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I HOME DRESSMAK!NG. I DAINTY CHEMISE AND EXICEERS. Certainly the mode' shown in our sketch !eave3 nothing to be desired, for it is cut on die latent and most scientific lines t.utlis' admirably adapted for wear beneath the modish garments of to-day. The chemise is m Empire mode!, which fib smoothly over the bust, whilst the knickers are quite sim- ple in shape and easy t« make. THE MATERtAL.—You wil! iik-d It yards of 40in. material for the 1:4 L vards of 40in. material for the knickers, and Ii yarda of 2Qin. w)dc embroidery for th<! bodice of the and bands on the I [Refer to H. D. 303.] knickers, if you decide to trim the garments as they arc trimmed in the sketch. Should you. however, decide to trim them in "ome other way, you wiU need 2 yard,, of 4Uiu. material for the chemise and I., yai-ds <)f 40in. material for the knickers. T:n: PATTETI:Therc are five pieces of this pattern—fc-ur in. the chemise and one in the knickers. lu addition, you wiH need four bands, each about 4 inches wide. cut from the all-over embroidery (that ic, if you decide to trim the garments as in the sketch), but for these no pattern is giyen, as they are simpty straiarM bauds of stuff. Be- fore cutting cut, lay the pattern against you and make any alterations that may be necessary. It is easier and more satisfactory to do this in the pattern than in the cut-out garment. Remember that no turning are aiiowed for in the pattern, therefore you should leave t inch on all seam edges and ample material for turning up wherever a hem comes. THE CUTTING Our.-Let us begin wtth the chemise. If you arc trimming the gar- ments as in the sketch you will have to cut the bodice of the chemise from the all-over embroidery; if not, of couree it will be cut from the chemise material. Fold the cm- broidery down the middle so that the selv- edges come together. Now you must decide before cutting out your bodice whether or not you want it to open down the front. If Tou have & full iigure I think you will nnd It wiser to open it. If not, you will pro- bably prefer it without an opening. In the former case you muxf lay your bodice pat- tern in the way shown in the diagram—that ia. with the straight edge of the back to the fold of the material. If you do not want an opening you must arrange your pattern no that the straight edge of both front and back come to the fold of the material. Next HOW TO OBTAIN Paper Pattern of the above CHEMISE AND KNICKERS. Fi!] in this form and send it, with remittance in s<amr«. to MISS LISLE. 8, L. Belle Saavate. LONDON. E.C. 4. j Write clearly. Name _————————— ? AddreM.————— PATTERN No. 303. I PAPER PATTERNS. Price 9d. each, post free. PATTERNS cut to special measure, 1/6 each. MISS LISLE will b< pieased to receive snggestions and to illustrate designs of general use to the HOME DRESSMAKER. —— ') cut out your trimming bands for tne knickers; these arc shown by dotted lines in the diagram. Now fo)d your chemise material selvedges together and lay the pat- tern upon it so that the straight edges of both front and back come to the fotd of the fabric. Next, cut off the material left, divide it into two pieces, pin these right sides together, lay the knickers pattern upon them and cut out. THE MAKixc —Join together the skirt scams of the chemise by running and fell- ing. Join up the yoke, or bodice, yearns in the same way. If you have decided upon an opening, face up the right edge of the opening with a flat facing and the Wt c<t?c N I with a wrap facing. Make a neat anj fairJy wide hem round the bottom of the skirt. Gather the top. Face the ai'mhc'!e edge with a narrow strip of crossway material. Trim the armholea ami ueck edges with beading and lace. Join the gathered top of the skirt to the yoke bodice by a strip of bead- ing. THE KNICKERS.—If you decide to trim the knickers as in the .sketch, cut off the bottom of each leg as shown bv the dotted line. Then join two of the trimming bands to- gether and join to the leg by beading. When joined, cut out by the pattern. Join together the curved Ic? seams of the knickers by running and i'eUjng. Then jom the leg pieces together -Iowii the centre back and centre front by running and feH- io?.



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