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OUR GREATEST NEED. I T HE most urgent need of the country I at present is a restoration of con- fideaoe between employers and workman. Evidence of the gravest character is ac- cumulating on all hands of the diversion of important contracts from Great Britain to other countries-principally America. The United States-to-day tà. richest country in 7the world-is out for business. Its manufacturers are takiag advantage of the unrest in Europe to capture the trade of the world. Americax industries are booming, production is on a high level, and Capital and Labour cut continuing to make it more difficult tham ever for us to compete successfully with them. A few days ago it was reported that the Americans had secured a con- tract for JE:60,000,000 at Nancy, in France, and another for the rebuilding of an important bridge in the south of England. They are building up a great mercantile fleet to wre-st from us the carrying trade of the world. Before the war, Great Britain held three-fourths of; this trade, and judging by present ap- pearances, our prospect of retaining it is none too hopeful. What are the em- ployers and workmen of Britain going to d. in face of these disquieting facts ? The present temper of Labour in this ooantry is a source of anxiety to the best friends of the workers. All over the country we have the same melancholy tale of broken agreements, "lightning" stokes, and reduced output. In Liver- pool the police strike has been followed by an ugly outbreak of hooliganism in which scores of shops were smashed and Itoted. It the war against militarism which has cost Britain so dearly to be followed by war against industrial tyranny at homo ? FUTURE OF ALLOTMENTS. I To carry out their housing scheme on the Llanerch site, the Corporation will have to dispossess a large number of allotment holders who during the last few years, have grown a large quantity of food on this land. It is not surprising that the holders of these plots are up in tfns against their impending eviction, and we sympathize with their demand that convenient plots in the vicinity should be provided for them by the Cor- poration. Allotment cultivation came mto its own during the war, and in view of the experience gained during the lagfc three years, a strong case has be-a made out for making it a permanent institu- tion. Allotments have considerable edu- cational value, and their advantage to the community in bringing down prices through competition has been proved over and over again. With shorter hours of labour and greater leisure, the working classes, there can be no doubt, will take more and more to this movement as a means of congenial recreation, and as such, it deserves the practical and con- tinual support of local authorities all ,over the country. CORPORATION AND BOXING. T HE protest of the Free Church Coun- cil against the holding of boxing -otpipetitions at the Market Hall deserves something more than to be dismissed with a sneer. It is a protest, we imagine, iaot against boxing as such, but against the gambling spirit associated with it. Here can be no possible objection tie htriog any more than to cycling or ortoket or tennis or any other form of ro- cneation. Unfortunately, however, box- iog has gathered around it many objeo- 'tl»nable features. The "noble art of self defence" has its value in the develop- ment of the physical pow.ers. It teaches important lessons, also, in self control, aad above all, those who would excel im it must live temperate lives and eschew all excesses. The environment of the boxing arena, however, is most undesir- able. Men who have never boxed in their lives, and who couldn't, if they tried, gather around the ring and make their living out of the prowess of the contest- ants. These are the "sportsmen" who will do anything except work. What is wanted is to reduce the number of these hangers-on, and to increase the vogue of fcoxing as a physical exercise for .11.1' youth.

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