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- Municipal Notes.I —-»——


Municipal Notes. I —- » —— After their month's holiday, the Corporation will resume work on Monday when a number of important recommenda- tions from the various committees will come up for confirmation It was de- cided that no meetings were to be held during the holiday month, but it was found necessary to call the Waterworks Committee together, on account of the serious position of the water supply. In order to meet the emergency, it was de- cided to ration the supply to the works. Eleotrio Motor Vans. Application is being made to the Local Government Board for permission to bor- row the sum of £ 5,750 for the purchase of three electric motor vans. These are to be used for scavenging work and their introduction should bring about greater efficiency in cleaning the streets which at present are in a filthy condition. Coal for the Winter. ¡ An instructive report on the Fuel and Lighting Order 1919, has been laid before the Corporation by the fuel overseer, Mr Montgomery. A suggestion from the Divisional Officer that 500 tons of emer- gency coal be purchased has been ad- opted. This will be stored in readiness for the winter. f Proposed Joint Hospital. The Rural Council have now definitely withdrawn from the proposed scheme for, providing a joint infectious diseases hos- pital to serve the borough, the rural dis- trict and Burry Port. This leaves the Corporation with only the Burry Port Council to deal with. The Rural Council have decided to join the scheme promoted by the County Council. I Early Closing. I Petitions have been laid before the Cor- poration for new closing orders in respect of the following trades: Grocers, drapers, tailors, boot and shoe dealers, iron- mongers, house furnishers, watchmakers. jewellers, china dealers, wall paper mer- chants, saddlers, barbers and hairdressers and tobacconists. These petitions will be verified and if they are found to be in accordance with the provisions of the Act, steps will be taken to obtain the Closing Orders asked for. I New streets. I The Roads Committee have referred hack the plans of Mr. Jos. Llewellyn for laying out new streets at Ysgubor-fach, Caemawr and adjoining lands. It was found that the width of the streets was not in accordance with the bye-laws. I WISS vauey. I I The Waterworks Committee recommend I I that the upper reservoir be closed and f ——— the lower reSel voir be opened to the pub- lic. This arrangement is not to affect the lease to the Angling Association. Salaries. An application by Mr. G. EL Thomas, of the Surveyor's department, for, a re- adjustment of his salary having regard to war conditins, was considered by the Finance Committee who recommend an increase to JE225 per annum. The salary of Mr. Howard Davies, second assistant in the Town Clerk's office, is increased to a maximum of £130. The Local Government Board have issued a circular approving of a scale of war bonus for municipal officials. This is to be con- sidered by the committee at their next meeting. I Y.M.C.A. Gymnasium. I Plans canic before the Health Commit- tee for a temporary structure at the rear of the Y.M.C.A. premises in Stepney street, to be used as a gymnasium. These were approved of subject to precautions against fire being taken, and an under- taking to remove the building if and when called upon by the Corporation. j Capol Housing Scheme. I Uwmg to certain suggestions from headquarters, alterations have been made in the Corporation's housing scheme at Capel. In this matter the Corporation were well ahead of the times and had re- ceived tenders for the erection of 44 houses. An amended scheme has now been drawn up nd as will be seen from our advertisement columns, fresh tenders are invited. The alterations made will, it is believed, reduce the cost of the houses to a material extent. Collections. I The return of the Collector showed that he had collected and paid into the bank the sum of £ 3,338 lis. Od., of which £2,426 was in respect of district rate. The market revenue amounted to £554 .for the month.


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