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Sporting Gossip — — Once again the Scarlets have done the trick against the All Whites. It really looks as if the long run of cruel luck which dogged the footsteps of the 80s- parua against their old rivals has at last been broken and that a well-deserved run of successes is now in store for them. And so may it be. There waa a time when no follower of the Rugby game, however enthusiastic or optimistic he might have been, went down to Stradey to see a match between the Scarlets and the Whites without feeling that by some means or other, the Abertawe men were bound to come out on top. It might have been only a penalty goal, or a dropped goal or any of those unsatisfac- tory wins, which turned the tables; or, as was sometimes the case, the tinplaters had an "off-day." Be that as it may, the fact remains that, previous to last season, the Scarlets had not vanquished the Swansea men a single one for many a weary year. A Better Balanced Side. I Coming to last Saturday's game, it can be truthfully said that all fair-minded sportsmen pronounced the Scarlets de- cidedly lucky in winning by five points; but, on the other hand, the home team would have been distinctly unlucky to lose. In the general opinion, a draw would have been a more satisfactory re- sult; while some magnanimous sup- porters even go to the extent of giving Swansea the credit for being the better side. But is that a just conclusion to oome to ? True, territorially the Whites had the better of the tinplaters, but the latter displayed a wonderful knack of op- portunism amongst their backs, and were a slightly better balanced side than their opponents. Also the Scarlets fought desperately hard for the lead, to- wards the end, and the winning try, scored by Graham Davies was well earned. If the Scarlets had played throughout the game like they played in the first and the last ten minutes then Swansea would not have been in the pic- ture. The Scarlet Forwards. I One was surprised to see our forwards ) so badly beaten in the scrums. It is no exaggeration whatever to state that eight times out of every ten the Swan- sea backs had the ball thrown out to them. Fortunately for the Scarlets there was not that finished play about the Swansea backs as there was with our own, otherwise the visitors must have piled up a big score, notwithstanding the strong defence of the home men. However, a few more games together will doubtless work wonders with the pack and impart to them some of the ex- perience needed for scrummaging. Most of the men are quite young, and are capable of great things in the future. They will have to improve on last Satur- day's display when they visit St. Helen's or else disaster will assuredly befall the team. In the line outs, however, the Llanelly men asserted their superiority. A New Half. Fowler was badly missed at inside half. D. J. Bennett, who operated at the base of the scrum, time and again failed to get rid of the ball quick enough with the result that the Scarlet "threes" had no opportunity to get go- ing. In consequence of his somewhat in- different display, Bennett has been dropped for to-day's match against Neath, a trial being given to Percy Roberts, of the New Dock Stars, who has acquitted himself creditably during his Army career. The Third Line. As has been stated our threequarters were, on the whole, a .splendid quartette, and were easily the superior of their op-, ponents, but of course, had not many opportunities of shining. What they did have to do they did well. Brilliant Custodian. I Only one position now remains, and that is the full-back, where Hugh Jones gave a repetition of his previous display at Bath, and was never at fault. On the day's play he was superior to Bancroft, that is saying a lot. He had also a lot more work to do than the Swansea cus- todian, and always got out of a corner however tight. The Scarlets should notch another vic- tory to-day against Neath, as the men from Castellnedd have been exhibiting very feeble form lately. They are, how- ever, stern fighters and should provide a good game. Faced with the transport difficulties, the Soccer eleven succeeded in reaching Rogerstone by char-a-banc, to fulfil fin English Cup engagement, only to find on their arrival that the appointed referee had failed to put in an appearance, thus rendering the fixture abortive. The "Sos- pans," however, offered to play a friendly match with the home team, this being greeted with delight by the spec- tators present. The tricky play of the "Sospans" de- lighted all present and they won com- fortably by six goals to one. I Reserves Beaten. j The Reserves suffered defeat at the hands of the Swansea Amateurs at Half- way on Saturday by 4 goals to one. Owing to the strong counter attraction at Stradey there was only a small at- tendance. To-day's big encounter. I Llanelly meet Mid-Rhondda this after- noon in a Welsh League engagement, and Halfway should be the scene of a rare encounter. Both teams proudly boast of an unbeaten record, and the re- sult of the game is eagerly awaited. The "Mushrooms" are this season assisted by the services of several well-known players included in whom is Joe Bache, who won fame whilst playing with Aston Villa. j The Supporters Club is already getting busy in assisting the directors to remove that overhanging cloud-the debt-and for this purpose a prize drawing has been arranged in which attractive prizes are offered. A new secretary has been appointed in the person of Mr. Fred Taylor, brother of Councillor A. E. Taylor, Burry Port. Llanelly Tuesdays 15 points, Crosshands9 The "Tuesdays" visited Crosshands on Tuesday and defeated the home team by 3 converted goals to 3 tries. The game was fought at a hot pace, and the brilliant play of the visiting backs delighted a good crowd of specta- tors. During the early stages of the game tries were scored by J. D. Prytherch, H. Graham Davies, and Frank Evans, all being converted by Llew Bennett. After this reverse the home team put up a stiff defence which prevailed until the end of the game. Their forwards adopted the bustling game and succeeded in scoring 3 tries. Next Tuesdays Match. I The game between the Tuesdays and Tumble at Stradey next Tuesday is al- ready arousing considerable interest amongst the League enthusiasts, and the game should be well worth witnessing. The following is the team selected to represent the Tuesdays :-Full-back: D. J. Thomas, threequarters: Glyn Thomas, Idwal Thomas, W. Roberts, W.Griffiths, half-backs: Glan Thomas and Frank Evans; forwards, E. Marsh, Matt Jones, Morgan Davies, Joe Owen, Rhys Davies, D. J. Phillips, W. Bowen, W. Bowen, Dick Edmunds, Oli Davies,Idwal Davies. Admission, field 5d., stand 4d. extra, (including tax). Kick off 4 p.m. Any selectod players should inform the Sec. or Captain if unable to play. Reserves from the Seconds. I At the committee meeting of the Llan- elly 1st XV. on Monday last the follow- ing resolution was unanimously passed- "That the League and 2nd XV. be noti- fied that in future our reserves be chosen from the 2nd XV."