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CORPORATION OF LLANELLY. CAUTION As to Water Consumption. ALL CONSUMERS are urgently re- — quested to exercise the greatest economy in the use of Water for Domestic Purposes. The present position is very serious. Works supplies have been stopped. Water for Baths is not now available. Garden Watering must be entirely suspended. Any leak or accidental wastage of Water by breakage should be instantly re- ported to the Waterworks Engineer at the Town Hall, Llanelly. Penalties will be enforced for any breach of regulations. By Order, HENRY W. SPOWART, Town Hall, Llanelly. Town Clerk. 9th September. 1919.. Great l ews for Llanelly. SHORT VISIT OF THE WORLD-FAMOUS EYESICHT EXPERT. MR. W. 00B8 To St. Peter's Hall, Paddock Street, o kJ U. J, e e J. S 1..l a c.1J 0 C "J'. C.. LLANELLY, Fj'? F?'?'s 3??? ?MSw. Fas" II II.i i1 '.).i Slays Residents of Llanelly land District will be pleased to hear that Mr. W. COBB, the famous eyesight expert has arranged to visit the St. Peter's Hall, Paddock Street, Llanelly, for a short stay. Mr. Cobb is no stranger to the district, and during his visit will be pleased to meet old friends and new. There are in Llanellv to-day very large numbers of men, women and children whose eyesight is impaired or whose eyes are so rapidly weakening, that the very gift of sight itself is in danger of being lost. TVorkers in shops, offices and mines are in great need of proper attention to their sight. It is therefore not to be wondered at that great satisfaction is felt locally at the news that Mr. W Cobb, the principal, and his staff of world-famous experts, are going wholeheartedly into this vital question of perfect sight, and everyone will be made welcome and given a really unique opportunity of saving eye strain and of enjoying the delights of brilliant, clear and restful sight. MONDAY, RED-LETTER DAY. On Monday, Mr. Cobb and his staff take up their quarters at the St. Peter's Hall for six days only. Everyone who appreciates the extent of eye trouble in these parts will be relieved on paying a visit to Mr. W. Cobb of a great burden. Mr. Cobb will be in Llanelly to undertake this splendid work. No matter what the condition of your sight, says. Mr. Cobb, properly fitted and properly adjusted lenses will work wonders and tend to gradualy strengthen the vision. It is Mr. Cobb's purpose in visitng Llanelly to give everyone FREE ADVICE AND HELP. He wishes to open out to them the joys of perfectly adjusted sight, to give them at once the confidence of clear vision, and the restfulness of unstrained focussing on both near and distant objects. It may not, perhaps, be generally known that there are certain rays existing in all forms of light that are mast destructive to the sight. There are Ultra Violet and Heat Rays, and it is one of the most extraordinary qualities of Mr. Cobb's Famous Crystal Lenses that it completely shuts out these harmful elements It is no small thing for one to be able to consult the foremost eyesight expert in Europe absolutely free of charge, and these Optical Experts will certain lv have, a busy six days at Llanelly. They will willingly test lenses of those who already wear glasses and will say if they are suitable or not. CONSULTATIONS FREE. An ama;ng feature of Mr. Cohb's public-spirited effort is the fact that when it is proved absolutely necessary that glase-s should be worn, every one of Mr. Cobb's Lenses bear a postive guarantee for 10 years, and all previous guarantees are maintained and adhered to, this notwithstanding the fact that glasses are sup- plied at a pripe to suit the very poorest. THE FAMOUS EYESICHT EXPERT'S WORK. Those who have been privileged to meet Mr. Cobb during his South Wales tour, were amazed at the remarkable skill displayed by this expert. Those that had never before been able to secure glasses that did not irritate or strain the eyes were full of joy to find that a. new discovery in optical research had at last enabled I the eye-weak not only to see but also to cause a great improvement in health. i COME EARLY. ? HOURS OF CONSULTATION: 10 to 1; 2 to 7.30. SATURDAY: 7 to 1; 2 to 8.

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