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■ I PORT PROSPECTS. TN view of the gratifying improvement which has been recently recorded in the trade of the port, the article in an- other column from Mr. John, Rees, deal- ing with our harbour prospects possesses a special interest. Speaking with full knowledge and after years of experience as Superintendent, Mr. Rees takes a very sanguine view of the future of the port, his optimism having been j strengthened by the success of the Carreg Fach scheme which was carried cut under his direction. We agree with Mr. Rees that while there are obvious limitations to what can be accomplshed by the local docks, yet there is no reason why a much j larger trade should not be done, both at llanelly and Burry Port. The improve- ment in the channel should attract larger vessels to make regular use of the two ports for coal shipping, and the require- stents cf the local works in the shape of pig iron, pit props, etc., ought to mean an eqiially regular import trade. As Mr. -le0s points out, Llanelly is a perfectly Ago and expeditious port for vessels up .s Nrt for vesse l s up to 1,.300 tons, and on the higher tides, vessels carrying 2,500 tons can be effi- oiently dealt with. So far as equipment is concerned, the North Dock holds an enviable record, and this has been fully maintained during the present "boom." There is one handicap, however, of which Mr. Roes makes no mention. We refer to the railway rates which in many in- stances, work detrimentally to Llanelly and in favour of Swansea. This is an anomaly which the new Trust should tackle without delay. LLANELLY AND THE EISTEDDFOD. I I AS not the time come to renew j I Llanelly's application for the f?l-Iti-ii2,1 Eisteddfod ? We were too la t < qw the 1920 festival, Barry having en- tered the field long before us. Let it not be said that we were too la to for the 1922 eisteddfod. Already several towns are moving in the matter, and this week Ammanford, whose choir gained such a glorious ïictory at Corwen last month, decided to make a bid for the 1922 meet- ing. Llanelly has an overwhelming claim for a return visit from the Eisteddfod. but if this claim is not put forward, it will avail us nothing. We trust, there- fore, that the Mayor will take up the matter at once and call a towr_-i meeting. The two national eisteddfodau held in IAanolly, by common consent, were the most successful ever held under the auspices of the National Association, and there is no reason why the results achieved on those two occasions should not be equalled and indeed, surpassed in 1922. But immediate action is necessary and if Llanelly's application is to ba successful, time must be taken by the forelock. RATS I A Leaflet was issued on Thursday by the Board of Agriculture suggesting: jhat, with a view to inaugurating an ef- fective campaign against rats before the winter sets in, a. "rat week" should be irranged by every local authority. The iveek from October 20th to 27th is sug- gested as being most suitable. It is pro- posed that village committees should indertake the voluntary laying of bait tnd arrange trapping and ferreting luring the week,prizes being given for the arg&st number of rats accounted for rithin a given area. A rat campaign in Llanelly is long perdue, and a special responsibility rests tpon th<> Corporation in regard to it. Jerious complaints have been made for rears about the plague of rats in the tfarket which the Corporation as owners f the market have taken no steps to deal rith. Unfortunately, the mischief is not onfined to the market, because the rats arry their warfare into the surrounding breets, causing great damage to pro- erty, foodstuffs, etc., in Stepney street, lowell street, and Market street. Trades- men in the centre of the town are heavily ated and they have a right to ask that bey should be protected from the depre- ations of rats which are allowed un- hecked to batten and breed on Corpor- tion property. N UNDEMocnATlC CORPORATION. ref€rred in a recent issue to the ?i-thcomlug mun?p? elections and *• expressed the hope that the Corporation would retire en bloc, so that all the mem- bers would be provided with an opportun- ity of securing a renewal of the confid- ence of the ratepayers. Judging from the statement of the Town Clerk on Mon- day, however, it looks as though only one-third of the members will retire. In deciding to stick to their seats, the other two-thirds are, of course, acting quite within their rights. Legally they re in an unassailable position, but we feel strongly that they would be showing a more democratic spirit, and consulting their own self respect by handing in their resignations, so that they may ask cncc again for the suffrages of the bur- gesses. There has been no election for ijive years,' during which time several councillors have been co-opted without having secured the approval of the rate- payers in any way. This is not satis- factory to them or to the ratepayers. It is of the very essence of municipal ef- ficiency that each member should have behind him the moral and material sup- port of the electorate. It has not been possible to secure this during the war period. Now, however, that the elections are to take place as usual, no councillor or alderman should retain his seat on a mere technicality. Judging by the dis- cussion on Monday, it has been reserved for Lady Howard to teach her colleagues the A.B.C. of democratic government, and that the lessen is not to the liking of some of them.


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