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I F H II IJJ t t t. I I SOCCER AND RUGBY PROSPECTS. t I (By "Kettle"). I Soccer is evidently not going to suffer I iirom want of patronh this season. One was really surprised to see so many Spectators at the trial match last Satur- day. The enthusiasm was electrifying and augured well for ilia coming months. The game was good, but not great. It was of too spasmodic a character. The flayers at times set a hot pace and failed lb keep it up. Thero was then a quiet •fsjpell until they recovered sufficiently to Wake another burst. On the whole Aough there was not much cause for &rumbling. It was first game and grumbling. It was the first game an d -one must not expect football of a high d,a.sa at the commencement of the season. The New Men. Then it must be considered that most the players had travelled during the night to town, this being rather a dis- advantage to them. After the game the directors approached five. of the players. all of whom signed cfn for the coming aeason. They were Gwyn, Birmingham; Marsden, BirTningha-m, Crisp, Llanidloes, Jones, Aberystwyth; Lloyd, Aberyst- wyth; and Evans, Llanelly. The new payers were delighted with their recep- 110n at the hands of the directors, and great kroncs8 was manifested on their j part to be included in the team. iOtn Pentre to-day. I To-day real football commences and! the local team journey to Ton Pentre in I 4be Southern League competition. The feam will t)o: Goal, Bailiff; backs, James t Md Blain; halves. Gough, Martin, and I Sorris; forwards, Morris, Leavey, Levi, Xouse, and Crisp. I A well balanced team. I There can be no doubt that in the Back line the team will be well served. while the half-back line, which in pre- war days had the proud distinction of 'Being the finest in the. Principality, being composed of the BaJDø trio will hold its own against the best in Wales at the present time. Bailiff is back in his old j dharge, and car well he depended on. In the forwards Morris is in his accustomed position on the right wing, whilst Bert Leavey • opatees inside, Levi, who is al- ready well known in Halfway Park needs 110 introduction. He fills the centre for- ward position, and if he fulfills the pro- suise he has shown he is likely to prove a great asset to the club. At outside left J. Crisp, a promising wipger will be seen for the first time in the Scarlet jprsey, and he will be, watched with in- terest. Rouse, who played a number of eiever games for the Scarlets last year, turns out at inside left. The result of I' the game will bo awaited with great in- west locally. the New Captain. I Frank Martin has been elected captain ) ror he ensuing season. It will be re- BBembered that Martin, who has been associated with the club for many years, captained the team during some of its 1 most successful of past seasons. I LLANELLY A.F.C. FIXTURE LIST. I 1919-20. Aug. 30.—Ton Pe-ntre. (S.L.) away ilept. 6.—Ton Pentre fiept. 13.—Barry (S.L.) away tfept. 20.-Barr y. home Sept. 27. —Mid-Rhondda (S.L.) away Oct. 4.-Mid-Rhondda. (S.L.). home i Oct. 7.-Ca,rpli illy (W.L.) home Oct. 11.—Mardy (8.L,).w. away Oct. 18.—Ebbw Vale (W.L.) home II Oct. 20.—Caerphilly (W.L.) away Oct. 25.—English Cup I Jfov. I.-W.C. or Merthyr (W.L.) away Wov. 8.-Ebbw Vale, (W.L.) away I Iov. 15.—Welsh Cup I ffov. 22.-Cardiff City (W.L.) home Ifov. 29.—Mardy (S.L.) home I Dec. 6.-Caerphilly (%L.) away Dec 25.—Pontypridd (S.L.) away Dec. 26.—Pontypridd (S.L.) home Dec. 27.—Merthyr (W.L.) home Aan. l.-Chepstow (W.L.) away I Jan. 3.—Bargoed (W.L.) away j Jjan. 10.—Aberamman (SL.) away j Aau. 17.-Cliep-tckw (.W.L.) home ) Jkn. 20.Mid-Rhondda- (W.L.) home Jan. 24.—Aberamman (SL.) home Jan. 31.-Aberdare (S..L.) away j Feb. 7.—Ton Pentre (W.L.) away | Feb. 14.—Aberdare (S.L.) home j Feb. 21.-Porth (S.L.) away Feb. 28.-Bargood (W.L.) home Mar. 6.-Porth (S.L.) home Mar. S.-To-n Pentre (W.L.) away Mar. 13.—Abertillery (S.L.) away Mar. '-)O.-Barr.v (W.L.) away j Mar. 27.-Abertillery (S.L.) home Slar. 29.—Mardy (W.L.) away April 2. ;Wanset (W.L.) away April 3.—Ebbw Bale (S.L.) home April 5.-Barry (W.L.) home April 6.—Swansea ( W.L.) home j April 10.—Ebbw Vale (S.L.) away April 17.—Pontypridd (W.L.) home April 20.—Aberamman (W.L.) home I April 24.—Pontypridd (?.L.) away j April 26.—Aberamm?n (W.L.) away May 1.—Mardy (W.L.) home —— I RUCBY OUTLOOK. I Rugbyitc-s are wondering what the coming seamen has. in store for them. Last sea.son they were treated to such a succession of thrills, and sensational vie- ilories over Colonial tenrn'S, not to men- tion others, that the supporters, are curious as to whether similar treats are ir. store for them. Unless those in the know are hopelessly mistaken, the talent available is such as to warrant the most sanguine expectations. It is pro- posed to play a trial match at Stradey next Saturday when a team will be pitted against the old team. Those desirous of pliying aro requested to communicate ttiiii the Secretary. Mr. E. E. Bailey, Jamea street, by Monday next. I I Why not a Supporters' Club ? I The above is a question that is fre- quently used by Rugbyites. Personally, I see no reason why such an organization should not be formed, and everything tells in its favour. It is common know- ledge what such a club has done for Soccer locally, and there is not the slightest doubt that it has been largely responsible for popularizing the game. Perhaps the new blood on the committee will give the matter their consideraion, LLANELLY RUCBY FIXTURES, Season 1919-20. 1919. Sept. 6.-Practice Home Sept. 13.—Pembroke Away. Sept. 20.-Bath Away. Sept. 27.—Swansea .Home. Oct. 4.-Neath .Home. Oct. 11.—Leicester Away. Oct. 18.-Swansea. Away. Oct. 25.-Aberavon .Home Nov. I.-Cardiff Home. Nov. 8.-Bridgend .A way. Nov. 10.-Leicester .Home Nov. 15.—Pill Harriers -Away. Nov. 22.—Royal Navy Home. Nov. 29.-Neath Away. Dec. 6.-Aberavon Away. Dac. 13.-Penarth .Home. Dec. 20.—Bridgend .Home Dec. 25.—London Welsh .Home. Dec. 26.—London Irish Home. D. 27.-Gloucester .Away. 1920. Jan. 3.-Pontypool .Bome. Jan. 10.—Swansea .Home. Jan. 17.—England v. Wales .Home. Jan. 24.-Aberavon Away. Jan. 31.-Bath Home. Feb. 7.-Neath .Home. Feb. 14.-Pill Harriers Rome. Feb. 21.-Pontypool .Away. Feb. 28.-Neath Away. Mar. 6.—Swansea Away. Mar. 13.—Ireland v. Wales.Home. Mar. 20.-Gloucester Home. Mar. 27.—London Welsh .Away. April 2.— April 3.—Royal Air Force Home. April 5.-United Services .Home. April 10.-Aberavon .Home. April 17.-Cardif f. Away. April 24.—Mountain Ash Away.

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