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:ale by Auction. BOROUGH OF ABERGAVENNY STRAKER, SON & CHADWICK, F.A.I., will offer bv Auction in OCTOBER, All those Three Freehold Shops. situate and known as Nos. 26, 27 & 28 CROSS STREET. Particulars from the Auctioneers, or of J. MOXON, Esq., Solicitor, Newport. BRECOXSHIRE. PARISH OF CMWDU. tI. STRAKER, SON & CHADWICK, F.A.I., will offer by Auction, early in November, at the BEAR HOTEL, CRICKHOWEU,, All those FREEHOLD FARMS known as CWM UCHA AND BLAEN CWMRHOS. Particulars from the Auctioneers, or of O. W. BRUNDRIT, Esq., Solicitor, Denbigh. MONMOUTHSHIRE. PARISH OF LLANVETHERINE. Four miles out on the Old Ross Road from Abergavenny. J. STRAKER, SON & CHADWICK, F.A.I., are instructed to submit to Public Auction, in Two Lots, subject to Conditions of Sale to be then and there read, at the AGEL HOTEL, ABER- GAVENNY, at Three o'clock in the afternoon, On TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 4th, 1919, ALL THAT VALUABLE FREEHOLD FARM situate and known as THE GELLI FARM Containing cn area of 63 Acres (or thereabouts) of w..ich 20 Acres are arable conveniently situated adjacent to and inter- sected by the Parish Road, with Stone and Slate built Homestead, containing Dining and Drawing Rooms, Kitchen, Scullery, Pantry, Dairy, 6 Bedrooms, also good Cellarage.' The Out- buildings comprise Barn, Granary, 4-stall Stable, Wain House, Shed, 5-tie Beast Houses, Cots, Open Shed with Yard, 3-span French Barn. Now in the occupation of Mr. J. Lewis on a February tenancy at the Low Rental of £68 per Annum, Tenant paying Tithe (value for 1919, ^11 4 2). Good Water Supply. The Valuable Timber will be included in the Purchase Price. Also a FOUR-ROOMED COTTAGE Jet to Mr. Handford at the rental of £ 1 9s. 3d. a Quarter, Landlord paying Rates. A Commodious Small Holding known as LOWER GELLI containing an area of ia. ir. op., consisting cff an excellent Stone-built and Slated Residence, con- taining Sitting Room, Kitchen, Scullery, Larder, 4 Bedrooms, Box Room, also Cellarage, with Stabling and Piggery. Now let to Mr. Isbell on a yearly tenancy from May 1st at the rental of £ 20 per Annum, payable quarterly, Tenant pay- ing Rates. Tithe payable by the Landlord (value 1919, 4s. 2d.) The Land comprises an Excellent GARDEN & ORCHARD. Particulars of Sale and any other information may be obtained from the Auctioneers, Aber- gavenny or of C. DAVIES JONES, Esq., Solicitor, BEDWAS, Mon. HEREFORDSHIRE. PARISH OF GARWAY. 4. STRAKER, SON & CHADWICK, F.A.I., are instructed to offer by Auction at the INN, PONTRILAS, on MONDAY, NOV. loth, at 3.30 o'clock, the VALUABLE Small Holding known as ROCK COTTAGE containing an area of 5 Acres (or thereabouts). Particulars in due course from the Auctioneers, or of H. GALLIENNE LEMMON, Esq., Solicitor and Notary Public, Abergavenny. thitfT THITV X U V MARKET HALL, ABERGAVENNY. TO CLOSE AN ESTATE. 4. STRAKER, SON & CHADWICK, F.A.I., are instructed to announce a forthcoming Im- portant Sale of HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE to take place about the middle of November. BY PERMISSION a limited number of lots may k be included, subject to particulars being re- ceived by the Auctioneers on or before Nov. 7th, at their Frogmore Street Office. MONMOUTHSHIRE. ON THE OUTSKIRTS OF ABERGAVENNY. 4. STRAKER, SON & CHADWICK, F.A.I., are favoured with instructions to submit to Public Auction (unless sold by private treaty), subject i to Conditions of Sale, An Outlying Portion of The Coldbrook Estate AT THE ANGEL HOTEL, ABERGAVENNY, ON TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 25, 1919, at 2.30 o'clock in the Afternoon, including with Possession in March, 19.20, The Freehold Residence CAERDERWEN with GROUNDS and LANDS containing an area of jl 8A. 3R. 34P. Together with Seven Farms and Small Holdings. hot Description. Acreage. 1-Pot House Farm and Chase 39.377 2-Stops Cottage and Land. 30.287 3-Pentre Farm and Woodlands. 91.675 4-Foxes Bark Farm. 49.775 5-Pentre Cottage 998 6—Dan-y-Sklrrid Farm 38.213 7—Caederwen— Residence & Lands.. 8.962 8—The Plough Inn 332 Particulars of Sale and any other information from the Auctioneers, J. STRAKER, SON AND CHADWICK, F.A.I., Abergavenny Land Agent J. W. EARLE, Esq., F.S.I., 6 Quality Court, Chancery Lane, W.C. 2; or of J. R. JACOB, Esq., Solicitor, Abergavenny. THURSDAY NEXT, NOVEMBER 6TH. 1 t GLANNANT, CRICKHOWELL. tI. STRAKER, SON & CHADWICK, F.A.I., will Sell by Auction (owing to the sale of the R Estate) the whole of the V Hot House Plants. 1 in suitable lots, together with 50 DOZ. POTS, PANS, &L Other lots may be included by permission. Sale at 1 o clock. Auctioneers' Offices Abergavenny and Crickhowell. THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 13, igrg. CEFNDYGLWYD FARM, LLANVAPLEY. 4t miles from Abergavenny. 4. STRAKER, SON & CHADWICK, F.A.I., are instructed by Mr. Noah Pritchard (who is leaving) to Sell by Auction his 45 Young well-descended HEREFORD CATTLE including 20 Fresh 2-year-old Steers & Heifers. M SHROPSHIRE LAMBS. 9 SHIRE-BRED HORSES AND COLTS 10 STORE PIGS THE AGRICULTURAL IMPLEMENTS AND GEARS. 7 Tons of HAY. 18 Tons OAT & WHEAT STRAW. 49 Drills of SWEDES. 100 Acres of GRASS KEEP to February 2nd. PART FURNITURE and DAIRY UTENSILS, including a fine old Oak Refractory Table, 5ft. 6in. Walnut Sideboard, I I-stop Pickhard ORGAN. POULTRY APPLIANCES. Luncheon at 10.30. Sale at 11.30. Auctioneers' Offices; Abergavenny. Sales by Auction. Established 1747. DAVIS & SONS, AUCTIONEERS. Property Specialists and Expert Valuers For the County of Monmouth. ARCHITECTS AND SURVEYORS. I 26, STOW-HILL, I NEWPORT. TEL., 2815. 1 MAGOR HOUSE, I USK. TEL., 8. MONMOUTHSHIRE. PARISHES OF PENALLT, LLANDOGO, WOLVESNEWTON1 and NEWCHURCH WEST. SALE OF A FREEHOLD FARM AND THREE SMALL HOLDINGS. DAVIS & SONS have been instructed to submit to Auction (subject to conditions of sale to be produced), THE FOLLY FARM NEWCHURCH WEST, with about 27 Acres 0 Roods 36 Perches of sound Pasture Land, with NEW HOUSE standing thereon and other Outbuildings. THE UPPER GLYN PENALLT, with about 5 Acres 2 Roods 34 Perches of Pasture and Orcharding. The House and Outbuildings are convenient to the road and about I miles from Redbrook Station. THE BOWERY TREGAGLE, PENALLT, with about 10 Acres of Pasture Land, with House and Buildings thereon, situated Ii miles from Redbrook Station TY-MAJOR WOLVESNEWTON, with COTTAGE and about 10 Acres 0 Roods 24 Perches of Pasture and Orcharding. Particulars, with Plans, free upon application to the Vendor's Solicitors Lot I MESSRS. WATKINS & Co., Club Chambers, Pontypool. Lots 2, 3 & 4: MR. MAITLAND WATKINS, Usk. Tel. No. 19. or from the Auctioneers 26 Stow Hill, I Magor House, Newport. Tel. 2815. I Usk. Tel. 8. MONMOUTHSHIRE. In a Picturesque part of the County, close to and above NANTYDERRY STATION, on the main G.W. line between Newport, Pontypool Road and Abergavenny. IMPORTANT SALE OF AN ATTRACTIVE AND CHOICE FREEHOLD PROPERTY, known as GOYTREY FARM, situate as above, and adjoining a good road, and in the Parish of Goytrey. It comprises a Substantially Built MODERN RESIDENCE of 5 Bedrooms, Bath-room, Dining-room, Draw- ing-room with bay windows, Kitchen, Scullery, small wall-enclosed Yard, Lawn, Garden, etc., and suitable OUTBUILDINGS; And well-farmed and watered Enclosures of PASTURE and fertile ARABLE LAND, lying within a ring fence, the whole having an area ot 60 ACRES now let on an annual Candlemas Tenancy, which RENNIE & JONES are favoured with instructions from Mr. John Rees to Sell by Auction, at the KING'S HEAD HOTEL, NEWPORT, on WEDNESDAY, NOV. 12th, 1919, at 3 p.m. Plans and Particulars may be obtained in due course from the Auctioneers, Newport, Usk, Monmouth, and Chepstow or MESSRS. DAVIES & PRICHARD, Solicitors, Cardiff. Miscellaneous. Another visit to Abergavenny Look after your Health. Keep well and the whole world is yours from which to take the fulness of happiness. Mrs. Clara E. Slater's appliances have restored thousands of women to health and happiness. They assist nature in its most trying calls. Mrs. Slater understands women's complaints, probably, as no other specialist does. Her unique experience, extending over 25 years, enables her to offer you proved and tried advice and assistance. Consult her on MONDAY NEXT. She will diagnose your case fully without making any charge for her advice. You have all to gain and nothing to lose by seeking her assistance. Ruptures, Women's Internal Weaknesses, Misplacements, &c., cured and relieved without operations or Internal Instruments. Special Treatment for Floating Kidney and Varicose Veins. ALL ADVICE FREE. AJRECENT TESTIMONIAL. Bristol, October 1st, 1919. Dear Mrs. Slater,—I am more than delighted to add my testimonial to the others you have. I feel I can only second what they say. I wish all poor women who suffer like I have could have a belt; it is terrible to think- what agony women suffer, when they could enjoy life as other people do. I have been wearing one of your Prolapsus Belts now for six months, and feel a different woman in every way it has taken away all the dreadful dragging pain which I have suffered for eleven ytutfs—no doctor's treatment having any effect. LJ shall be pleased to recommend your Belt to any sufferer.— Yours faithfully, (Signed) A. T. MRS. CLARTE. SLATER VISITS ABERGAVENNY On Monday Next, November 3rd at THE GOLDEN LION HOTEL, HOURS 1 to 4. Write, enclosing 2td. stamps for postage, for New Illustrated Booklet, WHY INTERNAL INSTRUMENTS SHOULD NOT BE WORN," to Mrs. Clara E. Slater, C5, Cromwell House, High Holborn, London, W.C. I. J 71 'm  Illustration depicts my Renowned Rupture Belt. Note how evenly the weight and pressure is distributed. COULD NOT SLEEP FOR ITCHING. INOLAK CURED ME. YOU use INOLAK for Itching Eczema, JL Pimples, Chillblains, or any skin trouble. First touch will stop itching and start certain cure. No matter what you have tried, use INOLAK, the only remedy that will DRAW OUT all that causes skin trouble. Does not burn or sting. Will always cure. Get INOLAK, 1/3, 3/ 5/ of ROBERTS, Chemist, Frogmore Street, Abergavenny, and Chemists everywhere. Wanted. > < WANTED, gqod General good wages.—Apply Yendoll, Globe,Tredegar,Mon. WANTED, young Girl daily as Housemaid.— Mrs. Marsh, Bryntirion. WANTED, a good General Servant.—Beecli- croft, Abergavenny. CHARWOMAN—Mrs. Williams, 35 Mill-street. Recommended by Mrs. F. Baker-Gabb. WELL SINKER WANTED for cleaning out and repair work 65ft. well in Monmouthshire. —Apply County Land Agent, County Hall, Newport. WANTED, a Waggoner, also used to hedging. Good wages to suitable man to live in.—• Lewis, Pyscodlyn Farm, Abergavenny. WANTED strong Boy, or Man, used to farm work indoors.—Morris, Dairy Farm, Pen- rhos, Raglan. WANTED, by Railwayman, Two Unfurnished Rooms in or near Abergavenny.—Apply X., c/o Chronicle Office. WANTED, post as Organist, in or near Aber- gavenny. — Apply Organist, Chronicle Office, Abergavenny. WANTED, young Girl as General, able to wash help given.—Da vies, Westward Ho Windsor- road. TWO Girls Required for Floral Work, also Two Boys to work in Nursery.—Apply Pitt & Co., Brecon Road Nurseries, Abergavenny. WANTED, Yon to know the Best Time to Sow Broad Beans, from Nov. 1st to 28th. Best variety Seville Long Pod, Best stock at Fraser's. WANTED, good, strong General, under 20, for Pontypool. Four in family two maids kept. —Apply with references to Box No. 18, Chronicle Office. WANTED, young General for Business House age 18-23 comfortable home. Fare paid.— Apply Mrs. Lewis, 51 High-st., Harlesden, London. WANTED, a good General four in family good wages to capable girl references essen- tial.—Seargeant, Aenon House, Pen-y-pound. WANTED, an intelligent Youth as Apprentice to the Printing. Good progressive wages.— Abergaveony Chronicle Printing Works. WANTED, Second-hand Pianos and Organs, for cash. Best prices given.—Send card to Heins & Co., Ltd., The All-British Firm, 23 Brog- more-street, Abergavenny. GOOD Plain Cook Wanted two in family, four servants gbod wages good reference in- dispensable.—Mrs. Beckwith, Moor Park, Llanbedr, Crickhowell. MAN AND WIFE Wanted for Plain Cooking and Housework man must have knowledge of table work.—Apply, giving references, and stating wage required.—Mrs. Harry Blessley, Nant-Fawr, Lis vane, Nr. Cardiff. WANTED to Purchase, Ladies' and Gentlemen's and Children's Second-hand Clothing: best prices given: will call on receipt of post card. —Apply, lira. Jackson, 4 Chapel-road, Aber- gavenny. ARTICLED CLERK Requires Bedroom and Sitting-room.—Apply J. Straker, Son & Chadwick, Abergavenny. WANTED, intelligent Youth as Apprentice, to learn Piano Tuning and Repairing. Preference given to one who has had some piano lessons and can tell the names of notes. This is a good opportunity for a really quick and re- liable youth, who does not mind being told how to do a thing, to learn a useful trade.— Apply, with full particulars, to Heins and Company, Limited, The All-British and old established Piano, Organ, Harmonium, and General Music Merchants, 23 Frogmore-street, Abergavenny. For Sale. GARDEN BARROWS, Ladders, Carts, Gambos, &c.—Watkins, Wheelwright, Mardy, Mon. GOOD CIDER FRUIT for Sale.—Apply Mrs. Morgan, Tydu, Llanarth, Raglan. CIDER FRUIT for Sale.—Apply Rogers Crowfield. QUANTITY of good Hedging Stakes for Sale.— Apply White Horse, Abergavenny. CIDER FRUIT for Sale.—Apply Watkins, Bridge Farm, Llanvihangel Crucorney. OAK GATES and Posts for Sale.—Apply Vaughan Bros., Timber Merchants, Tredegar. Also Fuel Blocks, Firewood, and Slabs. CIDER FRUIT for Sale.—Apply Roberts, Cwmcelyn, Llanellen. PICTURE FRAMING promptly executed. Also Pictures and Glass for Sale.—Ernie Delafield. FOR SALE, aged Cart Mare good worker price, £ 10.—Apply Farmer," "Chronicle" Office. FOR SALE, Push Chair.—Address A.E., Chronicle Office. CRICKHOWELL.—Small Honse and Shop for Sale by Private Treaty. VACANT POSSESSION Nov nth.—Particulars, apply Mr. G. L. Loam, Crickhowell. THORLEY'S PIG POWDERS, as simple remedies for ills in pigs are the best. Certain cure for Catarrh, Cramp, Constipation, Eczema, &c. TO FARMERS AND OTHERS Thorley's Food for Cattle is a condiment for Horses and all Stock. During ploughing or heavy work extra exertion is required from your horse. Give your horse a packet or teacupful in the night-manger food. IMPORTANT TO POULTRY Keepers. OVUM, Thorley's Poultry Spice should be mixed with all Soft Food. Sold by :— Wm. Davis, 7 Cross Street, Abergavenny. PLOUGHS in Stock at Bevan's, 10 Cross Street, Abergavenny. FOR PULPERS and GRINDING MILLS go to Bevans, 10 Cross Street. £8 PROFIT from eight birds in 12 months was made by Mr. Neve, of Cambridge. He used Karswood (Harmless) Spice. Packets 2td., 7id., 1/3.—J effreys & Frogmore Corn Stores, Abergavenny. LARGE STOCK of CROSS-CUT SAWS, AXES, and other Tools at Bevan's, 10 Cross Street. QUICK sales depend on merit. Karswood Poultry Spice, containing ground insects, is best by test. 500,000 poultry-keepers use it. Packets 2td., 7td., 1/3.—J effreys & Son, Frogmore Corn Stores, Abergavenny. QUANTITIES of PLOUGH SHARES (all makes) in stock at Bevan's, 10 Cross Street. Leather Attache Cases, different sizes.—M. Morgan & Co., Chronicle Office PRACTICAL PROOF of the value of NOSTRO- LL" Nasal Specific awaits every victim of Nasal Catarrh, Influenza, Head Colds and Sore Throat who will give it a trial. Use for health and comfort of nose and throat. Of leading Chemists everywhere 1/3 (by post 1/5). Sold by H. T. T. Roberts, 56 Frogmore-st., H. Shackleton, 9 Cross-st., R. M. Williams, 51 Cross-st., Abergavenny; T. B. Dougall, Bethcar-st., A. Williams, Church-st., Ebbw Vale. Lost or Strayed. LOST from Abergavenny Cattle Market on October 21st, Eight long-tailed Ewe Lambs for grading.—Information to J. Straker, Son & Chadwitk, Abergavenny. LOST Monday, October 20th, between Station- lane and Monk-street, a Lady's New Blouse.— Reward upon return to 14 Richmond-road, Abergavenny. LOST from Clydach, October 16th, Dark-red Mare Pony, 13 hands, swish tail, shod, bit of white hair on back, saddle pinch. Reward.-— Seth Puddle, Clvdach. STRAYED to Tycunfin, Cwmdu, Nr. Crick- howell, since August, Yearling Theaver. Ear mark swallow tail in point of right and hack under, dungfork spittle in point of left and notch over dot of raddle in each flank and on back. Owner can have same on paying expenses.—T. Hadley. To Let. TO LET, Graigddu Cottage, Llanthony, in good repair 3 bedrooms.—Apply Matthew J. Knight, Llanthony Abbey. TO LET, small Furnished House, in Aberga- venny.—Apply H., Little Goytre, Pandy, Nr. Abergavenny. TO LET BY TENDER, The Skirrid Farm, Llan- vihangel Crucorney, about 60 acres. Early possession in December can be arranged.— Tenders to be sent to Thomas Young, Mon- mouth-road, Abergavenny, Agent. Miscellaneous. Miss Rachel Herbert's Charities. AN ALMSWOMAN win be appointed on j 19th November Application to be made to F. BAKER GABB, Clerk to the Trustees. r- LORD TREDEGAR'S Agricultural Show, 1919. LORD TREDEGAR has fixed the 96th Annual Meeting to be held at the CATTLE MARKET, NEWPORT, MON., ON TUESDAY & WEDNESDAY, 4th & 5th NOVEMBER. The Show-yard will be open to the public on TUESDAY, 4th, from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., and on WEDNESDAY, 5th, from 8.m.. to 4 p.m. The TRIAL OF HUNTERS will take place at COEDKERNEW, on TUESDAY, the 4th, at II o'clock. L. FOSTER STEDMAN, Secretary, Tredegar Estate Office, Newport, Mon.   arnMV  DEAKIITS MIRACULOUS OHEST OOUCH AND LUNG HEALER Will immediately arrnt the oouraa ef ÙIe tiaemm and fuard ifuut all iU affceta. Prices, 1/S and of all Chvaiiti aad StiaM If difficult to obtain "Del direct ntloihl l/B ar M 10 tb. Sola Proprieton: r. • O. DEAKIN & HUQHES, n. Inflammation Rem«dlM Ct., BLAMItOl "THE BREATH OF LIFE." NIGHTINGALE, 3 Stow Hill Newport. MAGNIFICENT NEW PIANOS About Half-price. Best in the world MJowest prices. BOROUGH THEATRE. MONDAY, NOV. 3rd, FOR SIX NIGHT8. Commencing at 7.30. C. A. STEPHENSON & A. M. NORRIS' No. i Company in the famous COMIC OPERA, "CARMINETTA" Direct from the Prince of Wales, Princes and Garrick Theatres, London, (by arrangement with C. B. Cochran and E. Lewis Waller). LONDON'S GREATEST SUCCESS. C. A. 8TEPHENSON as PANELLI." MISS VIVIEN CARTER at" CARMINETTA." STRONG COMPANY OF OPERATIC ARTISTS FULL CHORUS AND ORCHESTRA. N.B.—Performances commence at 7.30 p.m. Prices 3/6 (reserved), 2/4, and 1/3 (including tax. Reserved seats may be booked at Messrs. Heins & Co. 's. NEXT WEEK MONDAY" TUESDAY, Nov. 10 "11.. CARL FREDERICK'S "SUNBEAMS." BOROUGH THEATRE. WEDNESDAY, NOV. 12th, for One Night Only. ROBERT COURTNEIDGE'S COMPANY: The Man From Toronto." The Most Delightful Play of Recent Years. Seats may be booked at Messrs. Heins & Co. 's. CHRISTADELPBIAN HALL, LION STREET. ABERGAVENNY, SUNDAY NEXT, NOV. 2, 1919, At 6 o'clock (Please note alteration of time). Subject: The Rich Man and Lazarus. COMB AND BEAR AND JUD&EJFOB YOUBSELF. SaÁTS AM FREB, AND No COLLECTION. Miscellaneous. EYESIGHT HEADACHE This is the result of neglect. Some small < defect exists in the eyes, which though too f slight to prevent clear vision, is serious < because it places the eyes under a constant c strain. ( Nothing wastes nervous energy like eye- J strain-indeed Dr. A. L. Ranney says, I ( look to Eyestrain as the chief cause of nervous [ derangements." < Nearly everyone nowadays suffers from ( some kind of nerve trouble-neuritis, neu- rasthenia and nervous breakdown are every- where. [ It behoves everyone, therefore, to make sure that their eyes are not imperilling their health. ( Pains in and around the eyes (especially behind and above) as well as at the back of the head, nearly always indicate eyestrain. Whereas medicine can only relieve the symptoms in such cases, proper Glasses will remove the cause, and thus effect a per- manent cure. Headaches which follow eye work such as reading, sewing, sight-seeing, railway travel- ling, or visits to theatre or picture house—all show the need for Glasses. Chronic headache-the kind which recurs periodically—can be cured, in 19 cases out of 20, in this way. Best Quality Lenses and Frames correctly Fitted by I HARRY SHACKLETON, QUALIFIED CHEMIST & OPTICIAN, 9. CROSS ST., ABERGAVENNY. Oculist's Prescriptions Dispensed. YOU WILL WOO SOMNOLENCY IN VAIN if you attempt to sleep 011 ill-made and insanitary bedding. i. I No item in the equipment of the fir Mill llll house is of more importance "m wJr than Bedding, and, it is far better if means are limited to wi wy buy a cheap Bedstead and good quality Bedding than a showy expensive Bedstead and poor Bedding. If you adopt the latter policy it is more than likely that you will be denied u Tired Nature's sweet re- storer, balmy sleep," and spend restless night hours. We are specialists in the manu- facture and sale of Sanitary Bedding and invite you to inspect or write for particulars of the many varieties we have on show P. E. GANE, Ltd., HOUSE FURNISHERS, 163 COMMERCIAL ST., NEWPORT- G. R. BOUNDY, 22 FROGMORE ST., ABERGA VENNY HOT WATER BOTTLES. MINCING MACHINES FROM 9s. Single & Double Burner Oil Stoves. Floor and Furniture Polish, RONUK & STEPHENSONS. ALUMINIUM and ENAMELLED WARE. Telephone: 80. Two Doors from the Post Office. GLASS & CHINA also, at 2 HIGH STREET. INCOME TAX. NEW ASSESSMENTS. STOCK VALUATIONS & ACCOUNTS. EXPERT ADVICE. SETTLEMENTS NEGOTIATED EXPEDITIOUSLY. Messrs. Vaughan-Richards ow & Williams Surveyors, Valuers & Accountants, Have Special Practice in TRADESMEN'S ACCOUNTS and INCOME TAX ASSESSMENTS. Imperial Chambers, Ebbw Vale. Tel. 51. Beaufort Estate Office, <h' "_d.. Crickhowell. Tel, 16. D E AF NE SS HEAD NOISES- THROAT & NASAL CATARRH and all troubles due to Loss of Hearing, quickly yield to 'Mackay's Auraline' A remedy of established reputation in every part of the world. Perfected and invented by a well-known Ear Specialist. Numerous testimonials prove conclusively the efficacy and superiority of this specific over every other known treatment.—Sold by most Chemists at 3/- bottle, or direct from THE MACKAY REMEDY CO., 406 Liverpool Road, Islington, London. ——————————————— ( It RATS, MICE, MOLES, COCKROACHES and BEETLES greedily eat Harrison's Reliable Rat Poison. Cats and Dogs will not touch it. Vermin dry up and leave no smell. Price 6d., is., 2s. 3d., and 3s. 8d.; postage 2d.—G. W. HARRISON, Chemist, Reading. Sold by Chemists. Agent for Abergavenny: H. I Shackleton, Chemist, 9, Cross-street. Bryn- mawr: A. M. Jones, Chemist. 74 King-street Crickhowell: Kirkland L.- Miscellaneous. PEDIGREE LARGE BLACK BOARS for service, Ratby Secundus III." No. 7597, farrowed Oct. 9th, 1917. Sudbourne Mar- vel No. 10051, farrowed April nth, 19 1 g.- Rawlins, Crossonnen Farm, Abergavenny. MOTOR REMOVING VAN. Any distance.— Fine, Frogmore-street. 'Phone 119. FOR PURE HOME BREWED ALES AND STOUT, WINES AND SPIRITS -TRY- THOMAS DELAFIELD, KINGS. ARMS, ABERGAVENNY. COLISEUM ABERGAVENNY. Telephone 33. MANAGING DIBECTOB RICHARD DOONER. RESIDENT MANAOEB W. H. WALLER. MONDAY, TUESDAY & WEDNESDAY :— PAIR OF SILK STOCKINGS. Featuring NORMA TALMADGE. GLADYS BROCKWELL IN REVELATIONS. A Stirring Six-Act Drama. "TIH MINH." Chapter 11. Featuring RENE CRESTE. PATHE GAZETTE (changed twice weekly), also WEEKLY PICTORIAL will be added. THURSDAY, FRIDAY & SATURDAY:- LAUGHING BILL HYDE. A Famous Rex Beach Story, portrayed in Six Beautiful Acts. HANDS UP Chapter 4. Featuring, RUTH ROLAND. ADVENTURES AMONG THE CANNIBALS. Chapter 10. REVISED PRICES: Adults, 5d., 9d. and 1/ Children admitted onTDuesday, Wednesday and Friday at half-price (with parents). Children's Matinee on Saturdays. Admission 2d. Doors open at 7. Commence 7.45. Saturday at 6.30 and 8.30 p.m. Matinee Tuesday and Saturday at 2.30. HOME-MADE BREAD F'RED. HASELL, CONFECTIONER, WELCOME CAFE." CAKES and PASTRIES v De Luxe. CABBAGE PLANTS 5s. PER 1000 RUTHER, ABERGAVENNY.

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