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Money Advanced PROMPTLY AND PRIVATELY. IITROM £ 3 upwards on simple note of hand. Reasonable rate, and easiest terms of repayments. OFFICE HOURS: EVENINGS 6 TO E Write or call, to L. GEOFFREY, STRETTON HOUSE, COLtEfE SQUARE, LLANELLY. Pwll Baby Show. IN connection with the PWLL FETE, xfBABY SHOW is to be held at the PWLL SCHOOLS. on AUGUST 23rd, from 2.30 to 6 p.m. The following classes are open to all comers:— Prizes. I.-Up to 3 months —10/ 7/6, 5/ 2/6 2.—3 to 6 months Do. Do. 3.—6 to 9 months Do. Do. 4.—9 to 12 months Do. Do. 5.—12 to 18 months Do. Do. 6.—Delicate and Premature. Prizes of 2/6 to all entries. 7.-Twins. Prizes 12/ 10/ 8/ 6/ Entrance Cards may be obtained from Nurse Thomas, Penllech Cottages, Pwll, and must be returned filled in on or be- fore August 14th, together with the Entrance fee of 3d., otherwise they will not be considered. Tea for Mothers and Babies will be provided free at the Schools. The Prizes will be distributed at the close of the Show at the Pwll Fete, tradey Lodge, Beach Road. Entrance including tax, 1/3. A MASS MEETING of BUILDINC TRADE OPERATIVES Will be held in the ATHENAEUM HALL, LLANELLY, SATURDAY, AUGUST 16th, at 6.30 p.m Subjects for Discussion :— 1. The Government's Proposals for Di- lution of Labour in the Building Industry. 2. South Wales Rates of Wages. Have You Heard Ex-CAPT. GUY THORNTON (Chaplain to N.Z. Forces) (Author, Traveller and Lecturer). ———— ——— An excellent opportunity is given you from August 3rd to Sept. 3rd inclusive, During which period ho will address Meetings every Afternoon at 3 p.m. and every Evening at 7 p.m., at MORIAH. LECTURES TO MEN ONLY (N one under 15 years of age), will be delivered on Sunday, August 24th, and Sunday, August 31st. For full particulars see posters. A hearty invitation to all. NEW DOCK STARS FOOTBALL FIELD New Dock, Llanelly. ATHLETIC SPORTS On the above ground ON SATURDAY, SEPT. 6th, 1919, In aid of the Welcome Home to the Sol- diers and Sailors of Christ Church Parish President Capt. Geoffrey Tregoning. Handicapper, M. L. Phillips, Esq.Halfway Starter J. L. Jones, Esq., Llanelly EVENTS.— 100 Yards Open Handicap. 80 Yards Open Handicap. 300 Yards Open Handicap. Sack Race, V.C. Race, Obstacle Race, Thread-theNeedle Race, Veterans' Race, etc. etc. Gates open 2 p.m. First race 3 sharp. ADMISSION SIXPENCE. Llanelly Federation Band in attendance. Entries close Monday, Sept. 1st. Entry Form Mr. Llew. P. Hughes, Llechryd, Victoria Road, Llanelly. Llanelly and District Horticultural and Allotment Holders' Society. President: Mrs F. R. NEVILL, Glyncoed Don't Forget the Date— AUCUST 19th, 1919. Come to the Mecca of Gardening at the MARKET HALL, when the 2nd Annual Show of Fruit, Flowers, and Vegetables, together with Classes for Honey, will be the attrac- tion. Also a WAR CURIO EXHIBI- TION will be held, when souvenirs of the Battlefield will be shown. Proceeds in aid of Llanelly Hospital, and Y.M. C.A. Further particulars from Hon. Secretary, WM. J. EVANS, 45, Cold- stream Street. Admision Is. Musical items during Show George Palmer Begs to inform the public that he can now supply EGGS Wholesale and Retail. We specialise in Poultry Which is dressed on the premises at a few hours notice. Shaw's Pork Sausages 1/6 per lb. MURRAY STREET, LLANELLY. PWLL First Grand Annual Fete (Horticultural and Poultry Show, Amateur Sports, Musical Competi- tions, and Miscellaneous Entertainments) Will be held on THE STRADEY CASTLE CROUNDS (Entrance—Beach Road, Pwll), On SATURDAY, 23rd AUCUST, 1919. Admission to Ground: 1/3 including Tax. Children, 8d., including Tax. The D and D. S. and S. Federation Band will be in attendance. Schedule's and Music Programmes may be obtained from the Secretaries—Messrs T. J. and D. Samuel, Traveller's Well, Pwll; and S. V. Rees, Woodlands, Pwll. j LLANELLY HIPPODROME. 6.45 TWICE NIGHTLY 8.43 MONDAY, AUGUST 18 th, 1919, and during the Week. HARRY: MEARS Presents: 'How Ripping' B A Musical Extravaganza in 4 Scenes and 4,000 Laughs. An Up-to-date Buldesque. ————-—————————— HAYEN, The World's Greatesl Soldier Pianist. I Blinded at Loos, 1915. Late of St. Dunstan's Tostel. Hope and Linnett, In an unique Act. James Ross & Grace I (Dignity and Impudence), in: "The Insurance Agent and Hints." THE STELLIOS And CANINE WONDERS. I Gallery, I 5d. Balcony 9d. I Pit 1/- Stalls I 13 Circle I 1/9 Tax  included I Wr & E. JONES Fashionable Ladies' & Gents' Tailors 4 £ 9 Station Road, Llanelly. FINE RANGE OF ATTRACTIVE SUITINGS AND COSTUME CLOTHS IN STOCK. Fit and Style guaranteed. All work carried out on thepremises under our personal supervision. Ladies Costumes a peciality. NOTE THE ADDRESS— .1 45, Station Road, Llanelly. SKRIam To Motor Cyclists. Fred H. Evans Has now a well equipped Workshop for receiving MOTOR CYCLE REPAIR WORK. ALL WORK IS EXECUTED BY SKILLED WORKMEN Wlose motto is efficiency. All Motor Cycle Work should first be delivered to Cycle & Enamelling Works, Where the following goods are carried in stock:- B.B. OILS, T.T. OILS, GREASE, CARBICLE, BELT FASTENERS, B.B. CONTROL TIPS, B.B. JETS, AMAC JETS, SENSPRAY JETS, DUNLOP BUTT ENDED TUBES HANDLE GRIPS, LIGHTING SETS, DUNLOP REPAIR OUTFITS, BOWDEN WIRE, BOWDEN CASING, PUMP CONECTIONS, JOINTING, SPANNERS, SPARKING PLUGS, PETROL UNION, COMPRESSION TAPS, and numerous other accessories can be obtained at— Coleshill Ter., LLANELLY The Shop for Good Value. Phil Hughes, 6 & 8, The Arcade, Llanelly. Large Stock of Best Indigo Blue. All garments cut and made on the Premises. Mourning Orders Promptly Executed Printed and Published by Brinley R. Jones, Vaufihan Street, Llanelly.