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Another -Motor FatalityI




It is SaidI I. a .J..., 4…


It is Said I I. a .J. 4 ,a That a "petite fille" from Station I road finds a unique method of amusement in the afternoons. That feigning sleep she assnmes various poses in the front window. That all the while through half-closed eyelids she surveys the effect of her posing upon the passing k-nuts. That a college bhoy was rather con- spicuous in "whites" at Pare Howard on Tuesday. That the manner in which he accosted his friends caused much amusement. That he was anxious to get the house door key in order to get a change of togs, as his "whites" only alienated the "ghirls." That a touching tale of a shattered romance comes from College Square. That one certain bhoy there chose to treat his "love" affair as a game of ehajice. That he soon found his hand of 'spades' I, worthless when 'hearts' were trumps. That the fair maiden who held the "trumps" chose to help another friend rather than our now despondent hero. That a well-known local fop is rather feud of the Pare Howard tennis courts these days. That he is practising in preparation for his holidays at Llandudno. That he intends shining there. We wonder Will-ee ? That a local fitter lost money cheaply on Monday night. That lie was reckless enough to bet with a young lady that she would not ac- company him to the Cinema. That she did-of course she would- and his pals wonder if this was a dodge of his to make up a "closer" acquaint- ance. That a young lady employed at a local tinworks looks like winning a reputation as a quick-change artiste, not to men- tion "camuoflaging." That a few minutes after the hiss of the hooter she is busily engaged at home in the "art of beauty.* That in a very short time she blossoms forth, her complexion of rose-petal order, her hair encircling in a series of stray curls around her neck. That at her work she hurls all kinds of threats at the "It-is-Saidist," while in the evening she is just—beastly annoyed with him. That- the poor "It-is-Saidist" is subject to all this, because he announced her coming marriage to a "real gentleman." That our young friend(?) has even offered a reward to the first person who discloses the identity of the heartless author of this column. That on Tuesday evening five youths seemed to think "Revue" dear at any price. That they were quite disappointed to find no half-price tickets issued to the stalls at half-time. That ultimately this economic quin- tette found consolation for the loss of a musical treat in a sumptuous spread of fish and chips. That a local k-nut had rather an ex- pensive "toilet" at a Cardiff barber's re- cently. That after about half an hour's treat- ment to head and face he was calmly asked fo- 2s. 9d. Whiw That. the hairdresser could appreciate a little joke too, for in reply to the k-nut's enquiries as to when he would go for holidays he said: "Next week at this rate." Exasperating, wasn't it ?



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