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RG AN QUART EE! mmm. i -I


RG AN QUART EE! mmm. i I Easter SitiiRI at Swansea. t quarter sessions ior the County of -Lqkirv-, opened at the Guildhall, Swan- Tuesday morning, hefore his Honoaux I wily m Williams (chairman)., and Messrs. ¡ Jom-a .md W alter Meyrxk ?Mt;h fvice- 1). There was a good atetndance of 'nagisb?tes, amnngst whom ?cre: Ad- ?as, Mr. Herbert Lloyd, Mr. Edw?d Mr. David Owen, Mr. A. H. Th oaEM? J, I wler, Mr. Daniel Mwartk. sad others. THE GRAND .JURY. I rowing gentlemen Were swam. m. ahe ry; • Alexander H. Bar-Jett (ftHssnasr) lwwdon am Walter Dsries s Henry Hawkins t Charted Head Hughes Jenkins John a Jam ones EL Lloyd T MfB )orne Joseph allivan ipa • o* berte RoiTB vr rd Attesn <ta J. OaboruB. THE CTTARO-K I tnan, in delivering h» usual charge, ù the 25 offences with which the whose names were upon the caien- ved, were not of a serious ch&rac- proeeeded to refer a. charge against ) named David James for aasaulfc- f fJ j/d m a prise ifght, and the two '.rien and Thomas James for aid, "&g in the fight. That -case was one, said? where two persons engaged gloves for a certain sum of money, ivity of the affair was that whilst tied hat it was in itsetf not an ¡ ty—th?t it was not an 3]?aJ opera- rt t? those peopto-yet th& ov= iblw who interfered cltimatdy, TO show that this come,, instead of I might bo looked apon as a harmless ciL, bmame a brutal exhtbiticin of wi force. It was a. somewhat peculiar 4 he had read the depositions, he ven- ggest that if the factc given before ) constables were thought to be relied would come to the conclusion that a ase had been made out for the petty t would give an opportunity of both the advice of counsel to further the ,court.. It might be-b.e did not any objection that might be raised as ?.Dmdhing to be said for the de- is case, if it came before the petty h1áÎo., the Chairman thought the I i be congratulated in consequence absence from the calendar of one which had been too prevalent in or many years past—he referred to n iemaJes and young girls. He Otrnty was to be congratulated upon it was to be hoped that the iiu- .¡cl¡ was visible now. would eon- reapect. They ooold not expect, of country such as Glamorgan, with nixed population, to have no cases rter sessions, but it was a matter for n that at anyrate, they had got rid •. least, of those very horrible cases n only too prevalent of late years, then dismissed to their respective 14LS OF PRISONERS. iCr.-Before the Chairman (Judge Piaans). Admiral Lyons, Mr. Her- I ,Mr. Edward Dantel. and others riCKET-OF-LEAVE. man (30), batcher, was indicted for ahng 9a., the property of John 1, at Merthyr, on February 1st 'erws prosecuted. The evidence w that the man was entrusted with eul int instead of paying it, he An offence he practically ad- TUrtable who afterwards charged jfc. Prisoner, who appeared in garb of a Salvationist, admitted cf-leave, and had fifteen months of five years for stealing a. watch Id the Chairman in passing sent- ith's imprisonment with hard to his colleagues on the bench, ment that that court inflicted, fmanished sentence referred RRTAftTe A F A Tl.rRTT'5 (.53,. collier, of Ystradyfodwg, wounding his wife by throwmg lilicting a slight wound near the nee he otfered the couit was that with his better-half, because she • domestic duties to such an ex- had not prepared something t ou his coming home. The < was a lucky thing the prisoner with a very seriuus offence, -urt took a lenient viaw of the 111 prisoner over in 910 to be of r for six months*. D THROUGH THE WINDOW. none (36i, labourer, was incocted y wounding Ed. Villars, late kxfg- eper, at Mardy, on January 9bh! aI;-lam Lmvlil prosecuto.1.—Prose- was to the effect that some two ikkner lodged with him. He left ØTlii-Y, and prosecutor retaixed pri- On January 9th prisoner rum-ted )-e.; bcrose, and, having cut a strmg te dog in queafcion, set upon prose- 11 hiIa. with a knife in tike neck and only eO-Vtin I an escape by jumping I i wi -Odc. Yillara himself, it XLL I ? the pr?ojMT, d to lde, the = acner amd to ,id mlid or IK Gwynne waa justified in life in soii defmm*. The jnry letired their Tenlict., and after half an hour's they returned into court, and an- '"idiot of (guilty of common assault ewer, f h0 had been in prison ferae iitinf his tril, was MBteocad to two TILTHS IMPIRSEWEDAT. THEFT OF A HORSE. JajTis (47), groom, was charged with „or.<e, saddle and bridle, the pacperty F-sas, on March 11th last. Mr. srrta pr jsccrited. Proeecirtor is pro- the taiahir Hotel. Ynistrir, and the us in his employ. They went to Trav here prosecutor acid one horse and ex second for another. The iasfc-named a given in the custody of th" prisoner, ad of talaw it home, went to another we and tür,re soid the horse, saddle and 30s. t. oi-e Lewis Williams. to whem put in) WAS given. He told WIHUHOS was liis property, but his defence to now alleged against him, was that he to I the home, and that he did money in drink. PrisoaMT was i sentenced to tlaee calendsr lent. VULT WITH A POKER. *Q), labourer, pleaded guilty to William Galliott and February lag. Prisoner j ? poker, %ud the Chair- I for twelve calendar I TENCES. I pleaded guilty of ¡ m Stuart Corbett, in January laet. tt he wsus author- W f uf the t,ker. v,is weeks I .10- R. t ior mah- his bro- h last, 'rink. -is) ie •S iinprisoBHsent with hard labaw.-Mr. Bertrsm' prosecuted. I RESULT OF INTERRERENCE. 11 liavid Morgan (on hail) was eharged with maliciously wouading Thomaa Raynetn, at Mer- thyr, GIl Feb. 6th lAst. Mr. Eirys Willia»s pro- secuted. Prisoner was engaged in a lIOW with a man named Harris, and as he held a paker in his hand, prosecutor interfered, whereupon prisoner turned en him. and, it was alleged, struck him oa the head with the weapon. After a protracted hearing, the jury found prisoner not guilty, and he was discharged. The oourt then adjourned. SECOND COURT.—Before Mr. O. H. J<aMs  (vice <?hairman). I FOURTEEN WEEKS FOR lil. ICd. I J ames Henry Langford, colher, pleaded guil^r" to obt&miB?, by f?M pœtaøcœ, from the Powell Djli'ryu Steam Coal &my, Ltd., the s"nm of Is. 1 Od. ME. Arthur Lewis who appeared for th? prmecutiom, stater that a men named Hodgas was tried. for taking part pin the same offence at the last sessions, when r Langford was not to be found. Hedges was ,-then bound over in the sum of-MO to came up pwhen caflkd uptm. The Vice-cljairman When -was this man ted ? The Police Officer in chacrge of-tie case: Two darys after the last seasons. How tong has he been in. custody?—Tfair- toOMl weeks, sir. Langfood was sent back to prison far 7 days, with hard labour. THEFT OP WATCH-CHALKS. I William Addis (22), haulier, was charged with st"IiTtg two watch-chains, the property of one Jfohn Rees, at Y'stradyf odwg Parish, gn the 7th ,Nov., 1896-—Mr. Rhys Williams proseosted. ,Prosecato,- stated that defendant used cften to visit their house. He (witness) had missed the chains from a drawer in the Ilat" days of Oataber.—Mrs. Aan UeweUyn, King's Bead Inn, Merthyr, said defendant lr.ade her a pre- ¡ sent of the chain (produced) in December. He showed her as Liver lady'schain at thesame time. —■Priswner's defence was that he took the chains J off bhft mantelpiece, and did net consider that a theft.—He was found guilty, but, as there* was a secood charge against him, sootence whs detferrerL Addis was then charged, together with a man natced Tbos. Allen (24), haulier, with stealing, on the 19th Nov. last, at Ystradyfodwg, a sew- ing machine and other small articles, tie pro-1 perty of the Taff Vale Railway Co. Mr. C. R. GLv*?.e prosecuted.—Evidence was given <?&t the goods were to ,-dy, that tbey were seeu at Ferndale, but upon the train aeriv- ing at Manly were missing. The landlord of a Merthyr Inn bought the sewing machiae from Addis for 30s. When charged with the gence, both men admitted the theft.Both wwre found guilty, and previous convictions agarost them were proved. Allen was ordered to be sent to prMaon for four montba, with hard krixmr while Addis was given eight months in each case: against him, the two sentenegs to run aoncor- rently. The court then adjourned far luncheon. A VICTORIA CROSS MAN." Ceorge bkipp (52). fireman, was charged "with unlawfully attempting to obtain by false pre- tences, £ 5 from .John Charles Irving, the pay. master of her Majesty's 24th Regiment, with intent to defraud. Mr. Arthur Lewis appeare d to prosecute. The evioteace wat> to the egect that on the 9th of FebruajJ", prisoner went to the post (yf-e at Penarth, and asked ?he lady-e?r? there to write to the paymaster at Brecon,, sad ask him for his pension for the October, iæó. and Janmuy, 1897, quarters, which he signed V.C. (Victoria Cross), John Williama, Regi. rrw-ntal number 473, address Jolm Williams, late B. Company, second Battalion South Wales Bc-rdei-t-r, As a matter of fact, tilCTja was a person of the name of John Williams, who had for an act of bravery at Rork?'s Dr!&, obtained the V. C." The real John Wiffiaps-,R had been paid his pension before prisoner's ietter was re- ceived, and this Jed to the later s ection and arrest. The geniune John Wilfiaras lived at Cwmbran. It appeared that prisoner, who had joined the ht Battalion of the ISagiment..John WiHiains, who appeared wrssring the coveted cross and another silver medaA. said he had re- ceived it for defending the liospital, along with another man, from 3 o'clock in the afternoon until 3 o'clock the followi2g morning agamst a considerable number of Zulus. He had not known prisoner in the service. Skipp, wmn ar- rested. stated that be W joined the 1st Batta?cn of the Regiment under the name of John Wil- liams, his regi'iientaJ number being 144. Skipp i made a long statement in his own defence. tie had, he said, enlisted in August, 1874, at Brecon, being sent on from that place to Dover, where he joined the 2nd Battalion. There he was trans- ferred to the 1st Battalion. He desjesbed and went to the Diamond ields, but was brought back and sent to prison for two you, Tw«.ce, while them, he had addressed a petition to the Home Office asking for a raiuefcion. of his sent- ence. On being discharged, he re-eiriisted under the name oi John VViihanas, and ag;u-u WM sent out to South Africa, where he joicned the com- pany the other John Wffliame wa:L- a member of. Tie had fought for, and won the Vivtoria Cross which the other wore, acd had tried to get the money. each time being sent to jpewon for obtain- ing it under false pretences. Tias was the fifth occasion of the kind. If he- were going to -lie that moment, he could swear that he was en- titled to the cross and the pension. He had ad- dressed another petition to the War Office, claim- ing them, but had had no reply. The man pointed out to the jury that the official re- cord of the prisoner's life in the arrnVT: showed him to have been in prison a.t the time he said he was at Rorke's Drift. Prisoner was found guilty, and a. second charge against kim of ob- taining 13s. and articles of clothing by represent- ing himself to be a Victoria Cross holder was not gone into. Sergeant Hill stated that he had given evidence against Skipp in 1888. on a. charge of having stolen a pair 01 boots. A number of previous convictions were then proved a him and he had been sent to 7 veals' penal servi- tude. The vice-Charrraan, in sentencing Skipp to twelve months' hard labour, said he had been found guilty, on perfectly clear evidence, of an impudent attempt to defraud. DISCHARGED. Catherine Dav-ies surrendered to her bail, sfa* being charged with the theft of two wa.tches valued at P-5, the property of Thomas WiUaBius, cabinet maker, MerthyT. The girl came to the house of prosecutor, wanting to see a photograph of a companion. He went out of the worn, in which was a cabinet containing the two watches. These he subsequently missed, and gawe infor- mation to the police. This led bo, the arrest of Davies and a companion, a girl ramed Griffiths, whom he found had pledged oust of the watches. Griffiths volunteered a statemwrt to the effect that they bad taken the watcher, and dividea the spoil. Jessie Griffiths, who had, on her plea of guilty, been dealt with by tblit magis.:rates, stated that Daviem stole tbe two watches from the cabinet drawer, aubaeipajnoly gwang her one to pown. A verdict of D«? am,?h-F W" brought in by the jury, and the giii discharged. John GTant MacK?y (4?), fitter, was aa.? to have stolen four fotwlsu the property of oBB Da-tdd Reos, on the 6th ultimo, at Barry. Mr. Downe prcsecoted. The prosecutor gave evidence of missing the fowls, whiie a booking-deck at the Cadoxton Station atated that he rel.e.ived two creels, which, on. examination, were, found to contain poultry, from Ma<iKay. They were ad- dresaetf" Hudson, Cardiff Station, till cabled for. The poliee, in consequence of the ini ormataon they had received, arrested the prison :er, when he admitted carrying the parcel to thi* statioa, but it was for another man. The j#ry found Mackay not guilty, and he was disdurjged.





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