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It is Said -0


It is Said -0 That a stout woman entering a crowded Bynea car on Monday took hold of a strap directly in front of a man seatrd in the corner. That jerked by the car starting she trod heavily on his toes. That the excruciating pain he suffered immediately reminded him of the rules of etiquette. That nevertheless he offered the lady his seat more in self-defence than for the sake of etiquette, That some hair-raising screams were I heard in Cowell street on Monday even- ing. That the nervous young lady on the motor-cycle carrier is not likely to take that uncomfortable position again for some time. That her friend should have taken her on his lap in the side-car. That the adventures of two local sports who accompanied the Scarlets to Bath on Saturday would be very interesting copy. That as life was rather slow for the "young bloods" at Bath, they transferred their activities to Bristol, and oh what did "hubby" say ? That through some mis-understanding, some fellows missed their fun on Monday. That all had arranged to be present at a wedding-the attraction being the bridesmaids. That through someone's mistake they presented themselves at the wrong church That ultimately they arrived at the right place just to see the wedded couple leaving. What a shame? That a young lady clerk (?) employed at a lawyer's office is very angry with the "It is saidist" for publishing a cer- tain statement in this column. That at the same time she confides in us that her latest b-hoy has some very peculiar ways, and during osculation has a tendency to be "sloppy." -Oh Jenny. That a youth at a recent dance caused much gossip by his marked attentions to one of the ladies. That he stolidly refused to dance with any but his first choice. That some young fellows seemed deter- mined to play the goat at a local cinema on Tuesday. That every picture humorous and path- etic drew forth their ridiculous mirth. That 'twere better were they in future to consider their neighbours as well as themselves. That soft and soothing strains were wafted on the breezes in Stepney street oil Monday morning. That judging from these entrancing airs a splendid ladies choir could be formed at the well at a local millinery establishment. That all kinds of horse vehicles are not comfortable for travelling. That the gambo for instance is not a dignified mode of transit for young flap- pers. That perhaps the party who thus journeyed from Burry Port on Wednes- day think otherwise. That one "youngster" has nearly lost his heart to a fair shop assistant. That with a view to effecting an intro- duction he entered the shop to make a small purchase. That even then he did not have the courage to broach the subject of an ap- pointment. That a Seaside young lady did a queer thing lately. That she walked into a neighbours house and asked if they had heard the latest and then walked out again. That it afterwards transpired she had just heard the latest—her young man's whistle. That a local steelworkcr has been rather reckless with h is "pelf" lately. That he proudly offered odds on Swan- j sea beating Llanelly to-day. That it was rather unkind of one of his friends to accept his offering-thus show- j up his financial positon. i


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