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ALLIANCE For HOLIDAY SUITS. ALLIANCE For BUSINESS SUITS. ALLIANCE For TOURIST SUITS. ALLIANCE For STYLISH SUITS. t¡,lIE ALLIANCE For SUITS OF ALL DESCRIPTIONS. IIE A LLIANCE Always 20 to 25 per Cent. under ordinary Shopkeepers' Prices. ^^PATD^AD VERTlSEIvrENTSr ?PAtD ADVERT!SEME?T8.  W0RDS- Q^- pS r^r WORDS. ONC'C' TIMFS. TIMES. JJJ^ords 0 6 0 9 1 0 "?orda 06?0910 $'?''?a 091016 'o ?r d 1 0 1 6 2 3 60WOd.. 1-61-;0 ^Vords "] 1 3 2 0 4 6 rds 16 '3ÕT46 Jv Se charges anply only to the classes ot advertise 6jen(. specified below, and are strictly confined to those c ¡ are ordered for CONSECUTIVE insertion. and PAID INSERTION: if either of these con- )?tio? ? not complied with the advertisement will be *h&f ? ?y tLe Busu.eaN ae&te-— At?. by the Business scale:- ?.??EKTSWAKTED 4I'Alll'1J<n'g TO LET I 411'rICLRS J.O$T rE; POUND I Bfc,?SSES FOR DISPOSAL  ttOt??SSES WANTED ?SESTOi.ET HOUSES WANTED IlJOUSES TO BE SOLI) MISCELLANEOUS WANTS MiSCELLANEOUSSALKS PARTNERSHIPS WANTED SITUATIONS WANTED SITUATIONS VACANT. ?] "-The insertion of several Ad vertisement8 is tm YOd beca.ue the references given are to Poc' ♦fiic to initials, or fictitious mU4es Postmasters V*' to tieliver lottf?,rq so a?itir??e(i personal. A your Tobacconist for King's SwanseaCastle Tobacco mild and sweet for pipe or cigarette. r ELLIE. dear, how well your piano looks. Yes, r ttama. Jane polished with Fiesher's Furniture Manufactured only by Flesher and Co., *°lstan ton. 40 ??OKE Archer's Golden Returns," sweetest, Tobacc() manufactured. 980 Y? OULD some kind person adopt a fine healthy IAV Baby Boy, five months old. No premium.- ?y?LJ.. E?h'? '? Office, Cardiff. 630  (StaatiauaL t?A?TON SHORTHAND SCHOOL. -Book-keeping, jj? Handwriting. Arithmetic, Grammar. Welsh Very Evening Separate Instructions Certificated ChE:rs-Principal, Woodend House, Neville-street, jSSton, Cardi.. 33 1(05t anD Jifound. OUND, a Black Puppy. If not claimed in three A davs wi I be so!d to pay cxpenses.- Apply "?ha.rd Caddy, Hopkingstown, Pontypridd. 242 lOST, Fox Terrier Dog (Jack), evenly marked head, r| l-i bite under left ear. Reward if returned to 6, ?k.street, Canton, CardiS 862 LOST, May 21st, small Fawn Terrier Bitch, white ?4- A ? breast, white spot on neck.-Anyone returning ??e 3, Conway-road, Canton, Cardiff, receive ?a.rd. 892 LOST. on 31o day e nii?g, a doltl Brooch. Finder 'at will nc,'ive bs reward on applying to Queen- '?eti Post?aicJ, Cardiff _o?2 jamwestic 3»mrantg. CLEVEIt COOKS can add to their list of dishes the preparation of choice dainties for the dinner bltd supper table by consulting the pages of a little oak entiUed "Ptstry and Sweets," given to all oks sending their addree to Alf.ed Bird and 5?ns> Birmingham, Every lady and housekeeper in Jhe land should have Pastry and Sweets" handy lor reference. There is nothing to pay, and the book Will be sent by return of post, free, to any address. 147 4 IRL.—Wanted, clean, respectable Girl, age about yX lb, to assist ill house work.—Apply 1. Hannah- gtfeet. Docks, Cardiff. 700 J^ERVANTS SUITED FREK.—Wan ted eight *0 Cooks, 24 GeneVals good references good Wages. Stamp reply.—Mrs Watkins, 126. Wyndham- Crescent, Canton, Cardiff. 74b NN,7 ANTED, strong, clean, willing General Servant, »*v about, 16. active, and used to children. —Mrs lewellyn, 25, Woodville-road, Cathaya, Cardiff. WANTED a good General Servant at once, for 'T two in tliiiily. -Apply personally, 20, Park- street., Temperance Town, Cardiff. 89C '1;¡:r ANTED, at once, a good General Servant, who T can wash and irm.—Apply to tllrs Day, 125, King s-road, Canton, Cardiff. 868 W, ANTED, a strong Girl as General Servant, from country preferred.—Apply 8, Lower Cathedral- *oad, Canton. Cardiff. 369 WANTED, strong, middle-aged, domesticated General Servant; one u^ed to public-house duties preferrd good wages.- John Howell, Anc- tioneer, Aberaman, Aberdare. 799 w ANTED, a respectable young Girl, not under 18 years of age, as General servant.—Apply 24, "lynrhondda-street. Cardiff. 727 WANTED, good Servant.—Apply Horse and v v Groom, Woman by-street, Carditf. 743 w IT-NTED, good strong General Servant one able if to do plain cooking.-Apply Mrs Williams, Masonic Hotel, Dock-street, Newport.. 251 WANTED, good General Servant.—App)y 1, Cwrt- ?T T v-vil-rcad, Penarth. 645 "V\T ANTED, a gojd General Servant one nble to V v cook—Apply Mrs Wansborough. Lindholme, Neva-road, Weston-super-Mare. 6b5 ítuntton5 iHacam. B-OOKBIN DING 'A;-ImÏ>roverUto -the- ?oJ achiuc -0 Rulhg and F&rwatding wanted at once, at W, Chappies, Neville-street C?rd?n'. 878 BAKERS jase Keep Away from Cogan dispute JtJt pending. BRICKLAYERS wanted.—Apply May 26th, Llan- biadach Sinking, Pwllypaut. 880 COLLI FRS used to stee measures wanted for v, opening out new work and headings.—Apply Manager, Meiros Colliery, Llanharran, Llanrrisant. 442 DRESS and ManUe Makers WanÚd. Bodice JL? Hands, Skirt Hands, and Mantle Make's — Apply George Greenland, Draper, Hereford. 763 DRESSMAKER ;?nd Mantle Makers.—Wanted, ?_? experienced Bodice and Shirt Hands abo ,D 'lailtie -viakers permanent situation out-doors.- Apply l £ v:ins and Allen, the London House, Newport, Mon. 933 d ROGERY and Provision Trade.—Wanted at once, \J a Young Man and a Haulier.-Apply C. Hawley, 19, Commercial-street, Newport. 268 PAINTER wanted, at once,-Apply J. D. Parfitt. Jj_ 6. Sonierton-place, Maindee. Newport, Mon. 273 LA".TERL, R,i Wanted also good Carpenters, 7d per hour, at Mertliyr Vale-Apply Rees, Merthyr Vale. 79, ■ JAINTEKS and PapeTh:mgl's wanted.—Apply ? JL Rodd, 12, Constellati.m-street, Adamsdown. Cardiri. 666 STRONG Lad wanted one used to striking.— Kosser, Herbert-street, Newport. 24a Dnb HAIRDRESSERS?To Let, Large Room, A lately occupied by barber leaving through 11ne58; very good business pAace.-29, North-street, owlais. 690 WANTED, at once, a good Striker state age and experience. -Address Striker, South Wales Echo." Newport, Mon. 271 WANTED, YouHs Man. about 22, to Sell Milk f' 'Wf\e" 6s week, live iudoors.—Prothero, Peny- gtoes, Llanedarne, Cardiff. 693 WANTED, strong Lad for Bakehouse must be T V able to moui,t well.-Apply to E. Davies, King- street, Blae:;avon, Mon. • 696 VU A1\TED. a sharp Girl as apprentice to the trou V T sers making.—Apply 53, Treharris-street, Roath' Cardiff. 679 WANTED, respectable Youth, one used to the V T Butchering preferred.—Apply 3U, Custom House-street, Cardiff. 748 WANTED, a respectable Boy (one just leaving T T school) as Messrtnger must know the town welt-Apply" South Wales Daily News Office. Cltr- diff. Situations (»aiant £ D. A S UNDER-HOUSEMAID or General, age 18 J\_ good references.—Apply Alice Gibbs, Varmster, Ruardean, Gloucestershire. I 800 SITUATION wanted by experienced married man S as Coachman, or Groom and Coachman thoroughly experienced in all stable duties able to drive single, pair, taudem, or lour-ia-hand accus- tomed to hunters exceptional references.—Address Coachman, "South Wales Daily News" Office Cardiff. 3774-100 WANTED, Employment for respectable Girl as tv Nurse or young General Servaiit.-Servaiit.,i Agency, Beaufort-street, Brynmawr. 896 WANTED, by middle-aged person, Situation us Working Housekeeper or Business, or Place of Trust.—7, Machen-street, Upper Grangetown, Car- diff. 761 ledtr;. iilanagws, &c. AW.— Cardiff solicitor requires General Clerk.— I J AcUlresss, with references and salary required. —U E-IO, Echo Office, Cardiff. 840 SHARP Office Boy, quick at B?ures, wanted in important business ofbee; smwil salary to com- mence, with a view to futnn', Must be r?spect;?ble and abstainer.—Apply in own handwriting (referring to schoolmaster) to A. B 883, Daily News Office, Cardiff. 885 ^gincigs, Qrrabcllerz. A (JENT Wanted £ 25 per quarter, paid weekly, splendid opening; experience unnecessary; tpecimeus free.—Address Coinpo Iliorks, Farnwortu, Bolton, 766 t SALARY of 30s per Week and good commission may be earned by a few hours' application daily. Highly respectable Agency. No samples or goods to sall-Apply, by letter, (A47), 3, Brushfield-street, London.K.C. 872 WANTED, respectable, energetic, and experienced T V Canvasser for town good references required splendid chance tor pushing man.—A. and G. Taylor, Aroade Studio, Newport. 256 WANTED at once, energetic Men in-town and T f country to push A. and G. Taylor's latest specialities.-Duke-street, Cardiff. :;99 WANTED everyone to read this.—Splendid Nickel vv Silver Case, containing Pen. Pencil, and Rubber Stamp with your Name only, 9d; with name and address (three lines), Is 6d post free.—F. Burch, Hartlepool. b09 £ o £ iymgs, apartments, &c. APARTMENTS.—Sitting-room and bedroom, six ??_ miles from Newport ten minutes from a rail- way station. Grand mountain scenery. Pleasantly situated. Grounds seven acres in extent.-Address House," Porter's Advertising Office, Newport. 262 LADY, much aJone, wishes to find someone to A Share her House pleasantly situated in Victorh,- avenue. Maindee, near Wesleyan Chapel.—Inquire Mrs Trestrail, Cheptow-road, Maindee, Newport. 253 APARTMENTS.—Sitting-room with one or two Bdroorns to Let entlemen dining out pre- ferred.-Apply Ashley Villa. Caerau road, Newport.254 PARTMENTS to Let (unlurnished).one or two f-). bedrooms, bath and every other convenÏence,- 49, Kings-rood, Canton, Cardiff. 715 APARTMENTS (Unfurnished)—Two good Rooms to respctaùle people, without family.—16, Rennie,streeL. Canton, Cardiff. 674 COMFORTABLE Apartments for one or two Young \? Gentlemen terms moderate.—Mrs John, Bridge House, Clarence place, Newport, 261 COMFORTABLE LODGINGS for one or two respectable Youug Men, with or without board terms moderate.—6, St D?vid's-place. Maindee, New- port 250 t ^OMFORTABE Lodgings to Let for Gentleman V hot and cold bath; terms moderate.—Address- 32, Plantagenet-street, Riverside, Cardiff. 671 ¡:'0l\fFOf1'ABÜ:Sitting and Bed Boom to let V Hot and cold bath. No children, Terms mode- rate.—53, Despencer-street, Riverside, Canton, Cardiff. 673 J CCOMFORTABLE Heme for young Lady engaged in business; terms moderate.—Address J. U., Echo Office, Cardiff. PU RNISH ED APARTMENTS.Bedroom and f Sitting-room to Let use of piano suiL two friends terms moderate no children.—Apply 17. Victoria-crescent, Newport. 248 LODGINGS for two respectable Young Men il JJLJ quiet fam'ty: terms moderate; no children.— 15. Lower Cathedral-road. Canton, Cardiff. N5 iJ>LEASANT Unfurnished Apartments every con- .I venience no children or lodgers.—E. G., Echo" Uffice, Cardiff. 634 \STANTED, for Young Married Couple, front fur. f T nished Bedroom and Sitting Room. Neigh- bourhood of Byder-stteet preferred,—Apply P 752, Echo Office, Cardiff. 752 Houses, &.c.. KSfanftd. WANTED, a small ViiJa or Cottage with nice garden, in or near Canton,-ApyJy Lodgprios, Echo Office, Cardiff. 870 Jor ^aie—ljauses, WaitD, &.c. FOR SALE, by Private Contract, Eight Houses, 6 with good gardens and back entrances, situate ill Oichard-strees, Caerleon-road, Newport, Mon. Long and moderate ground rent.—Apply to Mr VVilliam Wade, Solicitor, Newport, Mon. 266 1' 7VJR SALE. Two Howes, Gordon-road, CardiS 1 well let.—Apply 8. Working-street, Cardiff. 846 SALE. a small Villa in Richmond-road, in JL' good condition.—Apply X. 9ftice. Cardiff. 043 Houses, «t.. mLl Wet. COMFORTABLE House to Let, at 4, Adamsdown? ? square.—For particulars apply 18, ConsteUation- street, CardiS. 692 r|M) LET (semi-detached), Panteg Villa.. Chepstow- X road, Newport; 11 good rocms. modern con- veniences within; rent low.—Z. 14."Daily News" Office, Cardiff. 849 r«W LET, 66 and 67, M'tU?han-street, Penarth, two Jt houses in good condition two large kitchens and scullery each five other rooms rent low.-Apply 40, Plassy-street, Penarth. 8:0 'r-ü LET, COLtathays 5-;eRuha.nd stre';t J. 6s pr week.-Apply 8, Workin-st., Cardirf. 822 Burnaby-street, South Splotlands, 1 Caidiff, 8s per week.—Apply Lawrenny Hous, Moira-terrace, Splotlands. Cardiff. i25 rgVJ'LET, Good Dwelling Houses, containing six S rooms, situate Victoria-avenue, Maindee im- mediate possesion rent low.—Hoyburne and Brown. 1. Friars-chambers, Dock-street, Newport. 243 iBiisinesst's for Sisuosal.. BUSINESS PREMISES for Sale, suitable for Out- JL? fitting or Boot and Shoe hop. or Butcher's Shop; immediate possession—Apply Drower, A her. carii. 860 IT'OIt SALE. old'estabdshed Baker v and?G<cett- 1 grocery Business fixtures and biN?ry imple- ments included going abroad.—Apply M. Beacham, Caei leon. 69 IRONMONGERY and Plumbing Business in best Jt_ bUöiness towns in Cornwall, for immediate dis- posa1. An ironmongec with ?1,000 seeking good in- vestment should at once write Frank Fletcher, Leeds, also of 13a, Finsbury Pavement. L<JHloll. 852 BjCSTABLISHED 1845. — John Downing, F.A.I., Mjj Hotel Publican*' Valuer. Licensed Auctioneer, 1, Nelson-street, Bristol. Post free, lc..gest published list genuine hotels, spirit vaults.eountry inn-, beer- houses, temperance hotels,, drapery, bakin.lobacconÜ;ts, stationery, butchers, greengrocers, • iairymen. Businesses e.ery df?npt?!:]. £ 1C to £ 29,10'. fog goAA CASH.—Handsome Spirit Vaults, direct ?-S \7?' ronte to Theatre and Suspension Bridge lent under £ 20 greatest bargain now on offer.— Downing, H, istOI. 633 C1ASH £ 50.—Valuable Country Beeih<>use, populous J district main road Bath to Bristol, Present tenant 30 years. Large ga1 den, stabling,—Downing, Auctioneer, Nelson-street, Bristol. 638 .A.Slf£lOO.-Vel'Y handsome Spirit Vaults, fMing Training-ship immense thoroughfare, &c.. !tail way, Docks, Suspension Bridge. Convenient modern dwelling-house.—Downing. Nelson-street, Bristol. 638 (Ji/fl J1ÚŒustnr55 premises, &.c. BARRY DOCK (witliiu five minutes).—Lirge Busi- ness Premises to be Let or Sold; splendid opening for the iron1110IHfèry. grocery, drapery busin,,se8.- Full particulars from David Jones and Co., Auctioneers, Cadoxton. M2 ?OALYAROrStable. and Apartments to Let.— \j Apply 46, LIandatt-road. Canton, CardHf. 728 HOUSE and SHOP to Let, 9C Llewellyn-street, JLl Pentrc.-Apply James Rees, Ironmonger. Pentre Rhondda. 818 -( Gl\10RE VALLEY.—To Let, upon lease, from 1st ? ? of June next. that well-Known Double-Licensed Premises, called the Blandy Arms, situated in the ceutre of the populous mining distric of Ogmore Valley.—Apply to tJw Rhondda Valley Brewery Com pany, Limited, Treherbers or to the Secretary, J. hn David Williams, Ty Mawr, Tonypandy. 909 mo BUILDERS, Cab Proprietors, and other,- I Large Warehouse, suitable for stable, with loft; vmyctosetotown. Low rent.-Evans and Hughes, Auctioneers, Estate Agents, County Fire Office, Guildhall Chambers Cardiff. 7/5 SP:rENDID Business Premis:- to be L"t, being O No. 25, High'street, Newport.—Apply to J. Williams, 67, High-street. 272 ? ^tuaical. MISS WILLIE gives L ssons on the Pianoforte 1'- terms moderate enauiries invited.-Address Hope Cottage. Caerleon-road, Newport. 735 8 3 IANO (Cottage), nearly new, to be Sold, cheap J. no further use for same.—Samuel, 140, Bute' (I Cardi/J 815 VIOLINS (old), tmv and case compIele,lB2ibs and £ 3 10s Sccond-hand Flutina (Busson), £2; b agnins. —Moyns, Muslc Warehouse, Cowbridge-road, Cardiff. 361 p. Li. COURSE of 10 lessons, pianoforte and American *9 organ, by experienced master, at pupils' residences if preferred.—Music, Echo Office, Cardiff. 608 | K PIANOFORTE, nearly "newrfmiTeompass. ?JLe? trichord, treble, celeste. pedal, bright tone geomne bargains.—Moyns, Mu"ic-se))er, Cwbride- load.'?Cardin:. 3ó2 ^icirrbs, fcrpri&s, &i. A LL CYCLISTS—Read Answeis," and see for yourselves which are the most favourite mounts of the day. Premiers again to the front with a big majority, "Swifts" seccnd, "Rovers' thhd, all of which may be obtained of the Sole Agents for Cardiff and District, Parry and Williams, Cardiff Cycle Works, Westgate-street. Cardiff 747 IJIOR SALE, Safety Bicycle, nearly new;' cash £ j 10s.-Horse and Groom, Womanby-street, Cardiff. 744 OOD SAFETY for Sale, ball bearings throughout, X except pedals, with aU accessories.—Apply 29, Eldon-road, Cardiff. 910 f G ^O CYCLISTS.—Immense bargains. Before pur- 9 chasing elsewhere call and inspect our Stock of Rear-driving Safeties, Bicycles, Tricvcles, and Tan- dems. A large assortment of second-hand machines greatly reduced to clear. Sole district agents for the genuine '• Premiers," Swifts," Referees, Itivincibles," Buckingham and AdarllS" Cycles. &c. Repairing, painting, aud plating. First-class machines on hire by the hour, day, or week. —Parry and Williams. Cycle Manufacturers and Agents, Cardiff Cycla Works, Westgate-street, Cardiff. 2287—617 mHK TOWNSEND CYCLE COMPANY. X LIMITED 113, Commercial-street, Newport,. Mon Are now showing the largest and best selection of j SAFETY BICYCLES & TRICYCLES, By all the leading makers, consisting of Premier's, Rudge's, Singer's, Swift's, Raleigh s, Humbers, British Stars, &c., &c. Any of which can be supplied upon tbeir easy terms pf payment, or best discount allowed for cash. 59o H. DAVIBS &~CoTi CYCLE AGETNTST V t CARDIFF, Are Selling RUDGE SAFETIES' At £9 9s each, new. LIGHT QUADRANT SAFETIES, jSlb NETT. We are selling these very fast.. Our Genuine HUMBElt SAFETY, at 11s is a miracle at the price. As we sell the largest number of Safeties, probably, of any local firm, it will be to your advantage to call and see our 801 LARGE CONSIGNMENT of New Safeties just JJL<) arrived.—New lists, with Self-Propulsion" — practical bints and statistics — post-free, 8d stamps. We supply everything in Cycle Trade, and cannot be beaten. Rudges, Rovers, Premiers. Hum- bers, or any make supplied at same cash prices as other firms, or 011 easy terms; £IC 10s Light Safety, best value in trade. Large stock of accessories, &c. —MORRIS BROS., Official Repairers to Cyclists Touring Club, Cycle Works, Pontypridd, 530-2043 jrov jUliacgilangouB. A DIAMOND HORSESHOE PIN, set neat j? X warranted good brilliants only out of pledge last week B9. a bargain. Money returned if not approved of.—Blaiberg, Pawnbroker, 2, Bute- terrace, Cardiff. 662 A HANDSOME 'Bedroom?Suite. inlaid maple, j- almost new, large wardrobe cost 15 gumea, will take seven guineas.—Address Maple, "Echo" Office, Cardiff. tA6 B-OOH:=-SP1endT'd-l'JieO}Ogical and Classical Jtj? Works, from 3d each clearing library lists snt,-Addres<; Owner," 62. Cobden-road, Woodside, London. S.E. 904 CARVED Antique S-day Oak Grandfather's Clock, brass face, B5: Antique black and gold, S3. —J. Bailey, Newport Pagnell. 873 DAHLIAS, Cactus Dahlias, four beautiful varie- ty ties—Glare of Garden, Mrs Hawkins, Constance, Juarezii-two plants of each, true to name, for 2s free. —>haw. Heaeham Hall Gardens, Lynn, Norfolk. 604 EGGS, from a grand pen of Houdan's Crystal Palace f? Champion Cup strain, 2s 6d doz.; reduced from 4s 6d.—L. Dyer, Chepstow, Mon. 698 171GGS,—Black Minorcas, Abbot's, Hopkins and J['j Butterheld strains large grass run 4s M per sitting unfertile replaced.-22"" Cowbridge-road, Cardiff. 777 FIVE remark ably-handsome pure-bred Spaniel Jf Pups (from pedigree parents), two months old price 10s each.—A. Herbert, Agent, Caerphilly. 899 I7\OR SALE, large outside Shop Blind, with fittings; J Projectin Sign Wire Window Fittings outside G ts Fittings cheap.—B, 135. Richmond-road, Cardiff. 939 SALE, a Wagonette and Carriage.—Apply Jf Liverpool House, 96 and 97, Commercial-road, Newport. 2S0 IAOR SALE, nearly new Flat-bottomed Boat, in good condition.—Apply to Mrs T. Cole, 13, Castle, street, Weston-super-Mare. 861 SALE, the Coffee Stand, tep of Wood-street, JL' the property of W. Barran illness cause of dis- posql.— Apply Cotf..e," Echo" Office, Cardiff. 829 SALI, stylish Wagonette, seat six, cushions t' complete also set Double Harness.—E. Thomas, Pontywain, near Newport. 733 IHOR SALE, Break, nearly new seat 24 too large for owner (Marston, Builder, liirmingham}.- Apply 31, Cardiff-road, Newport. 263 FOR SALE, 18 gallons Milk, Delivered to Newport f daily.—Apply Farmer, Echo Omce, New&po9rt. ?9 17" WR SALE (cheap), Punching and Shearing j' Machine wiil punch ? by ? inch by hand. work by band or steam weIght about two tons.-tipittle 3, Alma-stri-et, Newport, Mon. 651 ITIOR SALE, at J. Gover n Yard, Wbarton-treet 1 CanlHf, Two New Sphng Carts, suit butcher or grocer, and New Spring Trolly,jwith drabble axles. 632 jpt OR SAL E About 1,000 BUNDLES OF PEA AND BEAN STICKS, Cheap. PONstORD B ROB., TIMBER MERCHANTS, NEWPORT. 217 FOR SALE,Portable Conking Range, copper boiler: _r size, 3ft. 6in. by 19in by 20in. to be sold cheap. -78. Tudor-road, Cardiff. 626 C't ILLARD'S Westgate Carriage Works, opposite old ?jr Circus, CardiS. Bargains for Sale—2 light Lan- daus, 1 light Cab Phaeton, carry 6, suit seaside. In. valid Phaeton. Family Wagonette wIth moveable hood, 1 Pony Dog Cart, suit IS hands. All the above in thorough repair and can be seen as above. 912 HEN CANARIES and Cages for Sale; cheap.— JH. Apply F. Gammon, 6, Mackintosh-place, Castle- road, HAULIER'S CART for Hire or Sale, holding two JJ)L tons, on reasonable terms.—Apply 9, Trinity, place, Portland-street, Pillgwenliy, Newport. 246 HEAD WASHING at Home made easy by jng M Tapp's Shampoo Powder Is per b.'X.—Depot, 57. College-green, Biistol. 2628-726 |J»URE GAME EGGS, warranted fertile 5? forl? Grand BUI! Cochin Cock, cheap.—Apply 141, Castle-road, Carditt. 676 PLlm(mSul;i'edëem.-ëlothing. Hoots, Dresses, JL hawls. Weish Flannel, Bedding, Under-linen, Watches, Jewellery, Tools. Guns. Telescopes; cliesip. -J a'. 0 hs, Herbert-street, Cardiff. 670 |>RIZE-BRED PlymouUi Rock Eggs for Sale R. Butterfield, Ainnworth, ml Stainthorp Strain. 5s per setting inspection invited. — C. Sims, near HHudpost Inl1, ::itow,hili, Newport, M011. 215 FOXY, H?-ncss, and Trap a brgain.-ApplŸ 14, JL Godfrey-street, Cardiff. 637 I^IGEON.— Fiist-class Racing Belgium Homers, from the weU-known Lewis hem! of Belgium, winners of so many long races 6s per pair.— Burgess, Bird Df?ler. 1, Adam-street, Cardiff. &1 # JERAMlJULAToRS, Mail Ca.'L. in new designs Jg casil, or easy tenns-Henry Th(lm3., Domestic Machine Del ôt. St.John's Chu,eh-squaro. Cardiff. 895 B JONY, Trap, and Harness, soid together or sepa- I. r ite, b irgain. £ 13. Trial allowed. Several sets harness.—21, Topaz street, Roath, Cardiff. 610 SALE OF BIRDS.—Large assortment of remark- ?? ably cheap Ca?e Birds, at J. H. Ormonds. 1J. Cros—stveet, Newport. Parrots, Canaries, Goldfish, in large variety. Canaries. Larks, Goldfinches, ill full song; aviaries stocked. Bini seed, ravel, paste. and remedies in stock. 908 PECI AL Gold Coins, Cromwell Broad, 1bbl). o Commonwealth Unit (scarce), B2 12s 6d; a larg i stock of 1);11.1 and ;-ilver coins to select from,-Henry Winstone, Junior, 12, Briuge street, Cardiff. 729 STRONG PLANTS.—Honesty, wadflowers, summer chrysanthemum (single yellow), very pretty, fuse bloomeis, each 3'J b (l free,-G., Weston Viciiage, StaHord. 1'0" 8OLID Brown Oak Suite in Velvet, workmanstuu )?? guaranteed, bargain for cash, 9 guineas; Oak .ùehoanl to match, bargain, 7 goi"s —Cambrian, I 27, Hayes, Cardiff. ° 653 fBIKA.—sbib bo\"s and upwards supplied at D-alcr'I>-¡ J wholesale prices. An excellent quality. Is 4d pound hrle sample post-free four stamps.—Clarke and Co., J, Popes Head-alley, London, E. G. 87.;) nrUHÜE Spiiru: Hand Trucks for sale suit, any Jl lmsines>:I-Apply 5j. Oxford street, Roath, 675 rjt?HM; PEOPLE'S COAL SUPPLY CO. (upon the X UnionM*: Co-operative Principles). P. Wride, Manager, 11. Mark-street, Cardiff. Why pay 18s per ton for Fuel, when you can obtain pure Forest of Dean" Compressed" Coal at 17s per ton, delivered ? Semi postcard. 9bi3 JjlURNlSil en our New Hue Svatem. Houses o. Apartments coripletely furnished on a new sys. tem adopted solely by us, whenJuy all publicity, exposure, and enquiries usually made by other com- panies aro dispensed with. We have au immense stock ot Household Furniture of cheap and superior quality. All goods sold on the Hire System at ready. money prices. We make 110 extra charge for credit and all goods sent home in a private van free of charge No stamp or agreement clmrges made; 110 bill of sale everything private. Arrangements completed withollt; delay, and, bin manufacturers, we guarantee quality, and will undertake to supply furniture, etc. at 10 uer* cent. less t ban any price-list issued by any firm it; ardiff Eleven showrooms Call and inspect our; immense stock, and compare prices before purchasing j elsewhere. We will supply S5 worth for 2. 6d weekly £10 worth, 4s weekly B15 worth for as weekly; £20t worth 6s weekly, and so 011 in proportion. t>peciaU! tenu\ for ¡aer quantities. Please uot-e the Address ?OUTH ?AL'M? FURNIsmNG COMPANY, 31, Castle-st. (neJOot to Ansel Hotel). Cardiff ASTROLOGY.—Your future life correctly foretold. Send birthtime and 7 stamps.—Prof. Thornton, 97. Buckingham Palace-road, London. Old Estab- lished. 624 ASTROLOGY.—What is before yon!1atm,e- of ?C birth, stamped ad?lre?sed envelope, and postal order, 1" to J. Wilson, Wilton-road, London, S, W. 80 ASTROLOGY.—Love, Marriage, Success, Is 7d ?-? Future Prospects, Is 1d; Three Years' Events, 2s 7d.-Send sex, birthtime, Signor Dasmail, COR- naught-road, VValthamstow. 874 l^~LECTROHYDROPATHIC i^abiishmeiTtT—R! JQJ Houghton, 1, East-terrace, Cardiff. Speciality, amly¡,;is Epilepsy, Gout, and Sciatic:t Circular on application. 8S7 FEMALE Corrective Mixture, a safe and c"na,in H' remedy for all irregu:arit)es.—For book, &c, ad- dress D. Higson, Box 83, North.s: Nottiagh?m. 400 fT^OR Good and Cheap Rope and Twine go to E, Jl' Wilcox, Ropemaker Removed from Ctarenee- place to the N wpon Rope and Twine Stores, New Dock-st. (OpDosite Steam Packet Hotel), Newport. 216 d S TUNKS and Co., Limited, Cardiff, supply all VJTe kinds of kneaders, whi,ks, tins, peels, and bakery requirements from stock.—Office, 4, Mill-lauu. No connection WJth auy oher firm. 648 (GENUINE CIDER.—How t;, -11kë;ètM pe-r X gallon simple, original recipe free, SIX staInp- —E W., Boxwell, Bradford. Wilts. 70*  LASS SHADES and Stands, all siz s. cheap also X Fish Globes and Goldfish, — J. Cording, Natu'n}isc and Taxidermist, 42, Royal Arcade, Catduf. 911 JEWELLERY, Watches, Watch Materials, HM'd. ? ware, Toys, Musical Instruments, Pipes whole- sale list post free.—Wright, St. Luke's-ro'td, Birming- ham. 843 i  COURT, Licensed Horso Slaughterer, Tilbacb M Farm, Mamhilad, near Pontypool. Ihe utmost value given fer Live and Dead Horses, Cows, &c., and fetched away any reasonable distance on the shortest notice. Telegrams and orders promptly attended to.522 i ? "¥ I." ? WATHINS, Chepstow-road, Maindee, X V Newport, has just recived Bl.OOO worth of New Goods, consisting of balls, fancy goods, china, toys. The largest importer in South Wales. Special terms to schools and shopkeepers for Whit i\lo n day. The only importer in England that sell strong penny toys, 76d doz. Open Whit Monday. 267 SLUGICIDE (Registered?—CertamT death to SlugS: ?? fertiliser to sOIl. harmless to plant and animal lite; Aedlillgs are secure when sprinkled with Slugi- cide Is 6d box.—The Slugicide Co., Maryleport-st., Bristol. 707 rIoBAécùNITS- Comnie;cing:=1Vrite for Illns* 1 trated Guide(229 pages). 3 stamps.—Tobacconist?' OutnttinR Co. (ReEtel'ed),186,Eu<;ton.rd ,London, 179 WHAT IS BEFORE YOU 1 Send six stamps. W birthtime, and addressed envelope, to (3. Gordon, 8, Princes-street, Westminster. 5_ 47 rtffT AAA ILLUMINATED Lord's Pra.yer and ?'e?.\7\ J 'V Creeds, sold by one man.—For prices, apply to Harris. Son, and Co., Artists, Merthyr. 710 ifUsallaitsaus Slants. ("lASH (lull .alue) given for Ladies', Gentlemen's, j and Children's Cast-off Clothing also miscel- ianeoua articles All orders punctually attended to 0', receipt of post-card.-l\1r,¡ Carter, 4% Broadway, Roath, Cardiff. 496 MRS M. MORISCO is prepared to Purchase to any ?jL amount Ladies' and Gentlemen's Wardrobes the very hihest Price given; all descriptio ns of Household Furniture reqmred.?-Addresa 13, Broad- way, Roath, Cardiff. 303 SPECIAL prices given for antique silver plate, rare coins, curious snuff boxes, inlaid furniture, pain ti.ngs, & .-Harry Winstone, Junior, Cardiff. 129 r |TANK wanted (second-hand), good condition, to Thold about 800 gallons, for cash.-J.. Norman, Worle, Somerset. 951 WANTED, Shares in CardiSStarr-Bowkett Societies state lowest price.—Alpha, ?South Wales Echo," Cardiff. 932 w ANTED. a second-hand Slate Cistern.-Sbate V V price and sizé, J. C. Cobb, 155, Cowbridge-rd., Cardiff. 845 WANTED for Cash. old gold and silver, rare Vv porcelain, ivory, miniatures, enamels. medals. &c.- Harry Winstone, Junior, Bridge-sc., .Cardiff. 729 w ANTED, to Purchase, an Iron Tank, holding T V about 130 gallons more or less; must be cheap and In good condition. -Apply 54, Machen. place. Cardiff. 682 WANTED to Buy, Marble Provision Counter and T V Nest of Drawers good condition must be cheap.—Apply Alberta, Echo Office, Cardiff. 722 moiieu- MONEY.—From £ 5 to El,ooo immediately ad- l'.I. vanced ill town or country on simple note of hand, without sureties, at moderate interest and easy repayments; no fees, all communications being strictly private.—Apply to Mr J. Ford, 119, St Mary- street, Cardiff. (Opposite Church-street.) 567 HOUSEHOLDERS and Others wantin, Cash JLJL should apply by letter to A. Blight, 27, Llall- bleddian Gardens. Cardiff 704 {VAND ?UPWARDS?'ADVANCED?o'HOUSE =- HOLDERS, MECHANICS, AND OTHEKS, UPON THEIR OWN SECURITY. No preliminary fees repayable to suit borrowe onvenience, by Mr J. P. THOMPSON, 71, ADAM-STREET. CARDIFF. Hours, 9 to 8. Wednesdays, 9 to 2. 62 "'M 0 N E Y r' The DIRECTORS of IT S. FIELDING & CO., LIMITED, ADVANCE DAILY Sums from £ 3 TO Xl,ooo. METHOD OF BUSINESS:— FAIR INTEREST, EASY REPAYMENTS. ABSOLUTE PRIVACY, NO DELAY. NO SURETIES, Trade Bills Discounted. Prospectuses and particulars free. Apply to Secretary. 10, CHARLES-STREET. CARDIFF. 36 0 CAROLINE-STREKT CARDIFF.-Fstablishad 4U years. Eb TO ANY AMOUNT ADVANCED, on day of applying, to all classes, as usual, without bill of sale. All transactions strictly private. Distance- no object. Town business transacted at a great reduc- tion. Trade bills discounted.—Apply LOUIS BARNETT, 1279—141 9. Caroline-street Cardiff. MONEY Lent from £ 5 to ?600 at a few hours notice to fanners, cowkeep&rs. householders and others 011 promissory not, alone, and on the borrower's own name. Distance no object. No charges of any des- cription are made unless business is transacted. Anyone 1 squiring a strictly private temporary loan without the usual publicity and loan office routine should apply to Phillip Bassett, 11, Penuel-square. Ponty- pridd. o78G—129 ]%/| ONEY LENT WITHOUT BILL OF SALE?A .I Private Gentleman is dcsirous of making advances upon Promissory Note alone, at 5 per cent- interest to male or female, without sureties, and strictly private, for any term not exceeding 10 years.- Apply for prospectus and scale of repayments to G. H. SHOVE, Esq., 21, Johil-st, Adelphi, London. W.C. 112  PMVATE Gentleman has Money to Lend from A B5 to ?500, to farmers, market gardeners, householders, and pubiic generally; in strict con- fidence and without publicity; no preliminary fees asked for. Apply to William Thornley, Lundy House, Caerphilly. 6i9—2354 (COMMERCIAL ADVANCE BANK, 39, QUAY-STREET, CARDIFF. S3 to £ 500 can be obtained on the same day as applied for by professional gentlemen, tradesmen, farmers, cowkeepers, and householders. Applicants may rely on the strictest secrecy being observed. Charges moderate, and no enquiry or other fees charged unless cash advanced. Country applica- tions attended to without delay. Apply personally or by letter to Nlr L. JOSEPH, COMMERCIAL ADVANCE BANK. 143-60 19, QUAY-STREET. CARDIFF. ?t p. TO 21,000 ADVANCED to Professional Gentle- ;t5 men, Tradesmen, Mechanics and Householders generally upon Note of Hand, Furniture, Stock, or other security. Repayable to suit borrowers' convenience. NO DEDUCTION.. NO FEE? "?' Borrowers ar6 warned aaillst advertisers who profess to lend at 5 per annum on note of hand. Bona tide lenders cannot advance at such rates; we candidly -dinitwocannot Such alluring advertisements are out traps to obtain fees; try them, but don't pay fees. Our customers can rely that no unfair advantage will be taken of them. Ascertain cur terms, and then decide whether to borrow or not. All communication strictlvprivate.—WILLIAM USHER& CO..T„IMITED 14. PICTON.PLACE SWANSEA 658 MONEY LENT ON NOTE OF HAND ALONE iTi in Sums fr Li 20 tQ S5,000.—The National Mercw'ile Bank, Baltlwin. street, Hristol.- The Directors of this old-established, well-known office, having large available funds, offer unusual facilities to all resp ctabl<» and trustworthy persons who require either temporary r pernmmmc assistance. Cash in amounts from :S2(fto jt;2,000 is advanced in all p 'rcn of the kingdom, without sureties delay, or publicity, and on tfic? security only of the borrower's written promise to repay. These advances may be repaid by weeitly, monthly, or quarterly instalments, extending over a period of time convenient to the borrower or the principal may remain 'o long as the interest is ttrilN '?o bills of sale taken and the transactions pare ?.t nublished in any newspaper or gazette.— Apply, stating amount reqii re(l, T. C. Milburn, General Manager. 701 MONEY.—From £ 5 to FBOO Advanced on Loan at 1.'1 Ji. a day's notice upon ct?jy term of Ro-payment i. the strictest terms of Privacy. No bill of sale or preliminary fees required.—Apply, personally or by letter, to P. SAMUEL, Rotunda-buildings, 862 (Opposite Great Western Hotel). CARDIFF. "— STUDY YOUR HEALTH BY DRINKING LEWIS'S D A 1-VI D E 1. 1 10 I-V. COFFEE. IT -IS THE BEST. HEALTHIEST* AND MOST DELICIOUS. IN TINS, M AND Is EACH. 751 X PARK COAL COMPANY, SALISBURY-ROAD, CARDIFF, WHOLESALE AND RETAIL COAL MERCHANTS AND CONTRACTORS. SOLE AGENTS FOR THE CELEBRATED; INTERNATIONAL COAL. ALSO "PARK," "ECONOMIC," SMITHS AND ENGINE COALS, THROUGH-^ND THROUGH COALS. ALSO PATENT "WASHED NUTS." PRICES ON APPLICATION. SPECIAL QUOTATION FOR THREE TONS, AND UPWARDS V AGENTS:—J. COCKS, 94, Elm-street: C. H. CRUSE, b2, Lower Cathedral-road; and P. W RIDE, 11, Mark. street Canton. 607 CARDIFF I FUR STORES, THE HAYES. 1 MANUFACTURING FURRIERS. A large stock of all kinds to select from at low prices. Furs of every kind made and repaired. Cloaks and seal jackets re- made or altered and lined to pretieiit fasliioii, Capes and muffs re-linea same, day, at very low prices. ALL KINDS OF SKINS DRESSED & MOUNTED 719 L. BLENKINSOPP. FRENCH STAY AND CORSET MAKER,. 5, WHARTON-STREET, QARDIFi ALL OJDERS PROMPTLY ATTENDED TO. No connexion with any other firm. 3b9 DAY," rapidly successful in all cases, J. f either recentor chronic; an infallible remedy in all discharges. Cures without iuedicines.-Sold in bottles, s pq eaclJ, by post 2s 9d, by all chemists. London Agents, F. Newbery and boos, 1, King Edward-Street, E.C. Agent for-Cardiff, J Mun'day, Chemist, 1, ^Jigh-street ( —j ———— ?nmsen?cta. l 1 THE ATRE"ROY AL, !L < ——. LESSEKANnM?NtQKR??MrKDWARt) ?LETCUER AmrNG MANAGER ?.??.?.? Mr JOHN SHRRU)A? Enormous Attraction for the Whitsuntide Holidays. TO-NIGHT, TUESDAY, MAY 27th, The preat domestic and realistic drama, I DRIVEN FROM HOMK. Playing at. present to crpwded bouses in England and America. Sensational and startling scenic effects. Box Plan at Tliompsoii and Shackell's, Limited. GRAND THEATRE, CARDIFF. Popular Pi-ices and the Best Companies. The Management beg to draw attention to tiie comfort of the Auditorium, to the splendid lofty circles, and to the introduction of the electric light throughout the House and Stage, thus ensuring PURE AIR AND A COOL ATMOSPHERE. The Coolest, the Safest, the Comfortable Theatre WHIT-MONDAY AND DURING THE WEEK, WILSON BARRETT'S & HAL CAIN'S Great Drama BEN-MY-CHREE, v.-ah the Princess's Scenery and Effects. Mr Charles Dornton and Full Company. Two Day Performances (if wet), Whit-Monaay and Tuesday, May 26th and 27th. Doors open (morning performance), J.30 early doors, 1. Doors upen (evening perform- ance), 7; early doors, 6. Popular Prices-Circle, 2s Stalls, Is fed Back Circle, Js Pit, 8d Gallery, 4d. Monday Next—A NOBLE LOVE. Monday, June 9th, England's best tenor, J. W. TURNER and his Grand Opera Co. 723 T H E E At P I R E' PALAcr OF VARIETIES, Manager .QUFEN-STItEET OSWALD STOLL. TO-NIGHT PALLES AND CUSSICK, LILIAN KOBINA, JOK EDMONDS, FARRELL AND WILLMOT PROF. NORTON, B I L J. Y SEWARD, THE THREE PHYDORAS, Monday Next, Florence Bilton, sistor of Lady Dunlo. N ANA'S GOOD-BYE WEEK. LAST -LTI DAY BUT FOUR in Cardiff of Suchorowsky's superb painting, NANA. Now on Kxhibition Daily from 10 a.m. till 11 p.m., at 5, CASTLK-STREET (opposite the Castle). Still a prodigious success. NANA'S ethereal beauty and tender grace have won the unbouWietl admiration of the many hundreds of ladies who have seen her in Cardiff. Unstinted homage has btien paid by Literary and Art critics to the merits of th."» masterpiece. NANA-LAST WEEK. WILL POSmVELY CLOSE on SATURDAY NEXT, MAY 31st. ADMISSION. SIXPENCE. 821 fetursums. DAILY SERVICE between CARDIFF <JL? and WESTON bv the S?oon Steamer LADY MARGARET, -Or otler suitable steamer (wind, weather and circum- stances permitting. MAV7l89a LEAVE CARDIFF. Tues. 9 30, 11.0 I a.m. 12 noon, 1.45, 3.01 p.m I Wed. 28-10.0 a.m, 12.30, 3 30 v>.m Thur. 29—11.15 a.m, 1.45, 40ptn Fri. 50—12.15, 2.4b, 5,0 prn S it. 31—1.0. 3.15, 5.45 p,m LEAVE WESTON. Tues. 27-9.60, 10.45 a.m, 12.20, 1.15, 8.0 p.m Wed. 28-11.15 a.m, 1.45, 9.15 p.m Thurs. 2.1-12.30, 2.50, 5.20 P.111 | Fri. 30—1.30, 3.50,6.10 p.m I Sat. 31-2.10,4.30, 7.0 p.m QPECIAL EXCURSIONS FROM o CAKDIFF By the steamers EARL OF DUNRAVEN, QU'EEN OF THE BAY, and EAltL OF BOTE. Wind, weather, atkl circumstances permitting. WHIT- I To WESTON7 LYNMOUTHTand? TUESDAY, ) ILFRACOMBE. At 9.45 a.m. 1 Leave Cardiff 9.45 a.m. Ilfracombe By Bonnie 6.0 p.m. Peon. Lynmouth 6.45 p.m. Weston 9.0 p.m. t  To 1LFRACOMBE DIRECT. wISs. To lLFACOl\lBE DIRECT. WF,DNES- Leave Cardiff  p.m. Ilfracombe DAY, m 7.30 p.m. At T> M Faies to-and-fro Fore Deck 2s 6d, By Boinie Salo(,n 3s- Doon. JONES & COMPY., CLOTHIERS, HATTERS, AND TAILORS, FAVE OPENED THEIR NEW PREMISES, g 0HCRCH gTUEET, QiEDI F Fr WHERE THEY ARE SHOWING A LARGE AND WELL-SELECTED STOCK OF jypN's, YOUTHS', AND BOYS cLO T H I NG, IN ALL THE NEWEST STYLES, .4.f THE LOWEST POSSIBLE PiilCES FOR CASH. ALL GOODS MARKED IN PLAIN, FIGURES. 606 A REMARKABLE RED WINE. T>ALFONT £ lN. 30s PER DOZES 3-J Oi exquisite Bouquet and Delicious flavour guarantscil absolutely pare, possessing the body and quality of Port. Keeps perjccily in the dcMnter 101" one or two weeks FOR LUNCHEON Compares favourably with Burgundies and Clarets at double the pricn. "Afillbodied,.tnd generous wine."—The Lancet FOR DINNER. Especially suitable for Invalids b' reason ofits daintiness aud eay digestibility, fjr winter or summer, Sales increase r.«pidly wherover introduced. 30s PER DO?.EN. Mr CHAS. ESTCOUIIT, F.I.C., F.C.S., certifies- The bouquet and flavour show it to be a Natural Wine of suprior quality, with keeping properties, Hole Consignees, SANDIFORD & SON King- street, Manchester, will sand 3 Dozens, carriage paid in U.K., or placed Free on board ship, on receipt «f remittance. Special Discounts for 12, 21, and 48 dozens, or in Wood. AGENTS APPOINTED ON APPLICATION. BALFONTAIN, 943 5318 16980 JL? 943 3518 1?980 TOOTHACHE. LEWIS'S O 1) ON TI C IS-THE OUliV £ JERTAIN Q0&E FOR TOOTHACHE, IT NEVER FAILS TO GIVE jpSTANT RELIEF. 752 Sold Everywhere iu Bottles, at 7h(i andIlActevtob A i K FOIC SOUTH WALES CELEBRATED J AMS AND ?AARDIALADH, ijSOUTH WALES JAM AND MARMALADE COMPANY (LIMITED), CANTON, CARDIFF. » Post Free Six Stambs. V A R I C 0 C E L Ev. Jts Causes, Symptoms, and Pathology, together wit a description ot a new and saocessfnl method of treat msnt without operation. By a ScitUKo.v.' Ltaidon Edwin Price, 76, Chancery Lac*, 76 l iäusÍ1t£ss ôùr£S5£5. FISHING REQUISITES. FISHING TROUSERS. < FISHING STOCKINGS. BROGUES, BAGS, ETCA THE BUCKLAND FISHING JACKET, And every description of Waterproof Coats and Invernesses for FISHING and general wear. Our Illustrated Catalogue of FISHING, TENNIS, And other REQUISITES Free by Post. ANDERSON, ANDERSON, AND ANDERSON, 8, QUEEN-STREET, CARDIFF 831 LISTERS' WAREHOUSE CARDIFF, J jpURVEYORS OF PURE -WOO.L,. JJIABRICS AT WAREHOUSE JpRICES. The LARGEST STOCK of INDIGO aud WOADED BLACK SERGES ttnu All kinds of Woollen Cloths in the Principality. EOX'S NOTED WEST OF ENGLAND SERGES and HOMESPUNS MAHONEY BROS. LTD., CELEBRATED BLARNEY SERGES and TWEEDS. SCOTCH and WELSH TWEEDS and HOMESPUNS. LISTERS NOTED UNTEARABLE TWEED FOR bOYS' SCHOOL WEAR IMMENSE VARIETY of TWEEDS for Ladies' Travelling, Cycling, and Walking Cisfnrces. FAST BLACK CASMERES and MERINOS. Direct from the Mills. FAST BLACK BROUHE CLOAKINGS. COLOURED BROCHE CASHMERES in 21 New Art Shades, as now worn by the Rank and Fashion of the World. TENNIS. BOATING, and CRICKETING FLANNELS, Fast Colours and Thoroughly Shrunk. PATTERNS FREE. CARRIAGE PAID oil ALL PARCELS over 20s. Any Length Cut at Wholesale Warehouse Prices. One trial is .sufficient to prove the superiority of goods over Retail Drapers. LISTERS' vVJ\REl-i()USE, QUEEN-STREET, 104 CARDIFF. 104 TO sTfo P K E E P E RS AND THOSE C^JMMKNCING. G. F. LOVF.LL, 1 ANUFAOTUIUG. COXILECTIONBl{ NEWPORT, ;yj ON.j PAYS CARRIAGE ON ORDEKS or £ 1 1 AND UPWARDS. PlnCl<' LTST FnEF, ^LWAYS gOMETHING -7EW. ?- -3L  J ? 7?0 FOR THE HOT AND SULTRY WEATHEIt- SALINE POWDER. FOR PRICKLY HEAT— SALINE POWDER. FOR LASSITUDE AND FEVKR- IHNESS- SALINE POWDER. LIVE LONG KEEP WELL SALINE POWDER SALINE POWDER SALINE POWDER SALINE POWDER SALINE POWDER SALINE POWDER SALINE POWDER SALINE POWDER SALINE POWDER SALINE POWDER SALINE POWDER SALINE POWDER SALINE POWDER SALINE POWDER SALINE POWDER SALINE POWDER SALINE POWDER SALINE POWDER SALINE POWDER SALINE POWDER SALINE POWDER SALINE POWDER SALINE POWDER EFFERVESCING SALINE POWDER. One or two tea-spoonsful dissolved in halt a* lumber of spring or filtered water forms a Sparkling, .Acidu- lated Draugiit pleasant, cuoling, and refreshing. It is useful in ti;e following cases — Feverishness, Billiousuess, lleadache, Sickness, and Habitual Costiveness. Prepared by JISSE WILLIAMS & CO. Pharmaceutical Chemists, 7, Park Hall Buildings, Cardiff. NOTICE. This Saline is composed of Tartaric Acid, Cream of Tartar, Magnesia, Chlorate of Pot-ash, Bicarbonate of oàa, and the tinest pow- dered Sup;ar. The ingre- dients areVwtefully dried in steam heated compart- ments, and thoroughly mixed by machineiy. The proportions of the ingre- dients are accurately ad- justed so as to produce a prolonged aud sparkling effervescence, and to en,ure the perfect solubi;ity aud luedicinal activity of each of the component. parts JESSK WILLIAMS & CO. CARDIFF. PRICE—Is 4J lb, and in Bottles at Is each also in ilb Tins, 5d; lb Tins, 91; aud lib Tine, Is 53. JESSE WILLIAMS & CO., rjlHE p EOPLE'S CHEMISTS, CARDIFF. 2U V-/ 212 PIANOS.—WHY BE WITHotTFoKl JL When you can become the omier of a nice instrument for the ainall payment of 10s 6d FUR MONTH ON HOMPSON AND gHACKKLLS UlUi £ SICSTUM No security required, and the instrument delivered to purchaser on paymunt of arat monthly instalment. Every instrument guaranteed, and exchaugod if not approved ORGANS AND HARMONIUMS ON SIMILAR TERMS. THOMPSON AND SHACK ELL, P?ANpFO&fE AND MUSM WAREHOUSE, ?EJSN'S BUILDINGS, CARDIFF ,.t' SWANSEA, NWPOT! M??R??YB. "'PONYFWP, PEAaTa. ?d QLOUCTE. 1*   V 1 JpUBLIO j^-OTIOE 1 Special preparations made for our Whitsuntide trade. Splendid Assort- ment of GENTLEMEN'S, YOUTHS', and BOYS' CLOTHING. MASTERS AND CO., THE CARDIFF CLOTHIERS, 29 and 30, Sr. MARY-STREET, 292, BUTE-STREET, ST. JOHN'S-SQTTARE, and No. 1, QUEE.V-STREET, CARDIFF. b9 TESTIMONIAL FROM H. M. STANLEY. THE GREAT AFRICAN EXPLORER, TO DR. JAEGERS SANITARY WOOLLEN SYSTEM CO., LIMITED. MR STANLEY WHITES CAIUO, 1st Feb., 1890. I have pleasure in testifying to the excellence of the Jaeger Clothing, which, during my late journey, I found very good." DESCRIPTIVE JAEGER CATALOGUE SENT FREE BY E. ROBERTS 30, nUKE-STUKKT, CARDIFF, The Jaeger Trad e Mark (enclosing Dr Jaeger's portrait) Guarantees Pure Wool. Nu so-called Jaeger goods are genuine without it. 251 R7 LEvVLS. 15, CUSTOM HOUSE STRKJvT, CARDIFF, WHOLESALE DEPOT FOR PLATE-GLASS, OILS AND COLOURS, VARNISHES, PAPER HANGINGS, SoIl" Consignee for South Wales, Monmouthshire, and Herefoni, of PAHKER'S KATHARTIC MARVEL FLUID, Begs respectfully to inform the Public that, to suit the convenience of the Trdde, HK WILL CLOSE KARLY OX SATURDAYS INSTEAD WEDNESDAY'S, as heretofore. From this Week business hours will be 6 a.m. to 7 i->.m. Saturdiv, fc a.m. to 3 p.m. 4043-240 CLOTHED WITH AIR. CRICKET, TENNIS, AND CYCLING SHIRTS. C.T.C. Shade Grey for Cyclists. with Cap to match. A BoolI. WHITE SHIRTS, LINEN FRONTS AND CUFFS, CELLULAR BUDIES. SIMPLY DELIGHTFUL FOR SUMMER WEAR. LETTER FROM Iia M. STANLEY, THE CELEB KATE O EXPLORER, ° CELLULAR CLOTHING CO., LD. Vilia Victoria (Telegram Addrnse- Marini, Cairo), Cairo, 29h March, 1890. Gentlemeu.- I am instructed by Mr Henry Stanley to inform you that the 6hirts were an admirable fit, and the other goods excel- lent indeed. Mr Stauley further requests me to ask you to send him 1 doz. shirts (dress) simi- lar to the one sent him, and of the Bame size and number sent before. Yours faithfully, LEONARD K, WILSON. HENRY M. STANLEY. Mesers the Cellular Clothing Co., Ld. # bOLE AGENTS FOR CARDIFF, JOTHAM & SONS, 26 AND 27, ST. MARY-STREET, 142 142 CARDIFF. ESTABLISHED 1M2. LOUIS BARNETT & SON, PAWNBROKERS, 6 AND 7, CAROLINE-STREET, asd 49 & 19, BUTE-STREET, CARDIFF. MONEY ADVANCED UPON ALL KINDS OF VALUABLE PROPERTY AT 4D. psr. £ PER MONTH. CHATWOOD'S FIREPROOF SAFES FOR VALUABLES. ——— 837 OPEN ALL DAY ON SATURDAY. rr H E GREAT SPECIFIC. )lAT MILTON'S AMERICAN llEKB PAST K. MAT MILTON'S MAT MILTON'S MAT MILTON'-S MAT MILTON'S MAT MILTON'S MAT MILTON'S MAT MILTON'S AMERICAN HERB PASTE. MAT MILTON'S AMERICAN HERB PASXtf. 1§3 Is warranted to cure all I discharges. Thoroughly reliable con- venient to take. In tins, 2s 9d and 4s od each. Free by post 3d extra. HEWSON'S COMPOUND PENNYROYAL PILm FOR FEMALES. In boxe, Is l?d ?nd2s9d each; free by post 2d extra. Local Agents: C&rdiS, Mr Mund&y, Chemist, 1, U?be. street Newport, Mr J. PhUiip?, 92, Commercial- street; Swansea, Ir Keall, Chemist, 199, Hi?h-acreet. ?' F. H. Hewson, 8, Victoria-! ?venue, Maindee, .iowpor?,l Mon. I London s Barclay & Sons AMERICAN HERB PASTE. AMERICAN HERB PASTE. AMERICA!' HERB PASTE. AMERICAN HERB PASTE MAT MILTON'S AMERICAN HERB PASTE. MAT MILTON* AMERICAN HERB PASTE- lO'll ààte.5.5ts.. FRY'S PURE CONCENTRATED ¡: COCOA. t.7; t: To secure this article ask for" Fry's Put Concentrated Cocoa," 44 W HIT S U N T I DJS i^ FOR BOYS' SUITS, I TRY MASTERS' AND CO. Satisfaction Guaranteed. The Largest anI Best Selected Stock in Wales. Durability Cheapness, and Style Combined. MASTERS AND CO., THE CART>wp C&sv&tVM; Qi N J l^j-ARSH AND COMPY. rr FIRST-CLASS l FUNERAL ESTABLISBMENI\ ) IS THE BEST IN THE TOWN I FOR ALL CLASSES OF FUNERALS. I 80. S" M? STKEBT> 0ARDIFF. PRICE LI?r ON APPLICATION 15541 —————— EXTRAORDINARY PIANOS, BARGAINS, NOW ON SALE AT DUCK, SON, & pINKER'S. NO SUCH VALUE IN WALE." Guineaa PIANO, Mahogany Case, excellent condition 9 BitOAllWOOD PIANO, good order 10 CAPITAL PIANO, Black and Gold Case. 15 IRON FRAME PIANO, Elegant Walnut Case 17 IRON* FRAME PIANO, Full Trichord, Handsome WIlnut Cae 11 BROADWOQn PIANO, Itosewood Case, Check Action, Trichmd 20 COLLAltD PIANO. Handsome Rosewood and Gold Case 22 KIRKMAX PIANO, Seven Octaves, Hand- some Rosewood und Gold 21 HOPKINSON PIANO, Seven Octaves, Tri- churd, Elegant Walnut and Cold Case 2é ERARl) PIANO. Check Action, Trichord, Ac., Biacl; and Golri 28 BROADWOOD PIANO, Seven Octaves, Tri- chord, Walnut an,1 GuJd Case 28 Full particulars uf the afIove Marvellous Bargains, with hASY PAYMENT TERMS, post free OB appplicaiion to JQUCK, SON; & pINKED THE GREAT PIANO STORES, BATH. 178 NAISH BROS. RELIABLi; HOUSE Jjl URNISHERS, CAHPETS, LOO R CLOTHS, JgEDDING, ALL GOODS WARRANTED. (No Connection with any other Firm,) N ?Y??jg??g? 72, QUEEN TREET. /CARDIFF. Q9Z VV 992 SHORT'S WALL PAPERS RAPIDLY INCREASING IN FAVOUR WHEREVER SEEN Offices and Showrooms-35, VICTORIA- STREET. Wholesale Warehouse — 123, THOMAS STREET, 30 BRISTOL. SOLD BY ALL GROCERS, PIMM'S FLOCR, PURE SELF-RAISING AND SPECIAL, THE DELIGHT OF HOUSEKEEPERS. PIMM & Co., PACKERS, CARDIFE. rpHE NEWPORT fMON.) F U R I S H I N G COMPANY. B IMITED. 5, Skinner-street, Newport. Sib OE MADAM,— The unqualified success of the NEWPORT, (MON.) FURNISHING COMPANY, LIMITED, in giving satisfaction to their maoy Customers, has decided the directors to make tbe advantages of their mode or business more fully known, and all who require their houses furnished ou the Weekly Payment System should write and nblain terms, but if possible pay a visit to the Warehouse, g gKINNER-STREET, OPPOSITE WESTGATE HOTEL, J^-EWPORT. j rj^EETH i TEETH 1 i TEETH ï": MR KEALL, SURGEON DENTIST 199, HIGH STREET, SWANSEA (Jalt below the Great Western Railway Station), Begs to intimate that be can produce a perfectly fitting Set of Teeth in one ciear day. Toe very best workman- ship guaranteed. Painless Dentistry by Gas, also by the new Anaesthetic Cocaine. Partial Set from os per Tootll Upper or Lower Seu rom Two Guineas. KKALL'S TONIC AND NEURALGIC MIXTURE, Sure and Speedy Cure for Neuralgia, Tic Doloreuj Rheums, Toothache, ana all Nervous Pains. Is lid and 2s yd per Bottle. Througu any Chemist Cardiff: Mr Munday, chemist, 1 Duke-street; Mr llobb, chemist, Roath. Newnort; Messrs Gftrrett Bros., chemists, 171, Commercial-street. Neath; Mr J. G. Isaac (late llayinan), chemist. Llanelly; Mr Gwilym Evaus. London Newbery and Sou. 1038-1.