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LLANELLY. Nt'g.ily Important Sale of Freehold and Lessened Properties. H. Ellis Poole In conjunction with J. Davies & Son, ,Will SELL BY AUCTION (subject to such Conditions of Sale as shall be then produced) at the Y.M.C.A. LECTURE HALL, STEPNEY STREET, LLANELLY on TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 2nd, 1919, at 6.30 p.m., the undermentioned Valu- able FREEHOLD AND LEASEHOLD PROPERTIES In the following or such other Lots as shall be announced at the time of Sale. LOT I.-Freehold accommodation Land near Furnace, known as LANFAWR, containing 20 acres 1 rood, or there- abouts, of good pasture, let to Mr. W. James at dE52 per annum. LOTS 2 to 6.-Five Leasehold DWEL- LING-HOUSES, Nos. 23, 24, 25, 26, and 28, Penallt road. Term, 99 years (less 10 days) from 25th March, 1907. Annual Ground Rent, £ 1 5s. Od. per house. LOT 8.—Leasehold Dwelling-house, "HOLFEN," Cao terrace, Penallt road. Term, 99 years from 25th March, 1914. Ground rent, £1 13s. Od. per annum. LOT 7.—Freehold GROUND RENT of j61 5s. Od. per annum, arising out of the Dwelling-house known as "Gatcombe," No. 27, Penallt road. Leased for 99 years, less one day, from the 25th Decem- ber, 1907. LOTS 9 to 13.-Leasehold Dwelling- house GATHEN HOUSE; also Two Shops and Two Private Dwelling-houses, Nos. 1, 2, 3, and 4, Gathen terrace. Term, 99 years, from the 29th day of September, 1892 (less one day). Ground rent, Lot 9. JE7; Lots 10, 11 and 12, t5 each; Lot 13. £ 6. LOTS 14 to 23.—Ten Leasehold DWELLING-HOUSES and SHOPS at Great Western Crescent, and opposite the Great Western Railway Passengers' Station. Term, 99 years, from the 25th day of March, 1906 (less last day). Ground rent, £10 per annum. N.B.—Lots 2 to 6, 9 to 13, and 14 to 24 inclusive, will be demised by way of Under-lease from the Vendor to the re- spective Purchasers thereof. LOT 24.—A valuable Leasehold Build- ing SITE with a frontage of 114 feet to Great Western Crescent, and opposite the Great Western Passenger Station. Term, 99 years, from 25th March, 1904 lees last day. Ground rent, zC50 per annum. LOT 25.—Leasehold Dwelling-house and Shop, No. 20, WATER STREET: also Two Leasehold Dwelling-houses, Nos. 1 and 2, DARK GATE, Water street. Llanelly. Term 99 years, from 29th September, 1896. Ground rent, £ 3 10s. Od. per annum. LOT 26.—Leasehold DWELLING- HOUSE and GARDEN, opposite Havard road Schools, in the occupation of Mr. D. T. Trawford. ''Term, 99 years, from the 29th day of September, 1914. Ground rent, jE2 6s. per annum. LOTS 27 to 38.-Eleven Leasehold DWELLING-HOUSES, Two partly-built Dwelling-houses and Building Sites in New row, Dafen. Terms, 99 years, from the 25th March, 1913. Ground rent, £10 10s. Od. per an- num, and 99 years from 25th March, 1914. Ground rent, £ 10 per annum re- spectively, which will be apportioned. LOTS 39 to 44.-Six Leasehold Dwel- ling-houses, being Nos. 1 to 6, HENDRE ROAD, Llwynhendy. Term, 99 years, from the 29th September, 1911. Ap- portioned Annual Ground Rent, £1 10s. per house. LOT 45.—Leasehold Dwelling-house, No. 1, NEW DOCK STREET. Term, 99 years, from the 29th September, 1909. Apportioned Ground Rent, Ll 16s. Od. per annum. LOTS 46 and 47.-Two Leasehold Lwel- linghouses, being Nos. la and lb, SEA "VIEW TERRACE, Bwlchygwynt, New Dock. Term, 99 years, from the 29th September, 1913. Apportioned Ground rent, £1 16s. Od. per house. Further particulars and orders to view may be obtained of the Auctioneers at their Offices, Coldstream Villa, and Cowell Hoese, Llanelly, or of RODERICK & RICHARDS, Solicitors, Llanelly. Pwll Baby Show. IN connection with the PWLL FETE, -L 11 BABY SHOW is to be held at the PWLL SCHOOLS on AUGUST 23rd, from 2.30 to 6 p.m. The following classes are open to all comers:- Prizes. I.-Up to 3 months-10,1-, 7/6, 5/ 2/6 2.—3 to 6 months Do. Do. 3.—6 to 9 months Do. Do. 4.—9 to 12 months Do. Do. 5.—12 to 18 mdnths Do. Do. 6.-Delicate and Premature. Prizes of 2/6 to all entries. 7.-Twins. Prizes 12/ 10/ 8/ 6/ Entrance Cards may be obtained from Nurse Thomas, Penllech Cottages, Pwll, and must be returned filled in on or be- fore August 14th, together with the Entrance fee of 3d., otherwise they will not be considered. Tea for Mothers and Babies will be provided free at the Schools. The Prizes will be distributed at the close of the Show at the Pwll Fete, Stradey Lodge, Beach Road. Entrance including tax, 1/3. Cash Advanced FOR House Purchase At 5 per annum. REPAYMENTS may be extended from 3 months to 25 years. No Rent to Pay 4/10 PER WEEK will pay Interæ> I ±? and Principal of ?200 House. No better terms available. Splendid arrangements for Persons with Small Capital. Full particulars free of charge. TOM HARRIES, 49, RALPH TERRACE, LLANELLY. Ml enquiries treated strictly private and confidential. NEW DOCK STARS FOOTBALL FIELD New Dock, Llanelly. A THLETIC SPORTS On the above ground ON SATURDAY, SEPT. 6th, 1919, In aid of tho Welcome Home to the Sol- diers and Sailors of Christ Church Parish President Capt. Geoffrey Tregoning. Handicapper, M. L. Phillips, Esq.Halfway Starter J. L. Jones, Esq., Llanelly EVENTS.— 100 Yards Open Handicap. 80 Yards Open Handicap. 300 Yards Open Handicap. Sack Race, V.C. Race, Obstacle Race, Thread-theNcedl-e Race, Veterans' Race, etc. etc. Gates open 2 p.m. First race 3 sharp. ADMISSION SIXPENCE. Llanelly Federation Band in attendance. Entries close Monday, Sept. 1st. Entry Form Mr. Llew. P. Hughes, Llechryd, Victoria Road, Llanelly. HIGH-CLASS ARTIFICIAL TEETH Mr.& Mrs J. Henry Lister DENTAL SURCERY, 7 Greenfield Villas, LLANELLY. Painless Extractions Hours 9 to 9 Daily. BEST MATERIALS ONLY USED. p I AVE you loet anything ? If 80. lose no time in advertising for it in the "Star. LLANELLY HIPPODROME. 7-30 ONCE NIGHTLY 7-30 Monday, August 19th and during the Week MATiNEE THURSDAY, at 2.30. GRAND OPERA WEEK. FREE LIST ENTIRELY SUSPENDED. VISIT OF ?M ??"? H c ? f ? I?BST ???E T The Flintoff Moore B ??? ?? ?N? ?"ja ? ?? t I Opera Co. I MONDAY, at 7.30. FAUST TUESDAY, at 7.30. il Trovatore WEDNESDAY, at 7.30. Bohemian Girl I THURSDAY, at 7.30. Rose of Castillo FRIDAY, at 7.30. I La Travaata  SATURDAY, at 7.30. Maritana Thursday at 2-30, Rigoietto 1 I The principal Artistes include the following names -Mesdames Jeane Jeune, Hilda Morris, Lily Moon, Ethel Fitzgerald, Lily Moody, Janet Warburton, Con- stance Bower, Messrs. William O'Connor, Arthur Meates, Flintoff Moore, Patrick Miskelly, Theo Kushell, Gilbert King. Conductor, Mr. Cuthbert Hawley, Mus. Bac. Also a well-balanced Chorus and Orchestra. I Gallery, I 1/- Balcony 1 16 Pit 2/- Stalls I 219 Circle 3/6 I Tax I included I MMBHHMOManBa»i«nDBBNnMnHMHv«ianRHCMsar The Shop for Good Value. Phil Hughes, 6 & 8, The Arcade, Llanelly. Large Stock of Best Indigo Blue. All garments cut and made on the Premises. I Mourning Orders Promptly Executed it m——kmmmwwwwwmmwiiw,!—nimtumni y^.• -aL_M_ j r- ■■ -r rtiwr rewirTTirnrmrnriTiTiTmriTTnmiB mmbi iihim imuumibmm Homing CONTESTS, ,) M RKET HALL, .l::1.. i L, 1\1 d Nt'- A tl})51 1.- 7 Monday Next, Aug. 25th, at 7 p.m. 20 THREI MINUTE ROUNDS, TAL JONES, (CHAMPION OF GREAT BRITAIN) v. 1 JOHNNY MORAN (BLaCKBURN), fop Purse & ??00 aside. 15 THREE- MINUTE ROUNDS, FRANKIE WELLS v HARRY HULIN (Canadian Feather Weight), (Cardiff) National Sporting Club, etc. 10 THREE-MINUTE ROUNDS, ( EVAN WILLIAMS v. WHYTE, (Tylorstown) holder of the Army A Promsiing London Lad. Light Weight Championship Belt, who I will shortly meet Joe Conn, M.C.: MR. CONDIE, Boxer Evangelist. Referee: MR. BARNETT. The Federation Band will be in attendance Good Seats 2/4, Ringside 10/6, 7/6, & 5/9 BOOK EARLY. TICKETS may be had from Mr. A. HAYWARD, 7 Evans Terrace, 19 John Street, and various places in town; also at MARKET HALL, from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. on Monday !E88iI. I <.—IHII»ll»nm—i I II —»B————IMS—■— W. & E. JONES Fashionable Ladies' & Gents' Tailors 45, Station Road, Llanelly. FINE RANGE OF ATTRACTIVE SUITINGS AND COSTUME CLOTHS IN STOCK. Fit and Style guaranteed. All work carried out on the premises under our personal supervision. Ladies Costumes a Speciality. NOTE THE ADDRESS- | 45, Station Road, Llanelly. V- KS" To Motor Cyclists. I Fred H. Evans Has now a well equipped Workshop for receiving MOTOR S Has now a well CYCLE REPAIR WORK. ALL WORK IS EXECUTED BY SKILLED WORKMEN Whose motto is efficiency. All Motor Cycle Work should first be delivered to J Cycle & Enamelling Works, I § Where the following goods are carried in stock:— | B.B. OILS, T.T. OILS, GREASE, CARBICLE, BELT FASTENERS, B.B. CONTROL TIPS, B.B. JETS, AMAC JETS, SENSPRAY JETS, DUNLOP BUTT ENDED TUBES HANDLE GRIPS, LIGHTING SETS, DUNLOP REPAIR OUTFITS, BOWDEN WIRE, BOWDEN CASING, PUMP CONECTIONS, JOINTING, SPANNERS, SPA R KIN G PLUGS, PETROL UNION, COMPRESSION TAPS, and numerous other accessories can be obtained at- ??t ?a ?T ? H TS ?f? Coleshill Ter., LLANELLY Printed and Published by Rjdnley R. Jones,, vauzhan Street,, Llanelly.