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I It ts Said That two local flappers found the society of two hotel "boots" rather en- tertaining at Weston. That one evening down a certain dark lane, their hosts invited them to sit down on what they took to be a com- fortable seat. That the equilibrium was somewhat disturbed when they came into forcible contact with the ground. That they realize now that if they wish to walk out with the button be- decked olhcials they must get used to the "ground floor." That dancing is the craze of the hour. That the "light fantastic" patrons are busy learning the latest "tip-toe." That a Capel Newydd youth of strin- gently thrifty habits took an unprece- dented step last Monday. That he actually took a young lady to the Cinema. That his bewildered pals have since discovered that he had a couple of free pa6ses for the occasion-Fancy. I That there was a lively discussion in a local Cinema on Tuesday evening con- cerning a prominent local couple. That it arose owing to their removal to a corner of the circle where the lights were low. That a num ber of young ladies en- joyed (?) Tuesday evening in rather a peculiar fashion. That they visited Llanerch for the purpose of counting the 'young couples.' That after counting 'umpteen, one was heard to exclaim it ought to be in "It is said," and it is so. That a well-known local footballer seems possessed of a most fascinating way with the girls. That cne young lady whose best beau is away on holidays was so enamoured of him that she agreed to an appointment on Thursday evening. That fearing some of her hero's friends might see her and carry the she invited the lucky footballer into the parlour. That a local copper-worker seemt; to be blessed with an ungovernable temper. That his fellow-workmen arc wonder- ing why he should h;;v- so far forgotten himself as to threw those complimentary tickets to the fire. That a young couple who went black- berrying in Swiss Valley a few days ago thoroughly enjoyed themselves. That they were not gathering black- berries "all" the time. That their billing and cooing created great amusement to some lookers-on. That an amusing story of "a pair of lost pyjamas" comes from a clique of "sparks" who are at present "camping out" near the Furnace. That poor old J- was the unfortu- nate person who lost the "necessaries." That one day this week his friends nearly collapsed when they saw a lady friend wearing a blouse of the same material as the lost article—We wonder. That a young lady employed at a. lawyer's office not so many miles from the "Star" Office, has a fondness for meeting her admirers during office hours. That yesterday morning a, knut of our acquaintance was seen busy conversing with this attractive maiden. That there is no truth in the rumour that he presented her with that expensive woollen coat. That the Soccer ball is very conspicu- ous in People's Park lately. That the code is flourishing as well as ever among the younger element in the town. That there is much speculation locally as to whether the Scarlets will "do the trick" at Bath to-day. L That whatever the reault will be the "Sospans" can be relied on doing their best.


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