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^■ ■ ■■ — Prepaid Advertisements. I I MISCELLANEOUS. iJTl U RNITU RE .—If yon have any Fumi- 1l t-are for we, write or call at Williams' Sale Rooms, 33, Murray street, LSanelly. Goods bought outright or sold On commission, H. OUSES.-Do you want to buy or sell m a bouse; if you do, call or write. Several houises for sale privately; money oi4vanced to purch"ers.-T. Williams, (Luctioneor, sa. Murray street, Llanelly. STATIONERY and Printing.—Best value in Burry Port. Parchment Envelopes, Is. per 100; Quarto Pads from 7 id .-Isa-ic Pbillips, Gv/alL-, Printing .Works, 26, New street. i•yV-S\ T ANTKP Second?nd FURNITURE, t" Bicycles, Gramophones, Old Gold Silver, etc., etc. In fact we buy (and sell) anything that has any value. Whole kouses of furniture bought outright; dis- tance no object.— Silverstone, 36-36, JbLurray street, Llanelly. DENTISTRY .—Upper or Lower Set of Teeth, 39/6. Bad fitting teeth re- made to fit. Repairs in a few hours. Painless Extractions at your own home without extra charge. A post card will bring G. Clifford-Gershon, "Hafod," 11, I«ewroad. Llanelly, to youi house ALL kinds of Typewriting and Dupli- cating Work executed accurately and promptly. Further particulars, apply -Commorcial School, Arcade Chambers, Llanelly. FUR,NITVRE. I If you have any Fur- niture for sale, we buy large or small quantities: best prices given.* All kinds of furniture repaired and up- holstered on the premises.—Evans, Fur- niture Mart, 5, Murray street (5 doors from Vints). YOUR Cast-off Clothing, Boots, etc.- -IL We offer best Cash Prices and call for parcels. Write to Mrs. Paster, 1, Upper Ann street. BOOT CLUB: Join our Boot Club now Band save money. Names can be re- ceived at cnce.-Penallt Boot Stores. MOCCASINS, Britain's Best Boots. V i Fair wear or a free pair. Llanelly Agents: Jones', Station road. INTERNATIONAL CORRESPON- JL DENCE, SCHOOLS, LTD. Kiugsway, London, W.C.2, and Finsbury Square, London, E.C.2. Local Manager: J. Evans, Lakefield House, Llanelly. Prospectus (free) on application. m ADA-IIE J. LEWIS CLARKE, R.C.M., Specialist in Voice-produc- ton, Solo Singing, Elocution, Pianoforte, etc., resumes lessons Monday, September < 8th, 1919. For terms, apply, 55, Cold- NATIONAL SCHOOLS.- Wanted on October 1st, Certifi- cated Class Teacher (Male) and Uncerti- ficated Teacher (Male or Female) for the Bo'8' Department. Good discipline essen- tial Welsh; Music. Salary according to L.E.A. scale. Apply F. L. Margrave, Esq. Dorrespondent. SITUATIONS. WANTED, Caretaker for Pres byterian Church. Apply personally or by letter to W. 0. Evans, a'yrfran, Llanelly. WANTED, a young Girl to assist with housework; sleep out. Apply, 78, Coleshill torraee. OFFICE BOY Wanted. Apply, in own handwriting to X., Star Office. YOUNG LADY eooks Post as Office Assistant or Collector; locally; good references.— "G.E. Star Office. W ANTED, smart young Lady as Assistant. Apply, Miss Palto, 33, Station road. WANTED, young Girl; morning only, 'V to deliver papers. Apply T. Gar- field Da-vies, 17, Market street. DOMESTIC SERVANTS. 1_ I. <1' WANTED at once, experienced House- Parlourmaid and Parlourmaid; country; good wages. Apply, with re- ferences, Mrs. Tv". J. Rees, Uplands. Llf. nelly. W ANTED, Cook-General, Housemaid and Housc-pa.rlounnaid.- Mrs. Dowdr-swell, Llanstephan, Carmarthen. w ANTED, one day a week, Woman to W do housework. Apply, S., Star Office, LIan< Ily.. Oflice, AN.-TED at once, Woman to take in w small family washing. Apply, L., Star Office. WANTED, good General, age 2.3 capable of taking complete charge of housework of small business house in the Dock district. From the country pre- ferred. Apply, E.F., Star Office. ENERAL SERVANT Wanted; good wages; evenings free. Apply, Miss Stevenson, Kelvin, New road ED, a good Cook-General; good wages to suitable person. Ap- ply, Cambrian Hotel, Burry Port. WANTED, good General Servant; small family; good wages given. Apply, between 5 and 6 p.m., 3, John street, Llanelly. FOR SALE. FOR SALE, Singer's Lady's Cycle; i new condition. Apply. E. Jones, 40, Thomas street, Llanelly. o 4 H.P. Douglas Combination, new tyre, Clut c omplete with lamps, horn, speedometer and wind screen. Apply,— Brviie-ier.u terrace. £155. HOUSE for Sale; vacant N-s-Ression.- H. elson terrace. Apply, Wil- lici'iis, 8 Richmond terrace. FOR SALE, 2, Copper Works road, and 2, Po'.v. lPs place. Apply, 26, Glen- saDa road, Llancy. j DOUGLAS MOTOR CPCLE for SALE t ill splellClid conditiont Apply- Thomas Stores and 1, Thomas street. ) FOR. SALE, Leasehold Dwclling-hausc, j t 14, 'Stanley street; well built, com- j prising 4 bedrooms, kitchen, living-room j and scullery. For full particulars, apply to G. Williams, solicitor, 22, Stepney St. FOR SALE, a brand new Suit, worth I 1:7 13s.; will sell for k5. Apply, A.B.C., Star Office. 171 OR. SALE, Scotch Tip Cart; in good condition. Apply, Jackett Bros., Zion row, Llanely. NAVY Blue Pram. for Sale. Apply,— N6, Granville terrace. FOR SALE, No. 6, New street; 21 t years unexpired; ground rent, 10s. 9d.; cheap to immediate purchaser. Apply, H. Hayton Williams, solicitor, 8, Frederick street. FOR SALE, Freehold House in Dolau L. road; Houses in Caroline street, Brynallt terrace, and Ropewalk road. I Apply, A. G. Brown, Solicitor, Frederick street, Llanelly. I FOR SALE, a House, leasehold, new; JL "Gweled-Fan," Llwynhendy; large garden; excellent position. Cars pass door. Apply, Jones, Ivy House, Cwm- carnhowel. JUST ARRIVED, Large consignment of American Alarm Clocks; best and 1 cheapest in town.— W. H. Bowen and Son, 52, Station road, Llanelly. I MINORCA Fowls, two pens for Sale; I -LT-L good layers.-Burnell, Llanerch. FOR SALE, large Polophone, penny I in slot (20 records); also 7 foot I panel Counter, 2 Hand-trucks,, and 2 ten quart American freezers.-52, Glan- mor terrace, Llanelly. I FOR SALE, 1 Faggot and Pea Range. -52, Glanmor terrace, Llanelly. FOR SALE, Navy Blue Pram.; equal ) -'L to new; china handles. Apply, S.T., Star Office. 0. PERAMBULATOR Wheels retyred L same day as sent in.—Vauxhall Garage, Llanelly. CYCLE-One brand new Cycle to be sold' cheap.— V auxhall Garage, Llan- elly. FORD CARS.—We have in Stock 1 Ford Van, and 1 Lorry; both cheap —Vauxhall Garage, Llanelly. FOR SALE, a platform Weighing Machine, to weight 3 cwts., with weights comfortable.—Price, 52 Brynmor road., Llanelly. FOR SALE, Cockerel and six Hens; black or white leghorns; price £ 3.— 42, Swansea road, Llanelly. FOR SALE, "Brynteg House," Nelson terrace; with large garden. Apply, Hughes, Havard road, Halfway, Llanelly. LADY'S BICYCLE for Sale; in ex- cellent condition. Apply Star Office. APARTMENTS. < WANTED, 3 unfurnished Rooms, by married. conr,p (nna wer onop would suit. Apply B., Star Office. stating terms and full particulars to— H.F.D., Star Office. LOST AND FOUND. LOST, between Princess street and College Hill, a Baby's Gold Bangle. Anyone returning same to Star Office will be rewarded. L OST, Sept. 11th, between Church Rd. and Pwll, pair Cyclist's Waterproof Leggings. Reward.—10, Bryn Gwdig, Garden 'Suburb, Burry Port. LOST, on Tuesday, between Sandy and Llanelly Hospital, Gold Brooch. Finder rewarded on returning to Star Office. »■— i iwii iiiiiMi hi 1UMI8 i J: iii D Bd 'J ,} 'ji:e David Davidson MAKES Cash Advances PRIVATELY and promptly from R5 t upwards to respectable householders at reasonable rates of interest. Easy re- payments to suit convenience of bor- rowers. Apply personally or by letter to THE MANAGER, CLIFTON HOUSE, 16 Queen Victoria Rd, LLANELLY. -"ft. MA.- Money Sdvsnced PROMPTLY AND PRIVATELY. FROM JE3 upwards on simple note of F hand. Reasonable rate, and easiest terms of repayments. OFFICE HOURS: EVENINGS 6 TO f Write or call, to F S, Y 't- rr :t. !W II r i t:. STRETTON HOUSE, COLO-ERF SQUARE, LLANELLY. Cash Advanced FOR House Purchase At 5 per annum. REPAYMENTS may be extended from -LtL' 3 months to 25 years. No Rent to Pay 4/10 PER WEEK will pay Interest X v/ and Principal of £ 200 House. No better terms available. Splendid arrangements for Persons with Small Capital. Full particulars free of charge. TOM HARRIES, 43, RALPH TERRACE, LLANELLY. All enquiries. treated strictly private and I confidential. PudtTf# THE WELL-KNOWN CHEAP FIRM. SPECIAL LINES THIS WEEK A FEW LINES WHICH ARE BEYOND COMPETITION: LADIES' PLAIN STOCKINCS, Is. 3td., Is. 6-2id., Is. gid. LADIES' PURE WOOL HOSE, 46. 6d., 4s. 9d. CHILDREN'S DOUBLE KNEE, from 1 Is. Old. pair. I LADIES' BLOUSES in all kinds at 2/11} I LADIES' COLOURED HOSE from 1/6t pair. I MEN'S WEATHER HOSE at 2s. llid. r pair. Very special, worth 3s. lid. | MEN'S REAL WELSH SHIRTS from 10s. lid. i MEN'S REAL WELSH DRAWERS from 6s. 6d. i TO SHOPKEEPERS. Our Wholesale Only Department on First Floor is well stocked with Hosiery, Drapery and Haberdashery, and is well worth a. visit. Best London and Bir- mingham Prices. Cash Discount Terms. 22, COWELL STREET, LLANELLY. gwwirifirirarrmiTi ■■■■ IN MIIIIIIIIIIIIII IMP iii IIIIIIBII II I —-T—^ I  I ^ij 'I«BM L t Free Deiita. l Treatment TO demonstrate and prove that what I claim is an absolute fact, I will extract TEETH FREE. I claim Absoiuto- ly Painless Extraction "t Toctl., by the very latest and most up-to-date method. Think of this, you, who are martyrs to Dental Troubles and lack the so-called nerve, can have this treatment FREE either at your own house (if you send a postcard) or at my Surgery (9 to 10 a.m. and 4 to 8p.m.daily). Grasp the meaning and reason of this offer—Simply to CON- VINCE YOU that my Extractions ARE PAINLESS. Misfitting teeth of any make remade to fit.—All branches of English and American dentistry.—Repairs.—New Teeth from 39/6.—All work guaranteed. —Terms and prices to suit all. Note New and Permanent Address:— G. CLIFFORD-GERSHON (Late of 4, Walters Road), DENTAL SURGERY, "HAFOD," 11, NEW ROAD, Llanelly. IT'S A MOTHER'S DUTY to safeguard her health. If you suffer from any abdominal complaint send now for my Free Booklet, fully illustrated. It contains priceless in- • formation on Wonien^s ■ .& J Internal Complaints, and will be sent on [A receipt of 2rl. stamps to covor postage. It abo explains with the    ? '< ? ?.??'?S aid of illuEtmtlOns. how ?tiptures of all kis, Misplacement, etc. can be cured Without Op- erations or Internal Instruments. The latter cause cancers and tumours and should be avoided at all costs. Mrs. Clara E. Slater of Southport and Lon- don will 'shortly visit Llanelly and near by towns. Write for full addresses and appointments to Mrs. Clara E. Slater, F16, Cromwell House, High Holborn, London, W.C. Established 26 years. Llanelly Co-operative Society, Ltd. ♦ Central Stores & Office at BRISTOL HOUSE, STATION ROAD. Groceries and Provisions 39 JAMES ST., 2 CEDRIC STREET, 57 NEW DOCK RD., 36 SANDY RD. Drapery, Clothing & BOt is MURRAY STREET. For Va lue in DRAPERY pay us a visit. The Public have to Register again for MEAT, SUCAR, and BUTTER. When you get your New Cards, REG- ISTERf at the Stores for Butter and Sugar. All goods sold at lowest prices, and Profits shared with Customers. JOIN THE SOCIETY As a Member and SHARE ITS ADVAN- TAKES. Information at any of above Branches., Second and Last Advertisement.4 ^^il in ■ laaniW———BBEMWP1 BOROUGH OF LLANELLY.  ? .?? v.  Mousing seneme Mo. 4% THE HOUSING ACTS, 1890—1919. ORDER FOR THE PURPOSE OF THE COMPULSORY ACQUISITION OF LANDS. The Mayor, Aldermen and Burgesses of the Borough of Llanelly, hereby make thefollowing Order:- 1.—The provisions of the Lands Clauses Acts with respect to the purchase and taking of Land otherwise than by agree- ment are, subject as hereinafter provided, hereby put in force as respects the pur- chase by the Mayor, Aldermen, and Bur- gesses of the Borough of Llanelly of the Lands described in the Schedule hereto for the purposes of Part III. of the Housing of the Working Classes Act, 1890. 2.—The Lands Clauses Acts (except Section 127 of the Lands Clauses Con- solidation Act, 1845) as modified, varied or amended by the First Schedule to the Housing, Town Planning, etc. Act, 1909, The Housing, Town Planning, etc. Act, 1919, and the Acquisition of Land (As- sessment of Compensation) Act, 1919, and Sections 77 to 85 of the Railways Clauses Consolidation Act, 1845, are sub- ject to the necessary adaptations incor- porated with this Order, and the pro- visione of those Acts shall apply accord- ingly. 3.-This Order shall come into opera- tion as from the date of its confirmation by the Mitn. of Health. THE SCHEDULE ABOVE REFERRED TO Numbers on Plan (de- posited at the Office of ) I the Town Clerk, Town¡ Q t't Description, Owners or Reputed Lessees or Reputed uan 1 y,  Hall, Llanelly), being and f Situafen ef the Owners or Reputed Lessees or Reputed ")' 1 ua IOn ot <- +? the Numbers on   OccupIers. the Numbers on Ord- ? Owners Lessees. Occupiers. nance Map No. LVIII.3 County of Carmarthen, 1.2500 Scale, Edition of 1916. 45 Area, 2.281 acres. Land Mr. Evan Thomas. Mr. Joa. Llewellyn. Mayor, Aldermen, and recently cultivated as Burgesses of the Bor- Allotments. Caer ough of Llanelly. Eithen, Llanerch. 63. Area, 6.805 acres. Land Mr. Evan Thomas and Mr. Jos. Llewellyn. Mayor, Aldermen, and recently cultivated as, The Mayor, Aldermen Burgesses of the Bor- Allotments and public and Burgesses of the ough of Llanelly. footpath. Cae Mawr, Borough of Llanelly. Llanerch. 72 Area, 1.658 acres. Pas-Mr. Evan Thomas and Mr. Jos. Llewellyn. Mr. William Morgan, ture land and public The Mayor, Aldermen Mayor, Aldermen and t footpath. Ysgubor- and Burgesses of the Burgesses of the fach, Llanerch. Borough of Llanelly. Borough of Llanelly. 73 Area-, 1.999 acres. Pas-Mr. Evan Thomas. Mr. Jos. Llewellyn. jMr. W. Morgan. ture land. Ysgubor- fach, Llanerch. 83 Area, 3.264 acres. Land Mr. Evan Thomas and Mr. Jos. Llewellyn. jMayor, Aldermen, and recently cultivated asj The Mayor, Aldermen Burgesses of the Bor- Allotments and public and Burgesses of the I ough of Llanelly. j footpath. Yegubor- Borough of Llanelly. fach, Llanerch. 74 Area, 0.542 acres. Cot- Mr. Evan Thomas and Mr. Jos. Llewellyn. Mrs. Eliz. Pritchard, ta.ges, stable, out-; The Mayor, Aldermen Mr. Wm. Morgan, Mr buildings, gardens and and Burgesses of the John Thomas, Mayor,, public footpath. Ys- Borough of Llanelly. Aldermen, and Bur- gubor-fach, Llanerch. j gesses of the Borough of Llanelly. 93 (Pt. of) ?Area, 0.049 acres. Pub'Mr. Evan Thomas and Mr. Jos. Llewellyn. Mayor, Aldermen, and j lie footpath. the Mayor, Aldermen, Burgesses of the Bor- I and Burgesses of the ough of Llanelly. Borough of Llanelly. Mayor, Al d ermen, an d 1- I the Bor- 45 (Pt. of) Area, 0.333 acres. Pub-Mr Evan Thomas, Ladv.Mr. Jos. Llewellyn. jMayor, Aldermen, and lie Road. Howard, and Ths Bnr?es.ses of the Bor- I Mayor, Aldermen and! ough of Llanelly Burgesses of the Bor- and Lady Howard. ough of Llanelly. GIVEN under the Common Seal of the Mayor, Aldermen, and Burgesses of the Borough of Llanelly, this 1st day of September, 1919. D,A'L-TL. WILLIAMS, Mayor. HENRY W. SPOWART, Town Clerk. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN:- 1.—That any objection to the above Compulsory Order must be presented to the Minister of Health, Health Ministry, Whitehall, London, S.W. 1, within the period of fourteen days from and after the date of the publication of the first advertisement thereof. 2—The Plan referred to in the Schedule of the above Compulsory Order will be deposited on or before the 8th day of September, 1919, at the office of the Town Clerk, at the Town HaIT, Llanelly, and iii,iy be inspected without fee by or on be- half of any person interested in the Land to which the Compulsory Order relates, at all reasonable hours on any week-day during fourteen days from the date of the publication of the first advertisement. iGreat Seduction In PRICES of WALLPAPER. Why pay high price.s for pre-war goods when you can get all the latest designs at PRACTICALLY PR E-WAR PRICES 7 All kinds of Paper Blinds in Stock. Note the Only Address— The County Wallpaper Stores MARKET (Stepney Street Entrance), Opposite Messrs. CH IDZOY and SONS. Gymry, dewch at y Cymro."   W. J. THOMAS JS?JsBL $ ?M?@ ?? ?Mt !< P ?tw fmh (THE MAN OF THE HOUR), Watchmaker and Jeweller Is Noted for Choice, Beautiful, and Really Good Jewellery at Moderate Charges, Watches of Proved Reliability WEDDING, KEEPER, and I LIAMOND RINGS a Speciality. CHAINS, BANGLES, CHARMS, AND LADIES' TOILET REQUISITES. A Present given with each Lucky Wedding Ring. SILVER DISHES, CRUETS, eto., I FOR THE TABLE. SPECIAL TERMS FOR GOLD and SILVER CUPS, WATCHES, CHAINS, MEDALS, BADGES, etc. FOR PRESENTATION. I INSPECTION CORDIALLY INVITED. I I Exchange Buildings, Park St. I I George Palmer Begs to inform the public that he CM now supply EGGS Wholesale and Rr We spot, Powlftrf Which is dressed on the premises at a few hours notice. Shaw's Pork Sausages 1/6 per lb. MURRAY STREET, LLANELLY. W. E. ALFORD I PLUMBER, CASFITTER, and SANITARY ENCINEER, 26,RICHARD STREET LLANELLY. Send a postcard when you require th< services of a practical man. Prompt personal attention to all orders. Best v orkmanship—Lowest Prices. Recipe for Rheumatism Take 1 teaspoonful of FFYNNON SALT in half a pint of hot water every morning before breakfast. FFYNNON SALT clears the brain, heart, liver anG kidney*, and neutralises both Urio and Bilio Acids, and so effectively clears the system of all troublesome Bomplaints. It is sold by Chemists and Grocers every- w here or direct from T'van Jonac, UhetoMt, Llanfliv. la. rwm R-oi. kin. HIGH-CLASS ART'.FJOAL TEETH r. t )I, ("4.1 M J) ,'A I} 1: "1' ¡.' Mr.& -h'% j Henry Lister OENTAi. SURCERY, 7 Greenfield Villas, LLANELLY. Painless Extractions Hours 9 to 9 Daily. BEST MATERIALS ONLY USED. 20,000 Football Fixtures (RUGBY & SOCCER) WIIL BE 1:  GiveH ?wsy h ee of charge I '?N AT N W SlLVESfiltfONE'S, 2 Coweli St & 35 Murray St. CORPORATION OF LLANELLY. LOANS FOR HOUSING, SMALL DWELLINGS ACQUISITION AND OTHER PURPOSES. THE TOWN COUNCIL invite Tenders- for Loans in sums of L100, £ 200, £300 or upwards, for above purposes, and secured upon the District Rate.; Each S Loan will be first sanctioned by the Ministry of Health, and the Borrowings. authorised for varying periods of years. Tenders marked "Tenders for Loan," to be sent to the undersigned, not later than* the 13th September, stating total amount prepared to lend, rate of interest required, and what method of repayment suggested:— (a) For a fixed period of Five, Ten, or Twenty years. (b) Upon Six Months' Notice. (c) Periodical repayments during the- currency of the Loan. Stamp Duty will be paid by the Council. who do not bind themselves to accept the, lowest or any Tender. Any further information can be ob- tained -upon application to HENRY W. SPOWART, Town Hall, Llanelly. Town Clerk- STRADEY GROUNDS, LLANELLY. ii In aid of the Llanelly Discharged and Demobilised Sailors and Soldiers J* Federation. FIRST ANNUAL SPORTS MEETiNG of HORSE, WHIPPET, and FOOT EVENTS. Will be held on SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 13th, 1919. £ 'II! r.¡ M Prizes ÆJvJ:íV IIJíii W a III Come in Crowds and help the Boys who fought for YOU! FIELD is., STAND 1s. extra. Children Half-price. Entry Forms now obtainable from Mr. H. WALDUCK, Hon. sec., 26 Pemberton Street, Llanelly. J. P. Williams. FOOTBALL and TURF ACCOUNTANTS 38 and 39, WORCESTER PLACE, SWANSEA. Book open for all Events. Rules and Football prices upon application. JM —— ?_—  JM CORPORATION OF LLANELLY. WATERWORKS. Urgent Notice to Consumers.. i i THE CORPORATION again desire to call the attention of all Consumers TO THE ABSOLUTE NECESSITY OF Wf FURTHER ECONOMISINO in the Use |V| of WATER. Although there have recently been '? some falls of rain, the supply of Water at the Reservoirs HAS NOT been in- creased and the Corporation Tear, that unless there is a subtantial fall of rain within the next few day, and the daily consumption considerably decreased, it will be necessary at the end of next week to cut off the supply to each of the works. The Corporation therefore make a FURTHER SPECIAL APPEAL to all Consumers to cut down waste and un- necessary use of water to an absolute minimum. All defects in pipes and fit- tings must be reported to the Borough Engineer immediately otherwise proceed- ings will be taken. The use of Hose Pipes in gardens is prohibited. HENRY W. SPOWART, Town Hall, Town Clerk 5th September, 1919. j r I j