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"DAI BARBER," HAIRDRESSER, Upper Park Street, (Opposite Zion Chapel), Desires to inform the public of Llanelly and District that he has now Restarted Business. SHIPPING NOTICE. COMMONWEALTH OF AUSTRALIA GOVERNMENT LINE OF STEAMERS. S/S. "DONGARA" 100 Al at Lloyds 5553 Gross Reg. Swansea—Newport—London to Mel- bourne— Sydney- and Newcastle Aus- tralia. (on through Bills of Lading). Also calling at Frcementle and/or Adelaide.(if sufficient inducement offers) Loading dates, Sept.: Swansea 10th; Newport 13th; London 19th. For rates of freight and also conditions apply to- Commonwealth Government Lines of steamers, Australia House, Strand, London, W.C., or to STONE AND ROLFE, SWANSEA, or to STONE AND ROLFE, LLANELLY. First Advertisement. -—.—-—————————— ? BOROUGH OF LLANELLY. Housing Scheme Mo. 4. THE HOUSINC ACTS, 1890—1919. ORDER FOR THE PURPOSE OF THE COMPULSORY ACQUISITION OF LANDS. The Mayor, Aldermen and Burgesses of tire Borough of Llanelly, hereby make the following Order:— 1. -The provisions of the Lands Clauses Acts with respect to the purcha.seand taking of Land otherwise than by agree- ment are, subject as hereinafter provided, hereby put in force as respects the pur- chase by the Mayor, Aldermen, and Bur- gesses of tho Borough of Llanelly of the Lands described in the Schedule hereto for the purposes of Part III. of the Housing of the Working Classes Act, 1890. 2.—The Lands Clauses Acts (except Section 127 of the Lands Clauses Con- solidation Act, 1845) as modified, varied or amended by the First Schedule to the Housing, Town Planning, etc. Act, 1909, The Housing, Town Planning, etc. Act, 1919, and the Acquisition of Land (As- sessment of Compensation) Act, 1919, and Sections 77 to 85 of the Railways I Clauses Consolidation Act, 1845, are sub- ject to the necessary adaptations incor- porated with this Order, and the pro- visions of those Acts shall apply accord- ingly. 3.—This Order shall come into opera- tion as from the date of its confirmation by the Minister of Health. I I THE SCHEDULE ABOVE REFERRED TO:- Numbers on Plan (de- posited at the Office of j the Town Clerk, Town 'y„ uan i y, D t. Owners or Reputed Lessees or Reputed uan '?' e.scnp lOn, Hall, Llanelly), bemg Q d S't' t. f th Owners or Reputed Lessees or Reputci I 1and Situation of the Owners I. Occupiers. the Numbers on O?ld- I Lands. ccupwrs. nance Map No. LVIII.3¡ an s. County of Carmarthen,! 1.2500 Scale, Edition I of 1916. 45 Area, 2,281 acres. Land Mr. Evan Thomas. Mr. Jos. Llewellyn. Mayor, Aldermen, and recently cultivated as Burgesses of the Bor- Allotments. Caer ough of Llanelly. Eithen, Llanerch. 63 Area, 6.805 acres. Land Mr. Evan Thomas and Mr. Jos. Llewellyn. Mayor, Aldermen, and recently cultivated as The Mayor, Aldermen Burgesses of the Bor- Allotments and public and Burgesses of the ough of Llanelly. footpath. Cae Mawr, Borough of Llanelly. Llanerch. 72 Area, 1.658 acres. Pas-Mr. Evan Thomas and Mr. Jos. Llewellyn. Mr. William Morgan, ture land and public The Mayor, Aldermen i Mayor, Aldermen and footpath. Ysgubor- and Burgesses of the Burgesses of the fach, Llanerch. Borough of Llanelly. Borough of Llanelly. 73 Area., 1.999 acres. Pas-Mr. Evan Thomas. Mr. Jos. Llewellyn. Mr. W. Morgan. ture land. Ysgubor- f ach, Llanerch. 83 i Area, 3.264 acres. Land Mr. Evan Thomas and Mr. Jos. Llewellyn. Mayor, Aldermen, and recently cultivated as The Mayor, Aldermen Burgesses of the Bor- Allotments and public and Burgesses of the ough of Llanelly. footpath. Yegubor- Borough of Llanelly. fach, Llanerch. 74 Area, 0.542 acres. Cot-Mr. Evan Thomas and Mr. Jos. Llewellyn. Mrs. Eliz. Pritchard, tages, stable, out- The Mayor, Aldermen Mr. Wm. Morgan, Mr 1/aildings, gardens and and Burgesses of the John Thomas, Mayor, public footpath. Ys- Borough of Llanelly. Aldermen, and Bur- gwlvor-fach, Llaneush. gesses of the Borough of Llanelly. 93 (Pt. of) ;Areas, 0.049 acres. Pizb-Mr. Evan Thomas and Mr. Jos. Llewellyn. Mayor, Aldermen, and lie footpath. the Mayor, Aldermen, Burgesses of the Bor- and Burgesses of the ough of Llanelly. Borough of Llanelly. 46 (Pt. of) Area, 0.333 acres. Pub- Mr Evan Thomas, Ladv Mr. Jos. Llewellyn. Mayor, Aldermen, and lie Rimrl. Howard and Thu Burgesses of the Bor- Mayor, Aldermen and ough of Llanelly ? Burgesses of the Bor- l I and Lady Howard. otigh of Llanelly. GIVEN under the Common Seal of the Mayor, Aldermen, and Burgesses of the Borough a-f Lla,neUy, this 1st day of September, 191;1.. DANL. WILLIAMS, Mayor. 88 NOTICE IS HEREBY CIVEN:- HENRY W- SPOWART, Town Clerk.(DL.S. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN:— 1.—That any objection to the above Compulsory Order must be presented to the Minister of Health, Health Ministry, Whitehall, Lonclou; S.W. 1, within the period of fourteen days from and. after the date of the publication of the first advertisement thereof. 2—The Plan referred to in the Schedule of the above Compulsory Order will be deposited on or before the 8th day of September; 1919, at the office of tHe Town Clerk, at the Town Hail, Llanelly, and may be inspected without fee by or on be- half of any person interested in the Land to which the Compulsory Order relates, at all reasonable hours on any weekday during fourteen days from the date of the publication; of the first advertisements. STRADEY GROUNDS, LLANELLY. In aid of the Llanelly Discharged and Demobilised Sailors and Soldiers Federation. FIRST" ANNUAL SPORTS MEETING of HORSE, WHIPPET, and FOOT EVENTS. Wilt be held on SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 13th, 1919. C60 in Prizes Come in Crowds and help the Bys who fought for YOU! FIELD 15." STAND isw extra. Children Half-price. Entry Forms now obtainable from Mr. H. WALDUCK, Hon. sec., 26 Pemberton Street, Llanelly. HIGH-CLASS ARTIFICIAL TEETH Mr.& Mrs J. Henry Lister DENTAL SURGERY, 7 Greenfield Villas, LLANELLY. Painless Extractions Hours 9 to 9 Daily. BEST MATERIALS ONLY USED. — W LLANELLY HIPPODROME. 7-30 ONCE NIGHTLY 7-30 MONDAY, SEPT. 8th, 1919, and during the Week. RB-OPENING- WEEK. | SPECIAL ENGAGEMENT OF I' CHARLES f?f?H! ?M I CHARLES COHAN, Britain'3 Prem i er He b rew Comedian. I MONTY WALKER, The Lancas h ire Komic. 3 SISTERS SAXONICA, I In Muaictd Vocal and Dancing Spe?ciahtyI I THE LUHANNA LADIES, II In "FROLICS OF A PIERROT." ITHE FOUR ITS, II Very Smart an d Young Entertainers. I LILY DENVILLE, I Come d ienne. I I The AY DEE?S. etw Aet. I t The Smartest? C leveres t and most Up-to-date Marionette Act. I I Gallery, 5d. Pit V- I Stalls ilia Upper Circle 1/3 Grand 1 Grandi i 9 Tax I included Recipe for Rheumatism Take 1 teaspoonful of FFYNNON SALT in half a pint of hot water every morning before breakfast. FFYNNON SALT clears he brain, heart, liver and kidneys, and neutralises both Uric and Bilio Acids, and so effectively clears thft system of &U troublesome 8Omp1aints. It is sold by Chemists and Grocers every- where or direct from Wv*n Jonas, 'ht'.cuis*. Ll&???v. la. p?' ?-oz. tm. Sale of Writing Pads A REDUCTION OF 50 PER CENT. The Star Pad 100 sheets 1/6 REDUCED TO 7-ltd. British Pad 100 sheets 2/3 REDUCED TO 1/,    The Al?M Stepney L?? IaneH,. y Cinema Street | Proprietors The LlaneHy Cinema Ld, ManagerERNEST E. CARTER. MONDAY, TUESDAY, WEDNESDAY. jl FLORENCE REED in j A Search for a iirR?m L ????[S ??B a a <Ct Real Man, I A Powerful Drama in 6 Parts. Her Dicision," Featuring GLORIA SWANSON and J, BARNEY SHERRY. A Story of Sisterly Sacrifice. THE FURTHER ADVENTURES OF I STISQAESEE 14. Episode 14. THURSDAY, FRIDAY, SATURDAY. YIOLET HOPSON and BASIL GILL in JB? ?g? 19 ?? *? A Soul's Crucifixion A Grand Production from Newman Flowers" Novel, "Crucifixion." SMILING BILL PARSONS in Billy's Predicament, A Capital Comedy. EDDIE POLO in The Circus kiing Episode 11. MONDAY, AND DURING THE WEEK. Charlie Ghapliit; Sunnyside Adventures among the Cannibals. Part 4. Malaita, the Island of Mystery. COMfHC SEPT. 18th, THE GREAT FICHT (FOR 3 DAYS ONLY). Joe Beckett v. Eddie McGoorty. The Cinema opens every Afternoon at 2.30 prompt. The Programme Is subject to Alterations at the discretion of the Management. I THE RIGHT TO REFUSE ADMISSION RESERVED. Prices of Admission: 4d, 7d., 9d., and 1/- (Exclusive of Tax). Tel. 41. I CHILDREN IN ARMS NOT ADMITTED. Wr & E. JONES Fashionable Ladies' & Gents' Tailors 45, Station Road, Llanelly. FINE RANGE OF ATTRACTIVE SUITINGS AND COSTUME CLOTHS IN STOCK. Fit and Style guaranteed. f All work carried out on the premises under our personal supervision. Ladies Costumes a Speciality. NOTE THE ADDRESS— I NOTE THE ADDRESS- 45, Station Road, Llanelly. The Shop for Good Value. Phil Hughes, 6 & 8, The Arcade, Llanelly. Large Stock of Best Indigo Blue. All garments cut and made on the Premises. Mourning Orders Promptly Executed Printed and Published by Brinley R. Jones, Vaughan Street, Llanelly.