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Out-door Relief. GUARDIANS GRANT A 25 PER CENT. INCREASE. A proposition made by Mr. David Evans (Pembrey) that an increase of 25 per cent. be granted to all recipients of out-door relief was passed unanimously at a meeting of the Board of Guardiana on Thursday. Mr. Evans speaking to his motion, stated that all the members were aware that the price of living had gone up 115 per cent. This would mean that a person who was in receipt of £1 a week at pre- sent had only the purchasing value in pre-war days of 8s. Then there was the case of the poor widow who got about JS1 or £1 5s. on which it was impossible for her to live. The poor rate at present is Swsd., and if an increase was granted all round of 25 per cent. it would mean an- other 4d. in the JE. But he was only asking for an increase for those who were receiving out-door relief and this would j only be an increase of ld. iR the £ every six months. He felt assured that 95 per cent.—if not more—of the ratepayers would not grudge this extra penny know- ing that it was going to the pockets of the poor. Of course there was a certain class of people who would not worry a bit about the suffering of the poor as long as they themselves benefited a bit. We have a duty to the ratepayers, but a sacred duty to the poor and needy. Mr. Elias Davies seconded the motion and said he only wished it was more than a 25 per cent. increase. Mr. Roberts (Pontyberem) Another great pity is that the education of the poor children is neglected so much. The more intelligent a child is in school the quicker it is for the parents to get them out. The Chairman (Mr. Pugh) inquired whether the increase was to be on pre- war relief ? The Guardians knew very well that some recipients of out door re- lief were more persistent than others. As a rule the people that were persistent- ly after more did not deserve it so much as the people who were not. Mr. Dd. Evans: I mean an increase of 25 per cent. on the present relief. Lady Howard: I do not quite under- stand the basis of the increase. I think everybody present will agree that we should make an increase of 25 per cent. Myself I believe that if we give out-door relief we must give adequate relief, and do the thing properly. Whether we in- crease it 25 per cent., or take each case on its merits I have not decided, but I whole-heartedly support the proposition. Then there is the interest of the rate- payers to study, "but wealth is now be- ing transferred." Mr. Harry (Llwynhendy) in support- ing the motion stated there was after all a class of people who even if they got 500 per cent. would not be satisfied. The Chairman: I am glad to hear tho sentiments that are expressed, and hope we will do justice to all. The poor in the past had always helped the poor, and I hope they will continue to do so. The proposition was then put to the meeting and passed amidst applause. Mr. Dd. Evans I hope somebody will give a notice of motion to increase it an- other 25 per, cent. (laughter).





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