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FASHION OF THE WEEK. A LOVELY EVENING FROCK. (E. 279. j Each week, as it passes, seems to bring with it a crop of new evening gowns, all lovelier than their predecessors. All the world and his wife seem to have become dancing mad, for one hears on all sides of invitations to subscription and private dances, of jancing clubs, of dance teas, and of new dancing classes. And for all theee entertain. ments there must be suitable frocks, conse- quently the shops and showrooms of the West-End are full to overflowing with beautiful models of every description, rang- ing from t'se semi-decollete frock, which is considered the correct thing for wear at dance teas and for afternoon dancing gener- ally, to the full dress and very much decol- lete creation which appears at large balls and functions of the kind. Practically all the smartest evening gowns are beautiful in colour and design, whilst a great many of them are very sumptuous as regards material. The loveliest brocades- often heavily interwoven with gold and silver thread-are used in many of the neweet gowns. So. too. are velvet, satin beaute, crepe de Chine, Georgette, gauzes, both plain and shot with metal threads. charmeuse, tulle, and exquisite filmy lace, to say nothing of furs and embroideries. The beautiful and uncommon mode' sketched in our illustration is carried out in a most effective alliance of soft, peach- coloured charmeuse and lovely lace in a jellowish old-lace shade. The under corsage of this drees is entirely made of the lace. It is quite plain, slightly full. snd is opened in front in a deep point, the border of the lace being arranged to edge this opening The short, transparent, and very loose sle-ve-i are cut in one with the lace underbodice. Over the lace comes a small tablier corsage of the charmeuse. This is open to the waist in front, the edges being rolled over in the prettiest way, and is finished by a heavily padded piping along its inner edge. The corsage tapers off to nothing at the shoulders. The skirt, of the charmeuse, is quite plain, and is narrower at the bottom than round the hips. Over it, on each Inp, comes a cleverly arranged cascade drapery of the lace. This is at its broadest round the hips, where it gives the effect of width, so fashionable just now, and tapers off towards the bottom of the skirt. A couple of ostrich tips in golden yellow shading to pink, and freely powdered with glittering gold, are tucked into the folds of the charmeuse belt. Paper patterns can be supplied, pric, lB. lid. Enclose remittance and address tc Miss Lisle, 8. La Belle Sauvage, London. E.C. 4. Note: The price may vary from week to week.

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