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Juvenile Court I BIG BATCH OF OFFENDERS. I Sorry for what they had done. I At the Juvenile Police Court on Thursday, Agnes Evans (9). and Irene Evans (8), both of 36, Wern road, and Gertie Clement 7), Wern road, were proceeded against on two charges of larceny, viz., stealing two overalls, two blouses, 2 .shirts, and a boy's coat value 12s., the property of Moseys Rubenstein, and also stealing a boy's woollen knic- kers the property of Leopold Cohen and Son. P.C. Evans stated that in Market street he saw Irene Evans carrying a bundle of clothing under her arms. He asked her to stop, but she ran away and dropped the clothing. He followed and overtook her in Murray street. When asked where she got the clothing from she said "Agnes gave them to me in the Market." He later charged all the defendants in the presence of their parents. Agnes and Irene Evans said: "They were very sorry for what they had done," and Gertie Clement said: "I did not steal anything; I was only with the other two." Gertie Clement was discharged and the parents of the other children were I ordered to pay 10s. towards the costs. No Lights. Garfield Williams, 2, Waterloo street, was summoned for riding a bicycle in Bres road without lights at 10*50 p.m. on July 17th. The case was dismissed on payment of costs. Posted a Sentry. Gwilym Lewis (15), 72 Andrew street, and David Geo. Richards (15), 13 Swan- sea road, were proceeded against for playing a game of chance on the 26th July. P.C. Higgins said the defendants had another boy with them acting as sentry while they were playing cards. When the defendants saw him they ran away leaving behind a pack of cards and two- pence. Defendants were fined 10s. each. I Damaging growing grass. Clement Potter, 40, Coronation road, was summoned for damaging growing hay to the extent of Is. on the 24th July. P.C. James said he saw the defendant in a, field connected with Penyfai farm. The boy was pulling up roots of dande- lions which he said was for his rabbits. Growing grass had been trodden down. Defendant was fined 6s. inclusive. Wilful Damage. Charles Davies (10), 5, Albert street, and Willie Gammon (8), 10, Albert street, were summoned for doing wilful damage to three windows of a railway van to the extent of £ 3, the property of the Great Mountain Colliery. P.C. James said that on the 23rd July he visited Lakefield School, and in the presence of the schoolmaster charged the defendants with the offence. Charlie Davies said: "I was in the van with Willie Gammon and another boy. There-, was a piece of iron on the floor and I was turning it around my head when it smashed the window." Willie Gammon said- "Charlie Davies broke one window and I broke two with a piece of iron. I did not know I was doing any harm." A representative of the Great Moun- tain Colliery said that the Company found it necessary to institute proceed- ings against the defendants because of the number of windows that had pre- viously been broken. The Bench ordered Davies to pay j61 towards the costs and Gammon 10s.