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Guy Thornton on Boxing


Guy Thornton on Boxing PLEA FOR CLEAN SPORT. I During a most forceful and telling ad- dress to perhaps the largest number of men who have ever, in the history of Llanelly, gathered in a place of worship, Captain Guy Thornton, from New Zea- land, said:- "I love sport. I love to see a young man taking a keen and intelligent in- terest in any game of skill and strength. I myself have played football for one of I the best (Rugby) teams in New Zealand, I I was and am a keen tennis player; I have done a good deal of long distance foot-racing; only a week ago I swam over six miles in one day. I repeat, I love sport but it must be clean sport. I have taught boxing-my hands (the speaker stretched them out to the view of his I audience) show only too evident signs of ¡ the fact that I have had to use them to defend doped soldiers from robbery and worse, but whilst I like clean boxing, I would ask this question:— "It it clean boxing when men fight for money not for sport, when a prize fight ¡ is promoted only to benefit the promoters I when men wager only that they may make II money out of the mistaken judgment of their fellows." All clean sport is right, but sport that is not clean is wrong. The first benefits, the second degrades men. When the lust for money creeps in true sport disappears.

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