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THE WELSH LEAGUES) I CARDIFF AND DISTRICT R,U. i I Schcoi and Schoolboy Matches! By 1, SPOKES." I Cardiff and District Rugby Union I Crdiff and District Rugby I The inter-league match with the Bridgend District, abandoned through frost last Satur- day, will be re-a-rrang-od. It will take place on the earliest passible date at Bridgend. The draw for the cup competitions will take place on the first Tuesday in March. Romilly are in favour of playing all the ties on enclosed grounds, but the other clubs dissent. 1he usual custom of first out of the hat to have choice of ground, will, there- fore, be followed for all the first round matches. I, 1^ is the unanimous feeling of the aenaor clubs that the, competition for the Mallett Cup should be restricted to these clubs who have taken part in the senior league. Cardiff Northern did not attend Tuesdays meeting to explain their decision to forego all league games. However, I hear the Northern representa- tives will attend the next meeting. The apparent difficulty oi tie Northern -club is over the fact that they have insufficient open date*. fixtures already arranged should be carried out. This, it is hoped, the Northern wiil recognise, and thus make it unneces- sary for the matter to be placed before tne Welsh L'nion. vv Q!enure:! have lodged a claim of £5 for I oss of gate through one of the Rhondda, fiuba di-"d.p'¡:'vinÜu,; them on Boxing Day. Mr. W, 1:1.. Perry has resigned the secre- taryship of St. Michael's. lie will still re- tain his seat on the union committee. ¡' clubs who have neglected to forward their annual subscription will not be a-llowea to yarn treats iu tne cup arar. The tip of Mr. T. D. Schefield (W.F.U.) is that the Bridgend and District League will win the inter-league game. We shalt see. jfoizrwiitu ai tail strengtn, are a. triiie hot. Their draw with, the league leaders, laraiig'et,. ,v □, on Saturday last proves it. The sons of brm. should maKe 11 bold, bid this year br the Jiallett. After the rumpus at Llanetiy on Saturday last, the We-hoh Union might copy the rule oi the local Union and grive their referees cower to decide on the ataeas of grounds for P-iay when opposing teams disagree. Business finished early at the last meeting, and aa. fiour or so was given to a, debate 011 next season s prospects cf pTofessionaiiim in Wales. The debaters acknowledged that there is a. certainty of the number of professional clubs being increased next season. That secret arrang-aments have been made by at le.-st, three ciubs now run all amateur lines to vert to open professionalism at the end of this season! The increase of professional clubs will do mora harm than good to the professional movement, was the unanimous opinion, -vow Merthyr and Ebbw Vate have the monopoly, but with more ciubs competition for public patronage will begin. The ten pounds towards away expenses may be dropped, and the Welsh clubs will find that Northern clubs will be unable to play, all the locals. Gran get own's appeal a-gv-ihst Northern for the latter side's failure to turn out on the Roath Park on JLLnuar-y 4 has been àHdwNi, e been awarded the and the bricklayers have been awarded the points. Referee Morris reported that the ground was playable. A. Thomas, of Cardiff Fruiterers, naa lately been assisting Whitchurch. The latter club were unaware that Thomas was cue of the I banana, boys, and were thus held free from blame. The transfer of Thomas to the l villagers has been suspended for a fortnight. Players desiring to change their clubs should note th?t no transfers will be granted, after the cup draw. The only cha¡n of the week i? H. John. from Heath Adyttj to 8t, Saviour's. The Union are in possession of the birth If certificates of the to'lowing placers:—A. Lewi. H. B. John, J. Noon. F. C. Coombes, ?. Rntter. J. M'Guine?. and J. 13?arry, Appli- cation for them should be made at next Tues- day's meeting. 1 am sorry to learn that the services of Mr. C. L. Prke will not be available for a fort- night. He has badly sprained his ankle. Mr. Price has refereed oftener this seasoa than any ofTier district referee. To-day 3 match between Canton United and Grange Barbarians at the Sophia Ga-rdm3 will almost prove a decider in the champion- bliip of the third league. Both clubs are at the top, and as the fixture is for four points its importance is obvious. Undry, of Canton Crusaders, is a really fine forward, but he has a. little too much energy in tackling now and again. Erodd, of the Taff s,. is another player of the same kind. The cornnjittee, on the report of Mr. D, Evans, has suspaeided the. pair for a fortrilghf.1 Rc.a.th Adults at 8-ckrtt ran out winneirs against St. Saviour's by ten points to three. J. Hedges dropped a very fine l. and Haines kicked a penalty. Hunt obtained the Saints' try. It was a fine effort. Rhymney Valley Junior League The league, through, the withdrawal of Mae hen Seconds and tao exclusion of Mer- thrr Seecn-ti?, in addition, t-o the work of King- Frost, has been rather quiet lately. The position of Merthyr Seconds is causing a lot of controversy. For instance, Fleur-de- Lis were due at. Merthyr lac.t Saturday. Without any exception, the players wished to go—despite the exalusion—and act as eCports: The hard frost, however, made the visit impossible. It docs seem hard lines that the Merthyrites sho-uld be excluded at this late period of the season. Evidently the Merthyr Amateur CLub intend to see the matter through. They have requested the league secretary to convene another meeting to thoroughly thresh the matter out before it i3 reported to the Welsh Football Union. Notice cf motion, in favour of Merthyr s case ha3 also been given by "Spokes" to the Union of Welsh Junior Leagues. A trial match has been arranged to take place at Aberbargoea next Saturday, and a league meeting will be held afterwards to re-consider the Merthyr question. Deri played Aberbargoed Seconds at Floor- de-Lis ori Saturday. Deg<pue the hard ground ground, the two hundred spectators witnessed a capital gsume. Deri won the re- play by three points. Aherbargoed were the better team first hait. but the rushing tactics of the Dentes pre- vailed, and in the later stages they com- pletely outPlayed. their opponents. Sirhowy Valley League. Jack Frost was master on Saturday last. He prevented the Hibernians v. Georgetown match from being played on the "Rec." Georgetown appeared anxious to play, and did not mind their limbs, but the "Hibe" chaffingly stated they ha.d no ambition to overcrowd the hospital with sripples. Should the Swansea ground be frost-bound on the 1st of February, for the intamational match with Scotland, the Welsh Union should remember the Troectrhiwgwair field, as this app.pared to be the only ground fit for Hay in Waleso say the "Troedy" boya and Referee IlaTeq. Troedrhiwgwair have a. liking for hard- frozen soil. They visited Sirhowy on batur- day last, and persuaded the home men to tarn out. Sirhowy are repenting-they were beaten by six points to three, after a scram- bli-ng jame. After the' visitors scored their second try there was trouble- Parflt tackled D. Evans, the home full-back, and it is alleged whilst holding him from falling Evans introduced Marquess of Queensberry Rules. Parflt, the victim, had to be carried off the field, and Referee Hares gave P-anny ma,rohing orders. One of the home officials seemed to encourage the conduct, for he endeavoured to persuade his team not to play without Evans. After a little delay the players showed their gcod sense by resuming play. To-day is an exceptionally busy day. The Hi ha visit Argoed to play their last away league jaffle. They are likely to win the remaining four home games. Ex-Schoolboys. The C. and D.R.U. have had another appli- cation for addition to the ex-ohoolboys' league, but as the applicants failed to oro- duco birth certificates to proro all their players under the seventeen years, of age limit the application was refused. As the ages of all the players in the nine affiliated clubs have been verified, the deci- sion is right. T-aff Juniors and Canton Crusaders both decided to may last S?to.rd?y. d"pite the haj^l 7round. The game resulted in a poin.t- less draw, but TaS wpre the better 8ide, Referee D. Brans tells me that both full- backs did Snely. icbael was the pick of the threes—he seems to improve ip every ntatoh. On one occasion he had ham 4in4a m not scoring after a fine burets He ju.&t.. failed to ground the ball. Gwyn Nicholls, jtww has developed a fault. He has in recent matches made tha mistake of running his wing too. near the touch. He should rectify this blemish. Canton Crusaders' three-quarters do too much kicking. Mere passing, lads. MDougall, the Wei.? a schoolboy inter- | national, bas. the making of a, ra.re good half. To-day at Newport the ex-cboolboys of Usk- sidc and Cardiff meet. The 30 players are well within the age limit of seventeen years. The W?lsh Union at the?r meeting in Feb- ruary will receive deputations from the Union of Welth Junior Leagues and the Welsh Schools Union. relating to the forma- tion of old boys' clubs. Schoolboy Rugby -k I rp?t a, d,av Almost a, blank day throughout Wales, St. Monica> v. Crwys-rcad created a, record by being the only game played, and the (Saints ran up another record by winning. The game waa fairly even, and the score of eight points to six gives credit to St. Monica's sliglit superiority. Pinnell and Rumble played finely for Crwys, and Francis and Meyriek for St. Monica's. Newport" and District Junior i Rugby League Last Saturday's trial match at Pontymister was a big success, and the committee were able to jndga the merits of the vario-us players in no uncertain fashion. The District forwards and three-quarters were collectively better than the Town. but at full- back and half-back Newport had the advan- tage. The committee met at Dowdall's Great Western Hc.tel in the evening, and chose their team to play against the Monmouth- THE WELSH HALF-BAC«S. Co. Evening Express photograph. — — i shirs Valleys oR Saturday next at the New- port Atihictio Grounds. Kick-off, i.30 p.m. Newport and District: Eack, J. Wetter (Con- servatives); three-quarter backs, "W. E. Phillips, *G. Prothero, T. May (League of the Gross), and *W. Williams; hali-cacks, H. Phillips (Lcaffiie of the Cross) and 'J. Knig-ht; forwards. R. Carney tMaindeej, *A. Friend, *C. Morgan, G. Morgan, A. 01sen (League of the C'ross) *P. Murray, J. Walsh (Conserva- tivet-i, and J. Le-nnham (League cf t-,ne Cress). District cluDs. Personal Will the leagues, clubs, and many football friends who have iorwarded expressions of their sympathy in my recent sad bereave- j ment kmdiy accept my grateful thanks? Rhondda Valleys League Although Jack Frost .had the reins in hia hand on Saturday last, Rhomldaiws aeftea his power, Thorc were f wo league matches. Oiifynydd waty the seeno of cperatio>n3 for Llwynyp^a Reserves- to play their second leaguo encounter. On arriving at the ground it was quite apparent (judging1 by the crowd;, which was quite a large one) that none had thought of old "King Frost." The referee viewed the ground. he ca.Iled the attention of both captama (Rees and Pat;e,miln) and asked them their opinion. Without any hesi- tation they decided to riay a lea-gae match. For not patting the ball in the scrimmage fairly the hoy* from "Uwy?iy" w?re peral- Woods landed a ?oal. It was a ..Tean-i^eida showing &Jme pr,t.y ana it looked at times tha.t nothing oould prevenl the visitors from notching points. In the second half the referee had the unplca-r.iEit I-nt.37 of ordering J. Felix iLlwynypia Reserves) oft' the field for alleged us-3 of ioul language, -ille final sc-jre re^a—Ciil'ynydd 'Quins, one penalty goal; Llwynypia Reserves, nil. For the 'QuÜ;¡ "Nero" Janles was not in hw best mood, but Woods Ma.r&hm?B, and ?zpith (trd.eT?n-?in? v?l that eame their way. T --4nn -'i"lf spoiled his display in hanging t?) the ball too long, tl?a ?r?atly hampering his partner and also the throes. Of the forwards Archer, Smith, and Rees (captain) were the shiniinig lights, Trealaw Juniors entertain-ed Williamstown Juniors on the Cemetery-road ground. It waa very hard with frust. Despite the con- dition of the ground, both teams decided to play a lPJague match. In. the second half matters improved immen»jely for. Trealaw, and the spectators were treated to some fine passing by their backs. Their first seore came through Ivor John, who dropp-ed a splendid goal. Shortly afterwards Salter crossed the rubicon with a well-earned try, which was not converted. For Williamstown White was the best of a poor set of "threes, whilst Spencer Edwards at outside half played well behind a pack of leaten forwards, his fine defensive play being a featu-re of the game. Dai Jones and Bootn were the pick of the forwards. BreweT played' a great game at full back. Ca.mbda.n I BoYS have been asked to send in their list cf expenses incurred for the match when Pantypridi United failed to raise a wa,m to fulfil the league fixtures at Clydach Vale on November 23 last. The verdict will be no other than they have not been just and fair in their method of transaction of affairs. Pontypridd Y.M.C.A. was troubled with a nervous shock on Saturday last, when they realised the fact that Trebanosr had arrived in the "Coalopolis" with a full team. Buit "not for Joe" could they be persuaded to face the mrusic of g-oals and tries. With the facta submitted to the league by BLaenllechau, Llwynypia Reserves had arranged to 'P'y them on Saturday last, but on Wednesday, January 8. the latter sent a postcard to inform them that they could not play, as they had arranged to meet Oiifynydd away. Now, Mr. O'Brien, tia is hardly fair. I and the way to prove Lt is for you to oe placed in the same position. "Ware teg, bachgen, is bonny play." Ii Blaenllechan, although disappointed, were favoured by Da,me Fortune in arranging with Ferndale Rovers a.t the last, minute to play a, guarantee match at Blaenllechau. It was a splendid game, in which the homesters were top sawyers all through. D. Lewis (the burly league forward), R. Wood, and R. Thomas scored tries, of which two were converted, and rau c-Lt winners by thirteen points to nil. I Monmouthshire Valleys League The selection committee met at the Via- duct Hotel on Saturday last and picked the following team to meet Newport and District on the Athletic Grounds on Saturday next in the Welsh League championship: —Full-back, T. Humphreys (Pcntypool); three-quart era, right win?. A. N. Other, right centre, Ben Evans fP?ntypool), left wing, J. Davies (Taly- wa.in), &nd left centre, C. Morgan (Crumlin); half-backs, W. Keefe (Talywam) and A."X. Other; forwards. H. J. Trott (Newbridgei, F. Bishop (Crnialin), G. White (Crumlin), A. Russell (Pbntypool), S. Tudgay Talywain), W. Lewis (Llanhilleth), F. Evans Cewbridge), and-A. N. Other. The committee will 'meet igain thife evening to fill th-e vacancies. ) ANSWERS TO CORRESPONDENTS. A. Raven-hall CH.M.S. "Ramillies", Devon- port).-Glamorgan County were not beaten by any team in Cork last season. "S.D." (Merthyr).—Ask your league to apply th? Union of Welsh Junlor Leagues to re-open the case. "D.E." (Cardiff).—Will appear later. "Brawn" (Aberavon).—F. E. Nicholls was from the Cardiff Harlequins and not Car- diff Football Club. He obtained his Welsh cap against Ireland. He did not even figure ia the reserve list when the team was chosen, but was taken over and played, owing to defections at the last moment. "Cwm".—Llanelly.



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