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—— Prepaid Advertisements. ) MISCELLANEOUS. IF URNITURE.-If you have Any Furni- ture for sale, write 01 call at Willia.ma' Sale RIDOMB, 83, Murray street, Uanelly. Goods boufiht outright or told aa commission. HOUSES.—Do you want to buy or *eU tmt ? house; H you do, c&U or write. Several houses for sale privately; money advanced, to purchasers.—T. Williams, Auctioneer, 83, Murray street, LLanelly. WANTED Secondhand FURNITURE,  Bicycles, Gramophones, Old Gold tuHl Silver, etc., etc. In fact we buy (and sell) anything that has any value. Whole fcouees of furniture bought outright; dis- tance no object.— Silverstone, 86-36, Murray street, Llanelly. DENTISTRY.—Upper or Lower Set of 9U Teeth, 39/6. Bad fitting teeth re- ■ • C made to fit. Kepairs in a ilew UVUUh Painless Extractions at your own home without extra charge. A post card will bring G. Clifford-Gershon, "Hafod, 11, iNew road, Llanelly, to yom house. A LL kinds of Typewriting and Dupli- cating Work executed accurately and promptly. Further particulars, apply —Commercial School, Arcade Chambers, Llanelly. LADIES and Gentlemen —For your JLJ Costumes, Suits and Overcoats; try D. A. Morris, Ladies' and Gents' Tailor, 3, Belmont terrace, Als Square. Wo make any garment from your own cloth at shortest notice. Style guaran- teed. A House of your own, can be purchased Awith .our rent. Hundreds are do- ing so. Write "Opportunity." Star Office BOOT and SHOE REPAIRS—Try the PENALLT BOOT STORES, Penallt terrace. "Nothing like leather." Best workmanship, lowest prices. FURNITURE. I If you have any Fur- niture for sale, we buy large or small quantities; best prices given. All kinds of furniture repaired and up- holstered on the premises.—Evans, Fur- suture Mart, 5, Murray street (5 doors from Vints). BOOT CLUB: Join our Boot Club now Band save money. Names can be re- ceived at once.-Penallt Boot Stores. MOCCASINS, Britain's Best Boots. ¿ Fair wear cr a free pair. Llanelly Agents: Jones', btation road. WANTEL to purchase a House with Tt wirlv possession, in St. Pauls, Tyisha or near Station. Full particulars to Box 14, Star Obce. TNTEKNATIONAL CORRESPON- -I DENCE, SCHOOLS, LTD. Kingsway, London, .C.2, and Finsbury Square, London, E.C.2. Local Manager: J. Evans, Lakefield House. Llanelly. Prospectus (free) on application. _8 SITUATIONS. WANTED, first-class Shorthand W Typist. Apply giving particulars, qualification, experience and salary re- quired to Box 41, Star Office. ANTED, in Solicitor's Office, ex- perienced Male Shorthand-Typist. Apply stating age, salary required, etc., to Box 9, Star Office. SIART Errand Boy Wanted.—Star Stationery Stbres, Vaughan street. -¡- WANTED,, Experienced MILLINER -Apply Rhys Evans, Waterloo House.. DOMESTIC 8ERVA MTS. -Ai WANTED,! good General, age 25, TV capable oÎ taking complete charge of housework of small business house in the Dock district. From the country pre- ferred. Apply, E.F., Star Office. 4 GOOD General Wanted; comfortable home. Apply, Mrs. Arthur Beeston, Ialayville, Old road, Llanelly. w A-NTED, a Housekeeper; respect- able middle ago buly. Apply by let- ter to Box 21 Star Office. State full particulars. _0- GOOD GENERAL wanted. Doctor's house, comfortable home, good wages. Nurse kept. Fare paid. Mrs. Alfred Rogers, Bryn-yCoed, Castle Aven- ue, Higham Park, London. WANTED immediately, good General W SERVANT. Apply Mrs. W. Bowen, Ijycdhurst, Victoria road, IllandlJ WANTED, a good General for small IV family.—Bool, Central Auction Mart. GOOD .Cook-General Wanted; also Hou^o-parlourmaid. Apply, Mrs. Harold Trubshaw, Caedelyn, Llanelly. ■tnr T ANTED immediately, a good ;:W Housekeeper; age about 30. Ap- ply, S. J. Morgan. 40. Station roa<L T ANTED, strong Cook-General. A',> TV in writing.—Mrs. H. E. Trub- ehaw, Caedelyn, Llanelly. FOR IIALE. IiiOR SALE, good Piano; also large, t home-made, pajrtly furnished Doll's House. Apply, L.H., Star Office. FIRST CLASS (up-to-date) Fowl House for Sale, worth £ 20; will sell very cheap, .£10; also 7, white Wyan- dotte C-hiokens, IDs. each. Exhibition. No better ever offered for sale so cheap. -Vivian, Belmont, Coleshill terrace. TRIUMPH Combination, 2 speed, and -L in good going order, -C45.-57, Pottery street, Uanelly. FOR SALE, two well-built Cottages, t with large gardens, freehold, with adjoining freehold fields, that can be added, conveniently situated between the Trimsaran road and Burry Port, known as "Ifor Cottages." £ 300 each. Apply to Me&rs. J. and B. E. Evans, C.E., M.S.A, F.S.I., Architects and Surveyors, I Llanelly. ADVERTISER, going away, wishes to sell privately at once, in one lot or separately, Blankets, Sheets, Quilts, Towels, Table-linen, Curtains, Rugs, Watch. Ring, Furniture, etc.; very cheap; almost new. Envelope for particu- lars to Box 55, Star Office. HOUSE for Sale, by private treaty No -LI 21. Penyfon street, New Dock. Ap- ply, 1. New street, New Dock, Llanelly. UTILITY Rabbits.—For Sale, Belgian LJ Hares, three does and one buck. Apply to Mrs. W. Y. Nevill, Felinfoel House. FOR SALE, privately, four Leasehold Dwellin-houses, situated in Pem- brey road, Llanelly. Apply, Williams, Auctioneer, Llanelly. MOTOR CYCLE, Allday's 2 Stroke; 1 cheap; good order. ROVER, 2 Seater Car; runs well. REPAIRS of all kinds to Motor Cars Rprow-ptly executed; give us a trial. CAR COVERS and Tubes stocked in all sizes. PERAMBULATOR WHEELS re-tyred same day as brought in. CYCLES.—Repairs to Cycles promptly executed; Tyres, tubes and asses- sories cheap. Open and Closed Cars on Hire. F ORDS, Fords, Fords.—Order your jL now Ford Car now, as they are delivered strictly in rotation. Agents— Vauxhall Garage, West End, Llanelly. CYCLE ACCESSORIES.—We have a large stock of Lamps, Pumps, Mud- guards, etc. Call round ;all to be cleared cheap Vauxhall Garage, Llanelly. AGENTS for all leading Cars and AMotor Cycles. Cars on hire. Tele- phonc, 297-The VAUXHALL MOTOR GARAGE CO., WEST END, Llanelly. FOR SALE as a going concern, Cafe, Produce, large bakehouse, freehold, New Dock road Splendid business. Part purchase can remain on mortgage. -Leonard, Coleshill terrace. "#'0- .w' 2 SEATER Argyle Car with Dickey Seat, 12-15 h.p., Bosh Magneto, 4 Cylinders, Hood and Screen, 3 speeds and reverse; cheap and in good condi- tion; slate colour.—Bool, CentralAuction Mart. SILVERSTONE'S ANNOUNCEMENTS. SALE OF UNREDEEMED PLEDGES: 1 ISct. Gold Centre Second Watch. A quantity of 9, 18 and 22ct. Wedding Rings. About 1 doz. Gents' Signet Rings. A few Ladies' Gem Rings in Half-hoop and Clustre Settings. About 2 doz. Gents' Silver Lever Watches. A quantity of Solid Silver Alberts. 1 Gentleman's Odd Wardrobe; Solid Mahogany. 2 Queen Anno Sideboards, ditto. 1 Roll Top Desk, in Solid Mahogany. 2 Bedroom Suites, Jacobean and Sheraton. At SiLVERSTONE'S, 35 and 36, Murray Street, and 2, Cowell Street. -=' e, FOR SALE, second hand spring Cart; ..suit grocer, market gardener or farmer; splendid condition. Also pair of wheels, 3ft. 6ins. high, 2in. tyre. Apply Llanfawr Wheel Works, Princess street. APARTMENTS. WANTED, in Llanelly district, two or three Unfurnished Rooms; good locality; state terms. Apply, S.M., Star Office, Llanelly. WANTED, 3 unfurnished Rooms, by married couple (one child); over shop would suit. Apply B., Star Office. stating terms and lull particulars to- H.F.D., Star Office. RESPECTABLE young Man requires Lodgings with board, bedroom to &elf; state terms to Box 86, Star Office. WANTED Bed-sittingroom for month, Llanelly; no cooking or attendance; 5s. weekly.—Box W.H., Star Office. WANTED, two good Rooms (Un- ■ furnshed) fqf married couple; no children. Apply Philips, c/o Garthowen, Alban road, Llanelly. LOST AND FOUND. FOUND, on Friday night, at Horeb Mill, Five Roads, a small Dog. Owner can have same by calling at Horeb Mill Farm. -J_ _# LOST, Bunch of Padlock Keys. Finder -LJ rewarded .—Frost, Market Bookstall. Puddy's THE WELL-KNOWN CHEAP FIRM. SPECIAL LINES THIS WEEK A FEW LINES WHICH ARE BEYOND COMPETITION: LADIES' PLAIN STOCKINCS, Is. 3 £ d., Is. 6 £ d., Is. 9Jd. LADIES' PURE WOOL HOSE, 4s. 6d., 4s. 9d. CHILDREN'S DOUBLE KNEE, from 19. Old. pair. LADIES' BLOUSES in all kinds at 2/111 LADIES' COLOURED HOSE from 1/6* pair. MEN'S WEATHER HOSE at 2s. Utd. pair. Very special, worth 3s. lid. MEN'S REAL WELSH SHIRTS from 10s. lid. MEN'S REAL WELSH DRAWERS from 6s. 6d. TO SHOPKEEPERS. Our Wholesale Only Department on First Floor is well stocked with Hosiery, Drapery and Haberdashery, and is well worth a visit. Best London and Bir- mingham Prices. Cash Discount Terms. 22, COWELL STREET, LLANELLY. Free Dental Treatment "7 7 Ay TO demonstrate and prove that what I claim is an absolute fact, I will extract TEETH FREE. I claim Absolute- ly Painless Extraction of Teeth, by the very latest and most up-to-date method. Think of this, you, who are martyrs to Dental Troubles and lack the so-called nerve, can have this treatment FREE either at your own house (if you send a postcard) or at my Surgery (9 to 10 a.m. and 4 to 8p.m.daily). Grasp the meaning and reason of this offer-Simply to CON- VINCE YOU that my Extractions ARE PAINLESS. Misfitting teeth of any make remade to fit.—All branches of English and American dentistry.—Repairs.—New Teeth from 39/6.-All work guaranteed. —Terms and prices to suit all. Note New and Permanent Address:— G. CLIFFORO-GERSHON (Late of 4, Walters Road), DENTAL SURGERY, "HAFOD," 11, NEW ROAD, Llanelly. IT'S A MOTHER'S DUTY to safeguard her health. If you suffer from any abdominal complaint send now for my Free Booklet, fully illustrated. It contains priceless in- -"SOrrFl formation on Women's Sji Internal Complaints, fl ?—? ? and will be sent on ? ?* ? receipt of 2d. stamps .? '??**T?!? It f? ? ? cover postage. It .■fiP, also explains with the aid of illustrations, how Ruptitres of all kinds, Misptacenwnt. etc. can '? be cure( Without Op- erations or Internal Instruments. The latter cause cancers and tumours and should be avoided at all costs. Mrs. Clara E. Slater of Southport and Lon- don will shortly visit Llanelly and near by towns. Write for full addresses and appointments to Mrs. Clara E. Slater, F16, Cromwell House, High Holborn, London, W.C. Established 26 years. Llanelly Co-operative Society, Ltd. FOR Groceries and Provisions Best Quality at Lowest Prices. For all your requirements in Drapery, Clothing & Boots Call at our Store. Large Selections at the Season's Newest Coods. Blouses Underskirts, Suits and Costumes, etc. N ete Address- DRAPERY and BOOTS, MURRAY STREET. Note Address-CROCERY BRISTOL HOUSE, STATION ROAD. Branches: 29, James Street; 18, Gate Terrace; Cedric Street; and 57, New Dock Road. Drapery, Clothing, Boots—MURRAY ST You may JOIN THE SOCIETY at any of the above Stores. 20,000 Fcap Envelopes to clear at 7/6 per 1,000. Can't be repeated.—Star Stationery Stores. Fashion's Vogue in 1919. flfo. 5* THE CARFR OF THE BLOU3E. I ARIBALDI, lhcltaJi2.llpariot, G started the L-lotise on a f which to ùav 11:1.8 become a k' {fJ I triumphal proccs£ion. It  '{ & its  in every matenal ai?d almot e-ery ,tyle-cii almost  1 occaSIOn. lDlphclty is a feature t ICA? the mOHt beaiitiful models, for mod- t' ern modes of life dtmand thai 0'0 blouse shall be llJaûe of ,'a hirg I, materials so tbat vi¡.,jts to the hum- may have It bendicial and not I a àcletcrious effed on it. NotjlJg is more 1  crepe de chino in d(,Iicate 1 as1 cl d1ades, or art-er thulI  bi1;: or (-Qttrn bloue in COI)tra??ii "'g btnI,l s. Larac coHan; faliiii over 11;c  hasü an epcc![\lly grac('n.l ffe: (,II i'J everv type of fgure.  ,,1P'p.C ?'{ ?î.  \,1 t t () be WCrIl olJÜ,ide t be Lea 1. Cc t j i i? j Ili rts with turned G',or  Lcat cravat are damt:- al1d in pu it r-?. accord with he t?iloi-cd wv,?i ;IOt costume that 18  part of the sprii)g war(ii-ol)c. Tbe l1}Oc1Hn womln c:anrot  1. 5 too many bl(uses a,, ,d a11 he 11. Ü.h should be qui,t s impk and dainty, Ii  for ¡heir  OD pf,]-fc.c- MOD of c?t End 1(,\ltv of m&t,'r1:11. £, f -I 'ff' fB ''I ,J \.J ¡; r f ?  N ? ? j'? ? F' ? ?  Blouses p wear longer when washed with Puritan Soap. And I Ithey look so clean and pure because the olive oil ?, in Puritan Soap cleanses so thoroughly yet so gently. 1 i -o, d c, d?. l ica t e fabrics Delicate colours retain their shade? delicate fabrics  I their texture. ? 1 For blouses and all household laundry work | I choose— I )i/ ¡, '1.'j'r'¡ -'i(y:: '.n"f<<" .1 < "i ,'(' v' ,-¡>; J¡' f" í{,. ,k.; i \,t o. \t, It:,iJ \"J'' ''1"l\ t' jJ.¡1t:. t"\J ;i "7\l WtW-¡,tJ ¡' 'i.1:r r10,¡." 't.i' '{' "'¿"" ")" Tu e: OLtV £ OIL 4L) OJ; .:» Lt V ¡ i1trd i \I I Mad ? by Christr. Thomas & Bros.. Ltd., Bristol, S,apm-tkers siiice 1745. W. sm m S !)) )!)!)!!)!)!))!! ')!! Y   ?' ?/<  r'" :h:t"j" iw /'Ý/4 Si" /r- f" -:>J/'è11J-r. 4, -7- Ta My y-u,  w\s<  ->. ,'d .i!P -r' "'):t.7 .(;! 1"- 'í: owa ho?c— Jf's) S?\"k?????/ ?? IC) w 1:? I M!) 'ú' y"¡ 1J '\?,iC',4 1i}"" ;t/í "7t  ?' '¡Ä'W".c{ f '<'i- 'I' ,I. íffii.ç I To faro year  L' 1 .J "f:;#+" -I. ¡" 'Y" i\ ,'j v.   yo.w'sxya ?  ???-??-???, '?.%?'3 ?-?-??  c., w -I  :.Jti\  I A S??ALL income wK! not cover the purchase of a ,? —? c?sc or hud, or evn ? mo:or car or pony and trap. [I i nn?s Eke these, if you wi5h so?e day to possess ij them, nir.it be saved for now. possess tl"cm, ??aved for iaoiv. ( Whatever portion of your weeUy or monthly earnings you I do not fee! obhgcd to spend for every-day purposes represents I fulure wealth. I Spent v/cek by week the little sum3 which you might save v/ill buy you nothing worth having—in ail probability your surplus money VillI be merely frittered away. Let those small ¡ sums accumulate. Invest them in Savings Certificates where they will grow rapidly bigger, and a time will come when you will find yourself with suiffcient capital to buy the big things you really want. I' Put your Savinga into Every 15,6 you mvest grows year Put your Savings into by year. In 5 years you get £ 1 back  for each Certificate and in 10 years A ¡ t:' ?1 66. A c?r profit of 10/6 on ,U Y .J. Jl 'J each 15/6 and no Income Tax has ly w- nr' w eac h 15/6 and no lticome Tax I-la3 to be paid on iL I "ES J f,r- \'<: Buy ?<!M re<7M?aWy and they will pave „ ??S3'*? ???t ????-y??-' to progperity. They are ob- r ? ?e u;a!/ <o FrMpertty. TAe!/ are o&- '?? ?''  ) tt. .?,i;  ??3'T  tainnble at any Bank, Money Order K;-jg?) Post Office or Shopkeeper acting as ..—.s???*?*&-??-'?i'??'?* A",o'. Or you aan get them ?s  ft* through ?4?ettt. Or ?ou can yc< t?Tt j ?-??????'*??? ??t—?,?' ??* t/trou?A t/?ur Saftnya ?.aaoctohon. David Dayidson MAKES Cash Advances PRIVATELY and promptly from jS5 t upwards to, respectable housefcplders at reasonable rates of interest. Easy re- payments to suit convenience of bor- rowers. Apply personally or by letter to THE MANAGER, CLIFTON HOUSE, 16 Queen victoria Rd, LLANELLY. TONIC FOR THE WEARY FEET. "Shir-Gar" FOOT BATH POWDER, 2d. Per Packet JOHN GOWER, M.P.S. (From London and Cheltenham), Chemist and Pharmacist, VAUGHAN STREETt LLANELLY. ?f?f i ?ff?t i f?n Great Reduction In PRICES of WALLPAPER, Why pay high prices for pre-war goods when you can get all the latest designs at PRACTICALLY PR E-WAR PRICES? All kinds of Paper Blinds in Stock. Note the Only Address— The County Wallpaper Stores MARKET (Stepney Street Entrance), Opposite Messrs. CHIDZOY and SONS. w- w- Gymry, dewch at y Cymro." W. J. THOMI1S (T»E MAN OF THE HOUR), Watchmaker and Jeweller Ie Noted for Choice, Beautiful, and Really Good Jewellery at Moderate Charges, Watches of Proved Reliability. I WEDDING, KEEPER, and LIAMOND RINGS a Speciality. CHAINS, BANGLES, CHARMS, AND LADIES' TOILET -i REQUISITES. A Present given with each Lucky Wedding Ring. SILVER DISHES, CRUETS, etc., I FOR THE TABLE. SPECIAL TERMS FOR GOLD and SILVER CUPS, WATCHES, I CHAINS, MEDALS, BADGES, etc. I FOR PRESENTATION. I I INSPECTION CORDIALLY INVITED. I Exchange Buildings, Park St. '8IU" -U <