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iEal££i bp glutton. ABERGA VENY. J. tTRAKER, SON & CHADWICK are instructed by the Executors of the late Mr. jcnn Addis to Sell by Auction o- i MA -V 7th next, all that Lot I .-Frehcld Shop Md Dwelling House known as 40 LOWER RfiONsi STREET. Lot 2.—PARISH OF l.LANOVER By in- structions of Mr, J, J onathan. All that Freehold Hill Farm known as PANTALAR, containing an area of 271 Acres (or thereabouts). Lot 3.-PARISH OF L LAN ELLEN. By in- structions of the Executors of the late Mrs. Tapper, All that Freehold Hill Farm known as GRAIG-YR-HAFOD, containing an area of 25-J Acres (or thereabouts). Particulars from the Auctioneers, or as to Lots I & 2 MESSRS. T-ABB & WALI:I)RD, Solicitors, Ybergr.ver.ny as to Lot 3: L A. WAU.HN, Esq., Solicitor, Tlaina and Abertillery. SPECIAL SALE OF STOCK BULLS, TUESDAY, APRIL 30th. Entries solicited.—J. Straker, Son & C.:ad«ick.  Sale of THE POST OFFICE, PO?TRILAS Sale of FURNITURE for Mrs Thomas at .m early date.—J. Straker, Son & Chadwick. SOUTH HEREFORDSHIRE. PARISH OF CLODOCK. ESTATE OP THE LATE MR. JOHN WATKINS. MR. MONTAGUE HARRIS, F.A.I., has received instructions to Sell by Auction, in the early Summer, the above ESTATE, consisting of FOUR VALUABLE FREEHOLD FARMS. Details in future advertisements. Vendor's Solicitors MBSSRS. HUMFRYS & SYMONDS, Hereford. ABERGAVENNY CATTLE MARKET. TUESDAY, APRIL 10th, 191*. MR. MONTAGUE HARRIS, F.A.I., will Sell by Auction as above at 10 o'clock precisely, 30 Capital Young Cms-bred EWES, with their strong and healthy Lambs, the property of Mr. Russell J ;.mes, Penydre, Llanvihangel Cru- corney. "I LLWYNA FARM, LLANTIIKWY RHVDDKRCU. Sale of Live and Dead Fanning Stock. 16 RADNOR SHEEP 8 HEREFORD CATTLE 27 WHITE WYANDOTTE FOWES About 5 Tous of HAY, IMPLEMENTS, DAIRY UTENSILS, &c. which MR. MONTAGUE HARRIS, F.A.I., will Sell by Auction, by instructions from Representatives of the late Mr. John Yeates, on THURSDAY, 18th APRIL, 1918. Sale at 1.30 sharp. MONMOUTH ROAD, ABERGAVENNY. SALE OF VALUABLE GRAS KEEP, by ditectio.i of Mr. John Prichard, Glendower, on TUESDAY, 23rd APRIL, at 4 o'clock. MONTAGUE HARRIS, F.A.I., Auctioneer. PETERCHURCH AUCTION MART AND GRADING CENTRE. SPECIAL SPRING SALE of STORE CATTLE on MONDAY NEXT, 15th APRIL, 1918. 75 SHEEP 81 CATTLE Sale at 9.30 sharp. Detailed catalogues from MONTAGUE HARRIS, F.A.L, tictioneer. ABERGAVENNY CATTLE MARKET. TUESDAY, 16th APRIL, 1918. M. MONTAGUE HARRIS, F.A.I., will Sell by Auction as above a Capital SHORTHORN COW & CALF, the property of Mr. Thomas Nicholls, Pentre. Sale at 10.30. UPPER PONTHENDRE, LONGTOWN. AT AN EARLY DATE. ANTIQUE AND MODERN HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE & EFFECTS, by instructions from Representatives of the late Mrs. Martha Davies. MONTAGUE HARRIS, F.A.I., Auctioneer. jiusaUanwras. V AI Board of Agricutture and Fisheries. THE KING'S PREMIUM THOROUGHBRED STALLION I SANGLAMORE (By SANTRY—ISMENE) WILL TRAVEL MONMOUTHSHIRE THIS SEASON, Visiting the Abergavenny, Pontypool, Caerleonj Magor, Chepstow, .Tintern, Monmouth, and Raglan districts. For particulars of Route, etc., apply to — Messrs. A. M PILLINER, Llanyravon, Newport A. G. BURCHARDT-ASHTON, Llandogo Priory, Chepstow C. B. KNIGHT, Llanvihangel Court, Rogiet or to G. VAUGHAN-HUGHES, Wyelands, Chepstow, (Sec. Mon. Light Horse Breeding Committee). SEED POTATOES. APPLICATIONS for SEED POTATOES A should be made immediately at the TOWN CLERK'S OFFICE. The following varieties have arrived :— King Edward 11/6 per cwt. Arran Chief 11/6 per cwt. Customers must provide Bags. WM. H. HOPWOOD, Town Clerk CEFN COTTAGE GARDENING SCHOOL FOR WOMEN, OLD MONMOUTH ROAD (Abergavenny It Miles) will open about March 15th, for the reception of Resident Pupils. Out Pupil also taken. For terms, &c., apply Superintendent, MIss C. G. DAVIES, at above address. Abergavenny and District Horticultural and Allotments Association. MR. SAMUEL SALTER, F.R.H.S., will l.t deliver an ADDRESS in the RN EXCHANGE, ABERGAVENNY, on w SATURDAY, 13th APRIL, 1918, at 8 p.?., ON The Practical Use of Patent Manures. Samples of the various Patent Manures and Fertilisers now on the market will be shown by Mr. Salter and the method of using them ex-s plained. Chairman MR. HERBERT GETMLNC (President). Admission Free. W. LLEWELLIN, Secretary. Blaenavon Food Control Committee. APPLICATIONS are invited from prsons ineligible for the Army, or discharged soldiers; for the post of Assistant Executive Officer and Enforcement Officer. Previous office experience absolutely necessary. Salary, £2 15s. od. Application, stating age, experience, etc., accompanied by copies of three recent testi- monials, to be sent to the undersigned not later than first post on Monday, April 15th, 1918. I. G. GWYN THOMAS, Executive Officer, Blaenavon. fSRanteti. WANTED, a good Day Girl.—Apply. Steward, County Club, Abergavenny. WANTED, a Between-Maid age about 16 to 17.—Apply, Mrs. Lawson, Mardy Park. WANTED, immediately, good General.—Ad- dress, No. 18, Chronicle Office. MORNING WORK Wanted.-Apply 'Chronicle' Office. WANTED, Junior or Improver f, r Grocery Trade.—J Tutt & Son. WANTED, Tack for 20 Couples.—Apply T. Baylis, Great House, Llangattock Lingoed. WANTED, Useful Help for Farmhouse good wages.—Mrs. Bruten, Yspitjy, Ab.rgavenny. -—■— —-— r WANTED, Tack for about 20 couples.—Morris, < Lower Llanddewi RhyddtH'h. j WANTED, a thoroughly experienced Cashier- Bookkeeper one accustomed to the trade.— Apply, J. H. Hall", Butcher, Abergavenny. WANTED. Laundress must be good ironer for sin: 11 family.—Ap^ly, T., Chrciiicle Office. WANTED, Help, farmhouse fond of children state wagis with reference.—Lewis, Gelli, Llanvetherine, Abergavenny. WANTED for gentleman, comfortable Un- furr.ishec Apartments attendance moderate terr.r-s.-X Y.Z., Chronicle Office. WANTED, General, able to cook good references three in family comfortable ho:ie.-Al)plv L..Al., Chronicle Office. WANTED, Coat Hands, Blouse Hands, Skirt Hands, and Apprentices to the Dressmaking. —Mis. Lyons, Rother House. WANTED, Lady's Second-hand Bicycle, in good condition—Apply, giving all particulars, to. A.B., Chronicle Office. WANTED, reliable Gener. 1 Farm-hand good wages.—Apply, Rosser, Pendre, Lansdown- road, Abergavenny. MAN Wanted, accustomed to Horses and Sheep or strong Lad not under 16 cottage found.— Apply, Bailiff, Home Farm, Llanover. WANTED to Purchase, Ladies' and Gentlemen's and Children's Second-hand Clothing "best prices given; will call on receipt of post card. —Apply, Mrs. Jackson, 4 Chapel-road, Aber- gavenny. f. WANTED, Man for farm work, able to plough and hedge cottage andgarden provided clcwe to work.—Williams, Red House, Llanarth, Abergavenny. SECRETARIAL or other Clerical Work Wanted bv Two Ladies trained and experienced London references.—Apply, N., Chronicle Office. WANTED, immediately, experienced Coat and Bodice hands in Dressmaking Department. Also Apprentices in Drapery Establishment- Apply, Thomas & Sons, Golden Fleece, Cross- street, Abergavenny. WANTED, superior Girl, 16-17, for Housework and assist with two children week-end every month good personal reference essentia}.— Reply, G. J Chronicle Office. WANTED, Lady Help, assist all household duties and two children convenient house labour-saving appliances. Address, N.T., Chronicle Office. APARTMENTS or Small Furnished House re- quired for May, June and July two bed- rooms, sitting room, use of kitchen and bath- room central Abergavenny.—Raistrick, 27 Ash Mount, Gt. Horton, Bradford. Sc let. j GOOD APARTMENTS To Let, Furnished.— Apply, W.H., Chronicle Office. LODGINGS.—Good Lodgings for two respect- able Working Men.-Apply, Mrs. Jackson, 4, Chapel-road. TWO Fully-Licensed Houses to Let at very reasonable rentals. Easy ingoing. Immediate possessiott.-Apply, Del a field's Brewery, Aber- gavenny. COLDBROOK ESTATE. TO LET, Cottage, Garden and Orchard known as Pentre Cottage, Llantillio Pertholey rent ^12 a year.—Apply J. W. Earle, 49 The Village, Charlton, S.E.7. jfor ale. THE LARGEST STOCKS of GARDEN SEEDS in Monmonthshire.- Fraser's. A LIMITED supply of Artichokes for planting or cooking.-Fraser, Seedsman, Abergavenny. GARDEN BARROWS, Ladders, Carts, Gambos, £ cc.—Watkins, Wheelwright, Mardy, Mon. FOR SALE, Freehold Villa, Park-street price ?275.-J. Straker, Son & Chadwick. SEED OATS for Sale, Prince Edward."— Lewis, Gelli, Llanvetherine, Abergavenny. QUANTITY of Clean Sawdust for Sale.-Apply Saw Mills, Penpergwm. I FOR SALE, IOcwt. Platform Weighing Machine, also icwt. Sack Machine and Weights.— I Apply M.A., Chronicle Office. FOR SALE, Sittings of Rhode Island Red and White Wyandotte Eggs.—Day & Sun, Aber- gavenny. t SAFETY RAZOR, Gillette blades, patent blade sharpener; new; 17s. 6d., cost double.— Ernie Delafield, Picture Frame Maker. 65-GUINEA New Upright Iron Grand Piano- forte for immediate cash sale, 55 guineas.— Nightingale, 3, Stow Hill, Newport. HAY for Sale, about 10 tons, at Government price. T. James, Grocer, Winchestown, dntyglo. SITTINGS of White Leghorn, White Wyan- dottes, Anconas, Black Wyandottes pedigree strains, 6s. per dozen.—Percy Fraser, The Seed Stores. FOR SALE, Rhode Island Red Eggs (single comb) closest blood relationship to Pen 44 and Pen 73, First and Gold Medallist 6s. 6d. for 13.—Mrs. W. H. Jones, Llyvos, Cross Ash. In The Pink of Condition ? Rather I give them OVUM, Thorley's Poultry Spice. You try it, then YOUR fowls will be healthy and PRODUCE AN ABUNDANCE OF EGGS. You can procure Ovum at A. J. Wibberley's (late Saunders & Co.), 50, Cross Street, Abergavenny. J OXIDE OF IRON (Compound) enrich the blood, strengthen the system and bring the colour of health to pale faces, also acts as a gentle aperient. Invaluable for ancemia. 50 tablets in box, I¡-Shackleton, Chemist, Cross Street. When Next Ordering Your Poultry Food add to order OVUM, Thorley's Poultry Spite the results will more than repay you. You can get OVUM at A. J. Wibberley's (late Saunders & Co.), 50, Cross Street, Abergavenny. TO get OUT of hen food all the eggs there are IN it, just add a little Karswood (Harmless) Poultry Spice containing ground insects. Results usually double when Karswood is added. Packets 2d., 6d., 1/ Note economy One tablespoonful supplies 20 hens one day.- Jeffreys & Son, Corn Merchants, Progmore Corn Stores, Abergavenny. POTATOES -Plant Scotch-grown Arran Chief and King Edward for sound heavy crop also Templar, Great Scot, and King George. Par- ticulars on request. Criddle, Market Gardener, Govilon. to c c a n t a u z. ■ — I 1——. GOLDEN FLEECE. H hi SPRING-TIME FASHION DISPLAY. As leading features of our Fashion Display we mention Charming Millinery. Elegant Costumes. Choice Blouses. Handsome Knitted Coats. Stylish Clothing for Ladies & Children. We invite inspection of our windows of the extensive exhibits to be found in the Showrooms and of the New Materials offered throughout. THOMAS & SONS, 59 Cross Street, Abergavenny. 1 SO- S- Sow or Starve. No Shortage of Seeds. Cultivate every yaid of ground Don't hesitate in. takin? a new allotment on account of seed short- I age. I have sufficient se eta to plant every lard, f ground in Abergavenny and District. 8eed Potatoes in all th., leading varieties. Onion Heed: HeMard Champion, James's Keeping, White Spanish, Rhoashe.m Park, Danvers Yellow, a.n a. 1/4 per oz. Thousands of Cucumber and Tomato Plants now ready iftXVy IN^aberoavbnnvseed STORES. t A I FROGMORE STREET. I I | c ABERGAVENNY. —| ♦^FLORIST #sSEEosriA^» Fraser's always Always Fraser's i i MORGAN & co. i Have a Large Stock of Writing Pads vs* Stationery ?r and all tA? Office Requisites y The Finest Selection of PHOTO. FRAMES in Town. ill 'Chronicle' Printing Works FROGMORE STREET Tel. 87. ABERGAVENNY. 1 The teacher's work is. in itself. often invisible and judsred by results. So. too. thf best pan: of the Raiieigh lis unseen, but they fire • result in running which no other ?,icycl, Kiq GHRLL-3TiZ'-L I.?.e f?M?? rF??a? S ?S ? Nat L?t U I I BICYCLE ? <mnd< First—•• ewdeno? of  J, ? am M?wtce It ?w<w to local mlwt ??? cy??d ABERGAVENNY: jf /?T?/?? Nottingham.'?? Ab€rgavennyCyc!eCo.,53CrossSt. ? \.J  '7f? T? Sc*<?t- ?? .? mistress euAHANTtro FOR ivu -A- ??BMBMrnBtR?NB?!?t,S.?.?.? ????<<!<C???"??' Cost or gpfrapfti LOST from Cwmcoched Farm, Clodock, about Christmas last, one Ewe.—Apply A. Prosser, as above. LOST, Wire-haired Terrier answers name of Jack." Finder rewarded; detainer prose- cuted.—30, Lion-street. LOST from Lower House Farm, Mardy, one I grey-faced Ewe marked W on off hip.—Wm. J. Day. LOST, in Abergavenny on or about Easter j Sunday, a Silver Service Badge, No. 157174.- j Will finder please return same to Police j Station or 27, Lower Monk-street. LOST on March 25th from Foxes Bark, Llantilio j Pertholey, a Cross-bred Ewe diamond mark ) in right ear and pitchmark J ov. (-rup.-R. Jones. j 1- i$iscetlatteoufi ¡ Christaielphian Synagogue, LION STREET. ABERGAVENNY SUNDAY NEXT, APRIL 14th, 1918. At 6 o'dock (Pleae te6a¡:Of time). I Speaker: Mr. E. KNIGHT, of Cwmbran. 8abject j" New Heavens and a New Earth." Come and hear and jadge for yourself. Beatb are free, and no collection. King Edward! King Edward! SEED POTATOES 1121b. 9/9. 561b. 5/3. Sharpe's Express 2/6 per Stone. 13/6 per Cwt. Repeat Orders are Proof of Production and Quality. THESE ARE SAMPLES OF MANY ORDERS NOW BEING BOOKED "Please book One Ton King Edward Seed I Potatoes same stock as last year.—G. MORGAN AND SONS, Cistle Farm, Raglan." "Please reserve for me One Ton King Edward Seed Potatoes. Hope will do as well as last year's. —WABREN P. DATIKS, Old Court. S. J. RUTHER, WHOLESALE AND RETAIL SEED POTATO MERCHANT, ABERGAVENNY, JttisaUammts. P. E. CIANE, L Id- House Furnishers, 1 161-2-3 Commercial Street, NEWPORT. Furniture I I I Carpets 111 Fabrics I I f Decoration Characterised by Distinctive N .Style. I I I Moderate Price. 111 Unimpeach- able Quality. P. E. GANE, L td. House Furnishers, 1161=2=3 Commercial Street, NEWPORT. COLISEUM ABERGAVENNY. Telephone, 33. MANAGING DIRECTOR RICHARD DOONER. RESIDENT MANAGES W. H. WALLER. Continuous Performances 6.30 until 10.30 p.m. Saturdays, 2.30 p.m., 6.30, and 8.30 p.m. MONDAY, TUESDAY & WEDNESDAY SEUG presents a Masterful Animal Picture The Lad and the Lion. What Selig can get his wild animals to do has always been the marvel of the picture-going public. Capter 12: PATRIA." Farcical Comedy THE DANGERS OF A BRIDE A Special Interest Film THE LANCASHIRE HUSSARS. Also PATHE GAZETTE. THURSDAY, FRIDAY & SATURDAY A Modern Issue of the World-famous Book, Admirable Crightons. (REX BARRIE'S PLA v) A Very Pine Picture, full of Very Humorous Situations. Farcical Comedy WHO'S BABY ? Chapter 5: THE SECRET KINGDOM." PATHE GAZETTE. NEXT WEEK.—CHAS. RAY in THE CLOD- HOPPER." ADULTS 4d. ADULTS, I i (Tip up Chair J I I 8d. ADULTS, (Tip tip Chairs I 1 Children 4d. and 8d. on Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday Nights (not Monday and Thursday) with Adults only. TOWN HALL, ABERGAVENNY. THURSDAY, APRIL 18th, 1918. < RETURN VISIT OF THE BRYNMAWR LADIES' CHOIR (Conductor, Mr. W. C. Davies) Assisted bv MR. TODD JONES (Treorky), The famous Welsh Tenor. MR. AMBROSE POPE, BARITONE and Miss PALLISTER, MONOLOGIST. To commence at 7.30 p.m. Proceeds in aid of Mayor's Local Fund and Overseas Soldiers & Sailors Reception Fund. Reserved Seats, 2/6 Front Seats, 2' Second Seats, 1 (including tax). TOWN HALL, ABERGAVENNY; A CONCERT will be given by the UNITED CitOIR (Conductor MR. W. R. CARR, A.R.C.O.) at 8 pm. ON SUNDAY NEXT ist l'art 95TH PSALM (Mendelssh'on). 2nd Part MISCELLANEOUS. Admission by Silver Collection at Door. Minimum to Balcony, rs. Proceeds in aid of King George's Fund for Sailors. iirltscellaneous. = -=-C==_=:= SEED POTATOES. NO BETTER^STOCKS OBTAINABLE. Fine Seed-size samples of King Edwards at 10 per cwt. Arran Chiefs 10 6 „ Up-to-Dates „ Factors vt v „ il/- A Real Good Sample of British Queens at 10 6 per cwt. fý-tt)t1' May Queens, Duke of Yorks and Eclipse just arrived. All the leading varieties supplied. ————— LARGE STOCKS of our Noted GARDEN SEEDS. New and Genuine from Reliable Growers. Stallots, 10d. per lb. TALL GIANT AMERICAN SUNFLOWER !» SEED (for growing purposes only). 3d. per. ie,.oz. 8 ozs. fpr 1/6. 2k:ij t., AGRICULTURAL SEEDS. MANGEL, SWEDE & TURNIP (now iwriving). HORTICUTVTUKAI, RITO. SUPERPHOSPHATES. WITH'S UNIVERSAL MANCRES in Stock. Red Italian Tripoli Plants (our own growing) 1/- per 1.20 plants. JEFFREYS & SON, THE RELIABLE SEEDSMEN, ABERGAVENNY. National Farmers' Union. ABERGAVENNY DISTRICT BRANCH.  GENERAL MEETING wiH be held ?t A the ANGEL HOTEL on TUESDAY, APRIL 23rd, 2 p.m. Will Members of the above Union kindly accept this as the only intimation. ABERGAVENNY CASTLE. II> E it known that J. H. HINTON has -) taken charge of Abergavenny Castle, Refreshment Rooms & Grounds and will make every effort to cater for visitors in a thoroughly satisfactory manner. Patrons of Refreshment Rooms may rely upon absolute cleanliness, civility and the best value that can be secured subject to'Food Control Regu- lations. Schools. Choirs, Clubs, Committees, and similar Parties can be accommoda- ted by arrangement. SOW BRITAIN'S BEST SEEDS WHICH ARE SUTTON'S Royal Seedsmen, Reading. Sole Representative for Monmouthshire, and Kast Herefordshire; R. D. JONES (Late Saunders & Co.) GOVILON, ABERGAVENNY.