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Prepaid Advertisements. MISCELLANEOUS.  tiki. I F URNNTRE.-IF you have any Furni- 9. ture for tale, write or call at WiUiamal Sale Rooms, 33, Murray street, EAsnelly. Goods bought outright or sold am commission. IH OUSES.-DO you want to buy or well {CL a houae; if you do, oail or write. Baveral houses for sale privately; money advanced to purchaaws.-T. Williams, Ametioneer, 83, Murray street, Llanelly. I T ANTED Secondhand FURNITURE, iv v Bicycles, Gramophones, Old Gold and Silver, etc., etc. In fact we buy (and cell) anything that has any value. Whole houses of furniture bought outright; dis- tance no object.— Silverstone, 86-36, Murray street, Llanelly. F,NTISTRY.-Upper or Lower Set of Teeth, 39/6. Bad fitting teeth re- made to fit. Repairs in a few hours. Painless Extractions at your own homo without extra charge. A poet card will bring G. Clifford-Gershon, "Hafod," 11, hew road, Llanelly, to youi house ALL kinds of Typewriting and Dupli- cating Work executed accurately ad promptly. Further particulars, apply —Commercial School, Arcade Chambers, Llanelly. A House of your own, can be purchased C with your rent. Hundreds are do- ing so. Write "Opportunity." Star Office DOOT and SHOE REPAIRS-Try the SD PENALLT BOOT STORES, Penallt terrace. "Nothing like leather." Best workmanship, lowest prices. FURNITURE. | If you have any Fur- niture for sale, we buy largo or small quantities; best prices given. All kinds of furniture repaired and up- holstered on the premises.—Evans, Fur- niture Mart, 5, Murray street (5 doors from Vints). SIDE-CAR, Coach built, Wanted. Particulars to P.H., Star Office. BOOT CLUB: Join our Boot Club now Band save money. Names can be re- ceived at once.—Penallt Boot Stores. MOCCASINS, Britain's Best Boots. j Fair wear or a free pair. Llanelly Agents: Jones', Station road. INTERNATIONAL CORRESPON- DENCE, SCHOOLS, LTD. Kingsway, London, W.C.2, and Finsbury Square, London, E.C.2. Local Manager: J. Evans, Lakefield House, Llanelly. Prospectus (free) on application. IF you want to buy Furniture, or, if —- you have furniture to dispose of, csrtl at Cohen's Furniture Exchange. Statio- road, Llanelly, SITUATIONS. WANTED, young Lady for Show- room; also Apprentices for the Millinery workroom. Apply, Edmunds, Cowell street. WANTED, in Solicitor's Office, ex- perienced Male Shorthand-Typist. Apply stating age, salary required, etc., to Box 9, Star Office. WANTED, Smart Lad as an Appren- tice; commencing salary, 10s. week- ly.—Maurice, Hairdresser, Swansea rd. SMART Errand Boy Wanted.-Star Stationery Stores, Vaughan street. A PPREXTICZ Wanted ts the Clothing trade; vacancy for an intelligent boy. Apply, D. James and Son, Market iBntrance Branch. DOMESTIC SERVANTS. WANTED, Kitchenmaid, not under 18 years of age; six maids kept. Apply with all particulars—Mrs. Trub- shaw, Aelybryn, Llanelly. WANTED, a good Day Girl (young), small family. Apply, L.S., Star Office. GOOD General Wanted; comfortable Ghome. Apply, Mrs. Arthur Beeston, felayville, Old road, Llanelly. GOOD Cook-General Wanted; also ?-? House-parlourmaid. Apply, Mrs. Harold Trubshaw, Caedelyn, Llanelly. .9.. WANTED, a Housekeeper; respect- able middle age lady. Apply by let- ter to Box 21 Star Office. State full particulars. FOR SALE. 6H.P. Motor Cycle for Sale. Apply,  H.P. Motor Cycle for Sale. Apply, Phillip^, grocer, Raby street, LianeMy. FOR SALE, 9 roomed House, good T locality, situated near Station; suitable for large family; bath, hot and cddj low ground rent, long lease; can be bought vacaht, occupant leaving. FOR SALE, a convenient 6 roomed t- House, well built, situated near I Station; low ground rent, long lease, can '4» bought vacant; occupant leaving dis- trict..Apply, Star Office. LARGE gRID (in sections) for Sale; matchboard lined; suitable for Garage, stores or worksh-Price, 52, Brynmor road, laanelly. FOR SALE, Old Welsh Antique Furniture Ex- change, H' f'Ui' road, Llanelly. A Large Wooden Stable to be sold. J'TL Apply, Sea View Inn, Bwlchygwynt UTILITY Rabbits.—For Sale, Belgian Hares, three does and one buck. Apply to Mrs. W. Y. Nevill, Felinfoet House. FOR SALE, beautifully upholstered t Perambulator (5 guineas); also Singer's treadle Sewing Machine; quite new, perfect condition (8 guineas). Owner leaving district. Apply Box 600 Star Office. FOR SALE, House in Nelson terrace. I- Apply, Box 22, Star Office. 2 PIANOS (upright grand), excellent ? condition. MOTOR SIDE-CAR, with spare wheel, ?-L cushions and waterproof rug. 1 WATER TANK (galvanized), size 4ft x 3 x 3. For patriculars and icspection, apply Morris ,and Davies, Auctioneers, etc, Burry Port. MOTÓR CYCLE, Allday's 2 Stroke; i' cheap; good order. R OVEP,, 2 Seater Car; runs well. REPAIRS of all kinds to Motor Cars Rprornptly executed; give us a trial. CAR COVERS and Tubes stocked in all sizes. PERAMBULATOR WHEELS re-tyred same day as brought in. CYCLES.—Repairs to Cycles promptly executed; Tyres, tubes and asses- sories cheap.. Open and Closed Cars on Hire. FORDS, Fords, Fords.—Order your new Ford Car now, as they are delivered strictly in rotation. Agents- VauxhaU Garage, West End, Llanelly. CYCLE ACCESSORIES.—We have a large stock of Lamps, Pumps, Mud- guards, etc. Call round;all to be cleared cheap. Vauxhall Garage, Llanelly. AGENTS for all leading Cars and Motor Cycles. Cars on hire. Tele- phone 297—The VAUXHALL MOTOR GARAGE CO., WEST END, Llanelly. DETAOHED VILLA (long lease); residental quarter, Burry Port, for Sale. Great (opportunity.—Morris and Davies, Auctioneers, Burry Port. SILVERSTOME-8 ANNOUNCEMENTS. SALE OF UNREDEEMED PLEDGES: 1 lRet. Gold Centre Second Watch. A quantity of 9, 18 and 22ct. Wedding Rings. About 1 dus. Gents' Signet Rings. A few Lii/Ues' Gem Rings in Half-hoop and Clufitre Settings. About 2 doz. Gents' Silver Lever Watchew A quantity of Solid Silver Alberts. 1 Gentleman's Odd Wardrobe; Solid Mahogany. 2 Queen Anno Sideboards, ditto. 1 Roll Top Desk, in Solid Mahogany. 2 Bedroom Suites, Jacobean and Sheraton. At SILVEIISTONE'S, 35 and 36, Murray Street, and 2, Cowell Street. APARTMENTS. BED-^sf'LTING ROOM required, or situation as General; pocket money only if can be allowed to have two children.—Mrs. Jenkins, Sailors row, Felinfoel. WANTED, Furnished Bedroom and VV Sitting-room (with attendance) *for lady and gentleman, in good locality. Apply Box O.W., Star Office. WANTED, 3 unfurnished Rooms, by w married couple (one child); over shop would suit. Apply B., Star Office. stating terms and full particulars to- H.F.D., Star Office. COMFORTABLE Lodgings for single gentleman or two friends. Apply, Star Office LADY requires Bedroom and Sitting- room in good locality. Write, LOST AND FOUND. LOST, Discharged Soldier's Bit Badge -Lj (No. 149938); substantial reward for return to "Badge," Star Office. L OST, on August 2nd, between Llan- elly and Swansea, from back of motor cycle, rubber waterproof. Finder will be rewarded on returning to "P.H. Star Office FOUND, on Tuesday last, in Andrew street, Boy's Coat. Owner can have same by applying at 62, Andrew St. David Davidson MAKES Cash Advances PRIVATELY and promptly from L5 upwards to respectable housebolders at reasonable rates of interest. Easy re- payments to suit convenience of bor- rowers. Apply personally or by letter to THE MANAGER, CLIFTON HOUSE, 16 Queen Victoria Rd, LLANELL Y. TONIC FOR THE WEARY FEET. "Shir-Gar" FOOT BATH POWDER, 2d. Per Packet JOHN GOWER, M P.S. (From London and Cheltenham), Chemist and Pharmacist, VAUGHAN STREET. LLANELLY. Puddy's THE WELL-KNOWN CHEAP FIRM. [ SPECIAL UNES THIS WEEK A FEW LINES WHICH ARE BEYOND COMPETITION: LADIES' PLAIN STOCKINGS, Is. 31d., Is. 6jd., Is. 9 £ d. LADIES' PURE WOOL HOSE, 4s. 6d., 4s. 9d. CHILDREN'S DOUBLE KNEE, from Is Oid. pair. LADIES' BLOUSES in all kinds at 2/111 LADIES' COLOURED HOSE from l/6} pair MEN'S WEATHER HOSE at 2s. lljd. pair. Very special, worth 3s. lid. MEN'S REAL WELSH SHIRTS from 10s. lid. MEN'S REAL WELSH DRAWERS from 65. 6d. TO SHOPKEEPERS. Our Wholesale Only Department on First Floor is well stocked with Hosiery, Drapery and Haberdashery, and is well worth a visit. Best London and Bir- mingham Prices. Cash Discount Terms. 22, COWELL STREET, LLANELLY. Free Dental Treatment TO demonstrate and prove that what I claim is an absolute fact, I will extract TEETH FREE. I claim Absolute- ly Painless Extraction of Teeth, by the very latest and most up-to-date method. Think of this, you, who are martyrs to Dental Troubles and lack the so-called nerve, can have this treatment FREE either at your own house (if you send a postcard) or at my Surgery (9 to 10 a.m. and 4 to 8p.m.daily). Grasp the meaning and reason of this offer-Simply to CON- VINCE YOU that my Extractions ARE PAINLESS. Misfitting teeth of any make remade to fit.-All branches of English and American dentistry.—Repairs.—New Teeth from 39/6.—All work guaranteed. —Terms and prices to suit all. Note New and Permanent Address:— G. CLIFFORD-GERSHON (Late of 4, Walters Road), DENTAL SURGERY, "HAFOD," 11, NEW ROAD, Llanelly. Llanelly Co-operative Society, Ltd. FOR Groceries and Provisions Best- Quality at Lowest Prices. For all your requirements in Drapery, Clothing & Boots Call at our Store. Large Selections of the Season's Newest Goods. Blouses Underskirts, Suits and Costumes, etc. Note Address— DRAPERY and BOOTS, MURRAY STREET. Note Address—GROCERY BRISTOL HOUSE, STATION ROAD. Branches: 29, James Street; 18, Gate Terrace; Cedric Street; and 57, New Dock Road. Drapery, Clothing, Boots-MURRAY ST You may JOIN THE SOCIETY at any of the above Stores. HIGH-CLASS ARTIFICIAL TEETH Mr.& Mrs J. Henry Lister DENTAL SURGERY, 7 Greenfield Villas, LLANELLY. V Painless Extractions Hours 9 to 9 Daily. BEST MATERIALS ONLY USED. 2 0,000 Fcap Envelopes to clear at 7/6 per 1,000. Can't be repeated.—Star Stationery Stores. LLANELLY } ',t. t. >>: r;] I r¿ :} II I .'ri!J;à:J ..] t' ,¡'; II 6.45 TWICE NIGHTLY 8.45 MONDAY, AUGUST 11 th, 1919, and during the Week. From all the Principal HaUø: Murphy & Mack, Presenting, "THE MAJOR'S REFLECTION." I and ROBERT! I and his Ragtime VioMn. I MAISIE COLYNE, j Comedienne. I IReturn Q A O AH T? TP XT'Q ? Her) I Visit of S A R H REES ABnad riton I I SCOTT & JEROME I in a Comedy Pot-pourri Act. THE MEZTELLOS, I Comedy Acrobats.. I Harry Shiels & Co In, "BILL III A FIX." Gallery, i Balcony Pit Stalls Circle I Tax 5d. 9d. ij- 1/3 1/9 included HALFWAY PARK, LLANELLY, Proceeds in aid of Llanelly Association football Club. GRBAT Boxing Tournament (UNDER N.S.C. RULES) Saturday, August 16th, 1919. First Visit of Idris Jones AMMANFORD, one of the best boxers in Wales. He will box 15 3-minute rounds with SAMMY LANE CWMAYON, a popular favourite. Grand 15 3-minute rounds contest BRACE, Ystalyfera and YOUNG DAVIES, Llanelly, Two coming lads who are always a great draw. BARNETT'S BURLESQUE BOXING BOYS. Acknowledged to be the best Comedy Boxers on the Stage. OTHER INTERESTING EXHIBITIONS IF TIME PERMITS. Referee Mr. Barnett, "Evening Express." Organiser Mr. A. Hayward. Gates open at 2 p.m. First Contest 3 p.m. ADMISSION STAND 5/9, ENCLOSURE 3/6, FIELD 2/4 (all including tax). Seats may be booked at the Office of the "Llanelly Mercury" or at the shop of Mr. Wheeler, Newsagent, Park Street. Wr & E. JONES Fashionable Ladies' & Gents' Tailors 45, Station Road, Llanelly. FINE RANGE OF ATTRACTIVE SUITINGS AND COSTUME CLOTHS IN STOCK. Fit and Style guaranteed. All work carried out on the premises under our personal supervision. Ladies Costumes a peciality. 7 NOTE THE ADDRESS— 45, Station Road, Llanelly. < t The Doctor says 'Rest and Sea Air!' but where's the 11 money to come from?" JL I JHjpyj £ J I WHA T provision have you made for possible illness ? W It is a contingency you cannot afford to neglect. One hopes that it may never be so, yet it is possible that you may have to undergo an expensive operation, or send your children away for months to the seaside. You may regret it all your life long if, when misfortune comes to you or yours, you have not enough money put by to do all that is possible for the sufferers. You cannot make any wiser provision against illness than by investing your weekly or monthly savings iti Savings Certificates. Money invested in this way grows by itself. Should you need it at any time you can get the whole of it back, together with any interest due, by giving a few days' notice. c:J èEllTLr:"TES Obtainable through your local SA V[NO S° ASSOCIA TION, or Jrom anv Bank, Money Order Post Office or Official Agent. THE EASIEST WAY to save money is to buy Savings Stamps. All Post Offices and many shops sell them. They cost 6d. each. You stick them on Savings Cards (obtain- able freeí. Each card holds 31 stamps and when filled will be exchanged at .ny Post Office for a Savings Certificate. This Certificate thus costs you 15/6, and in five years' time you will receive bxok £ 1 fur it. In ten years it will be worth £ 1 6 0 to you. This is the best, safest and most proftab!e rjethod of investing savings. ■ — n Mr. John Nelson (from photo). < y I P& TROUS E I I Cured Com^tely and Permanently. [ I Here are same warnings you should never neglect- Headaches, bad breath, and nasty taste in the mouth firsfc thing in the morning-tired, nervous weakness, and I irritability, swollen feet and limbs- rheumatic pains and stiffness of joints —backache, irregular action of bowels or bladder-urinary weakness, irrita- tion or scalding, burning discomfort. Any of these symptoms mean kidney and bladder trouble. Do you realise your danger ? These symptoms may mean incessant tortures of Rheumatism-wearing out, stabbing backache (lumbago), Gout that cripples and deforms. Bladder inflammation or Gravel that cause such excruciating pain-or the deadly Bright's disease that causes thousands of deaths every year. Treat those warning symptoms now; There is one remedy whose honest merit the experience of thousands of kidney sufferers has proved-a remedy that is harmless and safe for old and young alike—that hardly ever fails to cure completely and to cure permanent- ly—De Witt's Kidney and Bladder Pills. This is not a feeble quack remedy; it professes to nothing that is not amply proved in ninety-nine cases out of a hundred. Many so-called "Kidney Pills" merely regulate the f bowels. De Witt's go straight to the root of the trouble—the kidneys and bladder. Relief from pain is positively j guaranteed within 24 hours of taking De Witt's Kidney and Bladder Pilk, I and a blue tinge in the urine caused by one of the antiseptic ingredients proves to you, for your own satisfac- tion, that the healing properties have actually pagsed right through the kid- neys and bladder. Read this case of how acute kidney trouble was cured. Mr. John Nelson, of 36, Sophia street, Docks, Cardiff, says that for five years he suffered un- told agonies from kidney/and bladder trouble. He says:—"I cannot tell you what agony I suffered from urinary trouble. Eighteen months ago I tried De Witt's Kidney and Bladder Pills and was astonished that I felt better almost at once. I continued, and very soon all the pains, discomfort, and weakness left me. Since that time I have been in the best of health. I am a seaman, and I never go to sea with- out s. supply of Do Witt's Kidney and Bladder Pills." You are asked to believe nothing you cannot prove for yourself. Try them once and you will have no further doubts. DeWitt'slUpiüšer When you buy the pills be sure that they are De Witt's in the white boxes, printed in blue and gold. Give them a fair trial and prove for vourself what relief they bring. You can get a box fromBoots Cash Chemists. All branches; Evan Jones Son and Co. Ltd.. J. R. Henderson, 142, Station road, and D. Morris, Market street, Llanelly. The price is 2/9 per box, or a month's supply of these wonderful little pills for 5/ Or if you would like to try them first without even risking a penny, all you have to do is to send vour appli- cation to the Makers: E. C. Do Witt & Co.. Ltd.. (Dept. 209D). 44/46, Rathbone Place, London, W.1, stating your Chemist's nam3 and address fully and what you suffer from, when a generous sample will be sent you in plain wrapper by return post. pesf To Motor Cyclists, f- H Fred H. Evans Has now a well equipped Workshop for receiving MDTOR CYCLE REPAIR WORK. ALL WORK IS EXECUTED BY SKILLED WORKMEN Whose motto is efficiency. All Motor Cvcle Work should first be delivered to 81; Cycle & Enamelling Works, Where the following goods are carried in stock :■— B.B. OILS, T.T. OILS, GREASE, CARBICLE, BELT FASTENERS, B.B. CONTROL TIPS, B.B. JETS, AMAC JETS, SENSPRAY JETS, DUNLOP BUTT ENDED TUBES HANDLE GRIPS, LIGHTING SETS, DUNLOP REPAIR OUTFITS, BOWDEN WIRE, BOWDEN CASING, PUMP CONECTION JOINTING, SPANNERS, SPARKING PLUGS, PETROL UNION, COMPRESSION TAPS, and numerous other accessories can be obtained at- 0 Ter.? Colesliill Ter., LLANELLY Great Reduction In PRICES of WALLP PER, Why pay high prices for pre-war goods when you can get all the latest desiga* at PRACTICALLY PR E-WAR PRICES f All kinds of Paper Blinds in Stock. Note the Only Address— The County Wallpaper Stores MARKET (Stepney Street Entrance), Opposite Messrs. OH IDZOY aDd SONS.