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I - Scb« .rship List.

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I Scb« .rship List. AWARDS BY THE LLANELLY INTER- MEDIATE GOVERNORS. The governors of the Lla nelly Inter- mediate School have made the following awards of scholarships based on the re- cent examination :— BOYS. Harold S. Phillips, Lakefield. Idris G. Richards, Old road. Fred J. David, Lakelield. Wallact, C. Hopkins, National. Oliver E. James, Lakefield. Harold Thurston, Lakefeld. John S. Evans, Lakefeld. Wilfred Thomas, Bigyn. David J. Hopkins, National. Desmond Williams, Lakefield. John Ll. Edwards, Lakefield. ) Wm. P. C. Ungoed, Bigyn. Wilfred Owens, Bigyn. Sidney S. Henshall, J3igyn. F. B. Derick, Bigyn. Benj. W. Samuell, Old Road. Hubert Griffiths, Bigyn. Clifford Muse, Bigyn. GIRLS. Mary A. Rees, Bigyn. Margt. G. Price, Coppcrworks. Sarah Cohen, Lakefield. Eileen Davies, Copperworks. Elsie Irene Jones, Copperworks. Mary C. Howells, New Dock. Clarice E. Darch, Old Road. Susannah Powell, Bigyn. Myfanwy Rees, Bigyn. Jessie E. Roderick, Old Rostd. Muriel Nunian, Old Road. Blodwen Morris, Lakefield. Eiluned M. Lewis, Bigyn. Eileen M. Clark, Old Road. Alice Williams, National. Ethel A. Bowser, Old Road. OTHER PARISHES (BOYS). Eva-n J. Samuel, Hendy. George E. Watts, Felinfoel. Wm. L. Thomas, Hendy. Glynwyn L. Jones, Bynea. Brinley G. Thomas, Hendy. Wyndham Hanford, Llechyfedach. John B. Davu-s, Hendy. Ivor Lowden, Hendy. Dd. T. Bowen, Bynea. David T. Morris, Hendy. Cliff A. Leyshon, Burry Port. Randall Lloyd, Llangennech. Edmund Rees, Five Roads. Gordon S. Gardener, Llwynhendy. D. H. Thomas, Halfway. Harold Jones, Tumble. David E. Roberts, Felinfoel. David P. Thomas, Tycroes. Thomas J. Bonnell, Burry Port. Cyril E. Roberts, Halfway. Haydn Parry, Kidwclly National. John Ivor Evans, Halfway. W. T. E. Morris, Dafen. GIRLS. I. Olive Morgans, Tycroes. Lilian H. G. South and, Burry Port. Gwyneth Parry, Tycroes. Ivor S. Downing, Halfway. Bertha Eileen Morris, Burry Port. Peggy Erasmus, Burry Port. Margaret Thomas, Hendy. Nancy 0. Williams, Felinfoel. Maggie Mary Lewis, Llechyfedach. Ann King, Burry Port. Margaret V. Richards, Felinfoel. Florence B. Davies, Tumble. Elizabeth Griffiths, Llechyfedach. Olwen Bowen, Llangennech, Conn0 Vo-rr l lechyfedach. Doris Eluned Jones, Llangennech. Lily Morgan, Felinfoel. Ethel Evans, Bynea. Edna M. Davies, Hendy. Mary Jones, Halfway. Sarah Phillips, Burry Port.



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