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LLANELLY COUNTY INTERMEDIATE SCHOOLS. Headmaster: Mr. G. J. Thome's, M.A. Headmistress: Miss C. Davies, M.A. The above Schools will RE- OPEN ¡ -L _l.i L'f 7"JDAY, t':c 23rd Septorcfcsr, 1919 ?ntr:idirg new Scholars, or their .■.rents, are requested to meet the Head- master or Headmistress at the Schools .1..) m. on the dav before the opening. JAMES H. BLAKE, '-st1- Byildrcgp, Clerk. Lbnelly, 5ch September, 1919.. -r- NATION'S 4 {-'1. 1 Ii j CUSTARD v.,} I t. &'I POWDERS I I' U'' (from Photo). De Witt's Saved my Life. l\ .b .u. i I Many women with all the strain of housework and motherhood, suffer pains and weaknesses that make i,hcm depressed and irritable, and yet are content to /go on suffering until the weakness Ma gone too far, when they pay for their neglect with the tortures of a deadly disease. Those dark circles under the eyes, bad breath, and nasty taste in the mouth, weary, stabbing, dragging- down backache pains, hearaches, swol- len rheumatic limbs are the warning of deadly kidney complaints. Do you know that Bright's disease causes thousands of deaths every year ? Delays are dangerous, as soon as the first symptoms begin to show them- selves you should treat them with a remedy that has cured thousands of chronic cases, the remedy that thous- ands of people are taking to-day, the only proof cure for kidney trouble, De Witt's Kidney and Bladder Pills. These are the words of Mrs. Briggs, of 2, Park Lane, Hayes End, Middle- i sex:—"I owe my life to De Witt's | Kidney and Bladder Pills, they made | me a new woman."—Mrs. Briggs says t-iat after a severo chill her kidneys ¡' became inflamed, and s he was a prey r; to terrible backache and bladder weak- ness. "I could not move more than I two or three steps at a time for the awful stabbing pains that made me quite dizzy and helpless. This went on getting worse, until I had practic- j ally given up hope, nothing seemed to I do me any good. I "Then I got a. sample box of De Witt's Kidney and Bladder Pills and they did me more good than all the doctor's medicine. After two doses the relief was amazing, and in a won- derfully short time I began to feel quite well again. Since that time I have no return of the trouble, and have been better and brighter than ever in my life before." Here is one of the many cases that De Witt's Kidney and Bladder Pills have permanently cured. We receive thousands of grateful letters telling how men, women and children alike find De Witt's an unequalled remedy for all kidney and bladder troubles. Within 24 hours they give relief from pain and a blue tinge in the urine proves to you that the healing proper- ties have actually passed right through the kidneys and bladder. Do Witt's Kidney and Bladder Pills are nature's safest remedy. pt y1 • jj| |jj ^Udtiey ^Bladder ,)<t:;l" 't;, r J') It ::11 ¡;e.}- 5:, C' r' P' 11 S ? When you buy the piiis ¡'p sme that they nre Da Wilt's in the whi't; boxes, priti?d in M.te and ]. (" c them a fair trial and prove for yo?rsptf what r'?iff they bring. You can get n box from :— Boots Cash Chemists An branches; Evan Jones Son and Co. Ltd.. J. n. Henderson, 142, Station road, D. Morris, Market street, Llanelly. The price is 2/9 per box, or a month's s-ipply of these wonderfu little pills fur .jl-, Or if you would liW> try tlwID I), all voill have to do is to send -(ilir nppli- cation to the Makers: E. C. De Witt Sz Co., Ltd., (Dept. 209H). 44/45, ni n and address t. and whit vou K'tffer from when nr<vor>rrv- snmole will h" nf ()Ii in I plain mmm

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