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—————————————————-———— ) Rpatc.z bp 9luttton. BYEORDER OF THE TRUSTEES OF THE LATE ALDERMAN JAMES STRAKER. Messrs. JAMES STRAKER, SON & CHADWICK have been instructed to Sell by Auction, at an early date, a Large Onantitv of HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, PICTURES, SILVER AND PLATED GOODS. ABERGAVENNY PEDIGREE HEREFORD BU LL SHOW & SALE, Tuesday, March 5th. ENTRIES SOLICITED. J. STRAKER, SON & CHADWICK, Auctioneers. MR. GOFF MORGAN has tixed the date of his Important SALE of FURNITURE for about the middle of March. J. STRAKER, SON & CHADWICK. ABERGAVENNY CATTLE MARKET. TUESDAY, 3th MARCH, 191S. MR. MONTAGUE HARRIS, F.A.I., has been instructed by Mrs. J. Jones, Upper Triley, to Sell by Auction, as above, a draft of 20 Excellent STORE HEREFORD CATTLE, in- eluding Two Pedigree thriving Bull Calves. Sale at 1130 a.m. Auction Officcs Abergavenny. LITTLE CEFNCOED, LLANELLEN. SALE or LIVE & DEAD FARMING STOCK which Mr. MCKTA3UE HARRIS, F.A.I., will Sell by Auction as above (by instructions from the Executor of the late Thomas J ellkins) on THURSDAY, MARCH 14th, 1918. CRICKHOWELL, BRECONSHIRE. PRELIMINARY. MR. MONTAGUE HARRIS, F.A.I., has been instructed to Sell by Auction, at the end of March, 1918, all that CHARMING VILLA RESIDENCE AND LAND known as PEN-Y- DRE," and situate as above, and in the occu- pation of the Vendor. Full details later. Vendor's Solicitors MESSRS. GABB k WALFORD, Abergavenny. CLYDACH & GILWERN, BpECoxsiiiRE. Sale of Desirable Leasehold & Freehold Properties. MR. ARTHUR J. THOMAS has been instructed to Sell by Public Auction at the LION HOTEL, GOVERN, on WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 27th, 1918, at 7 p.m. prompt (subject to Con- ditions of Sale to be then produced, the follow- ing desirable PROPERTIES :— LOT i.-All that LEASEHOLD HOUSE AND GARDEN known as Clydach Cottage," con- taining about 14t perches, held under a Lease from the Duke of Beaufort for a term of 60 years from the 29th September, 1901. Ground rent, £ 2 4s. per annum. Recently in the occupation of the late Mrs. Mary Davies LOT 2.—All that LEASEHOLD HOUSE AND GARDEN, known as Bryn Cottage," situate at Clydach, containing 8 perches or thereabouts held under a Lease from the Duke of Beaufort for a term of 30 years from the 29th of Septem- ber, 1890. Ground i-i ios. per annum. Tenant Mr. Waiter Pritchard, at a lunar monthly rental of 12s. TWO COTTAGES situate in Cheltenham, Clydach, adjoining Mr. A. R. Morgan's Shop, formerly under Lease from the Duke of Beaufort, but now held under an Annual Tenancy. Ground rent, £ 2. 4s. per annum, in the respective occupations of Messrs. Henry Morgan at 2S. 3d. per week, and David Williams at 2S. 6d. per week. LOT 4.—All thc.e FREEHOLD PREMISES situate at Clydach, on the left-hand side of the main road from Gilwern to Brynmawr, in the respective occupations of Messrs. Evans, Jen- kins, Cook and Carpenter, at a gross Annual Rental of £ 24 14s. LOT S.-All those TWO LEASEHOLD COTTAGES situate at Old Castle," Gilwern, held under Lease from the Duke of Beaufort for a term of 20 years from May 12th, 1903, in the respective occupations of Messrs. Powell and Hales, at a weekly rental of 3s. bd. each. The Mines and Minerals are Reserved. For further particulars and orders to view, apply to the Auctioneer, Gilwern and Crick- howell; or to MR. D. GIBSON HARRIS, Solicitor, Brynmawr and Ebbw Vale. pYstfUaneonaT NOTICE, ALL DOGS found trespassing on Common Farm, Little Park and Great Park will be destroyed without further notice, owing to sheep being killed. SAMUEL JONES, Common Farm. R. PROBERT, Great Park. Estate of the Late Mr. John Jones. ALL Persons having claims against the AF,state of Mr. John Jones, late of High Street, Crickhowell, Bootmaker, who died on the 24th January, 1918, are requested to send par- ticulars thereof to me, the undersigned, forthwith ticulars thereof to me, the undersigned, forth- with. THOS. VAUGHAN, Crickhowell, Solicitor for the Executors. Abergavenny Nursing Association. THE ANNUAL MEETING will be held on WEDNESDAY, the 27th FEBRUARY, at 8 p.m., in the COUNCIL CHAMBER, Town Hall, by kind permission of the Mayor. The General Committee invite the Doctors and all Contributors of 3s. and upwards to attend. CEFN COTTAGE GARDENING SCHOOL FOR WOMEN, OLD MONMOUTH ROAD (Abergavenny II Miles) will open about March 15th, for the reception of Resident Pupils. Out Pupils also taken. For terms, &c., apply Superintendent, Miss C. G. DAVIES, at above address. National Amalgamated Union of Shop Assistants, Warehousemen and Clerks. (Abergavenny Branch). A SOCIAL AND WHIST DRIVE will be held on MONDAY, FEB. 25, 1918, at NEVILLE ROOMS, Neville Street, at 7.30 p.m. ASSHORT ADDRESS on the objects of the Union will be given by H. M. GIBBON, Esq. Secretary South Walts Council Tickets (FREE) can be obtained from- MR. W. E. HILL) 20 High Street and MR. W. T. PHILLIPS, Maycroft, North-st. BOROUGH OF ABERGAVENNY. PATRIOTISM CALLS YOU TO ATTEND the Performance of the Popular WELSH DRAMA CHANGE A Glamorgan Play by J. o Francis, IN THE TOWN HALL, ABERGAVENNY On THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 28th, 1918 BY THE Llanelly Hit1 Dramatic Society, IN AID OF The Mayor's Local War Fund. The Blue Cross Fund (Wounded Horses), The Overseas Soldiers' and Sailors, Local Reception Fund. OPINIONS OF TILE PRESS This Play is written from within by a man who knows his small corner of the world who knows his people, whose pen has pictured that of which his heart and head were full. It will be to his everlasting credit that his firstling in form, in characterisation, in development, is a work of artistic and racial significance. "—THE SUNDAY I TIMES. One of the most interesting Dramas of the Season."—THE "WESTMINSTER GAZETTE. Doors open at 6.45. Commence at 7.30 p.m. sharp. Tickets and Plan at Messrs. Hems and I Co., Frogmore Street. TICKETS, ijacluding tax; (Balcony 2/6), 2/ 1/ anteb 4 WANTED, a Mole Catcher.-Apply, P. Marfell, Cwm Farm, Clytha, Usk. WANTED, a man to hedge.—Apply, W. C. Jones, Pant Farm, Llancllen. WANTED, a good General.—Mr-. 1. Marsh, Bryntirrion. WANTED to Rent, for three months, small Meadow.—E. Williams, 60 Tudor-street. WANTED, at once, Two Furnished Rooms, for a family of three.—A. Chronicle Office. WANTED, a Young Lady for Outfitting and Boots.—Powell 0.: Son, Frogmore-street. WANTED, an experienced House-Parlourmaid housemaid kept.—Mrs. Hanbury, Nant-Oer, near Abergavenny. WANTED, You to Inspect the Greatest Stocks of Seed Potatoes and Garden Seeds in Aber- gavenny, at Eraser's. WANTED to rent (immediately) a medium- sized Horse, in or near Abergavenny.—State particulars, Box, IS, Chronicle Office. BOY'S BICYCLE Wanted 22in. frame or less. — Greer field, Tkornleigh, Avenue-road, Aber- gavenny. WANTED, experienced General, able to wash; good references.—Apply, Mrs. Bowen, Bryn- hyfryd, Albany-road. WANTED, quiet Pony, used to traffic, and Governess Car.—Write, stating full particu- lars, M., Chronicle Office. WANTED, a young Girl for Farm-house small fam;lv.-Ilrs. Biggs, Little Killough, Llan- tillio Crosssnny. WANTED to Purchase, Ladies' and Gentlemen's and Children's Second-hand Clothing best prices given.—Apply, Mrs. Jackson, 4, Chapel- road, Abergavenny. DRAPERY.—Wanted at once, Young Ladies as Apprentices for Shop, Showroom and Millinery Workroom.— Jones & Co., Bank House, Abergavenny. WANTED, Cowman, with working family or daughter to milk and assist generally must understand feeding and care of stock.— Montague Harris, Auctioneer, Abergavenny. NEW LAID EGGS Wanted. Full market price given. State quantity and if boxes found. Prompt payments banker's reference.- Write Williams' Creameries, Ltd., 116, High Road, Streatham, London, S.W. 10. WANTED, You to Prepare your Early Potatoes for Planting, in shallow boxes. Results prove Heavier Crops when sprouted before planting. Full instructions with all seed supplied at Fraser's.  ,?,,o c d references in a HOUSEMAID Wanted good references in a small family.—Apply, Mrs. Edgar Morgan, The Beeches, Abergavenny. WOOD-CUTTERS Wanted three or four good men for pitwood and timber, near Pontrilas long job, lodgings close to work.—Apply, J. Harrison, Moreton, Brecon-rd., Abergavenny. WANTED, at once, good strong Labourers. Apply, Manager, Gas Works, Abergavenny. 11 let. -==.=: TO LET, comfortable Bedroom sitting-room if required. —11, Trinity Terrace. TO LET, Sitting Room and Bedroom, with attendance, for a Lady.—Apply, A.B.C., Chronicle Office. LODGINGS.—Good Lodgings for two respect- able Working Men.—Apply, Mrs. Jackson, 4, Chapel-road. TO LET, The Upper House, Court Morgan, Llanthewi Rhydderch, Abergavenny, being two cottages in one, good garden, and about two acres of land rent moderate.—Apply, Gardners & Hevwood, Abergavenny. jfor *it I C. GARDEN BARROWS, Ladders, Carts, Gambos, &c.-Watkins, Wheelwright, Mardy, Mon. PETROLEUM BARRELS for Sale.—Apply, G. R. Boundy, 22 Frogmore-st., Abergavenny. FOR SALE, pure-bred Black Pug Puppies u 'e 6 weeks.—Apply, 2, Clevedon Villas, Mount-st. 65-GUINEA New Upright Iron Grand Piano- forte for immediate cash sale 35 guineas.- Nightingale, 3, Stow Hill, Newport. FOR SALE, 10 or 12 Tons of good Stable Manure.—E. Williams, 60 Tudor-street. LIGHT 4-WHEEL DOGCART, made by the late Mr. Probin in good condition.— J. Jenkins, Brompton House, Pontypool. OXIDE OF IRON (Compound) enrich the blood, strengthen the system and bring the colour of health to pale faces, also acts as a gentle aperient. Invaluable for anaemia. 50 tablets in box, I/Shackleton) Chemist, Cross Street. When Next Ordering Your Poultry Food add to order OVUM, Thorley's Poultry Spice; the results will more than repay you. You can get OVUM at A. J. Wibberley's (late Saunders & Co.), 50, Cross Street, Abergavenny. ARMY BOOTS.—Best quality (repaired by local workmen), 10s. 6d. per pair, post free. Few Pairs Extra Special at 13s. Send postal order to-day. State studded or plain. Money re- turned if not satisfied, less postage. Best value on market. Trade supplied.—Bath Army Boot Stores, 19, Westgate Buildings, Bath. WHEN NEXT ORDERING YOUR POULTRY FOOD add to order OVFM, Thorley's Poultry Spice the results will more than repay you.- You can get OVUM at Jeffreys & Son, Frog- more Corn Stores, Abergavenny. WITH EGGS at present prices would you not like twice as many as you are getting ? Then use KARSWOOD (harmless) Spice containing ground insects. You will be delighted with the results. Start a test to-day and prove what other poultry keepers have done—that is more eggs. Packets 2d., 6d., 1 —Rees, 99, Mardy Road, Mardy. PIG FEEDERS I Now that Pig Feed is so costly use WUXSON'S CANADIAN PIc POWDERS in the food once or twice a week; they will save you such a lot of time in fattening. Healthy pigs are the pigs that pay, and Will- SOIl s keep them healthy. 7 powders for 7d., 16 powders for 1/2, 48 powders for 3/ 144 powders for 8/ and in bulk in tins 21/- each, all post paid.—Sold by A. J. Wibberley, Corn Merchant, 50 Cross St., and Henry Shackleton, Chemist, Abergavenny; Jeffreys and Son, Corn Merchants, Abergavenny Walter Gwillim, Chemist, Brecon. Carrots Carrots! Carrots! CHEAP FODDER Horses, Cows, Pigs, Poultry will eat them. Good sound Carrots as grown 4/- per cwt, delivered; 28lbs., 1/3. BUY NOW & SAVE YOUR CORN BILL! E. WILLIAMS, 60 TUDOR STREET, ABERGAVENNY. f ■ I jM?Han?oM. I FURNITURE To celebrate the close of another financial year's trading, we shall, from Saturday, February 9th to Saturday, February 23rd, present to every buyer of goods amounting to £10 and upwards FREE GIFTS OF FURNITURE in value equal to 1/6 in the £ on the total purchases. Thus on a cash order of say £ 50 any article to customer's own choice worth 75 will be presented FREE OF CHARGE. In view of the fact that our stocks are plainly marked at price much below present values, this scheme affords a unique OPPORTUNITY OF SAVING. I AS A FREE GIFT FOR 13 DAYS ONLY. P. E. GANE, Ltd., House Furnishers, 161-2-3 Commercial St., NEWPORT GOLDEN FLEECE, ABERGAVENNY, THE HOUSE FOR VALUE — IN — Dressmaking, Millinery, Costumes, Blouses, Furs, Silks, Hosiery, Haberdashery, Fancy Goods, House= hold Linen, Carpets, Linoleums, &c. THOMAS & SONS, 59 Cross Street, Abergavenny. Greater Stocks in Abergavenny than Ever Before Without Hoarding. Startling Revelations. Over 1,000,000 Ready for the Great Offensive. U Boats Fail again. There are Greater Stocks in Abergavenny than Ever Before. 0?? ??' ?? Carrot Seed can be obtained in 1d. Packets, i Oz. p"o"p- or per Cwt. Owine 8Du f,easo?' when FrMers customers secured the prizes, I procured the greatest stocks of Svfeedi s snS?ent to plant every Gardan and Allotment in Abergavenny and District. This Eeason Fraser's Seeds will be sold at PONTRILAS by Mr. Woodyatt, Pontrilas Courtat BRYNMA WR by M Swithin Bros.; TREDEGAR by Messrs. Walby Bros. I guarantee each w"bJ Bl08' 1 TOMA?OE?"?C???t..??,S??? gardening o?nsi?ONIONS, CABBAGE, TOMATOES, CUCUMBERS, &c" in leading varieties. i 6  STORSS t f ? ?/T?!r? AC?ttt? FROOMORE ?T?EET. I I | ■•( /TH J1\ A(Y S ~(|/j" ? ABERGAVENNY -? j FLORIST AND^ Fraser's always Always Fraser's COLISEUM ABERGAVENNY. Telephone, 33. MANAGING DIRECTOR RICHARD DOONER. RESIDENT MANAGER W. H. WALLER. MONDAY, TUESDAY & WEDNESDAY A Special Blue Ribbon Vitagraph Feature in 6 Acts THE GIRL PHILLIPA. From the Novel by Robert W. Chambers' Featuring the beautiful Screen Star, ANITA STEWART in the title role. A Lovely Film. Chapter *5 PATRIA." The Super Serial. Farcical Comedy AFTER THE BALLED-UP BALL. PATHE GAZETTE will be added to the strong programme above. THURSDAY, FRIDAY & SATURDAY :— j Triangle.. present LOUISE GLAUM in a Beautiful Story of a War Sacrifice of a Penitent Adventuress. A Wonderful Story of Field Hospitals. Chapter 9 "JUDEX": The White Schooner. Farcical Comedy BEACH NUTS (Keystone). PATHE GAZETTE will also be added. m NEXT WEEK.—A Wonder Screen Version of I Winston Churchill's Novel THE CRISIS." Doors open at 7. Commencing at 7.30 j ADULTS 4d. | ADULTS, I (Tip np Chairs I Sd. ADULTS, I (Tip-np ChairsI ILI-. Children 4d. and 8d. on Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday Nights (not Monday and Thursday) with Adults only. r G. R. BOUNDY HAS PLOUGHS IN STOCK. RANSOME'S R B Y D HORNBY'S X P D D Double Furrows. RANSOME'S R H B Single Furrow. Seed Drills. Spring Tooth Harrows. 22 Frogmore Street, Abergavenny. SOW BRITAIN'S BEST SEEDS WHICH ARE SUTTON'S Royal Seedsmen, Reading. Sole Representative for Monmouthshire I and East Herefordshire: R. D. JONES (Late Saunders & Ce.) GOVILON, ABERGAVENNY. In The Pink of Condition ? Rather! I give them OVUM, Thorley's Poultry Spice. You try it, then YOUR fowls will be healthy and PRODUCE AN ABUNDANCS OF EGGS. Yon can procure OVUM at A. J. Wibberley's (late Saunders & Co.), go, CTMS Street, Abergavenny. 4 Atisrtllautous. Abergavenny and District Horticultural and Allotments Association. A GEERAL MEETING of the above will J- be held in the CORN EXCHANGE on SATURDAY (to-morrow) Evening, at 8 o'clock, to consider :— 1 • The advisability of holding a Show in August Bank Holiday week. 2. To confirm, or otherwise, the Rules of the Association. 3. To appoint Officers and the Committee for the ensuing year. 4. Any other business. His WORSHIP THE MAYOR (Aid. Z. Wheatley, J.P.) will take the chair. ALLOTMENT HOLDERS (Ladies and Gentle- men) are specially invited to attend. -r..EC. J. COPLEY, 19, Brecon Road, Sec. protem. Abergavenny. Christadelphian Synagogue, LION STREET, ABERGAVENNY SUNDAY NEXT, FEB. 24th, 1918, At 6 o'clock (Please note alteration of time). Speaker: Mr. E. KNIGHT, of Cwmbran. Subject: "The Kingdom of God." Its nature and object Come and hear and judge for yourself. Baate are free, and DO collection. Nurse Campbell, Certified Midwife. I4 Ross Road, Abergavenny. an late for Classification. TO LET, Cottage and Garden.—Apply by letter, D.A., Chronicle Office. SMALL Quantity of SPRING SEED WHEAT for immediate disposal.—Williams, Red House, Llanarth. WANTED, good General, by first week in April. —Apply, Mrs. Percy Searle, Bedwellty Villa, North-street, Abergavenny.


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