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BE PATRIOTIC! Drink Coffee & Save Shipping FOR TRANSPORT OF WAR MATERIAL. THERE is a serious shortage of Tea in this country, but a plentiful supply of Coffee, which is available at practically pre-war prices. by substituting Coffee for Tea, not only do you obtain a stimulating and healthful beverage. but you also heip to release shipping required to con- vey munitions and material to our overseas forces. Ensure pre-war quality by purchasing from us. You want the BEST: Our 2/- Blend merits that description. W. T. STONEHAM, COFFEE SPECIALIST, Argyll Stores, Abergavenny. •— — —— SEEDS! SEEDS! SEEDS! Pitt's New and Reliable Seeds. I No Better Procurable. I Fruit Trees, Roses, Ornamental I Trees and Shrubs. Landscape Gardening in all its branches a speciality. CATALOGUES FREE. Cut Flowers, Wreaths, Crosses, Bouquets a speciality. HENRY PITT. F.B.H.8., Brecon Road and Old Nurseries, ABERGAVENNY. Licensed Agent co stock and -ell poisonous com- pound for use in Horticulture. TEL. No. 19 THE WHITE 8ISTERS GIVE LESSONS IF French, Pianoforte, Violin & Mandolin, Painting, French Painting, Poker-work, Needieworit, to Children and Adults, both ladies and gentlemen. They take also yoang ladies who have left school for accomplishments, French and Needlework at moderate charges. FRENCH CLASSES are held. Terms: 12/6, if Class is composed of at least six members 15/- if only four members. For further particulars. Apply to The REV. MOTHEH SUPERIOR, Pen-y-pound House. REDWOOD'S Hygienic Bakery SPECIALITIES. GOOD FAMILY CAKE, 6d. per lb. RAISIN CAKES, 8d. each (Unequalled). BARLEY BREAD, 3d. per21b. Loaf. NATIONAL BREAD, 9d. per 41b. SELF-RASING FLOUR, Ulbs. 41d. PLAIN FLOUR, lilbs. for 4d. SPILLER'S 71b. Bags 1/4. -AT— Redwood's Hygienic Bakery. í PERSHORE CO-OP, FRUIT MARKET, LTD., PERSHORE, Worcs. AUCTION SALES (from samples) of TON LOTS of Parsnips, Carrots, Potatoes, &c., EVERY THURSDAY, at 12 o'clock. Write us for Particulars. C. ARNOLD CRAPP, Manager 1 DOWNES BEST & CHEAPEST FOR RELIABLE  FURNITURE OF ALL DESCRIPTIONS. Frogmore St., P.O 30 Abergavenny. Telegrams: Stanley, Abergavenny. CHAS. P. STANLEY, BLACK LION YARD, ABERGAVENNY. Always a Buyer of Iron, Brass, Copper, Lead, Zinc, Pewter, Spelter, Gun Metal, Rags, Bones, Rubber Bottles, Rabbit Skins, etc., etc. BEST PRICE GIVEN. Upon receipt of Post Card will wait upon you immediately. ALWAYS NUMEROUS ARTICLES FOR SALE. YE OLDE FYRME. WILL. EVANS, SCULPTOR, 2 Brecon Road. ABERGAVENNY. Compare my work with others and not be misled by bluff advertisements, as all I want is a fair price for an honest job. Unequalled for accurate work in MASONRY, CARVING & LETTERING, as I specialize in this one business alone, and it is impossible to put up a first-class job and give satisfaction at shoddy prices. JESSE PRITCHARD, PRACTICAL BUILDER, 1, Trinity Terrace, Baker Street, ABERGAVENNY. Every description of Building Work promptly exe cuted. Yatds and Paths Asphalted, Cemented 01 Gravelled at moderate charges. Careful atteutior given to all Jobbing Work. Heating Apparatus, Boiler and Grate Fixing a speciality. A Trial Order respectfully solicited New Grates soon pay for themselves apart from increased warmth and comfort, and are astonishingly cheap at QOBEQT PRICE & SONS, LION STREET & PARK ROAD. District Agents for the Celebrated Oakeley Slates, and the firm for all Building Materials, Timber, &c. THE ABERGAVENNY STEAM LAUNDRY, CO., LTD., Merthyr Road, Abergavenny. UNDER NEW MANAGEMENT. HIGH-CLASS WORK. REASONABLE CHARGES. Address: Miss TAYLOR, Manageress. NOW IS THE TIME TO BUY YOUR Winter Overcoats and Underclothing OF EVERY DESCRIPTION. LADIES! Why pay fancy prices for your Costumes I when you can be supplied with the latest and best at a moderate price. SLyle and fit guaranteed. W. H. BUTT, Tailor and Outfitter, 7 & 8 High St., Abergavenny. PIANOS 1 IN STOCK. Having 'bought heavily many months ago we are in a position to-day to supply you with a NEW PIANOFORTE on very advantageous terms. We invite you to call and see what we can show you. You will be surprised at several things: M (1) The lange of models we have. (2) The value for money we offer. (3) The unique and new designs. (4) The low prices, aud (5) The easy terms it you do not wish to pay cash. WE WILL BUY OR EXCHANGE YOUR PRESENT PIANOFORTE. HEINS <&TCO., LTD.. FROGMORE ST., ABERGAVENNY. p:e i Stocktaking Sale! GREAT REDUCTIONS IN ALL DEPARTMENTS. REMNANTS. MILLINERY HALF=PRICE. JONES & CO., Bank House, Abergavenny. Proprietor: F. TREYOR JONES. THE FURNITURE FAMINE HAS ARRIVED! So confident that the!, prediction was correct, several months since the well-known firm BEVAN &'COMPANY, LIMITED, PONTYPOOL, NEWPORT, CARDIFF, &c., proceeded to cram every Branch and every Reserve Warehouse with Household Goods of every description, so that they still hold I3VniVEE33SrSE STOCKS of everything required for Complete Furnishing and which they are aHa to offer at prices very far below to-day's values. 'PIANOS greatly below usual music warehouse i A A usual prices. Every instrument fully warranted 10 years. Delivery up to 200 miles free from any branch. Train fate of cash customers paid. I TRANSPORT ECONOMY. Appeal to Customers in view of the lack of Transport of all kinds. 1.—Carry home all small parcels yourself. Do not ask that any parcel under 71b. should be delivered unless in exceptional cases. 2,-Do not ask for immediate delivery Be content to wait for your purchases till a good load for the cart going in your direction can be got together. BOARD OF TRADE. MINISTRY OF FOOD. MOD6A" & EVANS, IStrSe^nyiCrt^ howeH. MORGAN & EMFp, Abergavenny&CrickhoweH. Ideal Courses of Instruction in Commercial Subjects.. SUBJECTS TAUGHT: Shorthand, Typewriting, Book-keepingT and Accountancy, Handwriting, Arithmetic, Theory and Practice of Commerce, Secretarial Work and Practice, Economics, &c. ACCOUNT ANCY.- Trading and' Profit and Loss Accounts and Balance Sheets prepared and Periodical Audits performed. INCOME TAX.—Returns and Claims for Abatements and Repay- ment prepared and Appeals conducted. R. H. JACKSON, Whitwell, Hereford Road, Abergavenny. R. M. WILLIAMS, LTD., Chemists and Opticians (Opposite the Angel Hotel, Abergavenny) TEST ALL REPAIRS PROMPTLY EXECUTED.  ?t  s?s??? -?YER T,5  IsJiP OCCU LISTS' PRESCRIPTIONS ACCURATELY DISPENSED. FULL RANGE OF SPECTACLES & LENSES IN STOCK. Also attend at GILWERN every Wednesday, 2.30 to 5. Address WOODBINE TERRACE. We claim for our MONUMENTAL WORK that it is equal to the best London firms in DESIGN and QUALITY of WORKMAN- SHIP, but at least 50% cheaper. Genuine offer ot Memorials in stock at old prices. Photos and inclusive terms on application. ROBERT PRICE & SONS, Adjoining Cattle Market. I FOR PURE HOME BREWED I ALES AND STOUT, WINES AND SPIRITS -Tity- THOMAS DELAFIELD, KINGS ARMSY j ABERGAVENNY. J A NEW RANGE OF PHOTOGRAPH and other FRAMES. LARGE SELECTION OF WRITING PADS, CHILDREN'S TOY BOOKS. GENTLEMEN'S POCKET BOOKS & WALLETS IN LEATHER. MORGAN CO.. "Cftrorfcli" Office. E. A. PEAKE, £ FLORAL HALt, CROSS ST., FOR Wreaths. Crosses, Chaplets, Anchors, or any design. Bridal Shower. Opera Presentations, and jther Bouquets artistically made up of ,he choicest flowers, in season at the J shortest notice. New and Reliable Seeds have stood the test for over 30 years. Estimates given for Table, Church De- corations, Wedding Parties. &c.' WAR ECONOMY. USE A Cigarette Holder and smoke that cigarette right to the end. You thereby save one in four. A large variety in stock. R. J. HARRHY, 5 HIGH STREET, ABERGAVENNYJ INVEST YOUR SAVINGS IN WAR SAVINGS CERTIFICATES.