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A LOOK ROUND. I "Brutes They Remain." I [BY SENTINEL. "] I WE British do not count hate W a virtue. We rather sympa- thise with the soldier in Mr. Kipling's poem who confesses, I own I'd just as soon as not respect the man I kill." The King recently, in a speech to French Senators and Deputies, recalled the fact that many a war was waged in former centuries between our two dafions. But in those wars there was always on both sides a spirit of chivalry which forbade bitterness, and when peace came, it was met with a sense of mutual respect." Even in this present war, there has been shown that spirit of chivalry in the fight- ing with the Turks, and few of the men that fought at Gallipoli have any bitterness towards Johnny Turk." The Turkish soldier is a gentleman, even though his Government has done unspeakable things in Armenia and Palestine. But you will not hear the same thing about the German, although his military qualities will be freely acknowledged. They're nail- ing good soldiers, but awful swine," was the way in which an officer of the Old Contemptibles summed up the Ger- man Armies. Our soldiers and our Allies are now marching through towns which have been under the heel of the Hun for four years and more. The inhabitants who have endured so bravely pour out to greet them, their mouths filled with laughter and their tongues with joy." But everywhere the story is the same houses stripped bare of all their belong- ings starvation and brutal .beatings men, women and children dragged off into Germany: gir's bkcn to be orderlies to German oncers. The least I ei,lles to oflcei--?. I I e is the huge sum of nmmy which the captive towns, such as Lille, Thourout, Koubaix, and Turcoing have been made to pay. German officers have de- scended so low as to compel the people to sell their meat, milk, butcer and vegetables in return for worthless requi- sition notes, and then to sell them again to the starving population at tip-top prices. Incredible meanness has gone hand-in-hand with cruelty. The country continues to be shocked with the awful stories of the torture and starvation of our helpless prisoners. This is quite deliberately done by the Germans. We will break your brave English hearts to-morrow." snarled a German officer at Marchiennes. Presi- dent Wilson told the Germans that, be- fore there could be any question of granting the truce they ask for. atroci- ties by bnJ and sea must cease. The German Government. in reply, pro- tests against the charge of illegal and inhuman practices that is made against -he German land and sea forces, and thereby against the German people. Destruction, they say. is necessary in a retreat, and the looting of private pro- perty is forbidden. At best. these arc excuses for only a very small part of the horrible mass of iniquity with which the Germans stand accused before the world, and, if the looting of private pro- perty is forbidden and the offenders punished, the punishment only falls on small offenders. Looting is not for- bidden to the German Crown Prince and Prince Eitel Frederic, nor have they ever been punished for it. As regards the sea, the Germans utterly refuse to admit that the sinking of merchantmen by the U-boats is an atrocity and an offence against the laws of war. They say that they ly sent ordeis to their submarine landers not to sink passenger ). Thev sent a similar promise to esident Wif when lie protested afce*-nst tv ■ of the" Sussex," and )tirbt their time had t ,ed in his face. and tiieir "unrestricted U-boat campaign," linking everything thev could reach, neutral ships as well as ships of their enemies, and. as often as possible, without trace. Herr Schei- demann, the socialist, then opposed U-boat warfare as inhuman: He is now a member of the "democratic" government which justifies it. and has no apology to offer for the sinking of the Leinster. 0 The leopard has not changed his spots. To the New Government which is supposed to represent the people, as to the old autocratic Govern- ment of the Kaiser, everything is law- ful and humane which serves b German [Continued at foot of next column.)