILOQ U lsTS^Splendid Ventr^oqu ild Dialogue for sale, 2s 6d, a eat bargain priuted book—Apply Vincent Clyto, 5, Breckside Park, Liverpaol. 227 mO BAKERS AND CONFECTIONERS' J. G. S. TUNKS & CO., LTD., PATENT OVEN BUILDERS, Supply all kinds of Bakers Requisites 3, MILL-LANE. CARDIFF. 564—5001 17* WU PlU, Ga En?inea. ?h.p. to 15-h.p., G. t' S. 'funk and Co., Limited. CardiS. 176 ■| A DESSERT Knives and Forks, silver ferrets, JL/w pearl handles, 67s 6d cost double Phillips, Pawnbroker and Jeweller, 24, St. Mary-st., Cardiff.960 JCiacellancans. A STROLOGY.—Matrimony, your future partner, ,tc., &e., send birtbtlme and six stamp.-Pro- essor Evans, 32, ArIiss-rd., Lnender.hill, London. 345 h kKCKEB OVJ?NST?H. Card, l?NL?th Alarion- 7 street, New;ort, continues to Build Decker Ovens, 011 the most approved principles. Prices 11.11.1 testimonials Oll appiic.-1LI(¡/I 847<J 114 Houghton, 1, East-terrace, Cardiff. Speciality Paralysis. Epilepsy, Gout, and Sciatica. Circular on application. eS7 ii !■ 1111 — "■■■-1 ■ am 111 r-—~ IPIIHI—if !■!—"« 1?lORNISH on our Mew Hire v$tem. Houses or A' Apartments coHpIetely furnished on a new sys tem adopted solely by us, whereby all publicity, exposure, and enquiries usually made by other com- panics are dispensed with. We have an imiliens" stock ot Household Furniture of cheap and superio quality. All goods sold on the Hire System at read.. money prices. We make 110 extra charge for credit and all goods sent home in a private van fre of charge No stamp OJ" agreement charges made; 110 bill of sale everything private. Arrangements completed without delay, and, being manufacturers, we guarantee quality, and will undertake to supply furniture, etc. at 10 nei cent, less than any price-list issued by any firm it. Cardiff Eleven showrooms Call and inspect out immense stock, and compare prices before purchasing elsewhere. We will supply £5 worth for 2s 6d weekly S10 worth, 4s weekly £15 worth for 0s weekly B20 worth 6s weekly, and so on in proportion. Special terms for larger quantities. Pleasa note the Address SOUTH WALES FURNISHING COMPANY, 31, Cast!st. (next to Angel Hotel). Cardiff O-i LAZINGLINENLIKE CHINA, without polishing irons also stiffening process (registered) satis. faction guaranteed. Post-free.- Madame, 421, Heron- road, Twickenham T EWELLERY, Watcher, Watch Materials, Hard O ware, Toys, Cutlery, Musical Instruments, PIpes, wholesale list post free.—Wright, St Lukes-road, Birminghm. 551 LAUNDRY GLAZING ECREI.-Cuff. Coilars, JLj and Fronts like white China nothing used in the Starch no polishing iron required particulars free.— Laundry, 75, Liscard. Birkenhead. 383 OLD GOLD AND SILVER.—Modern and antique silver and silver-plated goods, jewellery, coins, clocks, paintings, and curios; b st price given.—Ince, 7, Tredegar-place, Newport, Mon. 131 OOi IsHING^TJRNIl URE SECRE1'upeIÎor to E?O' I?HINGFUH?I.' UUE SKCRST.—Superior to Post fr" 7d in stamps.-A. Ma.cwell, Thwaites, Keighley. ?84 fI inOBACCONISTS commencing seeHlustratedGuide. S 3d. How to open respectably, B20 to SK)0, Tobpxconists's Outfitting Co. (Rd.), 186, Euston-road, London. 949 W C H A P P L E NEVIL1-E-STREET, CARDIFF, FOR EVERT KIND BOOKBINDING, AND ACCOUNT-BOOK MAKING, AND MACHINE RULING AT MODERATE PRICES. SEND FOR QUOTATIONS. áb9 L jltsrellan&Jits$Eanis. £ CAMPHOR Wood Chests, brass-bound, wanted.— 'J State size and price, to Camphor, Echo" Office, Cardiff. 448 CASH (full vajuelgiveu for Ladies', Gentlemen's, <U' and Children's Cast-off Clothing aiso miscal- laneous articles. All orders punctually attended to on receipt of post-card.—Mrs Carter, 46, Broadway, Roath, Cardiff- 306 MACKINTOSH COAT wanted, second hand, must .if be good quality and good condition length 5b inches —Price, &c., to Mackintosh 366, Echo" Office, Cardiff.  ^/E^jas ROBINS, 192, C'oinmercial-ioad, Newport, 1, the largest wardrobe purchaser in South Wales, gives full Talue for cast-off clothing of every deacrip- tion. Post cards and parcels sent receive prompt attention. 474 ? W~ AN I Ef), a Second-hand Mirror Glass, 16in. by tV 4 ft.. with or without frame.—Apply 45, Tatf- street, Pontypridd. 338 ANTED7 Grocer's Sack iruck, cheap.—E. Price ?'V Chemist. A bertillery 275? Mcueij. FOR Private Cash AdTauces of Bl? and upwaida -1 to resionsibi a householdeM.—Appiy (letter only) to William Hart, 36, Alexandra-road, Cardiff. Genuine trades bills discounted without delay 01 enquiries. 8le -}\O-ro-E-"Y- The DIRECTORS of T S, FIELDING & CO., LBIITED ADVANCE DAILY Sums from £3 To £1,000. METHOD OF BUSINESS:— FA lit INTEREST, EASY REPAYMENTS. ABSOLUTE PRIVACY NO DELAY. NO SURETIES, Trade Bills Discounted. Prospectuses and particulars free. — Apply to Secretary, 10, CHARLES-STREET. CARDIFF. 06 to immediately ad L, vancedintown or country on simple note of hand. without sureties, at moderate interest and easy repayments no fees, aU communications being strictly private.—Apply to Mr J. Ford, 119, St Mary- street, Cardiff. (Opposite Church-(street.! 567 e COMMERCIAL ADVANCE BAN K, 19, QUAY STREET, CARDIFF. obtained on the same day as appned* for ay professional gentlemen tradesmen, farmers, cowkeepers, and householders. Applicants may rely on the strictest sesrecy being obsved Charges moderate, and no enquiry or other; fees charged wùe3sc3,sh advanced. Country applica < tions attended to without delay. Apply personally or by letter to Mr L. JOSEPH, COMMERCIAL ADVANCE BANK, 143-60 19, QUAY-STREET. CARDIFF. PRIVATE Gentlemau l1a3 Money to Lend trom; A £5 to £500, to farmers, market gardeners, householders, and pubiic generally in strict con- fidence and without publicity; no preliminary fees asked for. — Apply to William Thornley, Luudy House, Caerphilly. 929—2354 to HOUSE- tO HOLDERS, MECHANICS, AND OTHERS, UPON THEIR OWN SECURITY. No preliminary fees prepayable to suit borrowersi onvenience, by Mr J. P. THOMPSON, 71, ADAM-STRKET. CARDIFF. Hours, 9 to 8. Wednesdays, 9 to 2. 82 MONEY Lent nom £ 5 to SSOO at a few hours, uotice to farmers, cowkeepers, householders and' otl1r" on promissory note atone, anct on the borrower's own name. Distance no object. No charges of any des- cription are made unles business is tram,acted. Anyone lequiring a strictly prnate temporary loan without' the usual publicity aud loan office routine should apply to-Phillip Bassett, 11, Penuel-square, 8 Ponty- pridd. "780—129 9 CAROLINE-STREET CARDIFF.—Established' *s 4U years. Sb TO ANY AMOUNT ADVANCED, on day of applying, to all classes, as uual, without bill of sale, All transactions strictly private. Distance- no object. Town business transacted at a great reduc. tion. Trade bíllii discounted.—Apply LOUIS BARNETT, 1279-141 9 Caroline-street Cardiff. DO YOU WANT MONEY. If so refuse to dc business with any person who will not quot the rate of interest, Or who demands exol'bitam fees. By applying personally between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m.. or by letter at any time (postage prepaid), to Mr W. P Thomas, 19 aud 20, Market.street, Abertillery aoia stating nature of security (ü any), you uiay obtain, free of charge, the exact amount of interest which you will have to pay for an immediate upwards. Special Features ;—No preiiminary fees; t fixed and reasonable interest; prompt settlements repayments to suit borrowers 379—4329 j^OFEES. NO BILLS OFS ALB. NO PUBLICITY. MONEY LENT ON NOTE OF HAND ALONE in Sums from B20 to £ 3,000,— The National Mercw^ile Bank, Baldwin street, Bristol.— The Directors of thi old-established, well-known office, having large available funds, ofer unusual facilities to all j-esp«ctable and trustworthy persons who require: "either temporary or pennanent assistance. Cash in amounts from £30 to £3,000 is advanced in all purts of the kingdom, without sureties delay,. or publicity, and on IDe S6cunty only of the oorrower's writn promise to repay. Thc dvanc!! may be repaid by -weekly, montnlv, or quarterly instalments, extending over a period 0 time convenient to the borrowr; or theijrincipal may remain 110 long as tl1e interest is prJd. No bills or sale taken and the transactions are not published in any newspaper or ga.zette.- Apply, stating amount required, to Mr T. C. Milburn, vieneral M anager. 157 C. FOLLICK, PAWNBROKER & OUTFITTED, 40 and 41, BRIDGE-STREET, CARDIFF. A LareStock of UNREDEEMED GOLD and SILYER WATCHES, ALBERTS, CHAINS, WEDDING and KEEPER RINGS, ami a good choice of DIAMOND RINGS at a GREATLY REDUCED PRICE, Also a HEAVY STOCK OF MEN'S. WOMEN'S, and CHILDREN'S UNRE- DEEMED PLEDGES and BEDDING. N.B.—-Exceeding 40a.. 4d in the £ interest. 58 ESTABLISHED 1845. ¡ W. R. flIGGS Window-fflass, Lead, Oil, and Colour Merchant, of Worcester, will open on September 29th, a Warehouse, No. 15, WORKING.SIREET, CAlm IFF. 134 A WONDERFUL MJffiDlCINS. BKECHAM'S PILLS „Ara universally 8.dmitted to b., worth a GUINEA a BOX for bilious andnervous disorders,such as wind and pain in the stomacÍl, sick h.ead'1che. gilidin6ss, fullness and swelling after meals, dizziness and drowsiness, cold. ¡. chills, flushings of heat, loss of appetite, shortness of brea.h, costIveness. scurvy, and bloLches on the skin discurbed sleep, frightful (tre?ms, ana all nervous and" tremPllbg sensations, &c. The first dose will give relief in twenty minutes. Every sufferm is earnestly invtMd to try one box o< these Pills, ami thev will be acknowledged to be ?? WORTH ?A GUINEA ? BOX/ For Females of all ages these Pills are invaluable, as a few (loses of them carry off all humours and bring all that iR re<.}ulred. 0 female shouid be with- out them- There is I1r> medicine to be fond equal to Beci] s Pills for removwg any obstrctlon or irregu. larity of the system. If taken accorctJn to the direc. tions given with each box, thay will soon restore females gf ail ages to sound ami robust health. This has been proved by thousands who have tried them, ami foupi the benefits wtiic. are ensured Iy their use. For a.(weak stomach, iapairea digestion, and ali For of the Liver, they act like MJ GIC, and a few doses wtlt be found to work wonder upon the most mp')v:WLj organs in the human machi ne. They 8trenthltll the whole muscuiarsystem.restore the litnj,- lost complexion, bring back the keen eoge or appetite, and arouse into action, wrth the ROSE-BUD ofhealth, the whole physical energy of the human Thce are FACTS testified continually by members of classes of society, and one of best guarantees to the Nervous and Debilitated is Boecham's Pills ha. ■th<- largest sale of any natent medicine in the world. Prepared oniv, an Sold Wholesale and iletail, b the Proprietor, THOMAS BEECH AM, St Helen' Lancashire, ill Boxes ls ld and 2s 9d saqj). So id by Druggists and Patent Medicine Dealers ever;-where. N.b.—lull T-f. « n -icii t Jutmsenumis. J THEATREROYAL. TO-NIGHT (TUESDAY), September 30 FIRST APPEARANCE in Oardift of the London Adeipbi Theatre Company in the Phenomenally Successful Drama by G. R. Sims and Henry Pettitt, LON DON 1) AY-BY-J) AY, I Played to Ovai flowing Houses at rhe Royal Adelplii Theatre. London. ^[RAND THEATREi CARDIFF. [ TO-NIGHT AND DURING THE WEEK, The Great Haymarket Play, rjlHE "yiLLAGE DRIEST, JL V B Produced by H. Beerbohm Tree, Esq. Haymarket Scenery and Effects, The Haymarket reopens on Monday, Oct. 6, with a reproduction of this graod Play. No advance in the prices. Box Office: Thompson aud Shackell. E M P I R E. TO-NIGH f 1. OSW.U.D STOLL. TO-NIGHT ? THE MIDSHIPMITE, GEO. BliAUCHAMP, PALLES AND COSSICK, And Other Artistes. NOTICE. • 412 EXCUSE ME FOR LIVING I am coiniug to the EMPIRE Next Week, and so are THE SISXERS PRESTON. Jnuh, glatms. EL 0 C U T i o n t?? ? (DARLLENASIARAD). ALEOURE will be delivered on the ab?ve subject 3? October ??' ?90. &t Ebenezcr Independent Cnapel Cardiff, by Professor T. C. EDWARDS (Cynonfardd) of .Americ ,Cir to be ta" ?t 7 30 p.m. by .he Rev J. Davies (laihirion). AdmJ%Jon, 6d each. Pr<.c<?s t??s the Church Bulging Fund c8o3 BRISTOL CHANNEL PASSENGER SER VICE, LIMITED. EXCURSIONS TO WESTON, ILFRACOMBE, LYNMOUTH, AND OTHER PLACES. SEE "DAILY NEWS' FOR TIM E S OF SAILINGS. &c. 513 LAST EXCURSION from CARDIFF and -L< BAHRY to LYNMOUTH and ILFRACOMBE, j By EAHL OF DUNRAVEN, WEDNESDAY, OCT. 1ST. Leave Cardiff 9.30 a.m. Leave Barry 10.15 a.m. Leave Ilfracombe 4.0 p.m. Leave Ly.-imouth 4.43 p.m. Leave Barry Island M 6.45 p.m. Fares to Lynmouth ana Ifracombe—Fore deck, 3s 6d; aft deck, 4s 6d. A PERFECTLY VENTILATED HAT. MESSRS JOTHAM & SONS having -?.T?_ submitted a Sample Hat fitted with the NEW PAXENX VENTILATORS to the eminent Physician, Dr T. R. Allison. that gentleman has forwarded the fodowiiifc testimonial, thus snowing that in the opinion of the greatest of living Hygienic Specialist the "HEALTH HAT' is Without a Rival. Dear Sir,—Thanks for the hat. which arrived safely. The method of ventilating a bat which yon have adooted is the proner one, as it provides an inlet for cool air and an exit for that which has been heated. This exchange goes on so gradually that the head never feels cold. Those persons who desire a cool head must buy the hat you make, and I am sure it oniy wants to be Known to be generally worn.—Yours truly, T. R. ALLISON, L.R.C.P., 4, Spanish-place, Manchester- square, London, W. THESE PERFECTLY VENTILATED HATS ARE SOLD IN ALL THE LEADING SHAPES & COLOURS. The luxury of a cool head has never been attainable untii this simnle and effective system of ventilation was applied. SOLE AGENTS 40 JOTHAM & SONS, 26 & 27, ST. MARY-STREET, CARDIFF. 14 AND 15, HIGH-STREET, CARDIFF. IMPORTANT SALE OF GENERAL DRAPERY THIS AND FOLLOWING DAYS 150 BLACK CASHMERE BRAIDED rROBES, USUALLY SOLD AT 25s lid, TO CLEAR, 8s lid. 87 do. HANDSOMELY BRAIDED, SOLD AT 358 lid, SALE PRICE, ISs lid. AT GRIFFITH JAMES (OF THE ABOVE ADDRESS). 820 fjVHE CITY 0 F GLA S~G O BOOT AND SHOE MAKING AND REPAIRING FACTORY. A Single Pair made, to fit the feat at Retail Prices. LADIES' BOOTS SOLED AND HEELED, Is 6d. 2s 6d. ;One of the Ltrsrest.and Best Assorted Stocks in Carr! iff. Don't-believenae. Come and See Yourself. Atid for Quality and Prices I Defy Competition. BOYS' AND GIRLS' SLIPPERS from. 2d BABIES' BOOTS AND SHOES from bid LADIES' BOOTS AND SHOES from 2s llll MEN'S „ „ irem, 4 Hg I THE CHALLENGE DECK SLIPPER AND SEA BOOT MAKER IN THE WORLD. IVI. HILL, FROM PENARTH DOCK, NOW AT 123 B10113 STREET, 9 CARDIFF. 67á1 V/ 674* P. JflREEDMAN & CO, CABINET MAKERS & UPHOLSTERERS, BEDDING .MANUFACTURERS AND CAR PET MEN Hold a large Stock of Excellent JJOUSEHOLD j^URNITURE (THEIR OWN WELL-KNOWN MAKE), All of which is of FIRbT-RATE QUALITY. ELKGANT IN DESIGN. AND LUW IN PKICE FOR CASH, OR) N THE 130 EASY HIRE-P UK CHASE SYSTEM Terms very moderate Ita inspection invited. P. FREEDMAN & CO., ,,2,3, &; 4, MARKET BUILDINGS, DOCK-STRERT NEWPORT. To the Young Men of England who Suffer from Nerveus Debility. Jmt Published, TjpHE CONFESSIONS & EXPERIENCE JL of an INVALID, deigned as h war:1Îng and a caution to others upplying at same time tho means of Self-cure, by one who has cured himself, after undergoing the usual amount "f Mfdical Imposi- tion and Quackery. StneJe copies ma.y be had (pot frao) by sending a stamped addressed envelope t.) tue author !•: "I I'll PIXON. K-q 972 Hmjiislow, leir L01;doH. U5itt£S5 :i\ÙÙt£55£S. J^RITAIN'S HOPE IS IN HER CHILDREN, ADd the Hope of the Children is, that tbair Dads will take them to J^JASTERS'S FOR THEIR NOTED SUITS. Is lljd, 2* lid, lid, 4 lld, 5d lid, 68 lid, 7s lid, 8s lid, 9s lid to 21s 6 j.  BE ROYS BOYS WILL BE BOYS ANXIOUS PARENTS t If yoa wish to save money, nd muka your Boys happy, take them to 1 ASTERS S AND BUY THEM A SUIT EACH. DON'T ATTEMPT TO CLOTHE YOUR BOYS until you have seen the CLOTHING HOW SKIN* OiTlSBXD K RASTERS AND CO. 59 I J IY £ ARSH AND COMPY. FIRST-CLASS FUNERAL ESTABLISHMENT, IS THE BEST IN THE TOWN I FOR ALL CLASSES OF FUNERALS. 80, ST. i ARY STRBEI CARDIFF. PRICE LIST ON APPLICATION 15341 4;' IT M PORT A NT NOTICE. LISTERS WAREHOUSE, CARDIFF, SUPPLY THE PUBLIC DIRECT WITH 'ANY LENGTH AT WAREHOUSE PRICES. FAST BLACK CASHMERES (47-inch wide), h 5J, Is l lId, 2, 6J, to 6J. Cannot be surpassed for Qii!>iity. FRENCH MERINOS-h 7d, ls Ud, 2s lid, 3i 6i. "Fast Colorsj and Warranted jeo Wear." FAST BLACK BiWUHE CASHMERES (47- iuch' wide), 2.3 lid, lid, 456i. These are eplendidgl) auct "x::ieu" value." FAST COLOR BROOKE CASHMERES (aoublejfvictth), 2< 6d per yard. "In 21 Fash- ionable Colors, and of special design, ooly obtainable at LISTERS' Warehouse." ^LISTERS' EMPRESS CLOTH" (doable width), 25 ój per yard. A splendid Material for haff mourning." INDIGO SERGES far Ladies', Gentlemen's, and Boys' wear, fr >o> 15 to 10s 6 per yard. REMNANTS REMNANTS REMNANTS An accumulation oi K*>.muaut«. many useful lengths, considerably Under Usual Price. REMNANTS of Cashmeres, Merinoee/ and other Dress Goods. REMNANTS of Serges, Worsteds, &.c. REMNANTS of Irish, Seotcb, aod West of Enginnd Tweeds. PU RGHASERS VISITING LISTERS' WAREHOUSE the advantage of Selecting from one of the Largest and Best Assorted Stocks in tbe Principality. PATTERNS POST FREE. Any Length Cut at Warehouse Price. CARRIAGE PAID on ALL PARCEL of over 203 in Value. iP.O.O. and Cheques Payable to Listers k GJ. POSTAL ADI KESS LISTERS' WAREHOUSE, QUEEN-STREET, 104 TL tA R D I F F 1 M ?- OF ALL COFFEES. LEWIS'S DANDELION COFFEE I acknowledged to be unequalled. IT is HEALTHY, REFRESHING, AND INVIGORATING. It is the Best ,B*TeraKs for Persons suffering froD1 Weak Digestion, Bilious acd" Liver Com- plaints, Impure Blood, Hysteria, tc. It is NOT A MEDICINE, but a Most JQELICIOUS Å RTICLE OF DIET, Aad can b. used with Every Meal. Should »8 drunk in preference to Tea, Cocoa, or ordinary Coffee. In tins, bd,LS, Is 6J, and 2s eacb. 260e BLAIBERG, PAWNBROKER, 2, BUTE-TERRACE, CARDIFF. 1.000 STERLING SILVER GENEVAS, CRYSTAL GLASS. JEWELLED MOVEMENT. WARRANTED Two YEARS. ONLY 14/11 EACH. Approval. ——— 932 POSTAL ORDERS TO BE CROSSED. RJLEETH TjETli i TEETH MR K E A L L, SUBGEON DENTIST 1S9, HIGH STREET, SWANSEA Just below the Great Western Railway Station), Begs to intiate th8. he n produce a perfectly fiW" Set of Teeth !B one ciear day. Tne very b6stworK!a? ahip guaranteed. Painless Dentistry by Gas, also b) the new Aasssrhetic Cocaine. Partial Sets from 58 per Tooth: Uppar or Lower Se- rom Two Guineas. K FALL'S TONIC AND NEURALGIC MIXTUKr Sure and Speedy Cure for Nauraisia, Tic T>oloreii- Kheucis, Toothsiche, ami all Nenolis Pains. Throoarii any Chem Cardiff: :\Ir Munday, chemist, 1 Dufee-street Mi Uobb, chemist, Roath. Newport; Messrs Garrett Br., chemists, 171. Commercial-street. Neatn: Mr .r. G. Isaac (lafs H'Wfi1:tn chemist. Llaueily Mr (5wi;vm Knins .< ndoa Newhery and Son. i \31_'¡ Susnuar, ADbrsiscis. FRY'S PURE CONONTRATED COCOA. To secure this avticle ask for Fry's Pare Concentrated Cocoa," 4' GLAD SMILES Illuminate tbe Intelligent Countenances of at.. who BUY their Clothing at ASTERS AND QO, DON T QUARREL If there is any Dibpute as to who offers Hut Best Value in Clothing. One trial of I MASTERS AND COS CLOTHING Will settle the question. RASTERS QO., THE CARDIFF CLOTHIERS- 29 AND 30. ST. MARY-STREET, 292, BUTE-STREET, ST. JOHN-SQUARE, ANB No. 1, QUEEN-STREET, CARDIFF. ALSO AT SWANSEA. NEWPORT, MERTHYi* PONTYPRIDD, HEREFORD, ABERDARBt PONTYPOOL, ABERGAVENNY. EYESIGHT. Daily experience prÐves that IMPERFECT GLASSES, Together with the HAPHAZARD PLAN OF SELECTION Generallyemplcyed by the mere Vendo are frequently the cause of THOUSANDS OF PERSONS suffering Permanent Injury or the TOTAL LOSS OF SIGH*, SPECTACLES scientifically adapted to aseial and strengthen tbe Weakest Sight by I J. R. WOOD, PRACTICAL OPTICIAN, 4, CASTLE ARCADE, OPPOSITE DOROTHY r: CAFE, CAR: Mir, 177e Il. LEWIS. 13, CUSTOM HOUSE-STREET, CARDIFF WHOLESALE DEPOT FOR PLATE-GLASS, OILS AND COLOURS, VARNISHES, PAPEE HANGINGS, Sole Consignee for South Waits, Monmouthshire, and Hereforc1, of PARKER'S KATHARTIC MARVEL FLUID, Begs respectfully to inform the Public that, to suit the convenience of the, HE WILL CLOSE EARLY OX SATURDAYS, INSTEAD OF WEDNESDAY'S, as heretofore. from this Week business hours will be 6 a.m. to 1 p.m. Saturdav. 6 a.m. to 3 ri.m. j -K43—240 j-J^OTICE OF REMOVAL j E. BARR. { TAILOR (LATE 64, ST. MARY-STREET) HAS REMOVED TO MORE COMMODIOUS PREMISES, 285 AT 4143 79, QUEEN STREET, CARDIFF. MESSRS I A. & Q. TAYLOR, PHOTOGRAPHKRS TO THE UEEK, MINIATURE AND PORTAIT PAINTERS' STUDIO l-WYAL, DUKE STREET, QARDIFF, ADVANCE WITH THE TIMES Having ever been our Watch wo? ri ill PlIotogralthy and Portrait Painting, we are p16ased to announce that we have never befcre soiicited (he public patronage with greater confidence of giving satisfaction. Every department fuUy equippeJ ior tne production of Hi^tl Class Artistic FOrLr:-Ütur. I r m those who re,uire but a pleasing Carte de Visite Por rait, t those wbo may require a genuine uil Painting ûn Ca: duoard, Porcelain, or Canvas, we can throw ùut the hearty welcome-Come and See. Our Finest Artistic Port raits on dad. or cream Gold edge Mounts. CARTES DE VISITE—Per dozen, bs balf.doun. 4s quarter-dozen, 2s 6u. CABINET? — Per dozen, Ibs; balf-dozen, 108 quarter-dozen, 78 ód. Larger Sizes to Grand Panel in Proportion. Paintings at any Price from 16s, according to s quality, and frames. 12ie rjlRY THE QOUJSTY BREAD SUPPLY QOMPANY'S MACHINE MADE PURE BREAD. DELIVERED DAILY FROM FACTORY, PORTMAN YMOOR ROAD EAS* JL MOORS, QARDIFF. SOLE AGKXTS FOR 731 MONTGOMERIE'S PATENT MALT BREAD. FOOTBALLS (RUGBY AND ASSOCIATION). THE GLAMORGANSHIRE (Patent), 10s 6d. THE G.G.B., lis 6d. THE CAMBRIAN, 7s 6d. THE JUNIOR MATCH, 5s 6d. T. pAGE \\rooi> & FOOTBALL OUTFITTERS (Opposite the Castle), 13be CARDIFF. rr?HOMPSON'SBURDOCKPILLS? JL THE GREAT BLOOD PURIFIER —Parity the ioulest biooci s.110 relieve every disease 0 stoma.cà liver, and kidneys. These wonderfci Pilís cu. diseases which could not be reached by any other medi. cine. For Rheumatics, Lumbago, Piles, Gravel, Pains in the Back, Scurvy, Bad Leg:s, Wounds or White Swelling, Seroful¡¡;,aucers, Biotciws on the Face and Body, Swelled Feet, Ac., J a.unÚ¡ce, Dropsy, anri Fevers of ail kinds. In boxes at Is lAd and 2s 9d each.—Sold bv aU chemists, qr. irora tUe,nrr- 14 1,}XÍO!"d sp 18 I) AY. lapiaiy successful in all 1 either recent 0;' coromc an infallible remedy in all disch3xg;eS. Cures wiLhoUL merticlIIes.-Soid. ic bottles, 2s 6.1 each, bv po>t is by ail chenusts, Loudon Agents, F. Jsewbery and Sons, 1, KlO Edward-street, E C. Agent for Cardiff, J Mundav, Chemist, 1, High-street 7e