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Prep;Üd Advertisements.! MtSCELLAMEOM. i ?URNTTURE.—If you h&ve any Fumi- '?r t?far Mie, write or call ? WiDiama' Sale RootM, 83, Mufray atreet. Ci.t8nelly. Good" bought outright or ao!d T..n commiNsion TJOUSES.—Do?on want to buy or tell XjL & houae; !f you do, call or write. w.veraJ houMf for aala privately; money \VI\11oed to purchMeft.—T. WiUi&ma, oneer. 33. Murray afreet, UaneUy. STATIONERY a Printing.—Best k value in Burry Port. Parchment Envelopes, Is. per 100; Quarto Pads from 7td.—Isaac Phillips, G\7ali. Printing Works, 26, New street. ?xrANTED Second-hand FURNITURE, LWV btoycies, Uramophonea, Old Gold < < Oliver, etc., etc. In fact we buy (and s.<U) anything that has any value. Whole k.auseg of furniture bought outright; dit- emnoe no object.— BilTOMtone, ?-36, Murray atrcet, Uanelly. ] DENTISTRY .—Upper or Lower Sot of PJJ Teeth, 39/6. Bad fitting teeth re- ma.do to fit. Repairs ÍI1 a few houra. P&inless Extractions at your own home without extra charge. A post card will bring G. Cluford-Gerahon. "Mod," 11, I<ew road, LlancHy, to yom house. A LL kinds of Typewriting and Dupli- l A caMng ?'ork executed accurately and promptly. Further particulars, apply —Commercinl School, Arcade Chambers, Llaneily. nJpL HE PRIZE DRAWING in aid of Ha.rry John Da-vips haa been post- pone until -October 6th. -At OTOR 'VAN for hire. Apply, 6, Albert street, Llanelly. THE PRIZE DRAWING in aid of Joseph Jonkina is postponed until September 27th. fF you want Farnlture to buy cheap, or i- if you have any Furniture to dis- pose of call at Cohen'a Furniture Ex- &ango, 102, Staticfft road. T JU ADIES and Gentlemen—For your Costumes, Suita and Overcoats, try D. A. Morris, Ladies' and Gent&' Tailor, 3 Belmont terrace, Als Square. We make any garment from your own doth at shortest notice. Style guaran- teed Ti3 !)OOT and SHOE REPAIRS—Try the PENALLT BOOT STORES, Penallt terrace. "Nothing like leather." Best workmanship, lowest prices. -nURNITURE. ) If you hare any Fur- I' niture for Sale, we buy large or email quantities; best prices given. AH kinds of furniture repaired and up- holstered on the premises—Evans. Fur- :dture Mart, 5, Murray street (5 doors from Tints) T300T CL?B: Join our Boot Club now -t) :md snve money. Names can be re- ceived at nce.—PenalIt Boot Stores. OCCASINS, Britain's Best Boots. ?L Fair "l" cr fre' pair. Llanell)" Station road. TrNTERNATiONAL CORRESPON- 1- DEN( H. SCHOOl?, LTD. London. \C.2, .'nd Finst-ury Square, London, E.C.2. Marker: J. Evans, Lakefield I; OtiSE'. Llanelly. on application. _r 3ITt.IAT ION S, A Young Lady, age 21, seeks a post as A clerk, in Leal works preferred; ex- pericnced; gcoJ testimonials. Addres,— M.W.,St<irOHicQ. Y O-UNG Lady eeeks Post as Omce Assista -t or Collector; locally; good Star Omce. ANTED, in Solicitor's Omce, ex- \'V ??-?nc?d Malo ?iiorthand-Typist. age, salary required, etc., -hot;ux!St:.rOmce. ?MAR'? Krrand Boy ?V anted.—Star !? ?? c'"i-(-ry Stores, Vaughan street. '?W t RA' NTED Experienced MILLINER "Appiy Hhys LYans, V.aterloo House. ;'1<'lItSYH: SF.Ry.T8, WANTED, good General, age 25, b:. ;ll:lng complete charge of business house in the Doc\ district. From the country pre- ferTed Appiv, E.F., Star Omce. ?OOD General Wanted; comfortable \3T ?. me. \??. ?s. Arthur Beeston, I?.iUe. ?'.i\ad,Llnnelly. t'?T ANTED, a good General forsmaH ? f;,n.ly.IIGol, Central Auction M-t. ? OOD Cook-General Wanted .? a.ts(t ?jr ituu?'-p?rlo"rmaid. Apply, Mrs. H..rold !r..bshaw. Cae<lelyn, Llanelly. *?'?7\NTED, strong Cook-General. Ap- W ?-? .ri?'? .-Mrs. H E rrub- ;L j-' e>" _I J'.J. al /<l; L'aneIly. '?tTANTED, respectable Woman aa !:i.p. small family; good 'hom" (must IIn total abstainer); re- fer:'nces Apply by loter to Box H V' St rom" LIaTelly. 'VHT ANTED, good General Servant: .W n. ?-?h?" sleep out. Apply, Al!j.\n L!ane!Iy. Rnp SAL; TT?OR RALK, fast Sailing Yacht J L." ?:ft. Icng; cup winner F; pKi-ti. :!ars, apply, C. Ruddall, 10, ckd. s.'p side. -JWr jlOR SALE. wo well-built Cottngcs, \cl, :ardcr: freen.oJd, with Fiel&q, th.,It cm be situnted fhe -Trr :,Osa.rfl.:1 l'aad lint' Port, known ''[[OJ' (;)tbg: £3';a each. Appl' -13. E. Evans, C.L., y;S.I., Axhitects and Surveyors. ?A DVEPTTS?. going away, wishes to ?\. ,?;t,?;- ?t on-'c, in o?le lot or ?.tt?- '?t<'n'?t3, ?heeta. Quilts, ?c?.?, T:?'?"?< C-.rtaina, Rugs, -?. ?in?. Furniture, etc.; very c?in ?'? ?" Envelope for particu- ?T. ? ?'< ?. ??T Omce. ITTTILITY Rabbits.-For Sale, Belgian LJ Hares, three does and one buck. Apply to Mrs. W. Y. Nevill, Feliufoel House. T\?OTOR CYCLE, AUday's 2 Stroke; -l ? L cheap; good order. TROVER, 2 Seater Car; runs well. T) EPAIRS of all kinda to Motor Cars Rpromptly executed; give us a trial. c AR COVERS and Tubes stocked in ?- ? all sizes. P ERAM-BULATOR WHEELS re-tyred same day as brought in. CYCLES.—Repairs to Cycles promptly ?? executed; Tyres, tubes and assea- sorics cheap. Open and Closed Cars on Hire. imORDS, Fords, Fords.—Order your t new Ford Car now, as they &re delivered strictly in rotation. Agente— Vauxhall Garage, West End, Llanelly. CYCLE ACCESSORIES.—We have a ?- ? large stock of Lamps, Pumps, Mud- guards, etc. Call round ;all to be cleared cheap. Vauxhall Garage, Hanelly. A GENTS for all leading Cars and ?TL Motor Cycles. Cars on hire. Tele- phone 297-The VAUXHALL MOTOR GARAGE CO., WEST END, Llanelly. TT10R SALE as a going cancern, Cafe, -t- Produce, large bakehouse, freehold, New Dock road. Splendid business. Part purchase can remain on mortgage. —Leonard, Coleshill terrace. ?) SEATER ArgyLe Car with Dickey ? Seat, 12-15 h.p., Bosh Magneto, 4 Cylinders, Hood and Screen, 3 speeds and reverse; cheap and in good condi- tion; slate colour.—Bool, CentraIAuction Mart. tjlOR SALE, a platform Weighing -JL Machine, to weight 3 cwts., with weighta comfortable,Price, 52 Brynmcr road, Llanelly. Tj?OR SALE, Cockerel and six Hens; Fblack or white leghorns; price ?3.— 42, Swansea road, Llanelly. FOR SALE, Freehold Villa and Lease- hold House at Burry Port; good high position. Write "Villa," Star Omce FOR SALE, '-Brynteg House," Nelson terrace, with large garden. Apply, Hughes, Havard road. Halfway, Llanelly. FOR SALE, "Zeiss" prismatic Binocu- lars (new). Apply, 12, New Dock road, Llanelly. FOR SALE, Lady's Bicycle. Apply, Jt- Star OiEce. FOR SALE, large polophone, penny in slot (20 records); also 7 foot panel counter, 2 Hand-trucks, and 2 ten quart American freezers.-2, GIanmor terrace. t,10R SALE, Goat and two Kids, :E5for the lot; greab bargain. Apply D.T. Star Omce. T.IOR SALE, a House, leasehold, new; -r "Gweled-Fan," Llwynhendy; large garden; excellent position. Cars pass door. Apply, Jones, Ivy House, Cwm- carnhowel. 17<OR SALE, a swtionilly-built Shed; t 32ft. long x 18 ft. wide x 8ft. to ea.v6s; match-b<Mu'd Imed; suitable for Bungalow, garage, stores or workshop.— Price, 52, Brynmor road, Llanelly. APARTMENTS WANTED, 3 unfurnished Rooms, by 'v married couple (one child); over ?hop would suit. Apply B., Star Omce. Ftating terms and full particulars to— H.F.D., Star Omce. LOST AND FOUMO. IT OST, at Vinta, or between Vints, ? Stepney street, and Park street, on Tuesday night, a. Geld Bracelet. Finder suitably rewarded Oti returning same to .Star OSice. IT OST, on Saturday night, August 23, I black hand-bag, containing purse, treasury note and silver. Finder re- warded on Teturrung same to Star Omce. TT OST, on Tuesday evening, August 26, ? bptwe?n Stepney street and Inter- mediate School field, lady's gold Pendant a.'id chain. Finder suitably rewarded on roturnmg same to Star OBice, Llanelly. —————- u_ I many AdYmted I PHOMPTLY AND PRIVATELY. I' ??H(!M ?3 upwards on ?mpic- nott< o{ -<L hand. H?asonahie rat-R? a.m I eas. of repayments. ¡ OFI'rE HOrR; EVENING' TO ot caU, to Gr .i!.<t, 1' u N )' STRETTON HOUSE. COL'.Erp SQUARE, Lt-AMCL'-Y v_w- Cash Advanced 'd ',1, .J FOR Hon f.r. ,o, u.t q "A?, At 5 I.Hr annury). TD EPAYMENTS may be extended fr<Mr L ? 3 months to 25 years. No Rent toP-.<y 4/10 PER WEEK wiil pay Tntoro- a,nd Principal of C200 Mnuae Nf o b e tie r available for-P,-rsott-, with Small 'apital. Full partif'rJars free of charge TOM M. RALPH TERRACE, LLAMt=LLY. All er:qnh'ies treated strict-ty and coTifidentiai. EF%* ?JS?J) m S_ irudd ?N?B??s W ?? THE WELL-KMOWM CHEAP F!HM. SPECIAL LINES THIS WEEK A FEW LINES WH)CH ARE BEYOND COMPET)T!OM: LAD!ES' PLAIN STOCKINCS, Is. Sid., Is. 61-d., Is. 91d. LADtES' PURE WOOL HOSE, 4s 6d., 4s. 9d. CHtLDREM'S DOUBLE KHEE, from Is. Oid. pair. LADtES' BLOUSES in all kinds at 2flli LADtES' COLOURED HOSE from I/Gi .p&ir. MEM'S WEATHER HOSE at 2s. Hid. pair. Very special, worth 3e. lid. FAENIS REAL WELSH SHtRTS from 10a. lid. MEMS REAL WELSH DRAWERS I from 6s. 6d. TO SHOPKEEPERS. Our Wholesale Only Department on First Floor is well stocked with Hosiery, Drapery and Haberdashery, and is well worth a visit. Best London and Bir- mingham Prices. Cash Discount Terms. 22', COWELL STREET, LLANELLY. 1 Free Dental Treatment To demonstrate and prove that what I claim is an absolute fact, I will extract TEETH FREE. I claim Absotute- ty Painteas Extraction of Teeth, by the very latest and most up-to-date method. Think of this, you, who are martyrs to Dental Troubles and lack the so-called nerve, can have this treatment FREE either at your own house (if you send a postcard) or at my Surgery (9 to 10 a.m. and 4 to 8p.m.daily). Grasp the meaning and reason of this offer-Simply to CON- VINCE YOU that my Extractions ARE PAINLESS. Misfitting teeth ot any make remade to fit.—AM branches of English and American dentistry.—Repairs.—New Teeth from 39/6.-All work guaranteed. —Terms and prices to suit all. Note New and Permanent Address:— G. CUFFORD-GERSHON (Late of 4, Walters Road), DENTAL SURGERY, "HAFOD," 11, NEW ROAD, HaneUy. IT'S A MOTHERS DUTY to safeguard her health. If you suffer from any abdominal complaint send now for my Free Booktet, fully illustrated. It contains priceless in formntior) on Women's Internal Comp'a.ints. and will be sent on receipt of 2!d. stamps to cover postage. It al;:o t'xIJlam with the aid of illustrations how ltnptur. of all kinds. (-te. (,an be cured Without Op- erations or Internal Instruments. The latter cause cancers and tumours and should be avoided at all costs. Mrs. Cla.ra E. Slater of South port and Lon- don will shortly visit Llanelly and near by towns. Write for full addressee and appointments to Mrs. Clara E. Slater; F16, Cromwell House, High Holborn, Lpndou, '\Y. C. Established 26 years. 1, .¥ )1 Llanelly \jo-op.:pativt Society, Ltd. I FOR IG d P ro.cer:e hl d P (!n' v i coo' Best Quality at Lowest Prices. For all your requirements in O 1" h.. p.\ D r a p e r y, \J.ot qJ;: 'Ót:Jh; Call at our Store Large Se)MOon< o< the Season's Newest Coeds 1,3 14)11 qet. Underskirts, Suit' and Costun'Ks. etc Note Address— DRAPERY and BOOTS, MURRAY STRE T. Note Address-CROCERY BRtSTOL HOUSE, STATtON ROAD Branches: 29, Jame<s Street t- i,, Terrace; Cedric Street; 'l" ,7 '1. D<x*k Road. Drapery. C)othtn< Boots-VioRRAV qT < I Y 01} may J07N THE S? -P? V at any of the above St. ?0.000 Fcap f per 1,000. (':1 n' t be re"< -i t a,- Stationery Stores. ¡ F<Mh:on'a Vogue in 1919. No. 6. ?!??"*?- "'? -??????<??????-?-?-nrn????. „„———— ? ? ? '? ,S:t,).¥.r,¡:¡ITëJ;t II:  this all ? THE MONARCH OFTHE ?Jj ? ?? ?????Y? ?i?' ?????????X? ? ?%?f?"\  in such p l easant hhnself in.uch U?? ?S??T"\? ??? '?\ /X\?/t?8 ?? important? peraon&ge. The 'ji-??L B ?? \(?' ???? ????SB??S ;!1 ? ? VyAPPYisthebabywhonnds ?"'U ? ??? ???. ? '??A/ ??/VJf? ? ?'??? pretty wooden cot is enriched with "'?S?,?i??'?..?, ? <?-—?"'?''? 7—'? ? ?? ?????Q???H pleasant -Jr'r: r??sa tifuily em b roi d ered shajn sheet. ? ? ?\'& &'t? ?iteRH.'MUtUMMt.BfOtem" -?HH-aMeBmaBN?'??' ? ?? ? ?t. ? ??-? ? ?MP?????'S?S .??? .??/ /?'?'? "? ? ? M?? "??=?tmnmg from the wa.sh looking ??? '???? ? like new. She a,lwdys selects ? .{<??. ?? .?.?-? ? <? ? ?,??''??/? <?m<? v.'s?'iDS'ibbonsas this saves time 'G? ..?? ?. ????'??? No more charming curtains can ????e? t ?"/? /?? ? b.???npd?b?n this saves time?AW //P! < 'liisn those arraii,c,ed J /? ? ? ? ?? ???-? '?-?? ,?? ?? ane? trouble. an d outlined with V r /? ? ? ? ? ???.? '??,?/? .? ? '? ? Lf Shoutdeconomvha.vetobe ? 'i /?TV ??-??/'?.??? ? c.?y Mudied Miis of the ? ?? -) ? /???? ? ? c,,i? -;Liy s?.ildied frills of the ? ??? ? ?.??almf-.vbesub.?i?f.edfor <.??-??-???'%?? y ? .? ? ?. ?? ??'?'? '"?'??? ?????? /'?:??h?ble; as a consequence '?\ <2/ ? ? ? ?" ?- r ? ? ?- ? ? U r ? ?? ? ?!ir.?isnoterribleuphcav? when ?:? ?,f -? f ? ?????''??????? .-?-?h.???Mn desired they ca, n bo ????? ?? /??'?'<??'-?? ? ? ?-??? ?.C..?ce. The lining of the cot is ??it—bavetobewashed. They ? ??"- -.J'?.——qmretobc untiedand ?'? ? ??-'?'? /?? ?- ?,t? ? \??;?.f ?. ? "f? through the sides of the cot. ? ?' ? F '? 8 ?<? ???A?T7 "????? ? \j< ? ?\? ?\??'?'?'?.???" ? b.- ? so t.hat baby m?y peep "?' ????'? And T'?''?? T? ??? ? 4- 9 ?f?? ? ?? ?sa P they look so clean an d pure because the olive oil § ? wear longer when washed with Puritan Soap. And ? ? ..? e" 'T??? so tl10ro11ghly yet so gently.. ? in Puritan Soap cleanses so thoroughly yet so gently. ? ?" retain their shade, delicate fabrics ? Delicate colours retain their shade? delicate i;abrics a S their texture, a; For babies? clothes and for all household laundry g f+\ flf < work choose— ? W "{(!lj.# v.. r t?Bs ? ? ? ? ?? ???Fa? ? ? ??JS?iS ?/? S???J? !? ???J!? ?!L?j?????L?????S???? 8?? ? '? MaJc by Chnstr. T!?omas & Bros., Ltd., Bristol, Soapmaksrs since !745. w. Ms f'' .c:.CI:ls & Bros., Ltd., Bristol, Soapakers5: -J:; ?'X .'SS?SEXaK?' <. ?.. '?''???T?????!!S??Fm?T'?B??? ????; II ¡ I i I ¡ J HIIUIIi I un UllmmmmH Hum in I Hi U IIIIU Hi! i mu II i it i Hi' i Hi la a i i i k i ¡ L; ú J ?? ?????' vicctl? CIO, t t OW often have you used those words in discussing another J[J[ man's success ? Jones, who used to serve behind a counter, opened his own shop and is now doing we! Smith, who was a bank clerk, broke away and started a now prosperous business. Robinson, a salaried analytical chemist, commenced m a smalt way the manufacture of a toilet soap. and now controls a couple of factories. Yes, but they all had a little bit of capital! Now, there are only two ways in which YOU can acquire capital. You must have it left or given !:o you, or you must save it cut of your earnings. If you have any ambition some day to set up in business for yourself. NOW IS THE TIME to start sayme; for it. Sse to it that whc': the opportunity arrives that little bit of capital is not missing. Invest your savings in Savings Certincates. BUILD .UP YOUR CAPITAL by means of Si r( cC, C. I? I i- "F, I'CAA -ES The fine3t inve!ltmCl: in the world. Maney &hvays available. Earning cotii?oxine, in{:orcsi at the rate of 5i per cent. No Income Tax to pay on the tncyeace. Obtaz"nablf' throll:rh y.ur SA VI1I/GS A SSaCrA TION or f1(lm any 01l!o.aL Agn:t, Ordei- Past or II i II i II Ii m ¡ II !II! 11111111 III 1111111 'r< P' ,_u'" David Bavadson MAKES <pash Advances PRIV ATEL Y and promptly from £5 I JL upwards to respectable bouseboldera at reasonable rates of interest. Easy re- payments to suit convenience of bor- i rowers. Apply personally or by letter to I THE MANAGER, CLIFTON HOUSE, 16 Queen Victoria Rd, LLANELLY. t TONIC FOR THE WEARY FEET. FOOT BATH POWDER, 2d Per Packet JOHN COWER, M P.S. (From Loudon and Cheltenham) Chemist and Pharmacist, VAUGHAN STREET. LLANEL.LY. Great F-leduction InPRtCESof WALLPAPER. -Wh.y pay high prices for pre-war goods when you can get all the laLtesIr dæip& at PRACTICALLY PR E-WAR PRICES 7 All kinds of Paper Blinds in Stocks Note the Only Address— ? The County Wallpaper Stores I MARKET (Stepney Street Entrance) Opposite Messrs. CHIDZOY and SONS. ? Gylnry, dewch at y Cymro." W. Jo THONIlS (THE MAM OF TKtE HOUR). Watchmaker and Jeweller la Noted for Choice, Beautiful, and Really Good Jewellery at Moderate Charg.ea, Watches of Proved Reliability I WEDDING, KEEPER, and J LIAMOND RINGS a Speciality. CHAINS, BANGLES. CHARMS" ? AND LADIES' TOILET 1 REQUISITES. '1 A Present given with each Lt!cky Wedding Ring. SILVER DISHES, CRUETS, etc.. I I FOR THE TABLE. SPECIAL TERMS FOR. GOLD and SILVER CUPS, W ATCHESt. CHAINS, MEDALS, BADGES, .to. FOR PRESENTATION. I tMSPECTOOM COROXALLY tMVtTED. I Exchange Suiidmgs, Park St.