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TLLL RIGHTS RESERVED.] PENSION PROBLEMS: HOW TO SOLVE THEM. By AN EXPERT. I The Problem of Unemployment-Back Up the Premier's Lead The Motto foi Industrial Life To-day—Regarding tht Settlement of Accounts and the Remit- tance of the War Gratuity-More About the Bonus. FREE ADVICE TO OUR READERS. While the country is getting into its in. dustrial stride there is bound to be some unemployment. It was to meet this state of thing's that the Government devised the Out-of-Work Donation policy. Its abuse by a few dishonest men and women is a small evil compared with the misery which would havo arisen had no such provision been maoe. This question of finding work for disabled and demobilised men is uppermost in one's mind just now. "Just as the disabled man went forth to battle to fight for his country's cause," said Mr. Lloyd George, "he desires now to re- sume his place m the ranks of industry and to make his contribution to building a better Britain. The State will provide in- dustrial training to fit a man for work if he cannot resume his old vocation, but the first step is obviously with employers of labour, wherever possible, to reinstate their old workmen, and to use their services for their own and the country's good in employ- ment suitable to their strength and capacity." Upon all employers there liea a heavy moral obligation to-day, for they should make it their duty, as they should esteem it their privilege, to think of their business in relation to the number of disabled men they can set to work. It needs hard think- ing, and I am sure there is the requisite goodwill. In the last resort, public opinion is the strongest power in the country, and public opinion must back up the Prime Minister's lead. Neither this Government nor any Government can ever make a brand-new set of conditions in a few weeks. Inasmuch as every claim cannot be at- tended to simultaneously—and there is a limit to the capacity of existing staffs- there is bound to be what the expectant re- cipients consider unnecessary delay in the settlement of accounts and the remittance of war gratuity for widows and dependents. It should, however, be remembered that the War gratuity forms part of a deceased sol- dier's estate and is not necessarily payable to his widow and dependents. Every Catie has to be inquired into, and as this means the re-opening of some 700,000 estates, the distribution must in any event take a con- siderable time. In a previous letter I pointed out that every officer, non-commissioned officer, and 'man (with a few minor exceptions) who was in the Army on May 1 last, is entitled to the full bonus as from that date. It should be further noted that before issue can be made for any period before May 1, it is necessary that certificates of eligibility should be rendered by the commanding offi- cer to the Ann)" agents or paymasters, wJio have no power to make any payment in the absence of certificates. Any man who con- siders he is eligible for the bonus for any date before May 1 should apply to his com- manding officer. ANSWERS TO CORRESPONDENTS. 1 R. B., Hasleraere.-If you are, as imagine, a pensioner, apply through your War Pensions Committee for assistance from the King's Fund, giving name, number, rank, regiment, date of husband's death, %nd reason for application. Get their c address from the Post Office if you don't know it. R. W. G., -Den.on.-Am now able to in- form you that there is no mention of the award attached to the Military Medal, with or without bar. A. H., Tenterden.—Nothing under the regulations, as I read them. It is just possible something might be done under the King's Fund, though they generally confine the help they extend to widows and children. Ask the secretary of the Local chil d ren. Ask the ?, War Peneioias Committee for a form. E. H. L. J,, Soutl-iiiiiister.-Claim should oe made to the Civil Liabilities Committee. Address of the Commissioner for your dis- trict and application form-which the man himself must execute—can be obtained at the post office. The King's Fund is now principally confined to assisting the widows and orphans of disabled and deceased officers and men. Application for help in this direction should be made to the Local War Pensions Committee. P. G. Kilburn.—According to my reading 4f the regulations, allowance cannot be made to a disabled man in receipt of a pen- sion on behalf of a step-brother or step- sister. Cases of special hardship of a tem- fxarary .nature can be con-sidered by the Local War Pensions Committee. If, how- aver., you can show that your pension, plus anv other allowance and your average earn- ings, are together less than your pre-war earnings, you can claim an alternative pen- sion baaed on your pre-war earnings. In many cases such claims have been substan- tiated to the financial benefit of applicants. The alternative pension is only payable from the date of application, which is made through a man's War Pensions Committee. As to issue of badges, etc., to men who are entiitled to rthem, delays are bound to occur just now owing to the vastly increased amount of work which demobilisation has brought about. H. L., Tenterden.—Under Article 18 (2) of the Royal Warrant: "Where there was an affiliation order in force on acooxent of a rhild at the time of a soldier's death, or where there is proof that the soldier was the father, a pension up to 6s. Sd. mav be given*" up to the age of 16. Fttrfbermore, the Special Grants Committee may make grant. special allowances, or supplementary allowasses for children under their regula- tions where it can be shown that these are justified on any each grounds as depen- dency, special hardship, or education. Specific application should be made by the grandmother to the secretary of the Local War Pensions Committee. The latter refu- tation is lor exceptionttjl cases. Our Pensions Expert is anxious to assiei sailors and soldiers and their wives and de- pendents illl dealing with intrio-acies of the War Pensions System. Address y.our queries to "Pensions Ex- pert," c/o Editor of this paper. All essen. tial facts should be stated as briefly as pos- sible, such a name, number, rank, regi- ment of soldier, name and rating of sailor, particulars of families and separation al. lowance and (in inquiries concerning civil liabilities) pre-war or pre-enLsiment in- come, present or war income, and full lia- bilities. Do not send any documenta, birtb •ej-tificates, or discharge papers, etc. Will correspondents please make a poim of sending their regimental number, rank, JHHe; g.n<J regiment?'










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